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Thanks for the really, really, useful service for a start.

Questions: 1) Did you have to learn new skills and information (load-balancing, similar) when the site started to grow? 2) How is content policed / how do you deal with problem content? 3) What language did you code imgur in?

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Do you guys feel like you have a very close relationship? I know that twins are often described as being closer than normal siblings, do you think that is that the same for quintuplets, or is it about the same, but rather than split it 2, split into 5? That last question didn't make much sense, but I hope you understand.

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Number one tip is don't store it in your codebase / source control.

The best method depends on your application - both Android and iOS have their own libraries for secure secret storage, as do most desktop based libraries.

If your API key needs to be included in your public react app then there's a design issue rather than implementation issue.

Meant to reply @NoImNotJustAsian @chevymonza so I hope OP won't mind this mention :)

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Well explained!

I've made the mistake of trying to build a standalone business from Reddit, and it's hard.

No regrets at all, but it just wouldn't / couldn't happen as a standalone. It allowed us to build pretty significant features that weren't possible on Reddit, but it also came with a massive set of expectations.

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Aha me neither - I got pushed into "actual development" skipping the "Leetcode" section, so I jus hope the info helps!

Afraid it's not particularly useful since it's generalised but best practises are pretty accepted across both iOS / Android.