"Hey Reddit! My soon to be brother-in-law encouraged me to do an AMA. I will do my best to answer your questions for the next several hours. My brother, sisters, and I were born in the late 80's and are one of the first surviving sets of quints in the US. We had several complications along the way, including being born over 2 months early.

Here is a picture of my soon to be brother-in-law and myself for verification: http://i.imgur.com/bXT0E.jpg

Here is a picture a local newspaper took of us for a follow-up story. They wanted us to "recreate one of our baby pictures." You can tell we all took it very seriously: http://i.imgur.com/NZWTJ.jpg "

Edit 1: We'll keep checking back on this for more questions. I think we've answered most of what is up for now. Really appreciate all the good questions guys. Keep 'em coming.

Edit 2: Uh oh...she found advice animals and r/aww.

Edit 3: Frontpage...wow. Thanks everyone. We're taking a break for a little bit. We'll check back again tonight.

Edit 4: After 6+ hours we're calling it a night. I'm still going to follow-up with her later this week for the elusive picture. OP will deliver! Anyways, thanks again Reddit.

My future sister-in-law is posting this up from my account since she isn't very familiar with reddit. I will have her directly answer your questions, and will only provide my comments for clarification. I will try to differentiate her comments from my own by putting her responses in quotations.

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apdrzmom965 karma

My cat just had 5 kittens - 1 boy and 4 girls. I am tempted to recreate that picture you have of all of you together. \

edit: http://i.imgur.com/gxFlR.jpg Here is the picture. Was told to post it to my original comment. The boy is the orange one

hepatitisC389 karma

"Don't be tempted...do it"

catmoon715 karma

I am a triplet and I have sisters who are twins. Five of a kind beats a full house though so you win this time [Our AMA for those interested].

hepatitisC464 karma

"Sweet, I win the pot. Pay up. There was a lot of karma in that pot, and I think the going rate is still 5000 upvotes to 0 American dollars"

EveningD00368 karma

How did you guys pay off 2.5 million?

hepatitisC628 karma

"Health insurance bills totaled over 2.5 million. We ended up being dropped by my parent's insurance company after a couple of years. We were their most expensive client in history. My parent's ended up having to search through over 100 insurance companies before they found one that would cover us. Even then, they only agreed to cover 3 of us since my brother and one sister had severe complications still. My parent's had some big worries about bills from both their portion of the insurance and from buying food/clothes/diapers for all of us. The community really helped us out a lot, but we tried hard not to be a hand-out case."

ArthBH1023 karma

I honestly don't know how people live without free healthcare. Its fucked up to me.

hepatitisC635 karma

It is pretty fucked up. There are advantages, but for the most part it's just corporate types getting rich at the expense of helping those in need. It's one of the main reasons I left health care. I got very sick of being told I couldn't do something I knew would help somebody just because they had the wrong type of insurance

InactiveJumper317 karma

"Free" healthcare is not "Free". As a Canadian who has had 3 major surgeries, I'm VERY glad I don't have huge bills from them, but I'm also very aware that I am paying for healthcare via Taxes.

grahamce432 karma

Our taxes related the health care are a hell of a lot less than U.S. insurance premiums and deductables. When calculating income / property / state / local / insurance / sales tax. Canadians are taxed about the same as our US counter-parts and we can't be denied healthcare.

hepatitisC125 karma

^ this guy speaks the truth

EveningD0013 karma

Thanks for your answer, I love to hear about communities coming together to help one another. I was hoping that you guys could have gotten some sort of free health care but living in america and all.... I'm glad every thing worked out for you guys though. I wouldn't wish any one, espiaclly a family with many little ones to ever be in that much debt.

hepatitisC35 karma

"My parents almost went bankrupt paying off everything. We ended up being very fortunate now that we're all older, but it was definitely a struggle early on"


Do you ever wish you had eaten your siblings in utero, so you could have gained their powers?

edit: eaten, not eating. words are hard.

hepatitisC334 karma

"We were originally septuplets...." She cackled, not laughed, at this point. "Seriously though it would have been lonely without them."

needmoresleep555276 karma

Could you post the original baby picture that you recreated for the paper?

hepatitisC188 karma

"It's at my parent's house. I'll try to get over there tonight and see if I can find it. No promises but I'll try"

space_island218 karma

Can you elaborate on the complications after you were born?

Any medical conditions that persist today?

hepatitisC404 karma

"My brother has CP but he's the most severe of us (his isn't terrible...he needs a walker but can drive and work). After birth, we had several complications due to being born 10 weeks early. Three of us ended up having heart surgery and collapsed lungs actually. One of my sister's had breathing tubes until age 3 and had to have oxygen 24-7. She also required round the clock nursing care. I personally had heart surgery, my lungs collapsed, and I had seizures until I was 1. My heart stopped twice and I had to be resuscitated. I have some pretty big scars from all of it."

If this gets close to FP, she said she'll let me show you guys some pictures of the scars

aastein203 karma

Did your brother feel left out at all since it's just him with four sisters?

hepatitisC347 karma

"NOOOOOO" she kind of scoffed at this one...I think things are about to get good "He got a lot of stuff because he was the only boy. He got his own room, he got to go to summer camp, he got to go meet celebrities and go to basketball games. My Dad spent a lot of time with him. We all shared the same birthday parties and everything, so nobody was left out. I'm sure it was a little different for him on his side though"

Retawekaj95 karma

Did all four of you share a room? Or did they split you up two and two?

hepatitisC147 karma

"4 in one room"

Maple_D171 karma

Do you have a picture of all 5 of you as babies you can put up?

hepatitisC438 karma


This is of 4/5 of us. You can see the breathing tubes that 3 of us have.

This is a Christmas card photo when we were little. I'm the awesome, pirate-looking one in the middle. I guess that makes me a....squint-tuplet?
http://i.imgur.com/Hk8BL.jpg "

[deleted]165 karma

This is going to sound pretty brutal but from what I understand in scenarios such as these 2 or 3 of the fetuses would be aborted to ensure the safety and health of the other infants.

If you found yourself pregnant with quintuplets, would you consider following this advice or would you go for all 5 kids? Sorry if that sounds insensetive.

hepatitisC153 karma

"That's a good question...I don't know. It's a lot of kids and luckily I haven't had to make that decision. I don't plan to have that many kids myself, but if the time comes I'll have to talk with my soon-to-be-hubby before we make a decision."

doobles121 karma

How do you feel about the Press and attention that "octomom" received?

hepatitisC295 karma

"I think she's dumb. haha She always claims she wants privacy, but then does stuff to put herself and her children into the limelight. She seems like somebody looking for a handout. My parent's took the opposite approach. They really tried to minimize our exposure by the media, and turned down several offers including one to go on Oprah. That's not to say we didn't get donations and help, but my parent's didn't go out seeking them."

Krazistar118 karma

The second photo looks like a face-swap where you all have the same face, even the dude.

hepatitisC98 karma

I think someone needs to make this happen...

socrex111 karma


hepatitisC170 karma

"1) Growing up was fun difficult at times. My parents struggled at times to keep the media out of our lives, and to try to give us a private life.
2) We're close now, but growing up we bickered a lot (like all kids do). 3) I definitely struggled to be seen as an individual growing up. We were always introduced as "one of the quints" and that's how the community knew us. I've been able to craft my own identity now. I have a great guy in my life, good friends, and I love my family"

cycoboodah99 karma

What was your parents reaction when they found out they will have quintuplets?

hepatitisC153 karma

"They were shocked and somewhat scared. I wasn't there (obviously) so I don't know for sure, but that's what I've been told. They really wanted children so they were happy too, but I can imagine it was really intimidating to be told you were now going to be first time parents to not just one, but five children.

neurotictiger127 karma

Were fertility treatments involved in your conception?

hepatitisC175 karma

"Yes. My parents had a lot of trouble conceiving, and tried for over 5 years. My father had painful surgery trying to correct the problem, but the problem was both of them. My mom tried all sorts of fertility treatments with no success. Finally they tried one that had a known risk of multiple births. They accepted that possibility though and some time later, here we are :)"

eeples_n_beeneenees71 karma

Aw hi fellow multiple! I am one of fraternal triplets (two girls and a boy) I bet you get the dumbest questions. We were quite lucky, although born a month and a half premature, no serious illness. Glad you are well now!

hepatitisC60 karma

"Glad you all are well too. It's always cool finding other multiples"

thestinkybeast67 karma

Do you all have hepatitis C? Or just you?

hepatitisC313 karma

It's actually my screen name and account. My name begins with a C and I studied medicine, so the nickname "HepC" came about from people I played games with. I use it as my handle in games because it's always hillarious to be playing DotA 2 or something and see "PUNCHYOURCUNT has been pwned by HepatitisC"

emlow59 karma

How would you describe your relationship with your siblings?

hepatitisC83 karma

"We're a lot closer now than when we were little. When we were little we fought a lot. That's kind of what you'd expect from having 5 kids in the same house, though"

SomeGuyNamedPaul52 karma

My son goes to Pre-K with half of a set of sextuplets (the other three go to a different school for Pre-K or something) and I see them every time I go into his classroom for some function or meeting. Those kids are always covered with bruises and wounds like they had a pet wolverine or something. Did the same thing happen with you and your siblings constantly roughhousing or were you actually good to each other?

hepatitisC44 karma

"We were definitely a handful"

too_few_names50 karma

how often does something like this come up in conversation, can it be a good conversation starter/ice breaker kinda thing from your experience?

hepatitisC139 karma

"I never bring it up in conversation since my friends all know about it. When I meet new people, I never bring it up though. I don't want to be known as "one of the quints"...I want to be known as me."

dseresin46 karma

Did any of you end up with lingering health issues (as in, still present today)?

hepatitisC71 karma

"My brother has CP and some of us have minor breathing problems still. All and all we turned out pretty normal though"

Stembio61 karma

Sorry, what is CP?

Edit: Okay, yes, cerebral palsy, thank you everyone!

hepatitisC63 karma

"Sorry, I forgot it's not something everyone knows. Yes, cerebral palsy"

Spamalot15939 karma

Do you all have the same characteristics or are you all different?

adamisen292 karma

At least one of them has a penis.

hepatitisC193 karma

Can't argue with that logic

TChuff38 karma

If one of you falls down the stairs, do all you feel pain?

hepatitisC85 karma

"No, but it might be the answer to that pregnancy question earlier. KIDDING!!!"

alltidh33 karma

Do you guys possess any of the bespoken "twin abilities", like finish each other sentences off or other traits? I know this is mostly joked about, but I am curious as to whether you experience it.

hepatitisC114 karma

"We finish each other's sentences sometimes, but really no more than anybody else. I'm still hoping that we have wonder twin powers or some sort of Captain Planet thing. There are five of us...just saying"

I_am_a_BalbC31 karma

Was there a lot of media attention at the time of your births? How about now? Why don't your have your own TV reality show . . . would you even want one??

hepatitisC110 karma

"Definitely wouldn't want one, though I think my fiancee and his brother are hillarious. The media was all over us at birth. There was a "baby watch" in our local paper where they updated the community on our status to see if we'd survive. I guess it was kind of a primitive reality show. It opened us up to some really bad stuff though. At one point someone called my Mom and tried to solicit my sister's organs, even though she wasn't dead. She said she had read that my sister was going to die soon though, and wanted to be "first in line.""

*Side note from me: http://weknowmemes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/aww-yea-meme-original.jpg *

SatansF4TE30 karma

Do you guys feel like you have a very close relationship? I know that twins are often described as being closer than normal siblings, do you think that is that the same for quintuplets, or is it about the same, but rather than split it 2, split into 5? That last question didn't make much sense, but I hope you understand.

hepatitisC55 karma

"There are differing levels of closeness. We all shared a room except for our brother, who was given a separate room. We're all very close, but there are definitely smaller groups within our group of 5. I am very close to one of my sister's, while the other 2 are very close to each other."

brain4breakfast27 karma

What are your opinions on privatised medicine? Has it made your life difficult? Also, has anyone paid the $2.5 million? How?

hepatitisC66 karma

"The money was covered by my parent's insurance company mostly, who then decided to drop us from coverage around age 2. My parent's had to go to court on several occasions and fight to get the bills covered. They also had to work a lot...my dad worked his A$$ off...to cover our bills. As far as privatized medicine goes, it is what it is. You pay to get attention quicker than some other places. I have talked to people in Canada who have had to wait almost a year for a MRI because it was considered non-emergent."

QuintupleTheFun24 karma

I'm an aunt of quintuplets, and from what we can tell, they are tied for earliest born surviving sets of quints (24 weeks). They are now nearly 2 years old and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful they have made life for my family!! Definitely an unexpected blessing. Thanks for doing this AMA!

Edit: spelling

hepatitisC9 karma

"That's awesome! Glad to hear they're doing so well"

TheEpicTortoise14 karma

Being one of the first fully surviving quintuplets, how much media attention did you receive?

hepatitisC44 karma

"A lot...more than we wanted. We were in Time and People magazine, appeared on the Jenny Jones Show, and there was a ton of local coverage. My parents turned down a lot of shows and appearance offers including Oprah. At that time we had missed some school and my parents didn't want us to miss any more just to make appearances. All of our milestones (main birthdays, prom, graduation, etc..) had some degree of coverage including our 21st birthdays and a follow-up 4 years after college. I imagine we'll have some sort of coverage occasionally for life, but for the most part we stay off the radar now. Plus all these reality shows that have parents with 1000 kids really helped to draw attention off of us."

jamesneysmith8 karma

Sorry, I'm a little confused. In the photo you posted of the quituplets none of them look like you in the original confirmation photo. Which one are you?

hepatitisC7 karma

"I'm the one in the middle wearing black"