I made Ren and Stimpy, The Ripping Friends, the early web cartoons - The Goddamn George Liquor Program and Weekend Pussy Hunt, plus some Redos of classic cartoons like Mighty Mouse with Ralph Bakshi and Ranger Smith for HB and Cartoon Net. I animated and designed a Simpsons couch gag last year here's some stuff I've been doing lately: http://johnkricfalusidemo.blogspot.com/ and my blog: http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/ ask me anything!

P.S. also doing the Kickstarter thing. If you wanna see me pitch a cartoon idea check it out:


Gotta break for dinner. Thanks everybody! Click that leenk you eediots!

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Hey do you folks mind if I take a moment to plug my latest stuff?

JohnKricfalusi53 karma

and you can see just how I pitch my cartoons - I'm in there in the flesh acting out the story

funbro6941 karma

do it!

JohnKricfalusi150 karma

OK. Here's the deal. It's almost impossible for me to do anything like Ren and Stimpy on the networks again-unless I produce cartoons first and then bring them finished.

So if you wanna see more of the kind of stuff that you can only get from me, help me make this cartoon! there are swell rewards for you too: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1056985656/john-ks-cans-without-labels


loondawg61 karma

Mr. K.

Big fan of your work. I been collecting your artwork for years, everything ranging from Ren and Stimpy to the NBC Peacock to Jimmy the Idiot Boy in a Fanta commercial.

A few years ago, I bought a watercolor from a guy who swore it was an original used in production. I didn't believe it because it was so damn cheap. But I really liked the image so I picked it up anyway.

Any chance I lucked out and got a real original? Here's an image.

JohnKricfalusi85 karma

Yeah that's a real BG! You lucky dog.

Mysterination55 karma

Hi, John! I've been a huge fan of Ren and Stimpy since my childhood. I just want to start off by saying thank you for all the crazy cartoon madness you've graced us with :D. Also, because of Ren and Stimpy, I received my first A+ in school (I decided to do a report on the show for my english class) lol. I consider you to be my first childhood hero! So I really want to ask you, how did you come up with the dialogue for Ren's freak outs/breakdowns? Like in Insomniac Ren, Space Madness, the boot camp episode and even the one time Stimpy showed a crazier side in Mad Dog Hoek? Also (slightly off topic) I've heard in the audio commentary in the first DVD someone mentioned you practicing odd expressions in a mirror and drawing them down too. How do you get so specific with the faces? Much respect, http://imgur.com/5XqDi

JohnKricfalusi73 karma

You're welcome!

For Space Madness I had to rewrite the crazy monologue about 10 times! I made some of it up but I also used lines from "The Night Of The Hunter" and "Champion" (old manly movies)

The execs thought it was too scary so I had to do it over and over.

The crazy scene in Sven Hoek was inspired by someone who went nuts in the crew.

Mad Dog Hoek Stimpy speech was from a bunch of letters an elementary school class sent me to talk me into using "Darren" as a voice for the second "Powdered Toastman" cartoon.

JohnKricfalusi48 karma

Whoa! This is hard to keep up with. I'm typing madly so forgive me if it takes me some time to get to your questions!

Lordzombiejesus40 karma

First of all let me say thank you for pushing Ren And Stimpy so hard until the networks listened. I am of the opinion that is shared by many others that without Ren And Stimpy paving the way many other satirical cartoons and animation shows that are around today wouldn’t be. Also I loved the show as a kid and still do! On to the questions!

1) What the fuck man? Ren & Stimpy is BRILLIANT in my opinion, but it is also very weird/twisted sometimes. How did you come up with the idea?

2) Were you disappointed when the “Adult Party Cartoon” version crashed and burned? Why do you think it didn’t take off?

3) Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

4) Who is your favourite Dr.(Who) And why?

JohnKricfalusi41 karma

It wasn't an "idea". They started as mindless doodles I used to do while talking on the phone. They sort of evolved into a show, bit by bit. APC had it's hiccups. Spike wanted me to "adult up" the show and I didn't really know what that meant so I watched the current prime time cartoons that were popular and saw that they were way more "edgy" than the original Ren and Stimpy so I just added some more sexy stuff.

Then they didn't air them. If they had kept it going, we would have smoothed everything out.

It was very popular on DVD though.

FlemDeezIll38 karma

ill teach your grandmother to suck eggs

JohnKricfalusi60 karma

She already knew how to do that. That's where I learned it from

Frajer35 karma

Is Billy West human? How can he do all those voices?

JohnKricfalusi67 karma

Definitely an X Man

JohnKricfalusi31 karma

Here's my Twitter account btw


sandozguineapig26 karma

First, thanks for doing this, and thanks for improving comedy for an entire generation. I feel like you broke down barriers for network content, introduced FZ to a lost generation, and most importantly, never milked it - unparalleled joke density with amazing creativity. My HS years were spent whispering "Call the poleeece", "maybe something good will happen...", "someday you'll be big, bigger than me...", among others. Really looking forward to checking out the new new.

My question regards "Nurse Stimpy" (and other "Spum" projects). Can you say specifically where you felt the episode did not meet your standards, or can you comment generally on what you prioritize in a masterpiece?

Thanks again, you've given me eternal hope, even though I'm still just a bum.

JohnKricfalusi30 karma

Nurse Stimpy was just badly drawn. More specifically the overseas animation and clean up was very sloppy and dirty and the backgrounds were very scratchy.

I was amazed when it got good notices. I guess the story made up for the itchy looking finish.

Olivecloak26 karma

How are you and Billy West doing?

JohnKricfalusi74 karma

Beautiful. He's dating my sister.

LittleMissL25 karma

Damnit man, i loved Ren & Stimpy as a child. Thank YOU!

JohnKricfalusi28 karma

You are welcome!

SlugmaAlien25 karma

Just wanted to say your new kickstarter project looks hilarious.

Why not pitch it to a network, though? I bet it would get picked up in a second.

Edit: Link for the lazy.

JohnKricfalusi58 karma

I've pitched it 50 times. It's too "animated" for them. They always say "Can we just have the characters talk, and not do all that moving around?"

Fox told me that adults don't like slapstick. They only like words.

FletchDoesNotLive24 karma

Do you still keep in touch with Ralph Bakshi anymore? How did Matt Groening approach you over the couch gag? How'd you get Frank Zappa to voice the pope in the Powdered Toast Man episode? Was he a big fan of the show and approached you guys first? Your thoughts on independent animators like Bill Plympton?

JohnKricfalusi23 karma

I see Ralph every could years when he comes out to LA. Usually we get pizza and laugh about old times.

Al Jean (Simpsons head writer) contacted me and I went down to Fox to have lunch with he and Matt. We sketched out the idea and I came back and animated it with my crew.It was a blast!

JohnKricfalusi21 karma

sorry for the delay! I've been struggling to get this done correctly

JohnKricfalusi21 karma

Hard to choose! The Great Piggy Bank Robbery might be my favorite. Today...

BabyBoi6919 karma

How did Ren and Stimpy become an Adult cartoon? When I saw it I thought it was funny, but it also felt like my childhood had been raped.

JohnKricfalusi23 karma

When Spike asked me to make new ones they told me to make them more like Family Guy and South Park

JohnKricfalusi19 karma

I can't figure out which posts are the latest ones. They seem to appear all over the place at random, so forgive me if I am missing answering some

I_Think_Alot18 karma


JohnKricfalusi11 karma

I wish I could!

[deleted]17 karma


JohnKricfalusi27 karma

Bjork was great. I ran into her manager and she told me Bjork was a fan. She gave me tickets and a backstage pass to a concert in Hollywood.

I met her after the show and asked her if she wanted to make a cartoon and she squeaked "OK!"


i_eversaw17 karma

What's your favorite body part to illustrate?

JohnKricfalusi67 karma

....the buttocks

pretty much most cartoonists love butts

dreidenbrock16 karma


JohnKricfalusi27 karma

I was thinking if the Kickstarter thing exceeds the goal by 50%, I would include a short animated bit with Sody Pop -of course in something skimpy.


JYoungest116 karma

I am a 3D animator and just want to thank you for being my main inspirations in pursuing this form of art.

Me and my father used to watch the marathons of Ren & Stimpy that Nick would have on the weekends. I cant remember laughing harder than with him watching that show.

JohnKricfalusi17 karma

Thank you. What have you worked on?

TallRedditor14 karma

What were some of the more memorable moments working with Billy West?

JohnKricfalusi21 karma

In Sven Hoek when he suggested using "Y"s not only for "J"s but for other consonants at random. It was always fun when he came in to record. I would act out the storyboards for him and then he would ad lib sue of the lines and make them funnier.

Gary Owens, Cheryl Chase, Mike Pataki and other actors also brought a to of creativity to the show.

dreidenbrock13 karma


JohnKricfalusi21 karma

Yeah I felt pretty bad. I tried to stay out of it. But Howard just kept pushing buttons. I was there to talk about George Liquor


but Howard kept changing the topic to ugliness.

sesla13 karma

Mr. "K", I would just like to say thank you. Ren & Stimpy is such a wonderfully bizarre show and, as an animator, has inspired me a lot. Is there any advice you could give to young animators?

(Also, Powdered Toast Man is the best superhero to ever exist)

JohnKricfalusi17 karma

My advice is to learn as much about drawing as you can - get lots of skills!

But also animate now. Animating helps you learn what kind of drawing is practical for animating.

Maybe this will help: http://johnkcurriculum.blogspot.com/

rosieboricua12 karma

Ren and Stimpy traumatized me as a child.

JohnKricfalusi43 karma

I'm still traumatized!

i_delta_912 karma

I am a huge fan of your work. Ren & Stimpy is one of the cartoons that i grew up with. I remember staying up late at night, eagerly waiting for Ren & Stimpy on nickelodeon (on cable because i'm not from the US). I was really sad when nickelodeon stopped airing new episodes of your show. I can honestly say that Ren & Stimpy was a big part of my childhood so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making it such a fun one. Why did you stop making them? Is there a possibility that you will make new episodes?

JohnKricfalusi24 karma

I didn't have a say in making more at Spumco. Nickelodeon wanted o start their own studio and asked me to help them do it. I was happy with my own so they just came and took everything.

I have lots more stories for them but unfortunately I don't own the characters. I retained George Liquor though and am doing new cartoons with him online.

talltree201112 karma

A couple questions for you! What was it like working for Nickelodeon? Were the exec's on board with how subversive Ren and Stimpy was or did they keep trying to reel it back?

Also, I am definitely going to be donating to your kickstarter today! I'd love to have an original drawing, I hope it goes well over your goal!

JohnKricfalusi21 karma

It was sometimes great, sometimes stormy. The main executive loved it (except for the gross stuff) but the story experts at Nickelodeon never understood it.)


sandozguineapig11 karma

"I'm in the closet...like an idiot"

Any subtext there?

JohnKricfalusi21 karma

Nah they were just playing with poo.

fallenheero10 karma

hey would you still do ren and stimpy episodes if you could? Who owns the rights to it, will we ever see it on the web?

JohnKricfalusi18 karma

Nickelodeon owns it. It would be risky to do new ones, because everyone who grew up with it remembers certain things about it and imagines that it should always be just how he remembered it.

But thing about the show was that it constantly evolved.

edisekeed10 karma

Did you think Ren & Stimpy was a little to adult/dark for a kids audience? What did producers or others think?

What is your current favorite cartoon series that you have not worked on?

Thanks for your awesome work!

JohnKricfalusi32 karma

I made it especially for the kids and whenever I watched a group of kids watching it, I never saw any of 'em cry or anything.

I still think Beavis and Butthead is the funniest modern cartoon.

Melmac180310 karma

What, in your opinion, is Bob Clampett's best Looney Tunes short?

JohnKricfalusi9 karma

whoops I answered in the wrong field (above)

Polite_Insults10 karma

If you could have done anything else with your life, say this sort of stuff wasn't available at the time, what would you have done with your life?

JohnKricfalusi22 karma

I would probably be standing at the freeway exit with a cup in my hand.

i_delta_99 karma

Another question... Is it just me or Rens face is an image of a woman's naked body? (I felt so weird as a kid thinking about it).

JohnKricfalusi27 karma


Frausto1519 karma

Top 3 cartoons, besides Ren & Stimpy?

JohnKricfalusi17 karma

You mean characters?

Daffy Duck, Popeye, Foghorn Leghorn...it's hard to choose! There are so many greats.

JohnKricfalusi9 karma

Hey folks, it looks like things are slowing down now and I gotta run to a meeting at Amazon.

Thanks everybody for joining in. Feel free to add more comments and questions. I'll check back tonight and tomorrow.

Pangerbum9 karma

Also, They should put you on Futurama!

JohnKricfalusi18 karma

Me personally? That would look mighty odd.

Jeeonta8 karma

Who's your favorite, Ren or Stimpy ?

JohnKricfalusi24 karma

I like 'em both but identify more with Ren. Although I'm like Stimpy when it comes to social media and technology.

MrTravesty8 karma

Which episode of Ren and Stimpy that you wrote, do you think is the funniest and still makes you laugh the most?

JohnKricfalusi16 karma

I can't watch my own cartoons for a long time after I finish 'em. I just see the mistakes.

Cyanaura8 karma

Hey John!

You kick more ass than a temple full of shaolin monks! Thanks for fire dogs - timeless!!

Where do you like to vacation? If you could use only one condiment for the remainder of your life, what would it be and why? What's the most screwed up mis-pronunciation of your last name you've heard.

Good luck with your project!

JohnKricfalusi15 karma

My favorite condiment is meat.

John Chrispy-Goosey

bobwire427 karma

Love Ren and Stimpy!

Thanks for doing this!

And your possible new cartoon looks mighty cool, can wait to see how it goes!

Speaking of which, I'm gonna go watch Ren and Stimpy on Netflix.

JohnKricfalusi18 karma

RainbowDashIsEpic7 karma

Are you going to actually post your cartoons on YouTube for the people that haven't really watched any of your cartoons?

JohnKricfalusi15 karma

I think they are all on there already! Just not all on one network.

Yeshmiyek7 karma

Are you sure it was made for kids?

Awesome show, thanks!

JohnKricfalusi11 karma

Yeah it was made for kids. I was surprised when grown ups liked it.

DunDerD6 karma

Have you ever written an episode of Ren and Stimpy that was not allowed to be put on air?

JohnKricfalusi11 karma

Lots of 'em. After Nickelodeon took over the show they produced some of them. Ren's Pecs, Ren Gets Help

they didn't quite grasp what I had in mind though

EricStove6 karma

I love your JohnK Curriculum stuff that you've put together. Cartoon knowledge gold. Do you plan on adding more content / lessons to it in the future?

JohnKricfalusi12 karma

Little by little I add to it. I may add some "How to" as a bonus on "Cans Without Labels".

Here's How to Ink in Toonboom.


mayodefender5 karma

Where did your inspiration for your many characters come from?

JohnKricfalusi12 karma

from the loins.

Actually Ren was a combination of a real chihuahua and Peter Lorre

Stimpy was a phone doodle of a retarded cat. His voice is an imitation of Larry Fine from the 3 Stooges

kinganti5 karma

How do you feel about intellectual property rights? (sounds random I know)

I had a teacher once tell us that Mickey Mouse will never enter the public domain. Disney has too much to lose, so they push intellectual property rights farther and farther past the creators death. (Currently its creators lifetime + 70 years)

Is there a greater good in allowing intellectual property into the public domain, or is the artist really being protected by these rights (in your opinion, obviously)?

JohnKricfalusi14 karma

I feel that creators should be protected by law. You shouldn't be allowed to buy someone's creation outright.

[deleted]5 karma


JohnKricfalusi10 karma

Once in a blue moon

grandmasterwong5 karma

Great to see you here John. I grew up watching Ren and Stimpy with my brother, and it pretty much shaped our vocabulary and behaviour toward one another. We still say 'Oh joy,' every now and again. May I ask?

  1. What was your favourite cartoon as a child?
  2. Do you have brothers or family members that you interacted with in a Ren and Stimpy manner?
  3. Was there any subject material that you came up with or that was suggested that you thought was just a little too gross to animate?
  4. What do you think of animation techniques and styles today in comparison to back then?
  5. I forgot to return some DVDs this afternoon - could you pass them back into blockbuster for me?

JohnKricfalusi7 karma

I loved most cartoons as a kid. I learned to draw by copying the early HB characters: Huck, Yogi, Quick Draw, The Flintstones etc...


halafaxa5 karma

I have no questions, but I just wanted to thank you for being an extremely talented artist and animator and a very funny person. Ren and Stimpy has been one of my all-time favorite things to watch since day one. I have the DVDs and I really enjoyed your audio commentaries, too. The behind-the-scenes story is really fascinating. Thanks for standing up for yourself and your work, and please do continue for a long time!

JohnKricfalusi3 karma

thank you too!

limbclock4 karma

Question about Ralph Bakshi: if he asked for your help to work on The Last Days OF Coney Island, would you do it?

JohnKricfalusi10 karma

I'd happily give him gags for free if he wanted them.

sandozguineapig4 karma

What does George Liquor hate most about the Olympics?

JohnKricfalusi9 karma

I'll have to gnaw on that one for a bit.

Kozi473 karma

What impact in your humble opinion did Ren and Stimpy have on comics and cartoons for kids and even adults in the 90's?

JohnKricfalusi6 karma

Maybe gross jokes have become more mainstream. I wish the custom drawings and acting had more of a lasting influence.

voodoochild93 karma

Hi John K. well, its not really a question about Ren and Stimpy (which I lurve, btw) but more of an art question. I've been drawing from the Preston Blair book and model sheets and I think I've more or less got down how to do cutesy animals but not so much cartoon-y people. Do you have tips?

JohnKricfalusi4 karma


Try animating some of them

weasuL3 karma


JohnKricfalusi3 karma


I am also developing "digital toys" . I love cartoon toys and collect tons of 'em.

They are expensive to produce though so I came up with the idea to make some digital toys that people could collect and trade.

Like these:


funiguy2473 karma

Hi John,

Quick question, who do you feel inspired you the most?


JohnKricfalusi2 karma

Lots and lots of artists, actors, writers, directors.

Bob Clampett, Charles Schultz, Johnny Hart, Kirk Douglas, Joan Crawford, John Huston, Jackie Gleason, Jack Benny, Peter Lorre, Fred Flintstone...

JohnKricfalusi3 karma

Happy Day Of Bliss to my best friends Mike and Vanessa!

MyNameIsBruce23 karma

Just wanted to say that I'm glad I was a kid when Ren & Stimpy was in its infancy. I loved that I was watching a show that many friends' parents hated (to be fair, we were all 4 years old), and R&S was, along with The Simpsons, a huge factor in the shaping of my sense of humor. My favorite t-shirt I've ever owned was a R&S one that I had around that time. I wish I was a dwarf so that I wouldn't have had to get rid of it.

Thanks for everything.

JohnKricfalusi5 karma

Thank you!

Here's a cartoon I did that tells you about some new shirts I designed: http://johnkricfalusidemo.blogspot.com/

Now you can wear one of those till it's as stinky as your ordinal Ren and Stimpy shirt!

eulers_identity3 karma

What's your opinion of digital animation vs cels? Is it nothing but an advantage, or does it sometimes alter/restrict the way stuff is animated?

JohnKricfalusi13 karma

You mean 2d digital?

I've gotten pretty used to drawing on a cintiq and I like it. I still prefer real painted backgrounds though over digital.

JorgeGarrido3 karma

Hi, John. Thanks for doing this. What's your favourite animated feature film?

JohnKricfalusi9 karma

Snow White

the9trances3 karma

I'm a huge fan of your work; you're one of the big reasons I got my undergrad in animation.

So, I'm a fan of your "Adult Party Cartoon" series, and you mentioned something on this reddit here: specifically, 'Spike wanted me to "adult up" the show and I didn't really know what that meant.' I'd say that's exactly what they were after, because even with your signature "gross" style, you capture "sexy" extremely well too.

  • Have you considered doing more Adult Party Cartoons (or something similar) more in line with "Naked Beach Frenzy?"

  • What's your ideal format for releasing your work? Why?

  • You're obviously trained in classical animation. Which animators were inspirational to you as an aspiring animator?

Thanks for answering so many of our questions! I'm gonna go pledge to your Kickstarter now. :)

JohnKricfalusi3 karma

Well I always liked drawing sexy girls but networks usually won't let me do it because it "demeans women".

http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/2009/03/vary-your-antics.html http://johnkstuff.blogspot.com/2010/11/inking-practice.html

by format do you mean TV or web? or do you mean ratio - widescreen vs 4:3?

I prefer 4:3 but no one does that anymore

I like almost all cartoons from the 1930s to the 1950s

Thanks for supporting me new cartoon!

[deleted]3 karma

How much did drugs or alcohol affect the storylines of Ren and Stimpy? Come on man, admit to the LSD usage, Black Hole episode is my evidence! :D


JohnKricfalusi22 karma

No drugs, maybe beer

[deleted]3 karma

Ren used to scare the living crap outta me, but it was still my favorite show! What inspired you to make such a surreal show?

JohnKricfalusi10 karma

A strange upbringing.

WillhelmRyan2 karma

What inspired the tooth fairy episode? Ren and Stimpy captured my attention in the most disturbing ways when I was a kid, especially that episode. My dad and I used to get in trouble with my mom for watching it, I was about five.

JohnKricfalusi7 karma

Basil Wolverton inspired the close ups. The real Tooth Fairy inspired the cartoon

Mlah42 karma

I FUCKING LOVE THE RIPPING FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did it get cancelled or something?

JohnKricfalusi7 karma

It was too cheap to keep producing. It was a very hard show to do - especially for the money.

tadhgerty2 karma

Hey John! I have always thought that The Ripping Friends is one of the craziest and funniest shows of all time. How did you come up with the original idea for it?

JohnKricfalusi9 karma

I came up with it after pitching funny animal shows to a syndicator of daily cartoons. The guy laughed at Ren and Stimpy and other show ideas but then said: "These are great but honestly what we need are superhero type shows that we can make toys of." Kids want to act out violent stuff and rip everything apart.

So I went to lunch with my crew and told them and then had an inspiration.


lljksod1 karma

What do you want on your sandwich?

JohnKricfalusi7 karma