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i will be here for an hour +...? WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT TO KNOW????

EDIT: ok, i'm out! thanks for all the questions, i will check back in!

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saybruh558 karma

so does Jason Statham use doors in real life, or does he just kick down walls when he needs to get somewhere?

briantaylor953 karma

it's best to leave doors open

AcidEgo326 karma

During sex scenes, is there something used to keep the actors' genitals seperate? I've always wondered this but have never had a chance to find out.

briantaylor591 karma

yes, it's called a cock sock

sorry4partying318 karma

What should the punishment be for pirating movies?

briantaylor1031 karma

watching a shitty, compressed version on a small screen of a movie that you otherwise might've loved

[deleted]714 karma

What should the punishment be for pirating movies in 50mbps 1080p and streaming them to your TV?

briantaylor1303 karma


carpathiz269 karma

we're sorry

briantaylor308 karma

don't worry about it

malwambi245 karma

In "CRANK: High Voltage" during the the horse racetrack sex scene, if you watch it in slow motion, you can see Jason Statham's butthole.

I wish you guys would've edited that more carefully.

What was behind your decision to leave his butthole in the film?

briantaylor545 karma

if you watch c2hv in slo mo you will see a lot of asshole

sorry4partying233 karma

Do male actors get erections during sex scenes?
Are sex scenes filmed in private at all (as in only the crew members that are needed to film the scene are present)?

briantaylor415 karma

  1. it happens
  2. not on our movies - we have 200 eyeballs minimum

[deleted]203 karma

What was the original spark of an idea for a movie about a dude who gets poisoned to keep moving always or else he dies?

briantaylor571 karma

it was a plot device designed to showcase the shit we do w/ cutting and camera movement but became a metaphor for our entire ADD approach to reality

nmets2190179 karma

did cage show you his octopus?

briantaylor320 karma

is this a metaphor?

chefzero165 karma

  1. Do you read unsolicited screenplays?
  2. How much weed do you smoke?
  3. Crank 3, when, how and hurry the fuck up.

briantaylor370 karma

  1. no
  2. got some?
  3. it will happen, prob 2013. ALRIGHT ALRIGHT JESUS!

PagingDoctorWang164 karma

How deep is Nicolas Cage's love for Elvis Presley?

briantaylor301 karma


bluelikejazz163 karma

There have been a lot of articles lately about Nicolas Cage's method acting in "becoming" Ghost Rider. Can you further explain what that was like from your observations in working with him?

briantaylor323 karma

he was fucking scary. you will have a chance to see his original performances, in baron samedi makeup and black glass contacts - without cgi - on the GRSOV blu-ray.

bluelikejazz98 karma

Was there anything over-the-top he wanted to do with the performance that you asked him to cut?

LurkingisFun566 karma

"Alright, so what i'm planning is- now bear with me here-, what i'm gonna do- bear with me- i'm gonna take a baby, yeah? Bear with me, okay? I'm gonna take the baby, and i'm gonna smear it in- now i know this is ridiculous sounding, but bear with me- i'm gonna smear it in oil, and i'm gonna take a match yeah? And i'm gonna light the baby a birthday cake, and apologize profusely to it's parents for doing such a horrible thing.
And then i'm going to stab their dog."

briantaylor684 karma

you were on set???

briantaylor257 karma

there was a part where he threatened to snap the nurse's "little neck" that was hilarious

sbran159 karma

In the original CRANK movie, how did those girls in the bubbles during the final scene not die from heat stroke? I empathize with them every time I watch the movie (it is my favorite by the way).

briantaylor467 karma

it was brutal. if you look close, the blonde is different in certain shots because one of the girls didnt show up for day 2.

the girl who takes the headshot is named - swear to god - jacki chan, and was such a gamer that we killed her again in gamer.

Deradius155 karma

What made you decide to get into directing?

What three qualities are essential for success in your profession?

How valid do you feel the Oscars are? (Do those who receive them deserve them, or is it all politics, money, and bullshit?)

What are your top three favorite films? (As a viewer.)

Can you share your thoughts on what Mr. Cage is like, in person? Is he pleasant to work with, or is he difficult on set? Does he behave erratically, or is he a consummate professional?

briantaylor437 karma

i don't get the oscars. how is the hurt locker a better script than inglorious basterds? how is inception nom'd for best picture but not nolan for best director? did the movie make itself? etc. etc. they lost me when gandhi beat out ET for best picture.

nic behaves erratically AND is a consummate pro - these things are not mutually xclusive w/ him. he shows up w/ ancient egyptian voodoo artifacts in one hand and an oscar in the other. a beast among men.

hollaback_girl85 karma

Do you have any insights into Cage's views on his career/life? Has he spoken candidly about some of the roles he's taken or the ups and downs of his career? Is there a movie/performance he's talked about that he feels is overlooked?

How does he feel about his tax problems? Is he angry, bitter, or does he have a sense of humor, "I did this to myself" attitude about it?

briantaylor324 karma

cage's total lack of bitterness and his continued passion and intensity in his approach - after all these years - is unfuckingbelievable. he's an inspiring dude.

sorry4partying154 karma

Who are the 'unsung heroes' of film production?

briantaylor466 karma

the guys who load the trucks at 4 in the morning in below zero weather? i dont know... every movie you see, even the bad ones, had hundreds of really cool people working their asses off to make it. it's a crushingly difficult process, and a miracle anything ever makes it to screen.

superphuntyme138 karma

Ghostrider (the first one) was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Granted I saw it because 300 was sold out so we went to that one instead. What did you think of it? (honestly) and how is this one gonna be better?

Also I was pleasantly surprised at how good Crank and Crank: High Voltage were. Awesome movies!

briantaylor174 karma

thank you!

i really hated the way the ghost rider looked in the first movie. the first thing we tried to do better was a complete redesign - i think the new GR is much more visceral and nasty.

unicornfarmer136 karma

how batshit crazy is bai ling?

briantaylor260 karma

off the charts

ZeroPercent135 karma

Why the switch from GR's traditional chopper to a street bike?

briantaylor423 karma

we wanted to base the action more on real riding and stunts than cgi, and choppers can't really do anything but cruise.

JaggedJimmyJr132 karma

Who came up with the "I think yes. Hell yes?" line in Ghost Rider?

Also I'm kinda curious about the tongue-in-cheek line about "illegal downloads" at the beginning. Is there a story behind this one?

briantaylor278 karma

  1. i did, sorry
  2. be good or nic cage will rip out your soul

fedhead11127 karma

Who would win in a fight between Jason Statham and ten Nicolas Cages?

briantaylor255 karma

i could not pick a winner in this one - this would be mutually assured destruction.

zzziltoid127 karma

Mike Patton was a great choice for the soundtrack to Crank movies. How as it working with him?

briantaylor237 karma

mike is a machine... he probably wrote 5 times as much music as appeared in the movie. one of my favorite soundtracks of any movie, ever. he's a mad genius.

misterhastedt125 karma

What's your favorite TV show right now?

briantaylor466 karma

south park

bloodflart123 karma

What was it like working with children on set, and what did you do to entertain them during a lull?

briantaylor573 karma

definitely a challenge - usually when there is a pacing lull we just drop in a hardcore public sex scene.... had to think of different stuff this time

TheToeTag120 karma

Why is hollywood wasting their time making sub-par superhero movies when they could be making original content instead?

briantaylor426 karma

fear and economics

skalex90 karma

Why action movies? Out of all the generes why choose to make action movies? I was a big fan of crank actually however I feel your talents can be applied to a good narrative driven drama as well based on the tightly written script. just asking!

briantaylor198 karma

i agree, stay tuned

Utah_Briggs88 karma

What happened to Ghost Rider being Rated R? It had all the Comic-Con hype and then I see it got changed?

briantaylor173 karma

GRSOV was never rated R - maybe there was a perception based on the crank movies, but w/ sony/marvel that was never gonna happen

spennser87 karma

OH MY GOD Crank High Voltage is one of my favorite movies ever. Literally, the most fun. And what a soundtrack. Gamer is also criminally underrated. I have two questions. If you could go back and change anything in your films, what would it be? And I want to make movies with the same manic energy you guys have managed to achieve. Any tips for this? Do you think I should start learning to rollerblade? (Second question was a two-parter).

briantaylor181 karma

i would've got more into FPS gaming before making gamer. we literally had no clue. i would write a completely different movie if i had it to do over. also, gerard butler and terry crews should've switched roles.

stay away from roller blades, they're dangerous.

sorry4partying87 karma

Do you do your own laundry?

briantaylor120 karma


bigazznika84 karma

What movie did you enjoy directing the most?

briantaylor216 karma

the days where nic went nuts on ghost rider were the biggest adrenaline rush i have had on set. crank 2 was also fun - i think... it is mostly a blur

mombo10178 karma

Before starting the production of Ghost Rider, how much (if any) of the comics did you read? If you read any of it, how did it shape what you did with the film?

Did Marvel have any say as to how the film would look, feel, sound like and was there ever a point where the vision they had and the vision you had came into conflict (if at all)?

briantaylor122 karma

there are so many different versions of GR over the last 30+ years... i read a lot but didnt find much to take from. the garth ennis/clayton crane mini-series were awesome. the first year of GR from back in the day is completely hilarious - he is basically completely embarrassed about being ghost rider and spends most of the time running away and hiding his face.

marvel was not involved in the look/feel at all. we sent them concept art and they gave a thumbs up.

GMLW78 karma

Is Nic Cage really as awesome as he seems on TV/on the internet?

Also, why isn't every character in this movie played by Nic Cage? For that matter, why isn't every character in every movie ever played by Nic Cage?

briantaylor383 karma

  1. yes
  2. this is a great idea, starting with the next sex in the city movie

erethren71 karma

Please tell me this Ghost Rider won't be as fucking awful as the first one. I can't watch my favorite fictional character get shat on again.

briantaylor140 karma

i think you will like this one better

claudemonet1119060 karma

oh my god i love crank so much. Ghost rider is also really cool. I love nic cage so much. i felt like i had something to say, but really im just drunk. :)

briantaylor108 karma


the-pessimist56 karma

What do you think about the Gary Friedrich story?

Do you prefer working with Nic Cage or Jason Statham?

Who do you think is better for box office pull?

What would you consider they're individual strengths/weaknesses?


briantaylor101 karma

  1. unfortunate
  2. same but different
  3. depends on the movie - box office is not really as star driven as the old days
  4. they are just totally different guys... it's hard to describe a guy as unorthodox and iconic as nic in terms of strengths and weaknesses

chancegold54 karma

Michael C. Hall seems like one of those guys that would be just as creepy in real life as he is in most of his roles. Is he? Or is he completely different and just an amazing actor?

briantaylor96 karma

the latter

asahisuperdry51 karma

Hi, Crank is my favorite film of all time. Just wanted to let you know how much I love that masterpiece.

I came up with a theory about Crank that Crank 2 kind of ruined, and I'm wondering if the idea ever crossed your mind when making the film. I always thought that from the point at which Chev drinks the Plant Shit towards the end of Crank, the events of the rest of the film are just in his imagination. This was, to me, confirmed by the final shot of the film. I love Crank 2, but it kind destroyed this fantasy of mine.

Just thought I'd share.

briantaylor117 karma

for me the alternate theory was that he died in doc miles' apt and never went to the rooftop for the finale. but, if that were the case, why couldn't c2hv just be more hallucination? i mean, verona's head in a jar? really??

cafezinho49 karma

What kind of movie do you want to make, but would be unlikely to make? (e.g., romantic comedy, period piece, a movie of an obscure book)

briantaylor70 karma

all of the above

sorry4partying43 karma

How much money did you personally make for Ghost Rider?

briantaylor118 karma

much less than you would think. i am not a 1%er.

Umphreak4242 karma

Who is someone that you have worked with that you expected to be a total dick but ended up being awesome?

briantaylor84 karma


A_K1TTEN38 karma

First off, I LOVE the Crank movies. And Statham. Do more movies with him. I also loved Gamer... And everything else you do. If you're ever in MI and need some work done, I'm your man!

Secondly, in the new Ghost rider the Swedish youtuber, Tejbz, is in it, correct? If so, about how far into the film is he and how was working with him?

briantaylor68 karma

tejbz, aka the swedish chuck norris, is in the movie - he is a cool dude

sorry4partying38 karma

What movies/shows do you secretly like but would never admit it?

briantaylor131 karma

restaurant impossible?

SexyKarate37 karma

What are your Favorite Nick Cage/Jason Statham films other than the ones you made... and why?

briantaylor165 karma

nic - raising arizona statham - snatch

ItsEvolution28 karma

What actor do you like working with the most?

briantaylor79 karma

we've been lucky - statham, cage, idris elba - that's a good day at the office.

theserpentsmiles25 karma

I noticed almost no cuds for gamer... It was a solid flick.

Did you deal with huge personalities making that film? Butler, Kyra Sedgewick, Michael C Hall, Terry Crews, Ludachris... I just assume that some people are hard to deal with, some are character actors, and some are great people.

Also, thanks for doing this.

briantaylor58 karma

all of the people you mention above with the exception of one diva were awesome to work with :)

briantaylor75 karma

kyra is NOT said diva

Rukutsk21 karma

Crank 1 was really awesome. Loved how the film started off fast paced, and just kept on giving. Is it true that you filmed it using Canon Legria cameras? What happened to the sequel? I feel it lacked the "drive" compared to the first one.

briantaylor63 karma

we used sony 950s on crank. personally i really prefer crank 2 in every way to the first.

PatternWolf8 karma

How much of your work is fun and how much is work that you don't want to do, but you have to do?

briantaylor19 karma

i can't complain about one miserable second of it. it's a fun job.