I am a Queen's Guard, I see a lot of false info and myths about what we do, so I'd like to answer any updated questions anyone has about us! (obviously any confidential info can't be disclosed, I'll still comment, I'll just let you know I can't share)

My Proof: Has had confidential proof approved.

For security reasons I won't share my social media or pictures of my face.

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FredererPower2260 karma

Have you met any of the Royals? Did you get to pat the Corgis?

QueensGuard623391 karma

We meet royals now and then, depends what and where you are doing business, however anytime we are in their presence, we wouldn’t be relaxed enough to start playing with their pets unfortunately.

sephcameron1603 karma

I was hoping all your replies would be the text equivalent of stoic silence.


QueensGuard622243 karma

isarl1450 karma

Being vigilant and protecting the pups instead of playing with them. You are so strong.

QueensGuard621670 karma

It’s hard work😳

mysticalfruit446 karma

Do you ever get friendly enough with the royals that they know you by name?

I think it would be cool if the queen knew me by first name.

QueensGuard62689 karma

I think there is too many of us for that, it’s probably more common with the met police if they have the same people working with her all the time

Andosphere1750 karma

Have you ever "broke" and laughed at something that someone did?

QueensGuard623526 karma

I once broke a small laugh and smile when what appeared to be a Gay American man started coming onto me and hyping me up. I’m a man.

MistahBoweh1687 karma

You meant ‘onto,’ rather than ‘into,’ I certainly hope.

QueensGuard621249 karma


ocarinaofmemes1507 karma

What's the most polite/appropriate way to get a photo with a member of the Queen's Guard that is on guard duty in one of the places open to the general public? I really like all things military history but I'm afraid of being one of those annoying tourists that try to mess with the guardsmen.

EDIT: I mean a guardsman that is standing in a non-cordoned off area. I might be a Redditor but even I'm not stupid enough to trespass when a man with a rifle and bayonet is watching me or to try and get tourist photos with guardsmen that are marching

QueensGuard622551 karma

Well I’ve always found I am more inclined to pose for a photo if someone asks, even though I can’t reply, I sometimes do a small nod to show I’m friendly, if someone’s being a nuisance I might March out the shot.

politicaldan1481 karma

What are your thoughts on Nicolas Cage being able to access the Queen’s office so easily in National Treasure?

QueensGuard622063 karma

Maybe he’s secretly a Queen’s Guard

HyDrOpOnIc1987605 karma

Its refreshing seeing a Queen's Guardsman able to joke around. Glad you decided to do this! It's been very interesting, learned quite a bit, and had mre than a few laughs! Thanks from Canada! :)

P.s. keep being the cool guardman you are! :)

QueensGuard62580 karma

Thank you! And I’ve always wanted to go to Canada 🇨🇦 I’ve worked with some and they were amazing.

jimmy_the_angel1435 karma

Do the theatrics of the changing of the guards serve a specific purpose or is it more of a show nowadays?

QueensGuard622271 karma

The actual changing the guard ceremony is just a show really, however, it achieves the actual guard shift change between regiments or companies, and when we are on guard we are really security, despite what some people may think.

noise-by-numbers695 karma

What consideration is given to the bearskin if you had to address a security incident? I would imagine it would get in the way, fall off or be hanging by your neck?

QueensGuard621353 karma

If there was an incident where there was shots being fired at be or bombers or so on, I’d not hesitate to lose the bearskin and charge into the threat.

Fluxcape1412 karma

Probably a very common question, but what do you do when you need to take a piss?

QueensGuard622274 karma

To be honest, normally we’re good at just going to the toilet just before we go in duty and we are okay for the duration of duty, if it’s really bad, and you piss yourself, then you piss yourself, but you might have to wear those trousers again in a few hours

ShelfordPrefect785 karma

How long is an average duty?

QueensGuard621839 karma

We stand outside for 2 hours at a time rotating. For 24hrs to a week.

DDRichard691 karma

rotating with how many dudes? are you just taking tiny naps throughout a day, must feel weird

QueensGuard621409 karma

We might take naps, might be redoing our guard kit, like our boots or belt, we might be eating, or we might be on a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) so there are always a group of soldiers (guards) ready in combat gear to fight any threat to the palace.

pirate_starbridge504 karma

So in the event of a necessary quick reaction, do you immediately run to the armory to get live ammo and just keep the dress uniform on? I don't imagine there's time to change into something more tactical?

QueensGuard62836 karma

I’m the event of a quick reaction we always 24hrs a day with a team in combat gear waiting to go out. And if you’re on guard outside, you’d just fight with your red tunic on.

ICanRememberUsername379 karma

you’d just fight with your red tunic on.

Would another guard bring you live ammo, or do all guards already carry live rounds even when not on QRF?

QueensGuard62622 karma

All depends on the current threats we have, there’s always someone with live ammo.

BigXris354 karma

Can't say for sure, but saw a documentary once that indicated, they just piss. Standing in place.

Hellknightx231 karma

I don't know why you were downvoted. OP literally just confirmed it.

QueensGuard62537 karma

Yes if you go you go, nothing anyone can do, but you’ll probably get laughed at.

im_always_fapping195 karma

Can't wait for the bestof "Redditor potently describes pissing themselves while guarding the queen's life"

QueensGuard62383 karma

I know another guardsman who when he needed a piss, he got onto the radio and got someone to come out and cover his post while he went to the toilet.

QueensGuard621272 karma

I will keep answering until I answer you all, sorry if some are slow, I have a very busy work day.

JaL3J1266 karma

You literally just stand around doing nothing! ;)

QueensGuard621188 karma

Doing nothing can be hard work sometimes ;)

labaton1142 karma

Was it you on the video nocking that kid over?

QueensGuard622132 karma

It wasn’t me, I know who did it tho.

Crazy_Tumbleweed8509973 karma

Do you often get annoying tourists trying to distract you like we see in movies?

QueensGuard621392 karma

It’ll happen every time you’re on guard

-cholera-944 karma

In a crisis situation would you keep your hairy hat to let's say shoot, run etc?

QueensGuard621316 karma

I’d ditch my hat.

isarl942 karma

What is your training like? Are there elements of armed or unarmed combat? Nonviolent deescalation? Etc.?

QueensGuard621281 karma

I’m your initial training, you’ll do armed combat training obviously, but also we do unarmed training when we do things called battle PT. Also A LOT of people do boxing and martial arts. Also when we do work with the police we get sole extra or different training.

mrgreyeyes894 karma

Do you have any restrictions in your private life because of your job?

QueensGuard621383 karma

Might not be able to go home and see family, friends and partners much which is a big restriction, but overall I wouldn’t say there’s too many, just don’t get arrested, don’t release restricted info, and we should be okay.

lp4ever551022 karma

What is some of the restricted info that you should not release?

QueensGuard62906 karma

It’d be a good way to make the news.

ZenNihilistAye842 karma

How do you keep that straight face?? Share your secret please

QueensGuard621656 karma

Well despite popular belief, we don’t undergo laughing training, we just are expected to get on with it and be professional and mature, also a big rumour, if you smile, you won’t just be fined hundreds of pounds and fired or whatever, you’ll get a few telling offs before any major action.

redrubynail551 karma

What would the punishment be if you had too many "telling offs"?

QueensGuard62938 karma

You can be charged money, punished with extra duties or work, and things like that.

isarl795 karma

Are there any perks or drawbacks to the job which you didn't expect going into it?

QueensGuard621347 karma

Perks can be that you see ‘cool’ things and go places, see people, and do things, the public can’t, and I guess drawbacks would be, you are based in London to do guards, if you live in Scotland for example, it’s costly getting home on a weekend or annual leave.

isarl358 karma

Thank you for your answers, have a great day!

QueensGuard62387 karma

No problem! You too!

EhMapleMoose768 karma

What happens if you get sick while on guard duty? Beyond throwing up which I assume you would just do and then continue, what happens if you get sick to the point where it’s difficult to stand or pass out? Is there a way to call for assistance or an early guard change?

QueensGuard621161 karma

If I can’t continue my duty and it’s a safety risk or I’m genuinely going to die, I’ll just radio it in to the guardroom and get a replacement.

QueensGuard62629 karma

click this link to see an Image of me on guard.

chaos8803583 karma

Has the Queen ever played small pranks on guardsmen?

QueensGuard621007 karma

I feel like she’s a bit to old for pranks now, but I’m sure she’s been playful in the past.

queensguard2019563 karma

How do you do fellow Guardsman?

QueensGuard62515 karma

hello there, what reg?

queensguard2019488 karma

Coldstream Guards. And you?

QueensGuard62524 karma

scots guards!

fiddlenutz562 karma

What do you have nesting in those hats?

QueensGuard62998 karma

Every Guardsman is different, most never put anything up there, however when we go on guard, we live in the locations for 24hrs to a week, so if someone forgot to put a phone charger in their bag, they might put it in their bearskin.

Hellknightx610 karma

Have you guys considered installing USB chargers in the hats so people can charge their phones while taking pictures with you?

QueensGuard62815 karma

Haha well if someone touched my hat they’d get a swift rifle and bayonet pointed at them and told to back off.

Ryn_70524 karma

What would you do if you had an itch on your nose?

QueensGuard621183 karma

To be honest, it depends where I’m in guard. If it’s a post not seen my the public, I might have a little look around and itch my nose, if I’m at Buckingham palace, I’ll have to deal with it and it goes away eventually, although it’s very painful sometimes.

Only_One_Left_Foot460 karma

Apparently I'm completely ignorant about how any of this works because I am painfully American, but where else are Queen's Guards stationed? I guess I always assumed it was just a Buckingham Palace thing.

QueensGuard62700 karma

We are stationed at Wellington barracks, Next to the palace, we also stay inside the palaces or castles while on duty.

nagbag455 karma

Are you friends with Queensguard61?

QueensGuard62576 karma

Best buddies

r0dica439 karma

What do you actually do? And how did you end up in this line of work! (Did you always want to do it? What’s the selection process / what are the requirement like?)

QueensGuard62759 karma

Well for the first question, I am firstly a soldier. I am also a Scots Guardsman. I can do things such as go on operational tours, peacekeeping, MACA Ops, training, and Ceremonial and security roles to the royal residences and family. I always wanted to join the police or Armed forces, and I decided I wanted to be a ‘Queen’s Guard. You do training at Catterick ITC, if pass, the guards course, you join us, you’ll need to be fit, and immaculate in drill and uniform at all times, there are a lot of hard tests.

VegetableSamosa332 karma

MACA being Military Aid to Civil Authorities. Things like hauling sandbags during flooding or relieving armed police at strategic locations to increase capacity.

QueensGuard62367 karma

Yes, or more recently, helping the NHS.

PlentyOfMoxie406 karma

Do you mind people taking selfies with you?

QueensGuard62590 karma

I don’t mind if they’re nice about it

San-A386 karma

What happens to people who don't make way for the Queen's Guard?

Conchobar8383 karma

They don’t stop. You move, or you get trampled.

QueensGuard62750 karma

We don’t divert our line of duty. Despite our own views, we follow rules and we shout warnings then we just move them.

doom1701377 karma

Have you ever had to take action against a threat while on duty?

QueensGuard62588 karma

I haven’t really, luckily, I’ve shouted at a few people clinging fences but they aren’t any harm, no one’s got over on my duty.

Sudden-Lettuce2317375 karma

Has anyone ever put a life-like mannequin in your stead just to see if anyone noticed?

QueensGuard62502 karma

We haven’t but good idea 👀

GabTheRandomGuy370 karma

Does it get bad when you're working right under the sun in the height of summer? Have the other guards passed out in the middle of their duty? If so, how often does it happen?

QueensGuard62554 karma

It does get extremely hard when it’s hot, and people do pass out, if they tell someone before hand they will get marched into the palace, if not they will just be looked after my police until someone can get them, and it can happen more often than you think

temotodochi123 karma

I guess cooling underwear is not in your approved list of equipment.

QueensGuard62166 karma

it can be!

im_always_fapping337 karma

What are you supposed to do if someone tries to touch you or goes to grab your gun?

QueensGuard62625 karma

We respond appropriately, we might shout stand back, we might March up to them and shout, we might point our rifle. Or we might arrest someone.

jimmycarr1264 karma

Did you aspire to do that duty or did you fall into it somehow?

QueensGuard62376 karma

It was always something I knew I was going to do.

jimmycarr1187 karma

Well congrats on getting there then!

QueensGuard62199 karma

Thank you!

CesarMillan_Official242 karma

Have you ever seen ghosts in any of the old locations you have been to?

QueensGuard62457 karma

The tower is haunted😳

rawkiteer239 karma

How did that nutter with a crossbow get inside Windsor Castle last December? Are there not Queen's Guard stationed there too?

QueensGuard62311 karma

There are guards there and police, my guess is he didn’t go through the front gate where the security is, either way they were apprehended within less than a few mins.

pandasbeer211 karma

Is the hat heavy? Do you get to keep the uniform?

QueensGuard62320 karma

It’s not that it’s heavy, it just digs into your head at the front and can be so awful after hours

Thisisnotadream84204 karma

Are there women in the Queen’s Guard?

QueensGuard62305 karma

Not in my regiment, but there is some, I was in training with a few

Best_Essay_1375202 karma

Whats the word going round the barracks after that bloke disguised as a priest blagged his way in for the night?

EDIT: auto correct

QueensGuard62251 karma

I can’t comment on that but it wasn’t at the ‘Guards’ barracks (Wellington barracks) it is reported to have happened at Victoria barracks which is the Coldstream guards barracks for their battalion, not their ceremonial comapny.

hughk190 karma

How long does your regiment do the guard/ceremonial duties before you switch back to being normal soldiers?

QueensGuard62182 karma

There’s always someone there, there’s people based there all the time and based in other locations all the time, there’s not a specific time to be in London.

giantsninerswarriors174 karma

My understanding is that you are a full member of the British Military. If the UK went to war overseas would you be eligible to be sent there? Or would you stay in your current role and protect the Royal Family at home?

QueensGuard62273 karma

I would go overseas and fight, I am a British army soldier, although some of us who’d I have to stay and protect the royal residences and family.

ArchDucky173 karma

Are you currently sitting perfectly still at the computer while you do this ama?

QueensGuard62731 karma

I’m currently in the pub getting pissed

diver_climber166 karma

What's your favourite pizza and pizza toppings?

QueensGuard62288 karma

If I’m basic I like pepperoni, but if I’m feeling like more I’ll have maybe ham, or a meet feast or something like that!

AerobaticDiamond130 karma

Show do you stand at attention so long? Have you ever passed out? I know the tricks of clenching muscles and wiggling toes to get blood flowing, but they only work so well. Also, when you start marching after a long time in one position, do you feel really off balance?

QueensGuard62191 karma

Luckily we don’t stand to attention for that long, we stand at ease but not easy. We will March anytime we feel like it as long as it’s not more than 10 mins since the last March (patrol)

Wedgiieee124 karma

Is it true that there is a protocol to follow should you faint? I’ve heard that you have to keep the same pose whilst fainting or something along those lines?

QueensGuard62197 karma

It’s smarter to faint in the position of attention.

makpat106 karma

Is there any protocol for people who wear religious headdress (muslims, Sikhs, etc) and keep a beard? I assume they can’t wear the hat right?

QueensGuard62165 karma

yes they have their own rules, just google Queen's Guard Sikh

sycamotree88 karma

How close could I get to you before I get a bayonet shoved in my face?

QueensGuard62167 karma

If you have a bayonet in your face you’ve done more than just be close to me, but every guardsman has their limits of how close they like people to come

phyrgx51 karma

Is it true that if you ever break or crack a smile on duty then you'll go to jail?

QueensGuard6289 karma

We won’t go to jail. If we keep doing it and it’s just really unprofessional, we might get charged money or extra duties and so on

terrorcatmom40 karma

What’s the cutest encounter with the public you’ve had? Anything like children running up and hugging your legs?

QueensGuard6298 karma

just things like when a child is scared to come over to me and their parents are trying to convince them, then they come and see you and they're all cute and say thank you and stuff, it can be really cute!

Comprehensive-Cap51336 karma

Do you ever get a boner and have to stand there and hope no one notices because you can’t readjust?

QueensGuard6261 karma


LetsAskJeeves24 karma

Might be an odd question but do you know of any guardsman who smoke?

QueensGuard6244 karma

I can say most guardsmen I know smoke. Not me though.

Flayna723 karma

Do you like your job? Does it pay well? In short, is it worth it?

QueensGuard6222 karma

sometimes it can feel like, whats the point, but really its okay

shouldbeworking1222 karma

what nationality of tourist annoys you the most?

QueensGuard62116 karma

Hahaha well i can't really comment on that as I might come across as racist or offensive, what I can say is not everyone is the same I have met annoying, funny, and just stupid people from every nationality I come across.

I_touchURbooty20 karma

What non threatening event would cause you to leave your post? For example. If you saw a vehicle accident. Would you be able to help or still required to stand guard?

QueensGuard6255 karma

If I was at Buckingham palace, I’d let the police deal with it, they’d get their quicker and be more practical, I can’t move very well in the uniform, if I was in Windsor Castle and someone collapsed in front of me, I’d not hesitate to deliver first aid or cpr or whatever I can do to help

spiregrain20 karma

I'm a preist (honest), can I stay at your barracks?

QueensGuard6246 karma

You’ll have to ask the Coldstream Guards ;)

dukeofender18 karma

What are some foods and drink you like? What are some places you like to visit?

QueensGuard6226 karma

I LOVE an Indian takeaway, Lamb tikka masala and naan bread, and guards will drink anything! Give a Scots guardsman a bottle of Buckfast and help love you forever!

tejtalewant18 karma

Can PPL of other ethnicity like Indian or African be a queen guard ?

mng8ng17 karma

Should milk go into a cup of tea first or last?

QueensGuard6256 karma

How I make a couple of tea: Tea bag in. Hot water in. Stir, squeeze bag with spoon. Take out bag. (Sugar if applicable) Put in a bit of milk.

Ryderyk14 karma

Do you like fish and chips?

QueensGuard6228 karma


WabbieSabbie13 karma

Are there instances of guards hooking up with each other in uniform?

QueensGuard6231 karma

well, there are male and female guards, so no matter what you're into you're covered, and we all have the uniform... I don't know their personal life, but they defiantly could if they really wanted to.

tribble000112 karma

Grenadier or Coldstream Guards?

QueensGuard6241 karma

Actually, Scots Guards. There are 5 grenadier, Coldstream, Scots, Irish and Welsh, although grenadier, Coldstream and Scots, are there permanently.

Zoetje_Zuurtje7 karma

What're your views on the Monarchy?

QueensGuard6248 karma

We aren’t suppose to publicly talk about our political views.

MarlaTheTumor6 karma

What the heck do you think about during your shifts?

QueensGuard626 karma

Anytime and everything, however a lot of it is good people watching.

confrin4 karma

Is it true that the queen eats spaghetti without any sauce ?

kiteloopy6 karma

That's a strange spaghetti policy.

QueensGuard6233 karma

That’s a matter of national security.

Come_The_Hod_King3 karma

Do you enjoy stagging on?

QueensGuard623 karma

At first, maybe once or twice.

Thealmightyfug3 karma

What's your honest thoughts about Harry leaving his role?

QueensGuard6219 karma

I wish HRH the best of luck and I can’t share my political views sorry.

TypowyLaman1 karma

Most hated nationality?

QueensGuard621 karma

I can’t comment

SlowJay11-1 karma

Are you a royalist?

QueensGuard621 karma

I can’t share my political views.