I am Matthew Lillard, I ask you to ask me anything! I will also tell you I heart your faces...all of em! We crushed kickstarter thanks to you and now the REDDIT tribe can see FAT KID RULES THE WORLD anywhere in the US of A!

You can request a showing of FAT KID in your hometown here: http://www.tuggthefatkid.com/

(I'm doing the AMA from WARPED TOUR Irvine... Stop by and I'll lick your face! Hard!)

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I'm out. I've got to get to WARPED Irvine. I hope I gave it good... I'm sorry more people didn't show! Maybe I've offended people by coming here too much? shit. I'm sorry if I have.

Anyway, check out Tuggthefatkid.com if you'd like to see FAT KID. It's a really cool approach to getting an independent film into the world and if the Reddit Tribe rallyed behind it will send a message to Hollywood that there are people out there that want this kind of movie.

All the best-- m.

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Was your dog recently hit by a car?

matthewlillard454 karma

yes! on my birthday. ON THE DAY THE ANNOUNCED THE ACADEMY AWARDS!! GREATEST DAY EVER!! Destroyed by the worst thing I've ever seen with my eyes.


[deleted]410 karma

yeah, that was my mom. she felt really bad about that. still does. sorry.

matthewlillard488 karma

I felt so bad for her. honestly. She was really sweet... and the dog is fine.
It was a direct hit! she went right over his tiny little body!!!! Great aim!

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Hi Matthew - why are you doing another AMA on Reddit? (Your first one was great, btw)

matthewlillard713 karma

Thank god you asked so I don't have to whore myself all day and I can get this out of the way!

TUGGTHEFATKID.COM is where anyone on REDDIT can set up a screening of FAT KID. Any town, any theatre anywhere in America... YOU can host a screening of the film for you and your friends. It works like Groupon and once you get a critical mass of people, the screening goes off! And you make a percentage of the boxoffice! WTFuuuuuuck right?

I told the world we'd have 1000 requests the first week. We're at 371 yesterday and have till Sunday to hit 1000 for me to look bitchin' to my team.

I'm here to inspire this world to rally and see the film. It's awesome.

(here ends my RAMPART moment)

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I'll check it out. Would you play this game or not?

matthewlillard369 karma

i'm afraid if i look at that link you'll send me to spaceballs land and I'll see dudes' fisting each other.

TheGrooby120 karma

Hey ML, where is the Reddit alien going to be in the movie?

matthewlillard330 karma

In the special thanks portion of the credit roll. At the top. Where it belongs !!! Without REDDIT we would never have made our kickstarter!

I fucking love that alien.

Schroedingers_gif165 karma


matthewlillard201 karma

what's snoo?

MyLegsHurt170 karma

That's its name. The alien.

matthewlillard301 karma

snoo. I want that dude in a sexual way. Does he put out?

disastercode170 karma

We'll put out for you.

matthewlillard382 karma

are you speaking on behalf of Snoo or Reddit? If the Reddit world Tugged the fat kid as much as they tugged themselves... we'd light the world on fire!

the_nard_dawg116 karma

That dance you did in She's All That was one of my favorite parts of your career. That's about my level of dancing skill. Did you get to improv any of that??

Waffles or pancakes? How do you like your eggs?

Are you a fan of Steve Carrell/Michael Scott?

PLEASE KEEP DOING MORE AMA'S!! I keep missing them and I just want to be able to say "I'm busy talking to Matthew Lillard. Call me later."

matthewlillard151 karma

you pounded that question out! well played.
If you can dance like that you have a gift sir. That wasn't improved in the moment but I helped create the dance. (adam Shankman was the choreographer on that dance)
I like both... I think they're actually made of the same shit.
Yes. He's slightly genius.
I will... if people show. I feel a little like a douche because nobody is here... maybe I am a douche?

You tell them that everyday... I'll give you my phone number!

the_nard_dawg73 karma

I'm gonna tell everyone Matthew Lillard offered me his phone number. But who pays for the long distance charges? You should get a throwaway phone or payphone and just message random redditors the number for an hour (me).

I'm Canadian..Have you ever had poutine? (French fries with cheese curds and gravy.)

matthewlillard137 karma

hahahhhhaaaa.... we were in Vegas this weekend talking about getting Poutine tatoo's. 15 of us. Debating if Poutine was actually BETTER than sex.

the_nard_dawg77 karma

They used to have poutine at McDonald's in Canada about ten years ago, not sure if it was in the States.. My cousin routinely gets stupid tattoos and most recently I think he got a chicken wing, and is talking about getting a coil of dog poo..

If you want something delicious, mix:

1 pkg instant vanilla pudding (just the powder) 1 container cool whip (or 3 cups whipped cream, whipped) 1 cup buttermilk 1 pkg Dare chocolate cookies, crumbled

Refrigerate for like 2 hours..the cookies soften and turn into cake. It is a family recipe..so delicious..your kids will love it.


matthewlillard160 karma

wow. In America that's called crack.

AsksYourFavoriteBook95 karma

What's your favorite book?

matthewlillard379 karma

hmmm..... I'm loving reading GAME OF THRONES right now. ENDERS GAME is maybe my all time favorite. DUNE. The Belgarion series is epic.

(total suck up move)

[deleted]96 karma

Loved Enders Game. Read it 3 times when I was younger.

matthewlillard311 karma

what do you like now? your favorite is?

TechArtist1191 karma

My friend is in Fat Kid and I'm so excited for you both! I'm hoping to tug the fat kid my way :)

matthewlillard134 karma

NO hope there is... there is only doing. (hear the Yoda as you read)

Who is your friend?

TechArtist1159 karma

His name is Dylan. I don't know if you need the last name.

matthewlillard127 karma

I know you. You're a solid guy... do you think more people will show up here or am I now a douche in the REDDIT world?

TechArtist1192 karma

I think you've got a ton of support on Reddit. More people are gonna show

matthewlillard215 karma

hhhahahahaahhhhh wtf. Look at the veins in that dudes face. GROSS!

disastercode127 karma


matthewlillard228 karma

shit. that was meant for the previous post. sorry.

rafaelcg70 karma

I am from Brazil and supported the movie at Kickstarter. Is there any way I am going to watch the movie in this decade? :(

matthewlillard121 karma

hmmm..... move to Florida?

matthewlillard305 karma

someone out there will pirate it soon enough and destroy my lively hood... don't worry!

(we may do a direct digital download like Louis CK)

Novaci67 karma

Hey ML, I didn't know who you were, so I looked you up. I saw a movie called "SLC Punk", watched it and came to the realisation that you fucking rock. My question is, why are you so goddamm awesome?

matthewlillard102 karma

i'm laughing at my undisclosed location... I'm so GD awesome because I ate white break my whole life and played with Star Wars Action Figures for far too long. The question is... why didn't you know what SLC PUNK was?

stevencastle64 karma

How did you like doing Without a Paddle? I think it's a pretty good film that hasn't gotten much props.

matthewlillard92 karma

I loved doing it. FUN as shit. Great guys... one of the best times of my life!

matthewlillard62 karma

I'm leaving... I want to say I was trying to tell the people of Reddit about the film because without them the movie wouldn't exist in the world. Reddit made the movie HAPPEN so I thought it would be cool to talk about it! People who think I'm just whoring, I'm not.... I was trying to be cool. I won't be back for a long time. Lesson learned.

likeBruceSpringsteen59 karma

I love your work, Sir. I loved you in 13 ghosts. My sister was in love with you in high school (she's married now, but I'm pretty sure you're still on her "list") you were the best character in Scream, (I still quote "liver alone" lol) you were also an amazing Shaggy, etc. Now that I have my lips attached to your fantastic ass, would you answer me this, have you ever been to Canada?

matthewlillard106 karma

I can feel your lips on my ass from here... my ass is hot on the right cheek. I'm ALWAYS in Canada! I teach acting at VFS four times a year.

I love that I'm on her list! What's her name, maybe I'll be her on my list and if we ever meet we can totally have a crazy-time-make-out party.

MyNamesNotTaylor59 karma

First off, long time fan of SLC Punk. I've seen it dozens of times, and I have one huge question about.


Alright, is Heroin Bob supposed to represent Jesus? I've talked with a couple friends about it and we can't reach a consensus. Here's how I see it; Jesus was supposed to never had sinned, but he died for everyone's sin. Heroin Bob was supposed to never have done drugs, but he died of a drug overdose. When Jesus died, everyone was able to stop dying for their sin. When Bob died, Steve-O stopped being a punk, and I think it's implied that he stops doing drugs, which could have ruined his life (like Shawn). The other evidence I can think of is when Shawn is on 100 hits of acid, he straight up says that Bob is Jesus.

tl;dr, Is Bob a metaphor for Jesus or not?

matthewlillard82 karma

oh my Jesus... I've never heard any of that before. You'd have to hunt down James Merindino and ask him. Maybe? That would for sure be in his wheel house... but I don't have any idea.

I will say since being on WARPED with tuggthefatkid.com... I've seen 4 kies with the 666 tattoo that Steve-o has. That shit is bananas.

Rick_Cranium54 karma

I have 2 Questions:

1) How often do you use your celebrity to get chicks?

2) How often do you break into Shaggy's voice just for the hell of it?

matthewlillard215 karma

never. I have a wife and she's hot enough for me. (I will say it was epic in its time... I'm not cute and I did pull some ladies. Now I just use my power for wing-manning less famous dudes. I CAN be hired)

If you're a kid under 10 and you have kindness in your eyes... all the time.

scword54 karma

The trailer on your original AMA was awesome. Definitely going to see this one.

matthewlillard107 karma

thanks. YOU can do such by tugg the fatness. you didn't have a question... just sayin'.

bigwillFTW52 karma

Matthew, I just wanted to say that I enjoy all of your works. What inspires you on a day to day basis to get up and create?

matthewlillard142 karma

I will say you obviously haven't seen all my work. I'm bad in lots of stuff.

Inspires me day to day? Feeding my kids.

bigwillFTW37 karma

I was trying to be polite and not mention Scooby Doo. But SLC Punk was awesome. I got told I looked like Heroin Bob when I rocked my mohawk.

matthewlillard98 karma

You need to rock it again.
Thank you for your politeness. It's way cooler then meanness.

[deleted]45 karma

When are you and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) gonna do a movie together?

matthewlillard102 karma

I don't think we are. We both need bigger names to get a movie made right now. We're both in a bit of a hole.

jaehood43 karma

how does a good looking guy such as myself sneak into the industry hooded ninja style?

matthewlillard102 karma

you should flash bomb the entryway and have a partner Ninja cut the power on cue... then you need to make sure they don't see you pull the hood from your face. I would ditch it maybe in the kitchen or some shit... Also make sure your hair if perfect

jaehood40 karma

Just checked my hair, it was OK but now its Matthew Lillard perfect. Thanks for answering!

matthewlillard77 karma

there is nothing perfect about me. especially my hair.

matthewlillard42 karma

someone told me to jump back on... i'm back on.

lt30939 karma

Not a question - but just to say from across the pond that I'm super happy about Fat Kid - the community support is just fantastic.

Also, you're really awesome! I grew up with Scooby Doo and when the movie came out I was absolutely psyched that Shaggy went beyond my expectations.

matthewlillard80 karma

thank you. Across the pond! Go three Lions!

Volden35 karma

Hi Matthew- thanks for responding to so many people during your last AMA, it's nice to see someone get genuinely interested in the Reddit community.

One question - When will we see you with our little alien friend (snoo)?

You can find her here

Edit: I accidentally a letter

matthewlillard50 karma

We're putting her in the credit roll of the film. If people Tugg it they'll see her on the big screen!

I love this community... I wish we had a better turn out. I may have gone too far.

Checksbounce31 karma

Before doing your first AMA were you involved in the Reddit scene at all? Or did you do your AMA and immediately realize what a lovely bunch we are? Unlike most AMA's you weren't only answering questions you were actually talking to people and replying to replies of replies, I thought that was cool.

matthewlillard63 karma

i had NO idea what it was. I love it now, when I have free time I comment of stuff. I love that this world changed mine. TUGGTHEFATKID.com wouldn't be in effect if it wasn't for you guys.

And thanks for the props... I'm bummed we don't have more people today.

stareattheart31 karma

So my country won't show that in theaters. Amazon, Netflix and Paypal are off limits.

How do I watch it then?

matthewlillard58 karma

What country are you in? I have no idea? Get somewhere where you can access media? Or we may stream it via Al Gore's interweb at some point.

stareattheart39 karma

Serbia. If I could move, I would've done it a long time ago. Other countries' immigration policies don't like Eastern Europeans much.

Most streaming is limited to either US or Western Europe.

matthewlillard291 karma

shit. I'll send you the script and you and your friends can make it into a play?

Are_Six26 karma

Come back to Seattle and I'll buy you an M&M McFlurry.

matthewlillard69 karma

in sir. You had me a Seattle... (i was going to say Come... but thought better of it)

RogueInteger24 karma

Big fan Hoss. After you filmed Hackers, did you or the production company suffer any fallout/ramifications at the hands of hackers? I work in security, and it's always interesting to hear how the hacker collectivists respond to Hollywood portrayals of their passions.

Thanks for the AMA!

matthewlillard59 karma

no. I think when we did hackers we were WAY before our time. They loved that the Subset of hackers was even being represented.

Hackers now are the Yakuza/Mafia of yesteryear. Treat with respect. Never fuck with.

zombiesgivebrain22 karma

Your last AMA was so epic, I'm sure a lot of the questions will be similar. Sorry if these are.

Do you have any random hobbies that most people don't know about?

Do you have any major aspirations for the rest of your life? Like, that you want to learn how to train pandas, or extreme riverboat racing or something?

Do you do any special physical maintenance to stay, like, camera ready in everyday life? For example getting manicures, wearing makeup, eyebrow sculpting.. whatever famous people do? Do you even think about that kind of thing ever?

What is your favorite style (including color) of sock, and why?

matthewlillard37 karma

shit. that's a lot of randomness... do you really want to know? if you had to ask one of those... which question really burns inside you? I'll be back...

Fearlessleader8521 karma

I don't really have a question, but i would like to say that i've seen a number of movies just because you were in them. SLC Punk is a classic, and you've always seemed like someone who I would just actually like as a person.

But since this is an AMA, how many clowns do you think you could beat up in an hour?

matthewlillard73 karma

all of them. I'm like the Bruce Lee of Clown ass kicking. Especially if they have to wear their clown feet.... Makes em slow and shit.

Mrcuban19820 karma

SLC Punk! Is one of my favorite movies of all time and I will be looking forward to seeing Fat when it comes to a theater near me. What I wanted to ask was do you keep in contact with anyone from SLC?

matthewlillard29 karma

Hey.. I don't but I did just reconnect with Michael G. -- Heroin Bob -- after not speaking to him for years. I think James Merindino the Dir. is in South America or some shit.

As for FAT KID anyone anywhere can see it... all they have to do is go to Tuggthefatkid.com and tugg it to a theatre near them!

KARMA_KUNT19 karma

Did you know that Shaggy's real name was Norville Rogers before you decided to play Shaggy?

matthewlillard39 karma

I didn't. I do now. did you know Shaggy was originally a Vegitarian ?

PaulVentura19 karma

shaggy is one psychadelic ass mother fucker

matthewlillard98 karma

he's never ass mothered anyone.

ridingshotgun18 karma

Matt! I asked this on the last one (didnt reply :() So Id REALLY like to know: How did you get involved with Scream? (its my fav film from you ;)) where did the auditions take place and how did the process to get involved go? Was it hard? easy?


matthewlillard53 karma

I auditioned for Billy and they saw my face and thought "no way that guys gets with Neve Campbell" and so they had me go outside and audition for Stu. I got the part on the spot. I was out from NY for a week and I got a pilot, that movie and a part in IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK where I got to shoot Cher!

It was hard... i had worked forever to get to that point. Acting is easy, being successful is almost impossible.

ridingshotgun8 karma

ok, I see. Awesome thanks for replying Matt! So the auditions for Scream were in NY?

matthewlillard19 karma

Los Angeles. City of Dreams.

directrix68817 karma

Really enjoyed your interview/apperiance on Mohr Stories, how was it doing a podcast with Mr. Walken?

matthewlillard33 karma

I can only answer this correctly in my mind cause i can hear... "his, vo-IICcce".

Mohr is genius. Crazy fast and funny. And a big fat heart. True story. Tell him to Tugg a screening of FAT KID... if he doesn't I'll add selfish to the above list soon!

JohnWad17 karma

How many fat kids faces have you licked in your lifetime?

matthewlillard94 karma

my lawyers say i'm not aloud to discuss in public.

matthewlillard91 karma

(shit tons)

BeachBum201216 karma

I don't really have a question. Just wanted to say that it's awesome that Fat Kids is happening and I can't wait to see it. Also that SLC Punks played a huge role in my youth and is still one of my favorite movies.

Thank you for what you do.

matthewlillard32 karma

thank you. That response to SLC is why I made FAT KID. True story.

woahlookihaveapillow9 karma

My film school friend and I have big plans to write a movie starring you because of how much we love/appreciate your acting style. SLC Punk, Scream... man I even liked Thirteen Ghosts.

Anyways, what is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

matthewlillard38 karma

the birth of my first child. No doubt. If you have a kid you know what I'm talking about.