As requested by no one, I'm here to answer any questions or to talk. I'll try to be honest, but can't guarantee that I'll be polite. You also can stalk me on twitter @irenechoi.

Update: Here's proof it's me

Update 2: Loved reading all your questions and comments. Thanks, everyone!

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potacho280 karma

I'm that guy on twitter that asked if I should follow you on twitter or stalk you a while ago. You chose the creepier one, so I just wanted to let you know that I'm still trying my best to stalk you.

irenechoi498 karma

the trash guy comes every tues morning. you better get here quick to steal my used tissues.

jasonketterer163 karma

If stuck between a rock and a hard place, how many Dwayne Johnson based, sexual puns could you come up with?

irenechoi426 karma

hm, now that's a hard one.

Champie153 karma

What's it like working with Donald Glover knowing that he has an Asian fetish?

irenechoi223 karma

it didn't matter because i am so not his type.

welivedintheocean141 karma

What's it like to be the only person in the world to look hotter than Alison Brie while standing next to her?

irenechoi452 karma

i would not know because that is not me, but your delusion is EXTREMELY flattering. alison is gorgeous and super sexy, although 95% of the time, i was staring at her boobs.

welivedintheocean41 karma

A (more) serious question: When it comes to an acting career, what are your goals? Is a comedy T.V. show like Community ideal, or would you be happier in more serious movies, drama t.v., etc?

irenechoi124 karma

i know that every actor says, "but i'm an actor. i can do EVERYTHING," and unfortunately, i'm just as stupid. personally, i feel more comfortable and versed doing darker dramas, although i never get the chance (i could be so wrong). but my career goal is to be able to write and star in a comedy. to mesh the two, if i could get the chance to work on a gritty indie comedy, that would be terrific.

irenechoi110 karma

okay, it's midnight. so many questions. you guys have NO lives! i love it! i tried my best to answer all of them. i'm going to take a break for the night, but maybe i'll check back later! maybe tomorrow i will be nicer.

diggsbee106 karma

It's so cool you're doing this. They should write you into another episode where Annie gets a part time job at Subway and you are her manager and get to boss her around. Or even better you and Annie have a jello fight!

irenechoi448 karma

doesn't matter what the plot is. i will just end up staring at her cleave and forgetting my lines.

gocereal85 karma

What TV shows do you like to watch, other than Community?

irenechoi242 karma

there are many and some are embarrassing to admit. also, i don't have cable, so don't judge too harshly. breaking bad, 30 rock, louie, curb your enthusiasm, parks and rec, family guy, the office, simpsons, friends, law and order: svu, ghost adventures. favorite expired shows: arrested dev, freaks and geeks, reno 911, twin peaks, twilight zone. i'm missing some.

irenechoi323 karma

also, party down and EVERY single bbc nature doc by david attenborough.

gocereal26 karma

Wow! Someone on TV answered my question twice! Yeah, I've never seen anything by Attenborough, but I heard that his voice is legendary.

ErgonomicDouchebag82 karma

Go get the Planet Earth series right now. Or any of his works really. They're all fantastic. Especially baked.

irenechoi474 karma

i just tried baking the dvds in the oven and now they are ruined. thanks a lot, mr. douchebag.

fuzzycuffs83 karma

Is one of your legs shorter than the other?

irenechoi139 karma

no, they are just short. sorry i can't fulfill the disproportionate legs fetish fantasy.

irenechoi224 karma

oh, i just got the joke. har har.

donfolds80 karma

Are you going to be in any of the upcoming episodes? Geography of Global Conflict was hilarious.

irenechoi119 karma

i was told maybe, but so far, none. i would love to do it again!

robosagogo59 karma

If you had to pitch an idea for a second episode featuring your character, what would the plot be?

Did you keep in touch with anyone from the cast or crew?

irenechoi160 karma

  • in real life, i made a very general back story for my character. none of that "she has middle child syndrome, had brie and apples for brunch, and did not like 'harry potter'" kind of shit. i pretended that she was at greendale because she got kicked out of stanford for cheating because that is how aggressively competitive she is. if i could pitch an episode idea, it would be how annie edison digs up the truth.
  • not really.

ArtemisHarper56 karma

how are the prop guys treated on the show? (this is coming from an east coast prop guy)

irenechoi239 karma

they give major props to the prop guys. props to you, prop guy!

ThatsSplendid53 karma

Do you like my dog? (it's actually a canine, I just realized that my inquiry could have been interpreted pervertedly)

irenechoi102 karma

although it really is a (very cute) picture of a dog and a cat, i am kind of disappointed in myself that i naively clicked on that not knowing what it could be. yes, it is a very cute pup.

jasonketterer48 karma

Could you beat me in an arm wrestling match?
(note: I'm a large black man in this scenario.)

irenechoi96 karma

if you were a (white) praying mantis, i would still not be able to. (hi, jason. you liar.)

awesomeopossum46 karma

From everything I've seen, the cast on Community is fairly tight knit. Do you have any funny stories you can share from your time on set?

Just wanted to say I enjoyed you on the show, and like your sense of humor on Twitter. Keep on keeping on.

irenechoi170 karma

omg, i have so many and they are all inside jokes, so you wouldn't understand. i'm totally kidding. i have very few, because sadly, my time on set was only a couple days.

on my first day there, joel wouldn't stop making fun of how small i am, but in a very friendly way. he'd do things like take off his shoes and have me put them on with MY shoes still on or he'd put his gigantic watch around my arm and ask why i'm wearing a big clock.

in the classroom scene with martin and joel, where martin is talking about how we should hold this mun competition, alison and i are supposed to giving each other the death stare in silence. during one of the takes, she raised her eyebrow slightly, so i did it in return. then she did it more, i did also, then other eyebrow, me too, both eyebrows, so forth. i was extremely close to breaking character. in another take, we acted like we were totally in love with each other and did a pretend almost make-out, but were like, "aha! just kidding!"

awesomeopossum38 karma

All of those are pretty great stories, it's good to know the environment there is so positive, as that can only help make the show better.

That last one is the stuff fanboys' dreams are made of. I genuinely hope you get to come back; your character's storyline was well written, and you played the role very well.

What other sorts of things are you involved with right now?

irenechoi162 karma

  • trying to get crystal pepsi to come back
  • complaining a lot
  • feeling guilty that i complain a lot
  • defending myself on why i should complain a lot
  • summoning up the guts to tell my neighbor his incense smells like shit
  • writing

Gadar41 karma

You are fit. That is all.

irenechoi112 karma

little do you know my toes have a 98% fat content.

Kiteway35 karma

How do you think being Asian has influenced your life? (Just curious, I study Asian immigrant histories)

My inner Model UN nerd demands to ask you if you knew anything about Model UN before you did the episode. (Heck, do you know anything now? I imagine you might have gotten an...interesting...impression of it otherwise.)

Also, what made you decide to go into acting (and keep acting — I hear there's a high burnout rate!)

Sorry for asking so many questions. I really hope Annie Kim comes back to fight another day! :) (The Other Annie Strikes Back?)

EDIT: Better idea - Annie and Annie Kim team up to take down an insolent professor! Hijinx ensue~ :D

irenechoi62 karma

  • obviously, yes, as i think being any race affects anyone's life.

  • i never did mun before, although i was very aware of what it was and its rules, but i don't intend on joining any mun clubs soon...

  • i went into acting when i quit my corporate (business analyst in retail) job few years ago and wanted (felt pressured) to do banking or consulting instead. (i'd turned down an offer in consulting before.) a week later, i realized it was the worst time to look for a job on wall street. then, i decided to i wanted to be a writer while simultaneously studying for the lsat, gmat, or gre. ironically, i had much better luck as an actor.

SakeBomberman35 karma

Would you let me take you out on a date?

irenechoi104 karma

are you ryan gosling?

hulkman10 karma

i'm a short pakistani dude that's a little fat and has a stubble beard...close enough?

irenechoi25 karma

how good are your falafels?

[deleted]32 karma

How did you get involved with the show? Also you're pretty

irenechoi80 karma

my manager saw a posting for the part and sent me in for an audition. i had to read for them 3 times! every time, i thought i did an awful job. also, thank you.

[deleted]21 karma

Whats it like to work with the rest of the cast?

irenechoi72 karma

so fun. everyone is very nice, not just polite, but like out-of-their-way nice. they are also really funny and sharp with their improv skills, which i happen to lack completely.

Pmonstah430 karma

Hey, it's so cool that your on here and I have two questions. 1. What was the weirdest thing that happened on set? 2.Can you please acknowledge me in some way? Please?

irenechoi107 karma

excuse me, but that was THREE questions. okay, maybe 2.5

  1. once for lunch, we all had penis-shaped sandwiches. except, that did not happen. sadly, the reality was not as colorful. shooting wise, it was the floating heads bit. we all had to wear these green felt ponchos and sit in front of a green screen and just yell at nothing. for me, personally, it was seeing retta (donna from "parks and rec") just hanging out on set one day. it was like worlds colliding.

  2. 15 minutes ago, i had a plane skywrite, "WAZZAP" above your house, but i don't think it's there anymore.

ninjuh112424 karma

Ok, so my friends and I are trying to gather how many stereotypes about asians are true (yes, I, being filipino, was part of this survey as well). So,

  • Do you or have you played violin/piano?
  • Did your parents push you to go into medicine?
  • Do you wear glasses?
  • Do you eat rice on a very regular basis?
  • Did you get straight A's in school?
  • Are you shorter than 5'5"

irenechoi54 karma

  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • at least once a week?
  • until college, yes
  • yes

echang8624 karma

Are you from SoCal? You look like you're from LA/OC.

irenechoi40 karma


AtLeastHandy24 karma

What is the craziest job you have ever done?

Do you have any of your work on you tube?

I really enjoyed the episode of community you were in!

Edit: I am also curious about your opinions on acting. Do actors come from all areas of society? Is your path of going through Harvard law, unconventional?

irenechoi59 karma

  • for acting, i had to make out with samuel l. jackson like 3 minutes after i met him.
  • no
  • i think they do and i did not go to harvard law, just undergrad.

IamA_Big_Fat_Phony5 karma

Is Harvard really that different from other schools? I mean teaching and content wise compared to a community or "lesser" school. I don't know if you can even answer this.

irenechoi54 karma

yes, it is very different!

  • our sports suck
  • our school mascot is a fucking COLOR
  • if you host a party in your room, the school gives you $100 to buy alcohol. people think this is either awesome or a terrible use of funds.

as for curriculum, i can't say because i didn't go to another college. i took about 5 classes at a community/state college in high school, but my experiences were obviously different as a part-time student.

colemorris22 karma

Are you continually talking about Alison's boobs because you think that's the popular response, you can't help it out of a weird mix of awe/jealousy, or because you have some slight (or maybe more) lesbian tendencies that let you appreciate her good looks in a sexual manner?

irenechoi69 karma

before the show, i really had no idea her boobs were a "thing" online. in my personal experience, jewish girls seem breasty, so when i met her and she said she was half-jewish, i said, "oh, that's why you've got jewbs/joobs." but, c'mon, it doesn't matter what age, sexual orientation, gender, or religion you are to notice a fantastic pair of boobs.

jasonketterer21 karma

If forced to marry your first born what would you call Christmas?

irenechoi50 karma

schladufraugen. i don't know why, but it sounds like it should be german.

AMAHelper47 karma


schla - if you make it 'schlag' it's 'punch' or 'hit'

du - you

frau - woman

augen - eyes

so yeah, there's probably a misogynist hidden in that subconscious of yours ಠ_ಠ

irenechoi91 karma

i am so much more awesome than i thought i was!!!!

eztarget89618 karma

What school did you attend for acting? And also thank you for taking your time to do this and did an awesome job in the united nations episode. Hope to see you back on the show or doing other projects.

irenechoi68 karma

never attended school for acting! but, i took "intro to acting" in senior spring of college and i was the only person in the class who got a B, so i really have no idea why i'm doing this. my teacher thought i was the worst actor in a class full of kids who were going into banking...

Drunken_Economist18 karma

Could we get a proof that it's you? A tweet or picture or something would work perfectly.

Edit: her proof, as requested

irenechoi27 karma

just did it.

docwatsonphd17 karma

You're really pretty and very talented. How cool is that?

irenechoi58 karma

well, i think it's super cool you have low standards!

i am SO sorry. i meant that in the least offensive way. furrealz, thank you very much. it's very flattering!

jasonketterer16 karma

Why weren't you in Star Wars IV: A New Hope?

irenechoi54 karma

i am saving myself for star wars MMXI.

SphericalArc16 karma

I know everyone wants to know about the main cast, but what was it like working with Martin Starr? He's been hilarious since Freaks & Geeks.

irenechoi36 karma

i am obsessed with "freaks and geeks"! i had to pretend that i just didn't care about it for the sake of not freaking him out on the first day of the job. he was very nice and funny, but to me, he will always be bill haverchuck, who is one of the most painfully honest characters to ever be on tv.

SphericalArc9 karma

Have you seen him in Party Down? He's just as good in that, if not better.

irenechoi25 karma

i have. that is another show i forgot to mention on my "fave shows" list somewhere on here. i like to think that roman was just an older, more mature and confident version of bill. although, personally, i'm going to have to stick with bill as my favorite character of his.

doritoclock16 karma

Is it hard for you to be the Asian stereotype?

irenechoi28 karma


_dusty15 karma

This is pretty cool of you. Street cred. I'm kinda smitten about that.

Anyways, you almost quit acting a little while ago. On twitter you declared it even. I said don't quit.

Can you talk about that? Can you also talk about your background at Harvard.

Also, big law is soulless. You could do better.

irenechoi24 karma

  • thanks
  • it's very hard.
  • the harvard bartending school was great. it was so hard to get into. they only pick the top bartenders in the world! i learned so much. okay, i'll stop. but they really do have a bartending school; i'm not kidding! when i wasn't freezing and crying about how cold it was, i majored in psych, played in a band, DJ'ed for the radio station, and did student gov't. i also ate a lot of pizza from a place called "pinocchio's" (the BEST) and whined about how expensive CVS was. honestly, it was very fun and i had the best time.

baconperogies13 karma

As a fellow Asian I'm curious how upset/supportive your parents were in becoming a writer/actor (and not a doctor, lawyer, accountant)?

Were you ever on Asian Avenue?

Way to represent. Azn pryde. (cringe...I just typed that. I did it)

Also noodles or rice? (unrelated note...I'm hungry)

irenechoi48 karma

  • initially, very. now, they have resorted to the fact i am a failure and will never recover, so they have become outwardly ambivalent, although inwardly, seething with embarrassment.
  • don't know what that is, so no.
  • food in general.

RyTyFern12 karma

Just checked out your twitter. are pretty funny. Don't really have a question. Hmmm...who is your go-to character in Mario Kart?

irenechoi36 karma

thanks. toadstool, but i am horrendous at mario kart. i assure you in real life, my driving is MUCH better (despite the stereotype).

HalpTheFan12 karma

How has no one asked thsi yet. Did you talk or meet Chevy Chase? What was he like on set? What are you working on at the moment? Any recent auditions or scripts you've seen or read? If a redditor was making a movie, would you be in it, if the script was good?

irenechoi41 karma

  • yes. he was in the study group room scene and the competition scene.
  • he wasn't around much actually. but couple times, he did make sure to try and pull my chair out from under me while i was sitting in it. never worked.
  • nothing :(
  • yes and yes. to both, some good and some bad.
  • it depends if i have to show my 6th nipple or not because i am not comfortable with that.

HalpTheFan5 karma

What about third? It's a Total Recall deconstruction. Were you Team Troy or Abed? Should we look out for you in anything in 2012? Or anything you want to plug?

irenechoi24 karma

  • i'm not into the team thing, but i'm not saying that we should just love everyone. i think we should HATE everyone!
  • no, but hopefully something before the year is over.

elranito11 karma

I am a fan of yours. It annoys me you aren't more famous and in more things. (and apparently I would make a terrible hipster)

irenechoi56 karma

you are denying that you are a hipster, which in itself, is an incredibly hipster trait. also, you are a fan of me! a nobody! that is SO hipster!

pop_pop_dude11 karma

Are you going to reprise your role on Community this season or in the future?

irenechoi24 karma

as of now, no. but hopefully, yes.

raidraidraid10 karma

Whats your favourite pizza topping?

irenechoi29 karma

pick two: cat litter, mushrooms, onion, and post-it notes

rahim36010 karma

have you been on set for more then that one episode? and if you have, whats the best episode you saw? Did you watch community before you were cast? Are you going to be on any upcoming episodes? Whats something that we may not know about you, or any of the cast?? Thanks for answering :)

irenechoi35 karma

  • no
  • yes
  • no
  • i get mad when videos are buffering.

jeremiahwarren10 karma

What other shows/movies have you been in?

BenPup10 karma

What are some bands that you have been jamming out to recently?

irenechoi19 karma

lately, i've gotten into the drums, sleigh bells, cass mccombs, ice age, hunx and his punx, jammy and the smack. always, the theme song to "law and order".

oshoney6 karma

Hunx! he's so fabulous.

BenPup7 karma

He really is :3 And I just found out he owns a thrift shop in San Fran(or is it Oakland? I forget...) but I wanna visit it so bad!

irenechoi12 karma

no way! i will have to check it out next time i am up there.

Miorde10 karma

I hope someone in Hollywood is paying attention, because you're the most consistently funny one-episode characters/IAMA guests/twitter accounts I've seen. I wish you lots of luck, hope you get (even more) famous. and have lots of opportunities to show off your wit and charm.

irenechoi11 karma

thank you, nice person with obviously good taste!

sambarbino8 karma

I feel like the study group is a pretty tight knit bunch, was it hard initially working with them and joining the cast?

irenechoi28 karma

they are very tight group. i mean that in the usual sense and the urban dictionary sense. it was never hard working with them, although for me, intimidating.

caraluna8 karma

This AMA just made me like you so much more. You have a great sense of humor and I hope I get to see more of you on tv! All the best :)

irenechoi6 karma


rocketpack998 karma

Who actually did fart?

irenechoi25 karma

right now? me. in the episode? i'm not sure, but it was probably me.

gillian_jacobs17 karma

thanks for doin an ama. do you know what character dies in an upcoming ep?

irenechoi33 karma

no, but if i had to guess, white abed. he gets smothered to death by annie edison's boobs.

gillian_jacobs113 karma

it would be great to be in between annie's boobs

irenechoi34 karma

good way to go.

MrWizard876 karma

Loved your episode.

What was the "toughest" scene to get through? And perhaps, what was the most fun you had while filming the episode?

Dan, we know you're on here, get Asian Annie back on the show!

irenechoi15 karma

there's a story about a scene i did with alison on here:

but logistically speaking, the mun competition scene where i have that huge tirade after alison's speech was tough. i got those lines the scene before and i was doing a shit job memorizing them on the spot.

PaintyFilms6 karma

What else have you performed in? and do you have anything lined up for the future?

Loved the episode you were in btw

irenechoi14 karma nothing for now. thanks.

projectfigment5 karma

Sorry to bring up your Asian-ness as many others have, but how hard was it for you to break into the industry as an Asian female? I'm an Asian girl who just started getting into drama last year, and the first thing my director focused on was my ethnicity and my "accent". (I don't really have one.) Would you say it's mostly luck or does hard work really pay off?

irenechoi27 karma

i'm going to answer this one seriously and not be like, "it's not hard work and luck. it's blow jobs and scientology!"

yes, it was very hard and it's not any easier now, but i think it's like that for anyone regardless of your race. i know people say there is no formula, but it really is luck and talent/preparation combined. i've seen so many people who are just so good and not working and i've seen just as many who are embarrassingly bad and dirty rich.

featpete4 karma

What's your favorite AYCE KBBQ restaurant?

irenechoi17 karma


reble024 karma

Biggest professional regret?

irenechoi13 karma

oooh, good question. not knowing what i wanted to do professionally until last year.