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I appreciate your answer.

I should have been more specific though. The problem is that consumers can't duplicate DVDs without software tools that get around the copy protection on those disks. My understanding it is those tools that Congress outlawed. Or am I misinformed? I'd love to hear that is the case.

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As you sit on the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet, perhaps you could explain why can't I legally make digital copies of DVDs for my personal use? Are you working to change this?

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And according to opensecrets.org, 93% of your funding comes from "large contributions." How is that considered grassroots?

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What is your comment on the American Family Voices complaint filed against you with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) for using your public position to advance your private financial interests? PDF Letter

Do you find it ironic that the Chair of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has been accused of using his position for personal gain?

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Mr. K.

Big fan of your work. I been collecting your artwork for years, everything ranging from Ren and Stimpy to the NBC Peacock to Jimmy the Idiot Boy in a Fanta commercial.

A few years ago, I bought a watercolor from a guy who swore it was an original used in production. I didn't believe it because it was so damn cheap. But I really liked the image so I picked it up anyway.

Any chance I lucked out and got a real original? Here's an image.