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The people selling shit in the comments is driving me nuts. Probiotics, nutritional supplements, diet plans. This isn’t an AMA, it’s a honeypot for folks who are going to get lost in fad health science.

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Aspirin used to be the typical medication to prevent future strokes until pretty recently (now in most circumstances, but not all, we also add plavix). Is there more to this story?

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A lot of people who are trans use hormone blockers to delay puberty. In their situations, it’s to prevent permanent changes from occurring before they are able to make permanent body-altering choices. I know that your situation is very different physically and emotionally, but do you have any thoughts about delaying puberty for these sorts of reasons since you have been through such a delay?

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Because contrary to OP’s post and court case, current ECT does not appear to cause structural brain changes, and is a last-resort therapy used to treat the kind of depression that can’t be made better with medications, and usually results in severe debility or death.

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It’s a last-resort therapy for people with severe treatment-resistant depression. And for many people, it WORKS. In fact, it may be the only thing that works, and that has ever worked. Those “successful” hedge-fund managers and former librarians OP mentions likely had severe depression, a type that usually ends up putting you in a morgue or inpatient psych unit for a long time. It hasn’t been banned because while it is well known to cause amnesia (mostly on the time right around the treatments) it works and is absolutely lifesaving for many many people. Please talk to a doctor or psychiatrist about these concerns, and not to this lawyer who somehow managed to put his advertisement on reddit as though he is performing some kind of breakthrough research. Also I highly encourage you to read some of the posts within this thread. There are a lot of personal stories that show just why ECT is still in use.