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castrovalva166 karma

Dear Balki,

Has it ever bothered you that despite Eddie Murphy being the star, your performance in 'Beverly Hills Cop' is the funniest part of the movie?

No, seriously. Serge is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. You were awesome.

BronPinchot82 karma

Thank you so much.

Misremembered_Quotes90 karma

I enjoyed your catchphrase: "Did I do that?"

BronPinchot66 karma

Um....I think that may have been Urkel from Family Matters. But I'll pass it along if I ever meet him.

joetromboni54 karma

sometimes you gotta look at usernames on reddit

BronPinchot68 karma

How true.

rhoswhen79 karma

Listen, Bronson- wait, may I call you "Bronson?"

I friggin' loved your show as a kid. I always wanted Balki to be my friend instead of Larry because I thought he was to mean to you, and living in Chicago made that possibility seem completely reasonable.

Anyway, thanks for making my childhood Friday nights tolerable before the introduction of booze in my life.

PS, I am going to preemptively say "hello" to you on behalf of all my gal pals who are not Redditors. We have fond memories of the show.

BronPinchot78 karma

I want first place again, let me nudge away booze. B

MrWholeMilk54 karma

Dear Mr. Pinchot,

I used to watch Perfect Strangers with my father every Friday night as a child. Perfect Strangers was his favorite show. Thinking about that show always brings back memories of the time and love my father invested in raising me. He now struggles with dementia. Thanks for being part of my childhood and giving me those memories.

BronPinchot44 karma

Wow, give him my love. I'm thrilled to have been part of your childhood. Thank you for writing.

MylesMDT53 karma

Ok, just because, here is a compilation of of Bronson's Risky Business scenes made by a random fan 4 years ago on Youtube. Give the man some love - while casting Tom Cruise was good, the casting of Bronson as the straight man Barry was sublime.

And here is a video of his first episode of his new show on DIY, since he is doing the exact opposite of a Rampart promotion. That is why he deserves some real promotion. This should even be reposted to /r/diy/

EDIT: I was always called the Curtis Armstrong character, dammit. Notice my username, even - I look like "Miles" in Risky Business. Even in the completely unrelated Revenge of the Nerds movies, yes I was that friend who looked like Booger. We have the same face. He should have changed his face, why did I get stuck with that? Now, I keep a beard, even though short and trimmed, just because.

BronPinchot36 karma

Wow, this is quite a lot to reflect on.Thanks

MylesMDT18 karma

You've done a great AMA - you deserve some well earned promotion because of it. I'll do my part. I'm an avid DIY'r too, so is my wife.

I could use a new bathroom remodel, message me when it's convenient for you, thanks. Before Tuesday, though.

Just kidding, you're a fun talent and I'm glad to see you have some current work to make some money from. Everyone has bills, and I am glad that you have a sense of humor about it all, and seem like a normal everyday person during your show.

EDIT: I don't mean to seem insulting in the "current work" comment, but we all have bills, no matter what we do. Who turns down more money? Ever? Me either.

BronPinchot24 karma

Well, exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself. Plus, I'm awfully good at remodeling, if I must say so myself.

lottasnoring41 karma

can you still do the dance of joy?

BronPinchot72 karma

I did it when my guys hooked up my generator and it worked. In the snow, mind you.

Ghostshirts41 karma

Elliott Blitzer from True Romance was a nice surprise. How did you keep a straight face playing him?

BronPinchot53 karma

I never had a problem keeping a straight face in the movie, because I had it in my head that he was headed for a dark end. In the original version, his head came off in the shootout. Tony Scott told me after seeing rushes that I had made him too sympathetic for that, but I still was concentrating on the dark stuff.

EnidColeslawToo7 karma

He definitely was too sympathetic - that character really made the whole film for me! (The scene in the convertible did it for me - I remember nearly crying I was laughing so hard that first time I watched it) I came specifically because of my love for True Romance. It's one of my favorite movies of all time.

The kids movies you’ve been in were quite a departure from films like True Romance – do you prefer the children’s movies? Or do you approach your humor the same way in all genres?

BronPinchot12 karma

I would rather do things like true romance where the humor simply emanates from the character's sense of the absurd. Overt comedies always force one to FIND the absurd everywhere, and I don't care for that so much.

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BronPinchot9 karma

Wow. B

[deleted]33 karma

Bronson Pinchot does a cool AMA and answers nearly every question, and is gracious and positive throughout.

Mr. Pinchot, if you ever meet Louis C.K., tell him you win.

BronPinchot25 karma

Louis C. K.? What does Louis win?

PhishnChips32 karma

Why isn't Perfect Strangers found in syndication anywhere? Can you make that happen? I'd be much obliged. Please and Thank you. edit: spelling (found)

BronPinchot43 karma

I should think you'd have better luck than I. You and your friends. Write away....B

BattleHall12 karma

What are the residuals like on that after all this time? Is it still a nice chunk of change, or is it one of those things where they cut you a quarterly check for $6.32, minus tax?

BronPinchot73 karma

I got a check a few years ago for 12 cents. Not kidding.

Recall_Coordinator16 karma

While we may not pay you, we still love you. I remember TGIF fondly. Not so much Larry though. Larry, he's out. You're still OK though. If you ever get lonely in your old age, I'm sure at least 2000 of us would buy you a beer. You could divide us up on your fridays and we'd all promise not to talk about perfect strangers. We'd ask you about other things, like did you see the drink specials, or how's things going. I'm pretty sure you're over all the perfect strangers shit by now is why. But ya, nuff said.

BronPinchot26 karma

Thank you. I'm proud of Perfect Strangers and enjoy the memories.

tenehemia32 karma

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. I've been on reddit for a year, and this is the first time I've ever been star struck.

You are awesome. Perfect Strangers was absolutely my favorite sitcom during my formative years. Thank you a thousand times over for your work on that show.

BronPinchot25 karma

Oh, my pleasure. It was awfully fun to do, you know.

tenehemia6 karma

I can only imagine the actual fun of filming a sitcom, honestly. It's one of those things where, no matter how many behind-the-scenes things you see, you can never truly know what the day to day experience is like.

I'm gratified to see this many people saying how much they loved Perfect Strangers, honestly. I know a following on reddit hardly translates into a global movement or anything, but for your sake I hope someone in charge of syndication (or - be still my heart - movies) is seeing this and considering pushing Perfect Strangers back into the limelight. It's hard to believe it's been gone almost 20 years.

BronPinchot16 karma

We had an immense amount of fun working out the physical bits. We really did.

tenehemia5 karma

I believe it. My theater experience was about as low-rung as it gets, but I always had the most fun with physical stuff. I don't have any specific memories to support this conclusion, but I think that you had a significant impact on my desire to learn to be the object of physical comedy.

BronPinchot21 karma

I like it. I was just telling someone today, that I was rehearsing a comic duet with Carol Burnett once, and she said, "Where do you come up with this stuff? It's really funny." And I said, "Don't you recognize it? I got it from watching you when I was a kid." It was fun.

tenehemia8 karma

Were you giddy to even have the opportunity to admit something like that to Carol Burnettt? I think that would be my reaction. Actually, my reaction would probably be stunned silence and awe, but later on the way home I'd be giddy.

BronPinchot27 karma

Hanging out with Carol is like sitting in the sun. You just melt every second and her eyes are like little skies, blue with golden spots.

tenehemia9 karma

Excellent description. I'm going to tell my mother you said that. She got me watching Carol Burnett and I got her watching you, so I think she'll get a kick out of it.

BronPinchot17 karma

Tell Mom hi from me.

Fuqwon28 karma

Perfect Strangers movie?

BronPinchot64 karma

With what, me as my own grandfather? I'm 52!

ericphilbin39 karma

Heck yes. Shia Labeouf as Larry, Danny Pudi as Balki, and Bronson as Balki's father. I'd totally watch that!

BronPinchot58 karma

They'd have to pay me in historic architectural salvage.

joetromboni21 karma

time fucking flies

BronPinchot47 karma

right? Day-um

TwoThreeSkidoo4 karma

Not sure if this will make you feel better, but you're one of my earliest memories. Perfect Strangers, and that show where the mannequins came to life.

BronPinchot6 karma

That's nice to know.

salliek7627 karma

I just want you to know that when I was little, my sister and I loved watching "Perfect Strangers" every Friday. We had a bunch of rabbits as pets, and we were such big fans that one of them was named "Pinchot" in your honor. However, since we were from Alabama, nobody knew how to pronounce it, so we said it "pin-kot" (actually more like "peein'-kot"). Just thought you should know.

Epilogue: Pinchot the rabbit was eaten by a beagle. The end.

BronPinchot28 karma


mchale4prez27 karma

Wow, this must be kismet. I was literally watching After Hours last night and now, here you are, doing an AMA!

I was scouring your IMDB trying to think of a good question to ask you, and I was shocked---SHOCKED---to discover that you guest-starred as a voice actor on tons of animated stuff that I grew up on, including The Wild Thornberrys, Hey Arnold!, The Angry Beavers, AAAH Real Monsters etc etc.

I guess that isn't really a question, but I just had to say something! I'm a bit of a voice-over nerd, so I'm just surprised this bit of trivia escaped me. Kudos on the excellent work over the years!

BronPinchot43 karma

Thank you kindly. You can search me on as I have done dozens of cool audiobooks, actually. B

asthesunsets26 karma

you were fucking amazing in beverly hills cop III. "we're working on reducing my body fat, but it's hard because i keep sneaking away to have a goat cheese...i dont care, i wear suits!"

BronPinchot25 karma

Damn, that is kind of funny.

asthesunsets18 karma

I re-watched it the day before yesterday, actually, and you really did steal the show in every scene you were in.

BronPinchot25 karma


apothekari24 karma

A chance to give a heartfelt thanks to a far too often underrated actor (you have the rare gift of perfect comedic timing you know...) who was always a pleasant surprise in everything I have ever seen him in...doesn't come by very often so...

Thanks for entertaining me good sir.

You deserve every happiness. I look forward to Kung Fu and Titties, but really doesn't everyone?

BronPinchot28 karma

THis is a pretty delightful comment, very cute. Thanks for the smiles, B

cheesesandwich4me24 karma

Here's a three-parter. You can answer all, or choose at your leisure. It's all good.

1) Are there any film or television roles you've had to turn down in the past that you look back on and regret?

2) Sadly, I seem to have missed your 80s SNL hosting stint. Any memories of that night?

3) What is currently your favorite television program, if any?

BronPinchot53 karma

  1. I was quasi-offered the part that French Stewart got in THIRD ROCK. The jury's out on whether that was a bad idea or not.
  2. I remember crying, all by myself backstage, as they played the intro music because I was so under-rehearsed.
  3. A guy that worked for me, who I treated like a surrogate son, stole my TV set. I haven't replaced it yet. I watch a few minutes of Toddlers and Tiaras from time to time on the computer---guilty pleasure.

heiliger8214 karma

a) How long has the TV been gone? b) How can Reddit help you get it back?

BronPinchot37 karma

I first noticed it like 18 months ago. And perhaps it's good riddance. To both the thief and the TV.

hiphopfrog18 karma

Your Random Roles at the AV Club (,34310/) was probably my favourite one, you are FEARLESS! How much trouble did you get in for that?

BronPinchot30 karma

A lot. My Mom called and said, "STOP." I did.

beer_OMG_beer17 karma

Just wanted to say you were great in The Langoliers every situation in life is relatable to that mini series in one way or another. Were those real Langoliers?

BronPinchot43 karma

Yeah, they were real, all right. In that alternate universe all the scary things are badly animated Pac-Men. :-)

[deleted]13 karma

I have to know this, I had a huge discussion regarding Surreal Life recently(the shit you argue about when you're drunk, haha) and I was wondering, who would you rather have sex with, Omarosa's beef curtains, or Janice Dickinson's nasty clam chowder smelling sinkhole? Also, how much cocaine did you do during the 80's? sincerely, your number one fan(no shit)

BronPinchot64 karma

I have never done cocaine or any other drug, and have never been drunk. True story. Janice Dickinson's sinkhole is too horrific to even contemplate, and Omarosa's beef curtains would seem to have a good chance at flexibility.

BostonCab12 karma

Weird I had this idea you spent time snorting BALKI written in cocaine.

BronPinchot33 karma

Nope. Never even seen the stuff. Or any other recreational drug.

Recall_Coordinator5 karma

You don't have to lie to us, although we appreciate the effort. Any star in the 80s has had to have seen coke lined up in a bathroom here and there. We don't hate you for it. It was the 80s.

BronPinchot18 karma

I appreciate your sentiment. But, as it happens, I didn't come in contact with it.

johnny9681612 karma


BronPinchot25 karma

Why thank you. We were just improvising.

[deleted]11 karma

Was the entire seen improvised where Axel is waiting for Jennie ?

BronPinchot29 karma


PizzasarusRex12 karma

I hate to ask but was the surreal life on vh1 your personal and career low? It just seems you're so much more sane than the people on that.

BronPinchot34 karma

Yes, of course it was. It was horrific. I don't know what got into me. And I was sick for weeks afterward. Thank you for reminding me.

Recall_Coordinator22 karma

I sold cell phones once. You wanna feel low, go sell cell phones.

BronPinchot21 karma

I hope things are better now.

Recall_Coordinator8 karma


BronPinchot20 karma


[deleted]12 karma


BronPinchot36 karma

There were several very special ones. Balki gets his heart broken, Balki's grandmother dies, they take Balki's dog away. Once or twice a year they made me cry, and it really bummed me out, cuz I never faked it.

dystopialost11 karma

I don't really have a question but I wanted you to know that Second Sight is one of my top 5 happy movies. Always perks me up. So thank you.

BronPinchot10 karma

No, the pleasure is all mine.

sleepydead4211 karma

Let me preface by saying I'm a big fan, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned a delicious bit of 80's cheese known as 'Second Sight Detective Agency'. I have a lot of nostalgia for this silly movie. Was it fun to work on?

BronPinchot11 karma

It wasn't really that fun to work on. For one thing, we had no script, nor any way of making the script better, because there was a writer's strike. And, being quite young, I mistakenly thought that since I was playing a psychic, I had to be "method" and keep my mind clear by staying on my own all the time.

austinhannah8 karma

What was it like being on Step by Step? Does Patrick Duffy smell good?

BronPinchot28 karma

Patrick Duffy is one of the most fun-loving and delightful people I've worked with. I did not sniff him.

[deleted]8 karma

Whatcha thinkin' bout?

BronPinchot22 karma

Complex carbs. I've been on a diet for ten weeks.

Derelyk7 karma

Wanted to add, Thx for making me laugh during a period in my life where laughter was few and far between.

BronPinchot16 karma

Ah, that is wonderful to hear; the best compliment ever. And you are welcome.

Russiophile7 karma

I very much enjoyed your voice acting in Blood Oath. How much work is involved in reading for audio books? Fun? Tedious? A combination thereof?

BronPinchot17 karma

It's super fun and very very demanding.

joeyheartbear6 karma

Sometimes do you just get a feeling that you need some kind of change?

BronPinchot16 karma

No matter what the odds are this time....

joeyheartbear4 karma


But seriously, I loved that show growing up and want to thank you for making yourself available.

BronPinchot10 karma

You are most welcome. :=)

[deleted]6 karma


BronPinchot12 karma

Slightly offensive ones get slightly less offensive when you pretend a really good friend just had a moment of indelicacy.

[deleted]5 karma


BronPinchot4 karma

I am really happy that it kind of made your day. It's nice.

oneIozz6 karma

I am a huge fan of what I have seen so far on DIY, and growing up I loved Perfect Strangers!

What I really want to know is how long you have been working on/perfecting/learning techniques and picking out salvage and turning it into something beautiful like I see on "The Bronson Pinchot Project?"

BronPinchot10 karma

Twelve years really intensely, and twenty-five before that.

kevro6 karma

Which do you like better, Kung-Fu or Titties?

Also you where awesome in True Romance!

BronPinchot11 karma

I think both the titties and Kung Fu in "Kung Fu and Titties" are of variety. But still, they were all quite sweet. Thanks for your compliment on T. R.

spermracewinner6 karma

How come this hasn't picked up steam?! C'mon, people.

Anyway, nice to meet you, Bronson.

What inspired you to get into acting? Did you have a hard time getting into it? Was there any resistance or ridicule from family and/or friends? What did they do, if anything?

BronPinchot12 karma

I had no choice, I was driven to try it. No one discouraged me, my family are the greatest cheerleaders of all time, and I love them to pieces. Funny, too, all of them

BenjiTh3Hunted5 karma

Have you been told that in your more youthfull years, that you and Manu Ginobli look strikingly similar?

BronPinchot15 karma

Never heard of Manu Ginobli. Is it a goodlooking entity?

jarjack5 karma

what's your favourite movie/tv show/reality show? i grew up on perfect strangers so thank you(for babysitting me)

BronPinchot19 karma

The Wizard of Oz and The Bronson Pinchot Project, if I am to be honest.

jdv_lv5 karma

I just sold my house in Las Vegas, where i lived for 8 years, on Pinchot street. It drove me nuts that nobody--NOBODY--knew how to pronounce it. I used your name as my reference point, "PIN-choe", but 90% of people said "PIN-chot." Drove me batty.

No question therein, I'm just looking for sympathy. Pinchot high five?

BronPinchot26 karma

Massive Pinchot high-five, plus fist bump & sparkles.

Pudie5 karma

I don't know what to ask you, but to this day I still love quoting you from Beverly Hills Cop.


Always cracks me up. So thanks for the laughs.

BronPinchot14 karma

You're welcome!

ericphilbin5 karma

Bronson, I hate to admit this is the first I'm hearing about "The Bronson Pinchot Project". I know I could google it to learn more, but I'd love to hear more about it from you.

BronPinchot7 karma

Go to because if a picture is worth a thousand words, there are several thousand there. I cannot begin to describe it adequately. I'm doing what I've done for years, and they film it. Not flipping houses, but rethinking them using only architectural salvage from before 1850.

anmoyunos5 karma

Goddamnit, I'm probably too late.

I watched Beverly Hills Cop last night and annoyed my girlfriend by saying your lines with you. I also pulled out my Perfect Strangers s1 & 2 DVDs to watch this week. It's like poorly timed karma that I find your AMA the morning after.

Are you going to be in the SF Bay Area anytime in the foreseeable future? I want to give you a hug for being so awesome.

BronPinchot5 karma

I don't have a trip planned to SF but I'll take the hug telepathically. Also who said the AMA was over? Did I miss something?

Mojo_Filter1235 karma

You did a few episodes of Young And The Restless back in 2008. How tough was it to memorize your lines in the short time-span soap opera actors are usually given?

BronPinchot20 karma

Yes, it was difficult. Oddly, I had the same dialog coach as on the pilot of Perfect Strangers....wack? Or What?

monopoleroy5 karma

What was the strangest thing that happened on The Surreal Life?

BronPinchot13 karma

Janice was in the bathroom naked

HSMOM5 karma

I literally just screamed with joy. OH MY GOODNESS.

Did you accept your role in the Langoliers right away, or did you need some convincing.

Especially after doing Balki, were you concerned that fans would hate your performance in the Langoliers ?

Because it still scares the crap outta me, especially since Perfect Strangers was the first TV show I ever watched.

BronPinchot15 karma

I didn't think about it.....just did it. No one was bothered by it

tragic-waste-of-skin4 karma

I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to you, Mark Linn-Baker and the rest of the cast of Perfect Strangers for the memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I LOVED THAT SHOW.

BronPinchot6 karma

Well, day-um. Thank you from all of us.

dwattsgrant4 karma

What was it like working with george hearn and carol burnett. Putting it together FTW

BronPinchot12 karma

They were Gods of professionalism, warmth, creativity, and support. Truly GODS. I mean that from the heart.

MylesMDT4 karma

I have to admit, you've had me since Risky Business and Beverly Hills Cop.

Thanks for the entertainment since then, as well!

EDIT: What was funny, I started writing a smarmy post that your name was similar to...and realized, oh shit, it is the same guy.

BronPinchot14 karma

Wow. Thanks. B

heiliger824 karma

I just rewatched the first episodes of Perfect Strangers a couple months ago. How was Mark Linn-Baker ever supposed to come across as a 23-year old in that show? He was actually 32 at the time. I thought he was closer to 40.

BronPinchot9 karma

We did our best. I thought he was wonderful.

CDNChaoZ3 karma

Mr. Pinchot, I was a pretty big Perfect Strangers fan as a kid. Were there any improvised elements to Balki which became a reoccurring thing as the show progressed?

Any injuries resulting from the Dance of Joy?

BronPinchot12 karma

All the physicality was improvised, and all the Myposian was my own. And on the "Assertive Training" episode, I broke my front tooth on Mark's forehead.

TheLoveTin3 karma

Wow, awesome to find you here!

I have to admit I liked Perfect Strangers when I was young, and you were great as the good-natured foreign dork.

But then I got older and saw you in Beverly Hills Cop and True Romance- classic!

"You want me to suck his dick?"

"Hi my name is Elliot and I'm with the Cub Scouts of America and we're selling uncut cocaine to get to the jamboree."

I don't have any questions at the moment, but just wanted to say thank you and I hope you continue to give us some great characters.

BronPinchot14 karma

I'll do my best. By the way, Sol Rubinek was truly on the phone with me, and I truly couldn't understand what he was saying, and I ad-libbed "you want me to suck his dick" because that's what it sounded like he'd said with static. B

notHooptieJ3 karma

Q: True Romance, as fun making as watching? Also, sorry everyone still yells "looks its Balki!"

[edit: fixed capitalization]

BronPinchot4 karma

True Romance was a blast. I was sure it was the direction my career would take. Balki stuff doesn't bother me at all. It's fun.

Skey913 karma

What do you think of sitcoms today?

It seems like there are only a couple of good ones and nothing today compares to your show or your era.

And what did you think of Seinfeld? Personally I feel like I lived in crazy land. I felt it was the most overrated show ever and no one wanted to admit it. I don't think I ever even laughed out loud watching it. Perfect Strangers destroys everyday of the week

BronPinchot22 karma

My ex-girlfriend thought Seinfeld was the living end, so I dislike it on principal.

geomagus3 karma

Growing up, I knew you from Perfect Strangers, from the Beverly Hills Cop movies, and from Blame it on the Bellboy (which I just watched again about a week ago) - three roles defined in part by "funny accents and language confusion."

Did you worry at the time like this might lead to you being typecast? Looking back, do you think it impacted your career?

EDIT: Also, thank you for taking the time to do this for us!

BronPinchot11 karma

I don't look back so much. Much better to live in the present, don't you find?

sasky_813 karma

What did you think of the visual effects at the end of "The Langoliers"? I watch pretty much any Stephen King, but felt the end maybe deserved a bit better. I assume there were budget constraints, as well.

BronPinchot13 karma

I glimpsed them and ran and hid. They were atrocious. Budget constraints no doubt, but ugh.

sasky_813 karma

Glad it wasn't just me.

BronPinchot24 karma

No, indeed. It is the gift that keeps on taking.

dmun3 karma

Has there come a point where you start to hate being recognized by those character roles you did? Or do you just come to accept that kind of thing and keep signing autographs for "Balki."

BronPinchot11 karma

I just accept and roll with it.

spiny_dogfish3 karma

Bronson, I just want to tell you that Perfect Strangers was one of my favorite shows when I was small, and as a result anytime you made a cameo in films and TV throughout the years I would perk right up. It's awesome that you're still going strong! DO you know if your show is available to watch online? My wife and I don't have cable. Thank you for never "getting out of the country".

BronPinchot8 karma

I think you can find some episodes linked via

highpowered3 karma

Did you have an actor who really inspired you to become an actor yourself, i. e. someone you watched and said "that looks like a good job to have"? Who do you feel were your greatest influences on your acting style?

BronPinchot7 karma

You won't believe me, but James Mason, Spencer Tracy, Charles Laughton.

hollaback_girl2 karma

Hi Bronson! Big fan.

Can you talk a little about your experience at Yale? How well did it prepare you for your career?

How long have you been interested in interior design/architecture? How exactly did that lead to your tv show?

You've been very candid in interviews in the past. Has the reaction to those interviews caused you to second guess or self edit yourself in a way that you wouldn't have prior to that reaction?

BronPinchot5 karma

It was great; it didn't, except by teaching me to act; all my life; they came and found me; I really was a little wild in some of my early interviews...too much so.

Laina832 karma

I loved watching perfect strangers every week! Just had to get that out. What is the single biggest/worst/costly renovation mistake you have ever made?

BronPinchot12 karma

I did quite a lot in Malibu that was very costly, cuz I was a TV star and didn't shop for alternate quotes. :-)

freeseasy2 karma

Would you like a limon twist for your espresso?


Where the hell is Mipos?

BronPinchot12 karma

No, and it's imaginary.

ReginaPhilangee2 karma

Don't really have a question but just wanted to say hi!

BronPinchot20 karma


ReginaPhilangee2 karma

I can die happy now!!!!! I watched you every week as balki and even though you've done amazing things since then, I always think "oh I love him. He's balki" whenever I see you. I would imagine that it gets annoying. Sorry!

BronPinchot16 karma

Love never gets annoying, I assure you. Thanks for taking a moment to say hey. :-)

the_technician2 karma

What do you feel is your greatest achievement as an actor?

BronPinchot48 karma

Well, I would normally say Autolycus in the New York Shakespeare Festival production of The Winter's Tale. Then again, I was in an airport once when another actor got off a plane and the guy next to me nudged me and said, "Look, Balki! It's Gregory Hines!" Which means Balki counted as a person, which is getting up there with 'as good as it gets.' Just saying.

the_technician4 karma

That brought a smile to my face, Thanks Bronson!

BronPinchot8 karma

You are most welcome. B

[deleted]2 karma


BronPinchot10 karma

I hope not. I mean, it's hard to imagine. I'd settle for the small screen, frankly. B

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Jennifer, couple months ago, and emails today. Mary Anne, twenty years ago, on the last night of Perfect Strangers. But apparently she is putting together a reunion appearance (not on film) and I will see here there. My mom runs into her at the grocery store.