Good afternoon Reddit! My name is Brian Leifert and I am a Florida criminal defense attorney ( at the Law Offices of Leifert & Leifert. I am a former prosecutor and have vast experience in Florida’s criminal justice system. Access to public records laws in Florida make it easier for journalists to obtain information about arrests. With easier access to information, we see a large number of ‘Florida man’ news articles.

Here is my proof (, my website (, and information on the topic (

The purpose of this Ask Me Anything is to discuss freedom of information laws and the rights of the accused in Florida. My responses should not be taken as legal advice.

Mr. Leifert will be answering questions from 2 PM - 3 PM EST today, Friday, September 24.

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zjdrummond245 karma

What percentage of Florida man stories are directly to housing insecurity or homelessness?

B-Leifert291 karma

Quite a bit - that kind of stress causes desperate actions and impaired decision making.

zjdrummond65 karma

What area do you practice in? What is your sense of the general community disposition towards the homeless?

B-Leifert95 karma

Criminal Defense and Traffic Defense.

treyisajedi93120 karma

It seems like Florida Man is the result of many complex socioeconomic issues and policies that are unique to Florida. That being said. What's the most "Florida Man" you have come across in your work?

B-Leifert195 karma

The original Florida Man is said to be the "Face Eating Cannibal" high on bath salts.

alexbovs71 karma

Why do you think that "Florida Man" because such a national phenomenon? Are there issues with the way our culture has made it into some sort of entertainment/a comical phenomenon?

B-Leifert87 karma

The frequency of stories and the branding put in place by the media. I'm sure some of the intrigue relating to Florida in general stemmed from the turn of the century election controversy. Florida has since become a punching bag to many in the media: I think John Stewart (Daily Show) poked fun from time to time. I just read that Blue Oyster Cult just recently released a song entitled "Florida Man."

Just_Eggplant919262 karma

Do most of the "Florida man" stories involve the use of hard drugs?

B-Leifert146 karma

I don't have the statistics on that but it's been said the "Florida Man" trend/branding began with a story about on individual high on bath salts and attempting to eat pedestrians on Miami Beach.

GreenSprout201347 karma

What do you think the pros and cons of freedom of information and sunshine laws are?

B-Leifert110 karma

In theory it's supposed to keep government more honest and accountable. The downside is that an individual's lack of discretion can become a viral "sensation" in a matter of moments when they become the focus of the next "Florida Man" story. As an aside, Florida Man outnumbers Florida Woman 4:1.

billsilverman112436 karma

Have you dealt with any unique 'Florida Man' cases?

Or have the cases you have handled mostly just been the same as other attorneys would handle in other states?

B-Leifert68 karma

The lion's share of my cases aren't necessarily newsworthy form an entertainment standpoint. "Florida Man" is mostly a novelty that the media has picked up based on their ability to easily obtain the information and generate traffic.

SpicyCurryWackathon19 karma

Is there a culture at odds with the local laws, or is the environment conducive to a kind of tension between social norms and the laws themselves (a class thing, perhaps), or is there lead in the water supply?

I can’t work out why so many of the craziest stories come from Florida. Is it a matter of selection bias?

B-Leifert16 karma

Access to the information (Government under Sunshine) and the novelty of "Florida Man."

leanmeancoffeebean9 karma

Setting aside access to information laws, do you believe there are legitimate causes for the general assumption that Florida is a crazy place? It seems like a tropical texas to me. Wealth concentration in a few coastal locations and large swaths of right leaning populations with lower income and opportunities.

B-Leifert12 karma

Certainly more opportunities to "play" in Florida based on the weather and tourism/vacation mindset.

losermillennial7 karma

Why are so many Florida Man cases so outrageous? Is it because the people arrested are addicted to drugs or high at the time of the incident?

B-Leifert20 karma

It's become a media novelty. Switch the focus to any other state with similar population diversity, good weather and robust tourism and you would most likely see a similar result.

B-Leifert14 karma

It's largely a function of the ease at which the stories can be reported. Similar stores abound in other jurisdictions/states bu the media would have to work harder to report on those stories.

StrangeCaptain5 karma

Have you ever been to Florida?

and if so, why?

B-Leifert15 karma

I have lived in Florida since 1982.

StrangeCaptain21 karma

and are you unable to leave?

B-Leifert11 karma

Early and often!!!

B-Leifert2 karma

Any suggestions??

maluminse3 karma

So counsel do tell why are there are so many 'Florida man' in the news. Is business booming due to the plethora of Floridian antics?

B-Leifert18 karma

Low hanging fruit for the media based on the ease of access to the stories/information.

Velghast-5 karma

If I were to give you Reddit silver, would you call up my mom's husband who's a lawyer in Florida and prank him. Like say you're my brother's lawyer and he's in deep s***. It's up to you man how bad do you want that silver?

B-Leifert5 karma

Reddit crypto?? lol