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Why do you think that "Florida Man" because such a national phenomenon? Are there issues with the way our culture has made it into some sort of entertainment/a comical phenomenon?

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Clearly, there are issues with certain questions on personality tests when used during the hiring process due to equal employment opportunities. But do you think personality tests have any place in the hiring process? If so, can you provide an example or a question that may be beneficial, fair, and ethical to ask during the hiring process related to one's personality?

Are their certain fields/jobs where personality tests may be necessary to decide whether or not to hire someone?

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Don't you agree that the writers/creators should be allowed to reclaim their rights to their work? If they do, it's not even that Marvel cannot continue making movies with these characters, they simply have to share the profits right!? Seems like a lot of work for Disney to go through and makes them look pretty bad. What are your thoughts?

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Who is most vulnerable to experiencing domestic violence (aside from the obvious fact that women are most likely to suffer)? Are certain ethnicities, age groups, sexual orientations, etc. more likely than others? If so, which?

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Can you trademark a hashtag? If so how would you make it a strong trademark?