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Is this visible in russia?

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Ugh. 21 is young but that just makes me think of the adults I've seen dying or seriously wounded begging for their parent. Seeing an adult break down and start sobbing, saying that they want their mom, it sticks with you.

Conversely some people such as myself are like cats. When I think I'm dying i want to be away from loved ones because i don't want them to see me like that. I nearly died a handful of times this year, first time i had it happen in front of the girl i was dating, and while i was surprised i was possibly going to die out of no where my main concern in the moment was not dying in front of her. Maybe it's because I've seen people panicking and how traumatic it can be, who knows

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The medic in my name is for paramedic, i was in ems for a while. New jersey if you're still wondering where lol

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It sounds like stephen miller was trying to do an AMA...

For those unaware miller decided to run against his school's women's track in a race uninvited to prove that men are physically superior. He lost.

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Lmao that's what you choose to put forward? You realize you have left your Russian bubble, right?