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Why are so many Florida Man cases so outrageous? Is it because the people arrested are addicted to drugs or high at the time of the incident?

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How is it possible for her father to control her personal life if she is physically capable of moving around normally, going outside, talking to people, and forming meaningful relationships?

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Is there an end of youth from a medical perspective, or is youth just a social construct?

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When it comes to making peace with a traumatic event, why does logic just not work? At least in the beginning? Why is it so natural and automatic to feel worthless and undeserving after being cheated on or severely wronged/betrayed somehow when anyone else would tell you “It was entirely the wrongdoer’s fault and it only reflects how shitty they are?” Why is it so tempting to dig for better answers when logically you might know there is no real answer as to why something happened?

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Hi 👋 Are you from Iceland? Are you currently living there? If so, I am interested in what life is like there for you and how you feel about the healthcare and education situation.