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Damn a lot cheaper than I thought it be.

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So let's see, they make you bend over a chair and smack the behind with leather straps. Yeah...I don't think that's going to make you straight.

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What do u think about their communist roots and former link with the USSR? They were originally more than just a mere reactionary group, they wanted to install a communist state so not purely defensive but political. I believe Apo didn't go Democratic until he was imprisoned and had a change of heart.

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How high is her blood pressure? She can lower it by losing weight (if overweight or obese) or by modifying her lifestyle. Maybe the only way we might have enough organs is if laws get changed so donations are opt-out or have a beneficiary receive compensation if organs are harvested after death.

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Are you looking into other avenues for sales, like amazon video or DVDs, etc, or is that not even an issue now since it's on yt?