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In a sense, yes. But mostly on what not to do. I tried Stitch Fix myself and felt they completely missed the mark with my “fixes” (what they call their subscription box service). I also didn’t feel their experts were responsive to my messages—when I used the service, you could write to the personal stylists on your preferences which, in theory, was meant to inform what products they put in your box. Nowadays I think Stitch Fix is mostly data and AI driven when determining products for customer boxes, which has its pros and cons I suppose.

I should add that I think Katrina Lake’s initial vision for Stitch Fix was inspiring. But I think they’ve lost their way. Subscription box services do not have that personal, human stylist touch, no matter what they keep saying. So yeah, we saw what was out there and made it better by letting the customers talk to a real stylist, who then gives them product links that are specific to the them and not someone's warehouse inventory. 😊

TL;DR: Yes, but...we have real expert stylists.

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Oh gosh. 🙄 Yes, horizontal is what I meant as we were talking about widening his frame. Lol.

And this is why you proof read more than once. Thanks for the catch.

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u/Wonderful_Ad_7780 thanks for your question.

We provide styling for anyone with any budget and any styling need. Inclusivity is very important to us :) Also, working with a stylist can actually save you money purchasing the right items that you will wear. Most Americans only wear 20% of their closets :O

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u/ZipperJJ loved your comment. This is really validating to hear and I'm glad your experience working with a professional stylist was so transformational.

I had a similar experience to yours. About 5 years ago I gave birth to twins and was NOT feeling like myself afterward. Lol. (I laugh now, but at the time—yikes!) A few months later I was working again and had to do a TV interview for a fashion line I had done. I genuinely didn't know how to look for the interview; I just felt lost. Fortunately, my sister is a stylist and in a bit of a panic I reached out to her help. It was amazing! In a quick half-hour video-chat, my sister was able to coach me on what clothes to wear, how to wear them, and how to style my hair and makeup. I did great in my interview, in part because I felt confident in how I looked. The experience stayed with me and was, in part, the inspiration to create this service years later.

Anyway, your type of story is the reason I started Style Space. Again, thanks for sharing. :)

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Thanks for your question u/Background-Lynx-4439. After you meet with your stylist on the video call, they will send you a style plan with product recommendations and key style takeaways. Depending on your style needs, you may want to check in with your stylist for a follow up session to go over the things they recommend for you. Hope this helps :)