Bronson Alcott Pinchot

best known for his role in the ABC family sitcom Perfect Strangers as Balki Bartokomous from the Greek-like island of Mypos

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Thank you so much.

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I want first place again, let me nudge away booze. B

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I got a check a few years ago for 12 cents. Not kidding.

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I did it when my guys hooked up my generator and it worked. In the snow, mind you.

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How true.

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Um....I think that may have been Urkel from Family Matters. But I'll pass it along if I ever meet him.

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With what, me as my own grandfather? I'm 52!

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I have never done cocaine or any other drug, and have never been drunk. True story. Janice Dickinson's sinkhole is too horrific to even contemplate, and Omarosa's beef curtains would seem to have a good chance at flexibility.

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They'd have to pay me in historic architectural salvage.

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I never had a problem keeping a straight face in the movie, because I had it in my head that he was headed for a dark end. In the original version, his head came off in the shootout. Tony Scott told me after seeing rushes that I had made him too sympathetic for that, but I still was concentrating on the dark stuff.