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Ladies! I am OPs neighbor, lend me some sugar!

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I don't know Waffle House waitresses are normally held to a pretty high regard

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Jeremy I have visited your facility twice! Did you guys ever figure out if you might be moving out to Lee County? I have been looking for volunteer opportunities but I loathe going into Collier if I have to, I have been conditioned to believe that the air just smells more smug there.

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I've actually got some open time this summer season if you guys are in any need of volunteers. I know there's never any shortage of help when I visit just thought I'd throw a line out there since I already got a response!

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Hey man, sounds bad ass. So with your professional background, and with all of your personal life experience I think you are well versed to answer this question. How do you feel about the final season of Game of Thrones?