proof I’m a cast member at Chuck E. Cheese. (Basically I don’t do kitchen/management) Just an edit I’m literally a high schooler, I don’t represent CEC at all. (Saying this so I don’t get fired <333 I love my job)

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Stephensam1011543 karma

How do u defeat the evil Animatronics on night shift ?

MathematicianPast1701597 karma

The tech guy turns them off :)

BigAVD3396 karma

Is he that unattractive?

MathematicianPast1701175 karma

This made me laugh really hard omg

krukson839 karma

Are there many kids who are scared of Chuck? Or the animatronics? It’s nightmare fuel for me.

MathematicianPast1701092 karma

Yeah, I’ve made a few kids cry while in the suit. Lots of children running away and screaming while I’ve been in the suit. There’s also a lot of adults who are scared of it too lol

davydooks300 karma

Are you scared of it?

MathematicianPast170828 karma

I’m only scared when my manager approaches me to ask me to BE Chuck.

gtrocks555504 karma

Do you feel Charles Entertainment Cheese is a sophisticated rat?

MathematicianPast170331 karma


Klientje123187 karma

Would you describe Chuck as 'ballin' or 'based'?

MathematicianPast170283 karma


LesserKnownHero72 karma

What real life of fictional human Chuck/Charlie would you say is closest in persona to Mr. Cheese?

MathematicianPast170147 karma

Adam Sandler. Chuck even has the Hawaiian shirt right now!

cylordcenturion85 karma

Does it ever feel like chuck keeps controlling your mind even after taking the suit off?

MathematicianPast170177 karma

Yes. I sometimes wave at kids while working without the suit

GardenGnomeOfEden75 karma

When you are Chuck, do you ever feel like the suit is wearing you? Does it tell you to do things?

MathematicianPast17076 karma

Yes and yes.

Comrade-Cohaay297 karma

I got the pleasure of wearing the Geoffrey suit while working at toys r us. From one mascot representative to another, there’s a special feeling of striking fear into the heart of a full grown man simply by turning a corner.

MathematicianPast170188 karma

LOL the moms hiding behind their kids are the best

dee_emm_tee576 karma

Do any of the games get wiped down/cleaned at any point? Or is the entire place a giant petri dish?

MathematicianPast170899 karma

Every hour or so they get wiped down with disinfectant. (Sometimes more if we are bored) but then at closing they get wiped down very carefully with hot soapy water

Russiophile540 karma

What are you hoping will be asked, and what is the answer?

MathematicianPast170857 karma

The pizza question , we don’t reuse them and actually make the dough in the kitchen!

cahaseler265 karma

Follow up, did your place do the ghost kitchen thing during the pandemic and did that upset anyone?

MathematicianPast170475 karma

We still do! Nobodies really upset about it, but it’s called Pasqually’s pizza and wings or something like that. Named after one of the animatronics. It’s just the doordash and Uber eats version I think. We have a special log on the register for it. The pizza boxes are much harder to fold than the regular Chuck E. Cheese ones though.

Mr_9mm5 karma

Wait, how long have you been working there? Maybe they used to do that until the secret got out... I'm just saying that pic of the underside of a pizza that had mismatched sizes of slices was pretty damning. Lol

MathematicianPast1705 karma

I’ve been working here about 3 months, it’s possible but my managers have worked there for over 3 years

ScorpionX-123467 karma

what's your funniest story on the job so far?

MathematicianPast1701335 karma

Probably having a swarm of kids start calling me Mickey Mouse while in the suit, I was very confused and trying to stay in character. They started following me to the closet where I had to get out of the suit. I was scared when they started hitting and punching me and my manager had to save me … definitely not my best moment but looking back it was really funny.

ScorpionX-12378 karma

what about your darkest story?

MathematicianPast170404 karma

I don’t really have any dark stories, but a dad threw lettuce at another dad?

NiasRhapsody83 karma

does your location have a bar in it? i’ve heard some have/did, and that more than once parents have started a bar fight🥴

MathematicianPast170162 karma

Not a bar but we serve beer and wine. You get two drinks before you’re cut off.

NiasRhapsody75 karma

thats great but that’s still wild to me! but the limit is a great idea. i wonder if all locations follow it though, or if it was instated due to…past issues haha

MathematicianPast17089 karma

Yeah, my location stresses it a lot lol

MayorBobbleDunary425 karma

Soft rock or gentle jazz?

MathematicianPast170264 karma

Depends on the mood

sgone408 karma

How often does the top ticket prize get redeemed?

MathematicianPast170504 karma

Not often at all, I’ve seen it happen mostly on the fidget spinners game and the gorilla game that like vibrates your hands (I think) but I’ve never seen a kid with more than 6000 tickets

Oscaruit357 karma

I told my kids the gorilla game was where it's at if they want tickets. Thank you for the confirmation.

MathematicianPast170219 karma

It’s the best

KickAssMiles384 karma

Is syrup a sauce?

MathematicianPast170457 karma

I think so ??? Edit; I thought about this for a while and I have to say yes, yes it is

socool111357 karma

How often is the ball pit balls cleaned?

As someone who worked a local arcade...I knew the answer was "no one remembers the last time"

MathematicianPast170544 karma

We actually got rid of ball pits and the sky tubes :’)

Tidalsky114329 karma

Good! Last time I was in a Chucky cheese I saw a kid in a diaper in the ball pit with diarrhea oozing out everywhere. Parent grabbed the kid and walked away and no one bothered to clean it. Refused to ever go back to one.

MathematicianPast170360 karma

Oh. Oh my god

EvilmonkeyMouldoon345 karma

Does working there make you despise children?

MathematicianPast170650 karma


Isamu66332 karma

Why do people keep asking about recycling pizza? Was this a thing?

MathematicianPast170460 karma

I think Shane Dawson did a YouTube video a while back (conspiracy theory guy) talking about the unevenness of the pizzas. But out pizza cutter is very dull and we hand shape the dough

Pineapple_Assrape261 karma

The guy who molested his cat? Or is there another one?

MathematicianPast170300 karma

Yeah that one

Poguemohon258 karma

Do you serve beer & how many fist fights have you witnessed?

MathematicianPast170532 karma

I’m not 18 so I can’t serve beer. Though my location does have beer and wine. I haven’t personally seen a fist fight but some of my co workers have. But, I have seen a dad throw lettuce at another dad

baconbrand178 karma

Can you explain more about the dad lettuce situation? Do you know the backstory?

MathematicianPast170379 karma

I was in the back when most of it happened but from what I understand one of the dads got angry at the other dad for cutting him and his kid in line at the salad bar. So the dad took a fist full of lettuce and threw it

NotSeveralBadgers257 karma

Can you speak to kids/customers while in costume or is it all pantomime? Assuming the latter, are you ever frustrated by being unable to communicate?

MathematicianPast170363 karma

So no we can’t talk in the suit. But yeah it can be frustrating especially the parents who tell you it’s okay to break character with them. Or when you aren’t understanding what someone is saying.

Perfect_Dog_Pelt238 karma

Is it true the singer for Bowling For Soup writes catchy jingles for you guys now?

MathematicianPast170212 karma

I had to look this up but it definitely seems like it!

stinking_badgers209 karma

May I please have some extra napkins?

MathematicianPast170293 karma

Of course , though napkin holders are at every table so if you asked this in person you may get a weird look lol

stinking_badgers465 karma

Jesus, I’m glad I did this practice run first. Thank you for the tip.

MathematicianPast170153 karma

This made me laugh really hard

TummyStickers195 karma

Is Chuck E. Cheese trying to make a comeback?

MathematicianPast170298 karma

Definitely, mine has just gotten a remodel as have many other locations

TummyStickers90 karma

Well that’s really cool, it’d be nice to see them bounce back (assuming it’s a good place to work and they treat employees well) instead of going under.

MathematicianPast17096 karma

Yeah :) I really like it everyone is super nice !

monkeyz_unkle186 karma

has there even been a moment that "WORLDSTAR!" was being shouted during a commotion at your location?

MathematicianPast170158 karma

Not that I am aware of, but this made me laugh. There has been fights between parents and adults at my location though. Just not while I was working

AndThereWasNothing177 karma

Is chucks full name "Charles Entertainment Cheese III?

MathematicianPast170404 karma

Yup! And he celebrates birthdays because he’s an orphan who doesn’t know his own :(

coldfu30 karma

Have you met him personally?

MathematicianPast170214 karma

I am one with him

aldes7104108 karma

Do the animatronics come alive in night ?

MathematicianPast170253 karma

I love this question! We actually just got rid of our animatronics like two weeks ago. The ones we had may as well have been haunted. Hellen had a ping pong ball in place of an eye for a while

in_theory69 karma

What did they do with them?

MathematicianPast170185 karma

They were replaced with a dance floor and now every hour on the thirty Chuck comes out to dance with the kids. If you look up “beach party bash summer of fun” that’s the dance I have to do in the suit. Kind of fun!

SixthKing107 karma

So the robots were replaced by human labor? We’re living in a dark timeline.

MathematicianPast17027 karma


livestrong210953 karma

God I hate those things. They're so God dam hot... Think hay ride on the fourth of July. I never drank water like after that day before in my life.

MathematicianPast170117 karma

Yeah, the suit is very hot. Luckily my management allows free drinks all shift long. Constantly asks if I’ve been drinking enough water. The changing closet is also very hot and small lol

anatomizethat10 karma

beach party bash summer of fun

Do you ever forget the dance moves???

MathematicianPast17018 karma

Not really it’s on the tv in front of the dance floor very handy

mitsubachi8828 karma

Thank goodness they are being phased out! The one near us, his head spins backwards and he seems possessed. Although it was great for introducing 3yo to horror movie tropes. 🤣

MathematicianPast17018 karma

Yeah cleaning the stage definitely gave me the creeps lol

BillytheKid275989 karma

What is the end all goal? Are you envisioning going into management and climbing the ladder? Is this a potential career?

MathematicianPast170223 karma

I just needed a job to save for college, I eventually want to do computer science of some sort in college! But for now this is just a really fun job that I really enjoy :)

CobolRobot80 karma

Did you happen to see my retainer? Think it might be in the ball pit.

MathematicianPast170106 karma

We threw away the ball pit try calling the dump <3

marsdad75 karma

Do you ever Hack the animatronics to play death metal and start a mosh pit in the Chucky outfit?

MathematicianPast17095 karma

Why are you the second person to bring up mosh pits ! I’m so confused

Arthiem75 karma

First off, holy shit i thought your company went under. A decade ago. It's akin to just striking up a convo with a Circuit City employee.

Secondly do you think Five Nights at Freddy's has kept the business alive?

MathematicianPast17072 karma

I think the 13 year olds who are obsessed with fnaf definitely help. They mostly just pester us with questions tho

elma3allem73 karma

Did you know the founder of Chuck E Cheese is the same founder of Atari?

MathematicianPast17065 karma

I did not! That’s interesting tho

OffTheWalbert72 karma

Do you ever hook up with a parent while dressed in the rat costume?

MathematicianPast170164 karma

I think I need to bleach my eyes

Soloandthewookiee62 karma

How do you make the jellyfish come out faster in the Harpoon Lagoon game?

MathematicianPast170178 karma

I’m gonna be completely honest I have no clue. But if you want to win the claw machine go for the prizes closest to the drop chute. Gives the claw less time to drop the item

ID-10T-ERROR52 karma

Is there anyway I can get my 25 cents back from a broken arcade machine when I was 6?

God damn Pole Position took my quarter.

MathematicianPast17049 karma

Honestly go back to the location and I’m sure they would have a good laugh

ID-10T-ERROR22 karma

I can't! They've closed it and replaced it with a God damn furniture store!

I was willing to settle for a token, but money is money! Thieving sons of bitches.

MathematicianPast17018 karma

Oh nooo I would go to a different location pretending it was the orginal

Polldark0152 karma

What is Chuck E. Cheese?

MathematicianPast17083 karma

It’s an arcade with pizza and wings!

YarrlieThePirate50 karma

How did you react when Chuck said "Poggers" during a fall guys stream on

MathematicianPast17042 karma

I lost my shit laughing

corneliusduff45 karma

Y'all still serve beer?

MathematicianPast17054 karma

Beer and wine! I know some locations don’t but mine does :)

cssc20143 karma

Does everyone have to take a turn being the mouse sometimes?

MathematicianPast170110 karma

Every shift you’re Chuck at least once :)

jeffreyan1219 karma

do they clean the suit. can't image all the built up sweat, germs, ect.?

MathematicianPast17024 karma

After every person it gets sprayed with alcohol and fe breeze

WoadRaider42 karma

How is this business still afloat? Do you get regulars or large enough parties to keep ya in the black?

MathematicianPast17061 karma

Yeah, so Saturdays and sundays are almost always packed with birthdays. As far as how we’re doing price wise I’m not super sure. But, we almost always have at least a few families in

wednesdaynightwumbo23 karma

Do you get any regulars?

MathematicianPast17030 karma

Not that I know of

Lumberjack122942 karma

As the parent of a six and three year old my only questions are: how? And, ibuprofen or acetaminophen?

MathematicianPast17038 karma

I zone out throughout the job. And I am not sure lol

gtrocks55540 karma

How do you feel about Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings on food delivery apps?

MathematicianPast17077 karma

The boxes are harder to fold than the normal boxes so I hate it

podobuzz36 karma

Is the film of grease on all the machines naturally occurring, or does the staff go around before opening with brushes applying it to everything?

MathematicianPast17036 karma

We clean ours regularly but probably both

wakimaniac36 karma

Did you ever have to deal with fake coin tokens?

wait do you guys still use tokens?

MathematicianPast17073 karma

We don’t use tokens or tickets anymore! We switched to play passes. So your tokens and tickets are loaded on that

ety3rd35 karma

A few years ago, my son learned a hard lesson about economics and inflation when, suddenly, a dollar only got three tokens from the machine. How many plays-per-dollar does the pass offer?

MathematicianPast17081 karma

You can buy minutes now! So for 60 minutes you can play unlimited games :)

stripedpixel35 karma

How do you deal with heart break?

MathematicianPast17085 karma

Break their heart first

Norcati26 karma

How is the pizza? I remember it being magical when I was a kid, but I'm old now so I'm sure my opinion would have changed.

MathematicianPast17033 karma

I really like it :)

LesserKnownHero25 karma

How often do you get sick?

How sticky is your handshake?

MathematicianPast17033 karma

I wash my hands at least 4 times an hour while working and only once since working so far :)

blazingStarfire22 karma

Isn't it unsanitary to have a giant rat walking around the store?

MathematicianPast17039 karma

Chuck regularly showrs

Cold_Lavishness_458722 karma

How would you describe a Chuck E. Cheese pizza to someone from a different country who's never been to one?

MathematicianPast17021 karma

The shop? It’s an arcade with pizza and entertainment catered towards kids :)

dayofthedead20421 karma

Is the pizzas fresh baked with every order? There was that viral story accusing Chuck E Cheese of using fused together leftovers.

MathematicianPast17058 karma

We make the dough in the kitchen! We order the sauce, cheese, and toppings every 3 or so days. We portion out the dough into the pizza tins every few hours and then put it in the fridge. As orders come through we put the sauce and topping on and then bake it. So it’s all fresh. One of my main jobs is cleaning tables so I can confirm we throw away all left over pizza. It’s good enough that all the employees eat it pretty much daily

grants_like_horace19 karma

I worked there back in 2003, everything was made fresh surprisingly. The wings were the best thing on the menu from what I remembered.

MathematicianPast17015 karma

The wings are so good!

mtsai17 karma

does your chuckecheese smell like old cheese put in a old shoe?

MathematicianPast17025 karma

I’m very concerned about what Chuck E. Cheese’s you have been to. But no ? My location does not. If you mean the suit, it gets sprayed with alcohol and fabreeze so that doesn’t either

yourmothersgun16 karma

How much poo and puke are you dealing with in the daily?

MathematicianPast17033 karma

None :) I kindly walk over to my manager to tell her.

yourmothersgun16 karma

Nice. But it does happen?

MathematicianPast17032 karma

Absolutely, probably a few times a week

CJnella9116 karma

Is it true that Chuck E. Cheese denies the Armenian Genocide? If so, what is it like working for someone who vehemently defends the atrocities committed by the Ottoman empire? Also we've all heard of Pizzagate, is Chuck E Cheese involved in anyway? How has he gone unscathed by these conspiracies?

MathematicianPast17041 karma

I’m just trying to save money for college

gunnie5615 karma

They still serve beer for the adults?

MathematicianPast17018 karma

Beer and wine! I know some locations don’t but mine does :)

patch61613 karma

What are the animatronics like when they wake up after hours?

MathematicianPast17023 karma

We got rid of the animatronics but they were creepy

magnetard11 karma

how often do employees hook up in the play tubes after closing?

MathematicianPast17013 karma

Never lol, we got rid of the tubes and cameras are EVERYWHERE

cahaseler11 karma

What's the craziest thing you've seen a parent do?

MathematicianPast17018 karma

Dad came up and started recording me and my coworker, manager came and he put it down. He didn’t even say much just asked about the animatronics.

Mom waited 10 minutes before sending her kid to let us know that their other kid peed on one of the rides.

One dad throwing lettuce at another dad. (Couldn’t even be mad I just laughed.) (Apologizes for format I’m on mobile)

socool1115 karma

wait so a dude just started recording two teenagers.....

MathematicianPast1707 karma

Yeah, two teenage girls. It was very creepy. He was obviously just trying to make conversation too

littlesirlance7 karma

Which games are going to make me the most tickets and what are the tips/hacks for those games?

MathematicianPast1709 karma

For tickets do the gorilla game, for prizes claw machine and go for the prizes closest to the chute

Hakaisha896 karma

Where do you work?

MathematicianPast17016 karma

A casino run by a rat made for kids

Khorack6 karma

What are games are the favorites for the kids. What games are your favorites?

MathematicianPast17019 karma

For little kids we have a kid section, it has like air hockey and stuff which I like lol. But my favorite is skee ball :)

Jeff_In_2396 karma

I used to love the pizza there back in the late 90s. How’s is the pizza there today? Is it any good? 😬

MathematicianPast1708 karma

I get it almost every shift! I really like it

burning_spear_rtp5 karma

You make the beer too expensive because you know we’re desperate, right?

MathematicianPast1704 karma

Lol honestly Chuck E. Cheese is just expensive in general

joemama20064 karma

one time I took my daughter and our hand stamps didn't match at the door to leave, a 15 ish year old boy told me I couldn't take my daughter home, I told him to try and stop me after 36 hours of labour I'm not leaving this kid here. what is the actual protocol for leaving guests? do you confirm kids match to parents? or was i dealing with some weird sideshow rule?

MathematicianPast1704 karma

If that happens we normally ask to see a photo with you and your kid in it. My guess would be he was either lazy or your stamp got washed off and he didn’t want to grab a manager

Periachi4 karma

Are you gonna eat me?

MathematicianPast1707 karma

Some things are better left as a thought <3

MattOnCybertron4 karma

Is it/was it ever true that you’ll kindly be asked not to come in if you don’t have kids in your party? Always accepted this as fact but then get kinda salty when younglings show up at Dave and Busters.

MathematicianPast1709 karma

Not at all! We have adults come in all the time for a beer and a few games! As long as you’re 18 you’re welcome in

blachippy3 karma

Whatever happened to ball pit and why did it smell so terrible?

MathematicianPast1704 karma

We got rid of them but from what I heard they were never cleaned

Bubbagumpredditor3 karma

How often is the ball pit cleaned? How often is it required to be cleaned? How often do they tell people it's cleaned?

MathematicianPast1703 karma

We got rid of the pit


How does the Chucky head smell?

MathematicianPast1704 karma

We clean it after each person so not bad

andersonimes3 karma

Do kids pee in the ball pit and if so how do you clean it?

MathematicianPast1703 karma

We actually don’t have a ball pit anymore

wolfie3793 karma

Regarding Chuck’s middle initial - was his middle name in honour of his Dutch uncle Edam, or his Swiss uncle Emmenthal?

MathematicianPast1707 karma

His middle name is entertainment!

werepat2 karma

Is this AMA sanctioned or otherwise instigated by Chuck E. Cheese Inc. ?

MathematicianPast1705 karma

I’m just a high schooler lol

TurboShorts2 karma

Do you get to play the arcade games? Which is your favorite?

MathematicianPast1702 karma

I like skee ball :)

yuudachi2 karma

What's the best age to bring a kid to Chuck E Cheese where they'll actually enjoy themselves? Like, when do they realize they're too old for this vs too young to really care for it?

MathematicianPast1703 karma

Honestly anyone under 11 is great. Then after the weird I’m too cool for this age at around 14 teens start coming in with their friends

Longjumping_Proof_432 karma

Has someone come on to you wearing the suit?

MathematicianPast1702 karma

No, I am a teenager and so are most of my co workers so I’ve never really had that problem inside in the suit. Outside the suit I’ve had a few creepy people tho

thecwestions2 karma

Do they really recycle pizza???

MathematicianPast1705 karma

We make it all fresh ! The dough is made in the kitchen and the ingredients and toppings are ordered every three days or so! My main job is bussing tables so I personally throw away any left over pizza !

heir-of-slytherin2 karma

I hadn't been to Chuck E Cheese in probably 20 years. I took my son to a birthday party there recently and was surprised how good the pizza was!

MathematicianPast1702 karma

I definitely think it’s gotten better from when I was a kid!

thesaltyhog2 karma


MathematicianPast1702 karma

No we do not lol, we make the dough in the kitchen and order ingredients every few days. We throw away any left over pizza :) everything is baked as you order!

SaNiTyLoSsAgE1 karma

How many children are eaten a week?

MathematicianPast1702 karma

I laughed so hard at this

Karnezar1 karma

How often do kids throw up there?

MathematicianPast1702 karma

I’ve only seen one kid throw up while I was working, kids peeing on things happens a lot more

slithe_sinclair1 karma

Are you actually okay? Like legitimately alright?

MathematicianPast1705 karma

I’d like to think so, maybe ?

Brashear1011 karma

So do they actually put pizza back together from different pizzas left over?

MathematicianPast1701 karma

No we dont lol… we bake the pizzas as people order

PureNRGfanboy441 karma

Why do you reuse the pizza? Why are you lying for the rat? How much did you make lying for the rat?

MathematicianPast17014 karma

We don’t reuse the pizza, I would tell you if we did because I do not make enough to lie

Bird7671 karma

Do you recycle pizza?

MathematicianPast1702 karma

No lol they get baked as you order

SeanInMyTree0 karma

Are you really a Chuck E. Cheese employee?

MathematicianPast1701 karma

Yup! The badge in the photo is mine :)

SeanInMyTree0 karma


MathematicianPast1701 karma


Malphos101-4 karma

Have you tried unionizing yet to ensure your rights are protected and that you and your teammates are fairly compensated for doing literally all the work?

MathematicianPast1704 karma

I will look into this, I have no clue what this means?

pikknz-22 karma

How did your life hit rock bottom?

MathematicianPast17015 karma

I really hope it hasn’t yet. I’m only in high school LOL