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It's a tough road without quality evidence. If a criminal charge is not viable as a result of weak or lack of evidence, a victim of domestic violence may be able to pursue a civil injunction . . . also called a restraint order. The standards of proof for a civil case are lower than is required for a criminal charge (proof beyond a reasonable doubt).

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Lack of support systems from victims of domestic violence along with an inability to change tolerance levels and people spend more time with another.

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Individuals arrested for domestic violence here in Fort Lauderdale must see a judge before being released. If warranted, the judge will order that the Defendant have no contact with alleged victim and may also an electronic monitor to track the Defendant's whereabouts.

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I have seen an increase in cases where people were already prone to domestic related issues. In other words, the majority of the recent case since the pandemic are individuals who have been charged in the past.

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Great question! Here in South Florida cases are extremely backlogged which results in lack of closure for all parties. I haven't seen it yet personally, but the additional stresses of a domestic violence case that lingers on certainly could increase the risk of further violence. Not as many places for a victim of domestic violence to retreat during a pandemic.