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I am a 55yo female who didn’t go thru puberty until hormones. I grew 6 inches taller in six months but then had to stop hormones because I had a stroke. Was high school uncomfortable due to late onset puberty? I looked like a little kid all the way through. Hated it.

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Yeah by then I was thru enough of puberty that I had periods etc.. i couldn’t have kids though because of missing hormone(s). I did age so I don’t look like I’m 18. :(

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My family is all tall. I have a sister and brother who are 6 ft something. My mom was 5’11” and my dad is 6’ 3”. I was 4 ft 11 when I graduated high school.

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Thank you. It was traumatic decades ago, from feeling different than in high school, to finding out I couldn't have children, but now it is all just memory.