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That dance you did in She's All That was one of my favorite parts of your career. That's about my level of dancing skill. Did you get to improv any of that??

Waffles or pancakes? How do you like your eggs?

Are you a fan of Steve Carrell/Michael Scott?

PLEASE KEEP DOING MORE AMA'S!! I keep missing them and I just want to be able to say "I'm busy talking to Matthew Lillard. Call me later."

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They used to have poutine at McDonald's in Canada about ten years ago, not sure if it was in the States.. My cousin routinely gets stupid tattoos and most recently I think he got a chicken wing, and is talking about getting a coil of dog poo..

If you want something delicious, mix:

1 pkg instant vanilla pudding (just the powder) 1 container cool whip (or 3 cups whipped cream, whipped) 1 cup buttermilk 1 pkg Dare chocolate cookies, crumbled

Refrigerate for like 2 hours..the cookies soften and turn into cake. It is a family recipe..so delicious..your kids will love it.


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I'm gonna tell everyone Matthew Lillard offered me his phone number. But who pays for the long distance charges? You should get a throwaway phone or payphone and just message random redditors the number for an hour (me).

I'm Canadian..Have you ever had poutine? (French fries with cheese curds and gravy.)

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This made me so happy to read. I'm so glad for you and I can just imagine how much relief you all must feel.. Please come back to reddit for updates later!! xoxox

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You will be like "oh my god, that girl from Reddit gave me this recipe...maybe she has more..." I DO have more. I don't believe in keeping secret recipes to myself.. I believe in sharing them to the entire world. That's why no one tells me their secret recipes...

PS a) is your number 555-1234?

b) is it true that Americans don't call hotdogs "wieners"? A fellow Canadian I know who lived in California told me this.. So if I said "man I could really go for a wiener right now" you'd projectile spit your coffee?