I'm a legally blind author with cerebral palsy who has one published book so far. I was born prematurely at 24 weeks gestation. I weighed 1 pound, 13 ounces. My parents were told that I would die as soon as I was born because my lungs were so underdeveloped. In fact, I was baptized right after I was born. I also did come very close to dying. At one point my parents were called up to the hospital to say goodbye, but I pulled through. I remained in the hospital for 4 months. There were many touch and go moments, even times when my parents were told to "pull the plug" since I would be a "vegetable", yes those exact words were spoken to my parents. I am blind, due to the oxygen that kept me alive and I have cerebral palsy, because of a brain bleed I experienced. But I also was a successful student who attended regular classes. I am a published author and I continue to write. Far from the "vegetable" diagnosis!! I use Braille. The cerebral palsy limits me to the use of one hand, my left. I am actually legally blind. I have limited vision in my left eye and none in my right. I can watch TV, watch movies, and play video games if I sit close to the TV screen. Links to all my social media will be posted in a comment.

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Pr0veIt241 karma

My son was born at 24 weeks last summer. He was 1lb 12oz and in the NICU for 4m. He actually just came off daytime oxygen yesterday (big day for us!). The medical technology and knowledge has come so far, he has good vision and mild high muscle tone in his limbs. We don’t know what the future will hold for him but I love seeing stories of preemies living full, happy lives. Thank you for sharing! What advice would you share with my son (that we can pass along as he grows) as he navigates a world that doesn’t always accommodate differences?

JeremyBreitenbach117 karma

u/Pr0veIt thank you for sharing. I will pray for your son. I'd say that if, when he is older, he finds a passion like wrfting was for me and becoming an author was for me to never give up on his dream and remain persistent. And always to know your close friends and family will always be there and support you.

Many_Two1446211 karma

Hi Jeremy, I make video games in my free time I'd like them to be as accessible as possible. What are the best accessability features you've had in games?

JeremyBreitenbach177 karma

Hello, u/Many_Two1446 It's nice to meet you. I'd say games which either are audio based or text based (for those who have no vision). Another notetaker a BrailleNote Apex (which I still sometimes use) actually had a games menu containing text adventure games. Some of which were quite fun.

Starmark_11524 karma

I swear there's an old App Game called 'Blind Legend' with that has that premise?

Play as a Blind Sword Knight of sorts on some adventure?

JeremyBreitenbach22 karma

Yes. It's called A Blind Legend. Though I have yet to really give it a try because I'm not that good with touchscreens (which the BrailleNote Touch Plus does have).

sacesu10 karma

Have you tried The Vale by Falling Squirrel? Link to the game page: The Vale on itch.io

It has controller support and is a very well done audio game. It's available on Steam and Xbox too.

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

No. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for sharing.

piccolo3nj2 karma

Which one? There's several on the website?

JeremyBreitenbach4 karma

To whom are you addressing this question, me or one of the others who replied?

davidgrayPhotography17 karma

I'm not low vision per se, but I have Keratoconus (abnormal cornea shape) and also troubles listening to dialogue (possible ADHD or autism, seeking a formal diagnosis in about a week's time), so I play every game with subtitles on and often have to squint to see some things, especially in low contrast conditions.

My only suggestion is to look at all the amazing accessibility features The Last of Us Part 2 has to offer. I struggled with the Rat King fight due to poor lighting conditions until I turned on a high contrast mode, then I was able to complete it and move on.

The video shows off a few great options including:

  • A "sonar" mode where you press buttons to get an audio and visual cue of things around you such as weapons or enemies
  • A TON of subtitle options (increasing text size, changing colour, putting a background behind the text etc.). There's also an option that shows who is speaking, and points an arrow to where they are, so if they're shouting at you, you know who is shouting and where they are
  • Arrows showing where to go next
  • High contrast modes in various colours (e.g. scenery in dark grey, enemies in yellow, player in green, or scenery in dark grey, enemies in blue, player in red)
  • Zoom and pan options (e.g. zoom in on the HUD, or zoom the view in so you can see further away objects)
  • Audio prompts when you can do stuff (e.g. if you can press Triangle to strangle a zombie, it'll play a chime when the option is available)
  • Lots of controller options
    • Options to play with one hand
    • Options to remap all of the buttons and invert sticks and such
    • Options to play with the remote at a 90, 180, or 270 degree angle

Believe me when I say that I was blown away by how accommodating the game was, especially for a stealth horror game where you have to make some quick moves.

JeremyBreitenbach6 karma

It's good to see a major game add features like this.

JeremyBreitenbach42 karma

I have other social media. A Facebook page, Discord, a Subreddit, Skype group, Facebook group and YouTube channel. I can post all the links if requested. Links to my Facebook page, Twitter, Skype group, subreddit, and YouTube are on my Reddit profile. The description in my subreddit r/JeremyBreitenbach has links to all my social media.

lumberjackalopes34 karma

What was the biggest hurdle of creating your book being blind and how did you overcome the struggles of dealing with having a disability navigating the expansive field of book publishing?

Checked out your feed and congrats by the way!

JeremyBreitenbach57 karma

u/lumberjackalopes thank you. I'd say the biggest hurdle in creating/writing my book was the same with sighted authors; dealing with writer's block occasionally and other things that got me stuck at times. As far as publishing I reached out online to various places and publishers. As far as writing my book I wrote it (or rather, brailled it lol) on a device called a Braille 'n Speak. Then, after it was finished using the BNS I translated the document into a .doc file so that sighted people could read it. Since then, I have gotten two other devices - two different braille notetakers - a BrailleSense Polaris made by HIMS, Inc. and the one I use more often a BrailleNote Touch Plus made by HumanWare. Both of which use an Android os as - Polaris (Android 5.1.1) and BNT+ (Android 8.1.1). I mainly use the Plus for my writing now and accessing the internet, apps, and all my several social media accounts. In fact, I am using the Touch Plus at this very moment to answer every question.

steelersrock0131 karma

Hi Jeremy, I was born at 25 weeks and weighed 1 pound 8 oz and have cerebral palsy as well. Luckily I have the use of all 4 of my limbs, my legs are just tighter than normal and I have somewhat limited control of the last two fingers on each hand. My vision's poor but almost normal with correction, I had ROP from the oxygen as a baby.

I've got two questions.

1) How do you feel about the portrayal of disability in media, TV, movies, books etc.? Too often it seems to me that (especially with books) characters are given a disability like cerebral palsy but then are immediately given some kind of superpower or device that lets them overcome the disability entirely. Or they're given a "cosmetic" disability like vague colorblindness so the author can still tick off the disability checkbox. I think sometimes that authors are afraid of portraying serious physical disability because they have no experience with it.

2) What was your experience like going through school? I too went through normal K-12 school and feel like I had a mostly normal experience, with some modifications; I had physical therapy once a week through 8th grade and in high school was allowed to leave the last class a few minutes early to make sure I made it to the bus pickup spot. Gym class was always a bit weird for me though. Did your schools do anything in particular to make your experience better or were you treated as more or less 'normal'? I've been out of school a good while now and still think about how I preferred being treated. There was (and is) a very intense desire to be treated the same as my peers while also coming to terms at a pretty young age that things just can't be the same for me that they are for everyone else and that it's a lifelong thing.

Congrats on your book!

JeremyBreitenbach22 karma

Thank you very much! Honestly, I haven't read too many books or seen any TV shows or movies to effectively answer your first question. Sorry. As for the second, I was treated as normally as I could. All my teachers made sure my tests and other work were all transcribed into braille. When in Junior High and high school I'd leave classes 5 minutes early so I could get to my next class without having to worry about the crowded hallways.

Big_Breadfruit87375 karma

I’m surprised to hear that you haven’t read too many books or seen movies/TV shows, but still got inspired to write novels. How did that come about?

I saw that you like Stephen King, he’s also one of my favorites and lives in my home town.

JeremyBreitenbach7 karma

I watch TV, movies and read books. Just none which touched on what the original asker was talking about.

Big_Breadfruit87376 karma

Ah, fair enough. Do any particular books, movies, or shows stand out to you as being inspirational for your writing? Or that you just enjoy and want to mention?

I didn’t watch a lot of TV or movies growing up, but I did read a lot of books and comics that I found to have made me a better writer.

JeremyBreitenbach9 karma

My biggest inspiration would have to be Stephen King. I've read several of his books in braille and listened to even more as digital talking books via the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (NLS). I switched to doing it the talking book way after reading IT as a braille book. IT being as long as it is was made up of 12 volumes (12 separate braille books which are shipped in crates; 1 volume per crate). This took up a lot of room and the biggest thing was it took months to read.

JeremyBreitenbach4 karma

I watch TV and movies and read books just none which touch on what the original asker mentioned.

letheix11 karma

Hey! I also have CP. I have normal visual acuity with correction, but I do have ROP which has necessitated retinal surgery and an unrelated condition called visual snow. So first, I've gotten mixed information about how significant it is, but I am at higher risk for retinal detachment and subsequent visual impairment. I'd like to prepare for that possibility now. What skills would you say are the most important to learn?

Second, I'm a writer too! Not professionally yet, but I hope to be someday. Between my various conditions, I struggle with bad fatigue and difficulty focusing that has slowed down my writing. Is that something you've dealt with and, if so, how do manage?

Congrats on your book!

JeremyBreitenbach15 karma

I would suggest maybe getting proficient using a screen reader. I've never really suffered from fatigue just usual writer's block, but taking breaks would work with fatigue just as it does with writer's block. And thank you!

JeremyBreitenbach7 karma

The devices I use which are braille notetakers have built-in screen readers, but mos people either use JAWS for PC or one that is free called NVDA.

letheix1 karma

Okay, thank you again!

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

You're welcome.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

You're welcome.

HollyOh10 karma

In online publishing, it’s increasingly common to make sure photos and other pictures are accompanied by an image description. As a vision impaired person who’s obviously pretty internet-savvy, do you find them helpful? Do you prefer detailed descriptions or do you just want a general idea of what the image is?

JeremyBreitenbach9 karma

I find them extremely helpful. General descriptions are okay as long as they do a good job of describing what's on it.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

I would say matter of fact.

bit998 karma

What's your favorite book?

JeremyBreitenbach26 karma

u/bit99 IT by Stephen King.

42Ubiquitous2 karma

Have you had a chance to read the Dark Tower series by Stephen King?

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

No, haven't read it yet.

42Ubiquitous2 karma

It is a very long series, but also very good.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

I've actually considered reading it.

Fernxtwo8 karma

What's your favourite potato based dish?

JeremyBreitenbach5 karma

Hash browns.

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Thank you.

ParisOfThePrairies6 karma

Another 24 weeker mom, here. My son was born at 24+3 at 1lb 11oz in Oct 2020. Your story is very similar to my son’s. He also had brain bleeds, but we don’t know what that truly means for him, yet. He’s doing things on his own time right now!

Thank you for sharing your story. Micropreemies are literally the most resilient people on this planet.

Do you remember how your parents introduced your birth story and NICU stay to you? I wonder how we’ll gradually share this with our son as time goes on and he gets older.

Is there anything you wish your parents or teachers knew about your disabilities that you wish you they just knew? Something you wish you didn’t have to explain to others? I know that seems counter-intuitive. (I’m also an early years teacher who has a Post-Bacc in Inclusive Education and am always try to advocate as best as I can for my students).

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

They told me the story so long ago that I don't remember. Not that I can think of. All my teachers did an excellent job for whatever things I may have needed.

ParisOfThePrairies2 karma

That’s really helpful, actually. Regardless of how your parents told you, they didn’t do it “incorrectly”, as it didn’t sit with you in that way over the years.

I’m so glad you had wonderful teachers throughout your education.

Thanks again for sharing. Best of luck to you with your writing!

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

You're welcome.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

Thank you!

Alarmed_Charge_84325 karma

Is the book you've written also available in braille? I know each and every instance is so different and comes with their own unique challenges, but now as an adult, do you have any words of advice to a parent with a child who has a diagnosis?

JeremyBreitenbach13 karma

u/Alarmed_Charge_8432 unfortunately it isn't. Though, I wish it was. But in order to do this it what be rather expensive to have it transcribed. As far as advise, I would just be supportive and encouraging to your child in whatever there passion is just as mine were (though are would be the better wod here).

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Actually, I myself am not too clear on why.

JeremyBreitenbach5 karma

My subreddit is r/JeremyBreitenbach feel free to join it and follow/like/join all my social media (links to everything will follow).

Facebook page

Facebook group





melonzzy2 karma

BTW, the links in the description of your subreddit cannot be clicked. Maybe pin a post with them instead?

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

I'll have to do that sometime. I just thought people could copy and paste the ones they wanted to use to connect with me.

YourAverageGenius4 karma

Are you interested in or would like others to know about any developments in technology and design that provides more accessibility to people such as yourself?

I am really hopeful for technology that can help provide braille translations on the fly via material that can easily move based on inputs. It may be a little bit Sci-Fi, but with recent displays of tech similar to that, I am hopeful.

I hope one day there will be ways for almost any kind of media to be accessed by anyone, regardless of conditions or accessibility.

It make take awhile, and I am not sure if I will be around for it, but I like to believe.

JeremyBreitenbach4 karma

I agree with you completely. Yes, I am interested. Braille notetakers have certainly come a long way. The reason I use braille notetakers and not displays is because I'm limited to the use of just my left hand and no braille displays have a one-handed mode for braille input, but the notetakers I use do.

stocks-mostly-lower4 karma

Do you have a daily aide ? Do you have friends who have found themselves in similar situations? I think you’re pretty profound in what you’ve accomplished!

JeremyBreitenbach12 karma

Thank you very much for the kind words. If I need help with something my brother or other family members help me out. So far, no I have no other friends in my situation.

JeremyBreitenbach9 karma

u/stocks-mostly-lower you're welcome. It's called The Gateway. It's available on Amazon in paperback and kindle.

UpdootsWhenRelevant3 karma

Thanks Jeremy, I just bought your book and I’m looking forward to it. You rock!

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

Thank you so much for the support. I made a comment about 43-47 minutes ago containing links to All my social media. Feel free to join any (or all) to stay connected with me. Most active on Facebook. But also Reddit to a degree. And, I hope you enjoy The Gateway.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

You're welcome.

zensational4 karma

Do you have any other accessibility protips for people that can't type (I have Parkinson's) but still want to write?

JeremyBreitenbach7 karma

I don't use this myself but perhaps dictation software such as Dragon for example.

sourcreamandonionme4 karma

Do you find image alt descriptions useful? Do you appreciate more descriptive ones, or prefer them to be standard and straight to the point?

Ie: “Closeup of Defendant sits in court”

Versus “Bob Arduino sits in court. His face is twisted with disbelief immediately after his verdict is announced.”

JeremyBreitenbach8 karma

Alt descriptions help out a lot. I'm fine with them as long as they do a good job of describing the image.

DarthRegoria2 karma

To follow on from this question, does it help you when the descriptions include purely visual details, like colours or patterns of clothes for example? Things that aren’t necessarily relevant to the image?
I understand that not all blind people are born blind, and that many ‘legally blind’ people have some (very limited) vision. I’ve always wondered if people who need them find the colour and pattern details helpful or annoying.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

Sometimes I like when descriptions have detail like that. It shows people care about making sure we understand the image.

captaincarot4 karma

Hey Jeremy, thanks for doing this and congrats on getting published!

Are there any influences that really resonated with you or mentors that have helped you along?

JeremyBreitenbach6 karma

No, but my inspiration for wanting to be an author is Stephen King. And, you're welcome.

fabricfreak3 karma

My BIL has Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy. He is almost 30 and lives at home still. Well all know he would be much happier if he moved out but he had never lived alone or been motivated to do much. He oftentimes hide behind his diagnosises, but also does not accept services offered for him through the state and county. He has a lot of pride and doesn't see himself as needing those services because he "isn't that bad". Do you have any suggestions on how to support him in moving towards independence?

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

I don't use special services myself. I live with my brother and his wife. And whenever I need help with things or something described to me my brother always helps me out. But I'd suggest just to do all you can to support him and try to show him how to be independent. I apologize that this answer isn't the best, but I didn't really know how to answer it.

OkamiKhameleon3 karma

Hi! Definitely gonna look up your book.

Also, did you know some games have mods so that blind people can play? A blind woman recently shared on the r/stardewvalley subreddit a Mod that she uses to play Stardew Valley on her computer.

Do you use any such mods to play games? And what types of games do you play?

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

In MK1, MK2, UMK3, MKT (Mortal Kombat Trilogy), and MK4 I was always good with Scorpion so I always try to get good with him. But ever since Shang Tsung became playable in MK2 I also always try to be good with him as well. I generally like Scorpion and Shang Tsung. A side note: I absolutely love that in Mortal Kombat 11 Shang Tsung is modeled after and voiced by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, the actor who portrayed him in the 1995 film so whenever I decide to try and learn how to play Mortal Kombat 11 I will definitely try to get good with him. Oh, and Scorpion too.

OkamiKhameleon2 karma

Scorpion and Sub Zero are some favorites of mine. And yes I love Shang Tsung and that he got modeled after Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. I love him as an actor. Did you get a chance to check out the recent movie? What'd you think of it? Are you able to enjoy movies? Just gotta have your eyes close the screen right?

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

Yes, I loved the new movie. I'm excited for the sequel. Yes, if I sit close to the screen and if I'm unsure of what's going on I ask whoever is watching it with me to explain. I always make sure to watch shows or movies with someone (typically my brother).

OkamiKhameleon2 karma

That's good that you're able to watch them, and that your brother helps! And yes, I loved the new movie too.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

If you have any further questions feel free to ask. I will answer any others from you or anyone else later today because I'm going to bed.

OkamiKhameleon2 karma

Haha I should head to bed as well. Have a good night!

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

You too. And feel free to follow me on Reddit and join my subreddit r/JeremyBreitenbach

OkamiKhameleon2 karma

Done and done!

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Thank you! I can give you the links to my other social media if you'd like just let me know here or you can start a chat. I'm most active on Facebook though. (Easy site to use. Just like Reddit).

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

I can play some video games if I sit close to a TV screen since I have some vision. Regular games I enjoy playing are Mortal Kombat (MK1, MK2, MK3, UMK3, MK4, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, Mortal Kombat: Deception, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Mortal Kombat 2011, Mortal Kombat XL, and yet to really try and play MK11.) I also play games using my Alexa and on my braille notetaker the BrailleNote Touch Plus (playing a real fun game called SimpleMMO).

Leftofnever3 karma

Hi. I had a shiver down my spine reading this. I was born at 24 weeks gestation too weighing 1lb 13oz. I was baptised as soon as I was born, nearly died on many occasions and spent 4 months in hospital and my parents were told I would never walk or talk. I have cerebral palsy too, hemiplegic, though mine is on my left. I’m not blind but I am deaf!

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Wow! Nearly similiar to me in some ways. Than you for sharing. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Kivadavia3 karma

What's your favorite genre in the books?

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

Horror. Stephen King is my favorite author.

FoxHoundPT3 karma

How do you know when to stop cleaning your but after popping?

P.S: You are amazing for what you achieved, despite your condition. Congratulations!

JeremyBreitenbach13 karma

Thank you. I just clean 'til it feels clean if that makes sense.

JeremyBreitenbach6 karma

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words. By the way, I have other social media than Reddit and Twitter. Facebook is where I'm most active because it is easiest to use (like Reddit).

queensara333 karma

Do you have a service dog? I really want one for mobility. Also have cp and very worried about losing vision because my mobility is super dependent on my sight. Wondering if you have any tricks to share since you are visually impaired that might help me in nonlighted situations

Also it seems a lot of us become writers:)

JeremyBreitenbach5 karma

Yes, she is. She's a wonderful dog. Very gentle.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

No, I don't have a service dog. Just a regular family dog.

MydoglookslikeanEwok2 karma

Do you have any tips for college instructors or teachers for how they can help you in the classroom or an online setting? What can teachers do to make you feel welcome and to prevent barriers to learning?

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

I'd say to make sure the student has all they need to effectively do things in the classroom if that be have assistive technology or in my case schoolwork tests and other assignments transcribed into braille.

ardoisethecat2 karma

Is there something that stands out to you that you think cities or state/federal governments should be doing to make things more accessible for people either with blindness or cerebral palsy?

also, do you write about characters similar to yourself or do you like to use your writing to explore different things?

JeremyBreitenbach11 karma

I would like it if money had braille on it (paper money; not sure how coins would work). As far as my writing, so far none of my characters have been blind, visually impaired or disabled.

DarthRegoria2 karma

In Australia, our notes are all different colours and sizes. The larger the note, the higher the value. I believe this helps blind and vision impaired people a fair bit.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

That is interesting. I didn't know that. Yes, different sized notes would help because I'd just have to memorize which dinomination was which size.

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

Thank you very much.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

I agree.

Analytics972 karma

Did you ever face any challenges regarding world building and/or Setting and character description? If so, how did you overcome them?

JeremyBreitenbach5 karma

Not really. When I have trouble with coming up with descriptions I usually take a break until I think of something.

Tmanzine2 karma

What's your novel about?

JeremyBreitenbach11 karma

It is set in 2059. A scientific experiment which aims to revolutionize transportation (a transdimensional gateway) goes awry, leading to an alien invasion, endangering Earth. Will we survive?

MyLife-is-a-diceRoll7 karma

Frankly I'm hoping I'm dead before an alien invasion happens.

JeremyBreitenbach5 karma

I like your reply.

nippletwister892 karma

What does LEGALLY blind mean? I never understood that

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

Like I can't legally drive for example.

keyson52 karma


JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

Thank you very much for the kind words.

SpicyCurryWackathon2 karma

What’s your Tetris high score?

JeremyBreitenbach4 karma

Tetris is a video game I could not effectively play.

SofaEzEz2 karma


JeremyBreitenbach2 karma


Magnetheadx2 karma


JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

Thank you very much for the kind words.

Rob_T_Firefly2 karma

What's your book about?

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

On the morning of Monday March 3rd, 2059 in a laboratory located on the University of Chicago campus in Chicago, Illinois; world renowned physicist, 38-year-old Dr. Richard Caulman, and his colleagues Dr. Lawrence Jones and Dr. Jonathan Reynolds are about to initiate the inaugural test of Dr. Caulman's revolutionary dimensional gateway. Dr. Caulman believes that if his gateway works properly it will revolutionize the way people travel. Eliminating the need for transportation of any kind.
Upon initiating the gateway Dr. Reynolds realizes that they didn't instruct the gateway to open in California as was their intention. Unfortunately, for Dr. Caulman, the gateway has opened on another planet located in another dimension.
Before Dr. Caulman is able to close the gateway six humanoids accompanied by six creatures emerge from the other side. What do these humanoids and creatures have in store for the inhabitants of the Earth? Can Dr. Caulman stop whatever it is that they have planned? And will he also be able to protect his wife, Jennifer, and children, Richie and Beth, from the alien threat?
After the humanoids return, and reveal their plans for the inhabitants of the Earth; will Dr. Caulman and the other government officials that become involved in the defending of the planet be able to kill the humanoids saving the planet?On the morning of Monday March 3rd, 2059 in a laboratory located on the University of Chicago campus in Chicago, Illinois; world renowned physicist, 38-year-old Dr. Richard Caulman, and his colleagues Dr. Lawrence Jones and Dr. Jonathan Reynolds are about to initiate the inaugural test of Dr. Caulman's revolutionary dimensional gateway. Dr. Caulman believes that if his gateway works properly it will revolutionize the way people travel. Eliminating the need for transportation of any kind.
Upon initiating the gateway Dr. Reynolds realizes that they didn't instruct the gateway to open in California as was their intention. Unfortunately, for Dr. Caulman, the gateway has opened on another planet located in another dimension.
Before Dr. Caulman is able to close the gateway six humanoids accompanied by six creatures emerge from the other side. What do these humanoids and creatures have in store for the inhabitants of the Earth? Can Dr. Caulman stop whatever it is that they have planned? And will he also be able to protect his wife, Jennifer, and children, Richie and Beth, from the alien threat?
After the humanoids return, and reveal their plans for the inhabitants of the Earth; will Dr. Caulman and the other government officials that become involved in the defending of the planet be able to kill the humanoids saving the planet?

choc_962 karma

I’ll ask an age old question: Do you prefer physical books, ebooks or audiobooks? Which is the most accommodating for your needs?

I really enjoy ebooks at the moment, I can check them out any time from online libraries and don’t weigh very much. However my eyesight is pretty good. But my balance and ability to carry heavy things is not. So although we have the same disability our wants in how we consume stories and other words probably are different.

Sorry about my ramblings it’s 2am and I can’t sleep.

Also is there like a list of disabled authors? The only other one I can think of is blind author Kody Keplinger who wrote The DUFF. I’d like for authors to include disabled characters whose whole character doesn’t revolve around being disabled. Like make it part of the description not the whole plot!

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

I use audiobooks. Reading them in braille got to be frustrating since books can be split into several volumes. I actually don't know of other disabled authors. Thanks for mentioning that one author though.

mstrss92 karma

Thank you for sharing your story! Society likes to write people off for not fitting the “norms”. I cannot wait to share your story with others.

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

You're welcome.

nicko04092 karma

The default image for this post is pretty blurry on mobile. Really can't hold that against you though, with being legally blind and all.

Jokes aside, congrats on finding your thing. How are you growing as a writer? Remembering my English teacher, "good readers make good writers". I'm curious if you have anything else you do as a process?

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Thank you! I'm growing quite well as a writer. No, I really can't say I have a process.

Nelopea2 karma

Hello! Sorry if this is obvious and I may have missed it somewhere. I am a speech-language pathologist and work with many children who have a birth history similar to yours and/or a diagnosis of CP. Do you use speech to communicate? Thanks for doing the AMA!

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

You are very welcome. Yes, I can talk and am very articulate.

callofdoobie2 karma

Wow, great job

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Thank you!

42Ubiquitous2 karma

What are your favorite genres? Also, I saw your favorite book is IT by Stephen King—what is your favorite movie and favorite TV show?

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

I like the horror genre have read a lot of Stephen King books and short stories. I love a lot of movies and TV shows. My favorite movie (well franchise) is Halloween. My favorite TV show is Dragon Ball Z (well the entire Dragon Ball franchise; I'm a HUGE fan) and I love a ton of other shows to (including game shows).

violitaf2 karma

Hey respect for you, it's glad to see people with limited opportunities, develop to fulfill their livelihood. I also was in an accident, doctors said that he won't survive They had to remove the skull since the blood pressure was too high. Eventually after 4-5 months they put back the new bones with a metal plate in the head.

Few days ago I thought you write a book. I have developed an intro to it Not too long, since I didn't develop the plot yet.

It would be really helpful if I could discuss on how to come to with thoughts.

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

As long as you have a good idea and already have a plot you can build on that. That's how I started.

JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

I thank everyone for all the interest and questions so far. I'm looking forward to reading and answering many more questions. (FYI one of my comments has links to all my social media accounts; you can also follow my Reddit profile because I will post anything I post on all my social media on my Reddit profile as well. Connect with me on whichever accounts you wish if you want to stay updated on what I've got going on. Which currently consists of the next book I'm going to publish soon (hopefully), Tim's Story. Note: Several pinned posts on my Reddit profile have all the details about this book including an excerpt.)

Jealous-Addition30601 karma

Hey, I'm alisha,add my Snapchat: alisa6yb

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Snapchat is one of the social media I do not have. I made a comment here with links to all of them.

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Thank you for all the interest and questions so far. I look forward to answering many more. Keep them coming. :) I have a comment with all my social media. Connect on any you wish. I'm most active on Facebook (easy to use).

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Thanks again for all the interest and great answers thus far. Keep them coming. :)

[deleted]1 karma


JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

Could you clarify, picture for what?

arnaud_a1 karma

At what age did you have your brain bleed, and did it affect your vision? When did you start to notice the cerebral palsy? (Asking for my son)

JeremyBreitenbach9 karma

u/arnaud_a the brain bleed was what caused my cerebral palsy and it was after my birth. The blindness was caused by the 100% oxygen I received in order to save my life since I was so premature.

mummummaaa1 karma

How many people do you think you've inspired?

I promise, it's more than you think.

Also, where can I buy your book?

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

I don't know. I'd say a lot. My book can be bought on Amazon.

mummummaaa3 karma

I'm excited, what genre for you write?

Also, thanks for the answer. I appreciate it. And yes, it's still more than you think you've inspired.

Keep kicking butt and taking names.

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

Thank you for the kind words. Well, my published book, The Gateway is sci-fi/horror but the next book I'm trying to get published entitled Tim's Story is not. I guess you could say I write whatever strikes me. Don't really restrict myself to one genre.

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

Thanks again for all the interest and great answers thus far. Keep them coming.

aidanfoolio0 karma


JeremyBreitenbach2 karma

I'm not sure what you are referring to.

selfawarepie-8 karma

Highly recommend Last of Us. HBO allegedly has an adaptation in the works. Sequel is great too, but you might have to kill dogs, which sucks.

You believe the fairy tales (ie the baptism) or have you overcome more than you listed in the seed post?

JeremyBreitenbach3 karma

Overcame nothing else. And I respectfully disagree with your baptism comment; calling it a fairy tale.

selfawarepie1 karma

Folklore, myth, placebo, bedtime story, fairytale, etc.....magic ritual that magically does xyz and wards off evil spirits. You believe something based on nothing, correct? If it's not nothing, then the something should be evident, no? So, to disagree...it is evident....how?

Just seems incongruous to me, the matching of someone who's clearly overcome so much with active self delusion, which is why I presumed the obvious fairytale evaluation would have landed. Was surprised it didn't. So, I would like to hear your perspective on it, if you, like everyone else ever, and no way to demonstrate how it is evident. If you'd prefer to keep "believing" and not think or talk about it, you won't be the first.

JeremyBreitenbach0 karma

Respectfully disagree. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. Believe what you want.

selfawarepie2 karma

So, answers to those questions are not forthcoming.

You believe a fairytale.

JeremyBreitenbach0 karma

I'm not getting into a debate with you. You believe what you believe and I will continue to believe what I believe. It's what really happened and the truth. I'm done replying to your specific comment thread.

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

I'm done. Yes, it did! I really did almost die! That is the truth! And I really was baptized! End of discusion!!

JeremyBreitenbach1 karma

You are very rude. Please stop! This is to ask questions of the poster and not ridicule people which is what you are continually doing. Have you no compassion? I don't deny the medical aspect. Did you not see where I mentioned the 100% oxygen saved my life? Last time I checked that falls under medical and science not religion or faith based. But the faith thing is still important to me. There's things about my birth that bolster this but I'm not mentioning them because I'm done with you and your hurtful words. Suffice it to say, I have faith. You don't. Which is okay. People are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. This is my FINAL reply to you. END OF DISCUSSION!!!! Comprende?