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Brian taylor
director of Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance and the Crank movies

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watching a shitty, compressed version on a small screen of a movie that you otherwise might've loved

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it's best to leave doors open

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you were on set???

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yes, it's called a cock sock

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definitely a challenge - usually when there is a pacing lull we just drop in a hardcore public sex scene.... had to think of different stuff this time

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it was a plot device designed to showcase the shit we do w/ cutting and camera movement but became a metaphor for our entire ADD approach to reality

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if you watch c2hv in slo mo you will see a lot of asshole

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it was brutal. if you look close, the blonde is different in certain shots because one of the girls didnt show up for day 2.

the girl who takes the headshot is named - swear to god - jacki chan, and was such a gamer that we killed her again in gamer.

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the guys who load the trucks at 4 in the morning in below zero weather? i dont know... every movie you see, even the bad ones, had hundreds of really cool people working their asses off to make it. it's a crushingly difficult process, and a miracle anything ever makes it to screen.