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I once broke a small laugh and smile when what appeared to be a Gay American man started coming onto me and hyping me up. I’m a man.

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We meet royals now and then, depends what and where you are doing business, however anytime we are in their presence, we wouldn’t be relaxed enough to start playing with their pets unfortunately.

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Well I’ve always found I am more inclined to pose for a photo if someone asks, even though I can’t reply, I sometimes do a small nod to show I’m friendly, if someone’s being a nuisance I might March out the shot.

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To be honest, normally we’re good at just going to the toilet just before we go in duty and we are okay for the duration of duty, if it’s really bad, and you piss yourself, then you piss yourself, but you might have to wear those trousers again in a few hours

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The actual changing the guard ceremony is just a show really, however, it achieves the actual guard shift change between regiments or companies, and when we are on guard we are really security, despite what some people may think.