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One thing, I don't know why, why isn't everyone mad that the people from The Walking Dead never just find an island? get a fucking boat and get out on an island already.

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just discuss the fucking statement mate Lawro told you to

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Good evening Mr Pip! I'm a big fan of you and Dan, and quite frankly I'm pretty gutted that I have seen you two perform together for the last time but appreciate you guys' decision to call it a day. I have two questions:

  1. Your album Angles was recorded almost 7 years ago now. Is there any lyrics/lines that you look back at and cringe at now that you are 7 years older and wiser? (No is a viable answer by the way)

  2. Fancy a game on UFC at any time? Let me know and I'll pop you my gamertag.


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Did you know that Shaggy's real name was Norville Rogers before you decided to play Shaggy?

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I remember that advert vividly so it must have been a good advert.

According to the guy's other answers though it's minimum wage which explains why the guy who works at my local KFC looks stressed and miserable all the time.