I am a former fashion designer and published author with 10 years in the fashion industry. My co-founder John and I just launched a styling platform called Style Space, which allows you to get 1-on-1 expert personal styling over a video call for clothing, hair, makeup and skincare. During my years working in the industry, I noticed that people struggle with style confidence and either accept that style is not for them or a talent they just weren’t born with. Like anything, style is a muscle that you train and learn through your own experimentation and research. Working with a stylist can be the quickest way to improve your style. We are here to help people find their best style and feel amazing about the way they look, every day.

Site: Style Space

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Background-Lynx-44397 karma

What happens after the initial video call? Is it just one session or is there a follow up? 🤔

Style_Space3 karma

Thanks for your question u/Background-Lynx-4439. After you meet with your stylist on the video call, they will send you a style plan with product recommendations and key style takeaways. Depending on your style needs, you may want to check in with your stylist for a follow up session to go over the things they recommend for you. Hope this helps :)

rullyrullyrull6 karma

As a stylist who specializes in working with curly and tightly coiled hair, I was excited to see that you offer hair styling sessions as well. Are all of your pros versed in styling all types of hair? I notice none of the models have curly or coiled hair. Thanks!

Style_Space3 karma

Hey r/rullyrullyrully, when I responded initially I read your comment too fast and didn't answer your question fully. Sessions on the site are created by the individual stylists, who also add which photos they want displayed. When it comes to hair stylists (or consultants, if you will), we have two who style straight and curly hair. But I don't believe either one does tightly curled to coily hair. This is a gap in our service. I'd be thrilled if you knew or could recommend someone with this skillset. Feel free to DM me. :) And thank you for bringing up that point.

PirklJerry1 karma

I could use all the help I can get. My clothing looks terrible, and I can’t seem to get out of what ever I am in! Please help!

Style_Space1 karma

u/PirklJerry, I totally hear you and you are not alone! I would highly recommend starting with this style session Discovering and dressing your body type (women) or Gentlemen Staple Styling (men). The sessions will help you define what your body type, colors and style are and where to begin building your new style.

homelessimo3 karma

What is a basic thing that most people can be doing to improve their style?

Style_Space2 karma

Curate a closet that you love. Getting dressed should not be a chore but something you look forward to that sets your intention for the day. It should be effortless because of the effort that you put into curating your style and closet.

In regards to hair and makeup/skincare, find a routine that works best for you, your skin and hair type and your lifestyle.

Here are some styling sessions that can help with the basics:

Clothing: Discover and Dress your Body Type -- Gentlemen Staple Styling

Hair: Men's Hair and Grooming -- Women's Hair Styling

Makeup/skincare: Skincare -- Makeup

Wonderful_Ad_77803 karma

Is this recommended for people with a limited budget or is it designed for high fashion exclusively?

Style_Space5 karma

u/Wonderful_Ad_7780 thanks for your question.

We provide styling for anyone with any budget and any styling need. Inclusivity is very important to us :) Also, working with a stylist can actually save you money purchasing the right items that you will wear. Most Americans only wear 20% of their closets :O

mywifemademegetthis3 karma

What is the worst color?

Style_Space1 karma

It really depends on your taste and how the colors play on your skin tone. For example, a rose quartz looks amazing on someone with darker hair and eyes with golden undertones to their skin, but washes out someone with pale pigmentation and red undertones to their skin. I've seen most colors worn on someone who can rock it. I personally don't like in-between, ambiguous colors that you are unsure if it's supposed to be gray or yellow or brown. That's partially my preference.

AnonymouseThePuppy3 karma

I've been traveling for a while, and I'm the kind of person who tends to pack too many clothes, which just weighs me down and encumbers me as I move around. I don't go to many formal events, there are some, most of my needs are casual/sports. Any tips for creating a travel-friendly, versatile, multi-function wardrobe?

(Also, your website looks really nice!)

jennajackace3 karma

Hello, I’m a stylist on Style Space. I work with capsule wardrobes and styling many looks on a key number of wardrobe pieces. Check out style space capsule stylists, we are here to help you pack light and have outfit options!

Style_Space2 karma

Speaking of packing light and outfit options: u/AnonymouseThePuppy 😉 I hope this helps.

Style_Space3 karma

Thanks u/AnonymouseThePuppy!

To limit the items you need to bring make sure all of the clothing and accessories can be combined with similar colors and patterns.

Invest in nice polo shirts, jeans and shoes that you can wear out but also on casual walking days. It's best to choose clothing with material that you do not need to iron. Happy traveling!

baddisbesthero3 karma

Did you guys get inspo from Stitch Fix?

Style_Space6 karma

In a sense, yes. But mostly on what not to do. I tried Stitch Fix myself and felt they completely missed the mark with my “fixes” (what they call their subscription box service). I also didn’t feel their experts were responsive to my messages—when I used the service, you could write to the personal stylists on your preferences which, in theory, was meant to inform what products they put in your box. Nowadays I think Stitch Fix is mostly data and AI driven when determining products for customer boxes, which has its pros and cons I suppose.

I should add that I think Katrina Lake’s initial vision for Stitch Fix was inspiring. But I think they’ve lost their way. Subscription box services do not have that personal, human stylist touch, no matter what they keep saying. So yeah, we saw what was out there and made it better by letting the customers talk to a real stylist, who then gives them product links that are specific to the them and not someone's warehouse inventory. 😊

TL;DR: Yes, but...we have real expert stylists.

ZipperJJ11 karma

I needed help with my style to transform from a person who WFH in pajamas for 20 years to someone who was now going to be in the public eye. I tried StitchFix (which everyone raves about) but when I got the clothes I could only tell if they fit ON me not if they FIT me or if they even looked good. I ended up hiring a stylist, and it was the best decision I ever made for myself. She picked out clothes I could mix-and-match that fit my body and my coloring AND my budget. She had me try on everything and gave her opinion. I mean like, I tried 3 sizes of the same pants, two colors of the same shirts, everything just to get the right fit.

I hired her in Feb 2020 and half of our sessions ended up being virtual, but it still worked. I was able to order clothes and return what I couldn't use. I am so pleased with my results!

I love the idea of Style Space, never heard of it until your post here. I think it's a much-needed service and will recommend it to people who ask me about getting a better style!

Style_Space4 karma

u/ZipperJJ loved your comment. This is really validating to hear and I'm glad your experience working with a professional stylist was so transformational.

I had a similar experience to yours. About 5 years ago I gave birth to twins and was NOT feeling like myself afterward. Lol. (I laugh now, but at the time—yikes!) A few months later I was working again and had to do a TV interview for a fashion line I had done. I genuinely didn't know how to look for the interview; I just felt lost. Fortunately, my sister is a stylist and in a bit of a panic I reached out to her help. It was amazing! In a quick half-hour video-chat, my sister was able to coach me on what clothes to wear, how to wear them, and how to style my hair and makeup. I did great in my interview, in part because I felt confident in how I looked. The experience stayed with me and was, in part, the inspiration to create this service years later.

Anyway, your type of story is the reason I started Style Space. Again, thanks for sharing. :)

LuckyBliss21 karma

THIS. This is why I’ve been hesitant to try Stitch Fix. …just seems like they throw random clothes for you to try on. Thanks for explaining how ur different.

Style_Space1 karma


u/LuckyBliss2, if you let me know what you are particularly working on with your style, I can recommend the right stylist for you. I personally vet each stylist on our platform and they are amazing experts who actively work in the styling industry. When you meet with them, virtually, they will address whatever your styling needs are and help you find the right styling solutions. We would never throw random clothes at your to try on :) We are all about the customized experience and finding what you will love that works with your lifestyle.

cfo62 karma

What is your advice for someone whose body is changing? I am in perimenopause and while I haven't gained a ton of weight, 10 pounds on a very short body makes everything feel weird and different. It's like I am 13 again and I didn't like it last time, lol. Nothing feels quite right any more.

Style_Space3 karma

u/cfo6, I hear you. Body changes can feel weird. After I had my twins, I was so stumped about how to dress my changed body, but applying the right styling techniques can make a profound difference.

Here are some tips:

1) Find ways to define your waistline with belts and bring balance to your upper and lower body. If you carry your weight in the top half, wear colors and patterns on the bottom half and darker colors on top. If you carry your weight on the bottom, wear darker colors on the bottom and wear your patterns, textures, design details and colors on your top to draw the eye to the top. Style is so much about creating the right proportions and balance for the eye.

2) Apply the design rule of thirds when dressing to create more balance and proportion. This video and blog post sums it up really well.

3) If you want a stylist to walk you through really great outfit possibilities and how to style your specific body type, I recommend Discovering and dressing your body type.

Most importantly, embrace and honor this new season of life and celebrate it with new style. Our bodies are meant to change and so is our style :)

cfo62 karma

Thank you!! That's really helpful advice. I'll check out the video about the rule of thirds, for sure.

Style_Space1 karma

You are most welcome! I hope this helps!

itsSolara2 karma

What suggestions do you have for developing personal style postpartum? I just had my second baby and I need to update my casual wardrobe, but I’m hesitant to buy a lot of expensive clothing when it’s probably only going to fit for a single season.

jennajackace3 karma

Hello, I am a maternity and postpartum stylist with style space. I totally agree you need to create a few looks for now but do not want to invest. With capsule styling you can use key pieces from your existing wardrobe alongside a couple of new pieces. Pair with basics and you have styled outfits that you can actually wear. I suggest buying prices that will work across smart and casual and preferably can be worn as you size/body shape changes.

Style_Space2 karma

Thanks for weighing in u/jennajackace!

Edit: For those DMing me, this is Jenna. 😊

Spes-Caritas2 karma

How has your entrepreneurship journey been so far and what would you say the ultimate goal of your company is?

Btw, your site looks great!

Style_Space2 karma

It’s been a winding road and a steep learning curve! Lol. We (my co-founder and I) don’t have tech backgrounds⁠—I worked in fashion design prior to this and did PR for a non-profit before that. When we started the concept phase of Style Space, we didn’t even know the difference between “backend” and “frontend.” It was all new to both of us. Like everything though, you eventually find your footing and before long are able to talk with engineers in the same technical jargon like you’ve used it forever.

The ultimate goal of the company (for me) is to demystify styling and help people gain confidence in their look. Personal style is a learned skill; nobody is forever incapable of dressing themselves or applying makeup well. It just takes practice and maybe a little guidance.

And thank you! The site took a lot of iterations before its current look.

gypsycharmed882 karma

As a busy working mother how can I use your services to help create a plan for everyday business wear? I want to be easily able to have outfits that look put together and stylish.

Style_Space2 karma

Great question u/gypsycharmed88 and one we get a lot from our Style Space community.

Our stylists can help you build a wardrobe that is versatile and can take you from casual to everyday business wear. One incredible session to try out is Outfit Goals where stylist Whitney will help you mix and match what you already own and recommend key missing pieces in your wardrobe to invest in. Her clients have remarked on how they came out of their style session with so many new outfit combinations that they never knew existed in their closet. It's always best to start and "shop" your own closet before investing in new pieces.

Front_Drama_74282 karma

Simular question, but for a dad looking for casual dress for a night out. Is this service for me?

Style_Space2 karma

Of course! Nobody knows it all and this goes for any topic. Everyone can benefit from SME guidance, including myself. Even little things make a big difference, like using a tailor when you buy off the rack (which 99% of us do). For casual outings you've got a lot of latitude, depending on what you're into. Some staples I like for men is a good sports coat, two collared shirts (wrinkle free), fitted jeans, matching shoes/belt (two types), wrist watch (if you're r/oldschoolcool), and two cotton tees with solid colors.

That said, if you're looking for I can recommend this styling session. Several of the clients who have taken this session were dads and stylist Rical helped them rock their new looks.

Rubcionnnnn2 karma

Any advice for really tall guys? It's so difficult to find shirts that aren't either really loose and wide or really short so it looks like a crop top lol

Style_Space3 karma

u/Rubcionnnnn dressing for tall men can be a challenge and opportunity for sure.

Here are some tips:

  1. It's important to break things up with pattern and color and do not wear one solid color. Wearing solid colors on top and bottom will make you look taller (a trick used by short people).
  2. To get the perfect fit, size up for length and use a tailor to bring in the sides. You can make a Target shirt look high end designer quality this way.
  3. Use vertical horizontal stripes in sweaters and shirts to widen out your frame, creating balance and proportion on your top half.
  4. As you know, it's important to get a good fit. If your ankles or wrists (or stomach, lol) are hanging out of your clothing, you will look even taller. Here are some clothing brands to check out that offer tall men's clothing options.

Hugo Boss is a really great brand for tall men shirts, Dockers makes amazing pants and shirts for tall men, Rod & Gunn, a really cool New Zealand brand has a great line for tall men.

cfo63 karma

I'm confused - wouldn't vertical stripes make him look even taller? Did you mean horizontal (side to side)?

Style_Space5 karma

Oh gosh. 🙄 Yes, horizontal is what I meant as we were talking about widening his frame. Lol.

And this is why you proof read more than once. Thanks for the catch.

NeatNuts2 karma

Can basketball shorts and Crocs be fashionable? They’re so comfy

un-taken2 karma

Me and you too, brother. Love that comfort.

Style_Space2 karma

Right on u/un-taken. You have found your fashion mate.

Style_Space1 karma

LOL! Basketball shorts and Crocs are convenient and comfortable, so you do you and live in comfort friend. Don't let anyone stop you.

YWAMissionary2 karma

Do you offer medium long? I tried stichfix, but would always send it all back because I'm a tall lanky guy.

Style_Space1 karma

u/YWAMissionary, absolutely!! We can dress anyone and any body at Style Space. I would start with this styling session for men.

Tayloria132 karma

What do you think about Korean fashion? Personally, I feel like it leaves rather large men out.

Style_Space2 karma

Korean fashion is making a huge splash right now and I think it's so cool, fun and creative!! I especially LOVE Korean beauty products because they are so good for your skin and don't have harmful ingredients like a lot of western products. Koreans are also known for their amazing skincare.

But back to your statement about leaving large men out. I think it's ok to appreciate other styles, even if they won't suit your body type. Perhaps some parts of the fashion might work for you like shoes, jackets and shirts. You can also incorporate some of the colors and patterns used in brands that work for your body type.

I've tried wearing some clothes from Japanese and Korean brands and they just don't fit my American hips. I've had to mix up my brands and styles that work best with my body type. I can wear Korean/Japanese tops and not the bottoms.

Rezaka1161 karma

What's your schtoyle?

Style_Space2 karma

My co-founder John has been watching South Park since its first season. He approves this comment. Lol.

Edit: He sends his regards.

Playisomemusik1 karma

Do you feel the industry is vapid and shallow?

Style_Space1 karma

Thanks for this question u/Playisomemusik as it is an important topic to explore and one I've thought about a lot as a fashion designer. In short, my answer to your question is yes and no.

Some parts of the fashion industry such as fast fashion can be very superficial, lack artistic creativity and soul, are very commercial and overlook the individual. And, fashion is also a very important medium for cultural and individual expression and has been used for this purpose, even back to the middle ages.

Fashion trends do have the power to shift culture and fashion is also influenced by culture. They both play on each other. For example, think about the 1920's flapper dress (my favorite) with the relaxed, drop waist fit (unlike former constricting corsets) and scandalous low backs and hemlines at the knees. This era of dress was symbolic of new freedoms after the end of WW1 and letting go of female constraints and ultimately redefined womanhood and the beginning of new freedom for women. This was also the decade of the 19th Amendment allowing women voting rights, access to birth control, and also the era many women joined the workforce. It wasn't just the flapper dress style that made the woman but a way for women to express their new freedoms and desires with the fashion. I could never imagine these same "flapper women" doing the Charleston dance and claiming their new freedom in the sad frocks of the 1910's that constrained their bodies. The style accompanied their transformations.

Style can be a powerful individual and cultural expression. It's a tool you get to use, whatever way you want. In just 3 seconds people will determine when first meeting you whether they like you and want to do business with you. Your appearance and grooming are the first things that will be judged, so it's best to create an image that adequately represents who you are and what you want others to think about you.

A stylist can really help with honing in on the right image you want to convey to others and express about yourself. Here is one example of a styling session we offer that can boost your style confidence.

At Style Space, we are less about fashion trends at large and focus on what is most important, the individual and how they want to express themselves with style.