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gswartz199 karma

Did your penis grow bigger with the hormone injections?

BroscienceLifter131 karma

Let's be honest, this is the main thing we all want to know

Swayyyettts-3 karma

I’m curious who he chose for his first ejaculation.

Neo5Xo5 karma

I had my first ejaculation not long after starting treatment. I was in bed when I discovered myself.

Swayyyettts2 karma

Thanks for sharing. I think every guy remembers his first ejaculation.

Neo5Xo3 karma

Yes, it felt amazing.

Neo5Xo5 karma

no, it still hasn’t

IAWBMWD42 karma

I am a 55yo female who didn’t go thru puberty until hormones. I grew 6 inches taller in six months but then had to stop hormones because I had a stroke. Was high school uncomfortable due to late onset puberty? I looked like a little kid all the way through. Hated it.

Neo5Xo4 karma

High school wasn’t bad academically for me but I did struggle with social anxiety and not feeling like other guys. I had no idea this was because of my delayed puberty until I started treatment.

revelinravel25 karma

A lot of religious movements, and monastic orders, will tell you that the human obsession with sex leads us to miss out on our potential.

Are there any areas in your life where you think you’re further developed than your peers because of your lack of interest in sex?

Edit: grammar and wording.

Neo5Xo5 karma

I think so. I was a very smart kid in high school and still am. I’m in college studying to be a software engineer.

revelinravel3 karma

Do you think that this effected the friend group that you gravitated towards?

I know for me a big motivation for parties and the such in high school was girls, so I was friends with a lot of people that liked parties. I also had friends that were more into DND and there like, more my inherent interests.

Neo5Xo3 karma

I was pretty much in all the nerd groups lol

Dastardlyfoe14 karma

How tall are you? I hit a growth spurt during puberty and grew like a meter, did the delay affect you any?

Neo5Xo3 karma

I’m still short lol, apparently the later you start the less of an impact it has on height

couchasianktina12 karma

How did delayed puberty impact your platonic relationships? Did you find it harder to connect with peers as they went through puberty?

Neo5Xo4 karma

I never had any platonic relationships actually. I found it harder to socialize with friends after they hit puberty yes.

glasser9999 karma

Did your dick not grow until you were 18?

What height were you at 18 vs now?

Neo5Xo6 karma

My dick is still the same size, height is also pretty much the same.

WickedWombats7 karma

How did your friends react to your body and voice not changing? High school can be brutal.

Neo5Xo6 karma

They pretty much treated me like I was a child.

peasbunny7 karma

What was expected and unexpected about puberty?

Neo5Xo4 karma

The most unexpected thing was how horny I became. I expected changes in how I look.

Neo5Xo3 karma

Lustful thoughts also came quick and took me by surprise. Took over my brain at first.

kyleclements6 karma

How did you feel emotionally between the ages of about 12-18?

That's a time when lots of people are trying to figure themselves out while floods of new hormones are messing with their brains, while experiencing social upheaval and change - elementary-middle-high school, first jobs, etc. Not fun.
Do you feel you had a harder/easier/unique experience compared to other people in your age group?

Neo5Xo6 karma

I was more anxious in high school. I also acted like a child and didn’t know how to suck things up. I definitely had a unique view of things with my grace. Lots of things also went over my head.

Neo5Xo6 karma

I also got frustrated a lot when it came to making friends. I thought my classmates were weird when I was 15.

Neo5Xo3 karma

I pretty much went through all those mental changes when I started treatment. It was rough at first. I also felt really bad that I was going through this so late.

RichieTB6 karma

Have you since been able to grow any facial hair?

Neo5Xo2 karma

Yes, a little bit.

monkeyhind5 karma

I hope you're happy with any changes. Are you feeling desire now? Do you feel like you're ready for sex?

Neo5Xo5 karma

I like being on testosterone and like how I feel more like a man and I also look a little older. I definitely have sexual desire now. I think about it every day.

Bonanza864 karma

How are you feeling today, sir?

Neo5Xo2 karma

Mostly happy. Was a little depressed and anxious this morning.

LatrodectusGeometric4 karma

A lot of people who are trans use hormone blockers to delay puberty. In their situations, it’s to prevent permanent changes from occurring before they are able to make permanent body-altering choices. I know that your situation is very different physically and emotionally, but do you have any thoughts about delaying puberty for these sorts of reasons since you have been through such a delay?

Neo5Xo2 karma

no, I want to continue my testosterone treatment; it make me feel like other guys now

LiberalMusicLover3 karma

Did you not have pubic and underarm hair until you started the injections?

Neo5Xo3 karma


joupertrouper2 karma

Why did it take until you were 18 for these problems to be addressed? Where were your parents?

Neo5Xo1 karma

I live with just my mom, idk why all my doctors missed it either

Neo5Xo2 karma

Continuing a new post as I was asked to repost in r/casualiama by the moderators.

swolemedic0 karma

You'll probably want to start doing your own injections at some point if you arent doing them already. You save time, money, feel better, and it's really not hard. Weekly or twice weekly injections work noticeably better for most guys than once every 2 weeks or worse once every month (I bet that doctor didnt even use a long ester, they rarely do).

Did they talk to you about hcg/hmg, serm, or other options? What caused the lack of testosterone production or delay in puberty?

Sorry it's been a tough experience for you. This kind of stuff can be hard to navigate and many doctors are quite clueless, or worse have the topic carry a stigma when it comes to hormone therapies. I hope you've figured out something that works well for you.

Neo5Xo1 karma

I was never told about other options by the doctors. Me taking steroids for the treatment of my disability caused the delayed puberty.

swolemedic1 karma

Thanks for the reply. Did you see an endocrinologist for the treatment? And what steroids? Like corticosteroids like prednisone? I take it you dont want to name the other condition which is cool just curious as often they'll try something instead of testosterone first if the delay is due to medication or something other than a physical reason for the low testosterone so I found that curious is all. Did they talk about fertility and how it relates to your treatment? Is the game plan adding hcg if you want to try to get someone pregnant?

Have you found the testosterone helpful? How's your libido these days? Some people can find the changes really noticeable others not so much. If not I'd be curious to know your estrogen and prolactin levels as often people who dont respond well to testosterone will benefit from some sort of estrogen or prolactin management.

Maybe not questions you were anticipating haha

Neo5Xo1 karma

Yes, I still see an endocrinologist. Prednisone yes. I was never talked to about fertility and hcg. I like how I feel when I’m on the testosterone now except the last 2-3 days before my last shot when my testosterone drops off. I also loose my libido during this period. I haven’t really had any interest in having kids honestly. Still a virgin as well. My libido is definitely high these days, maybe not as crazy as when I first started testosterone but probably because I wasn’t used to it. I masturbate every other night and could easily do it more than that like when I first started treatment. I don’t know anything about my estrogen or prolactin levels. I didn’t know guys could make estrogen. My body is now able to make a little bit of testosterone on its own but still need to do injections.

Neo5Xo1 karma

My disability is Muscular Dystrophy.

Blakedh-1 karma

Would you consider yourself attractive?

Neo5Xo1 karma

I guess so, yeah. I still look quite young though