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It's a tough road without quality evidence. If a criminal charge is not viable as a result of weak or lack of evidence, a victim of domestic violence may be able to pursue a civil injunction . . . also called a restraint order. The standards of proof for a civil case are lower than is required for a criminal charge (proof beyond a reasonable doubt).

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Lack of support systems from victims of domestic violence along with an inability to change tolerance levels and people spend more time with another.

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Quite a bit - that kind of stress causes desperate actions and impaired decision making.

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Individuals arrested for domestic violence here in Fort Lauderdale must see a judge before being released. If warranted, the judge will order that the Defendant have no contact with alleged victim and may also an electronic monitor to track the Defendant's whereabouts.

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The original Florida Man is said to be the "Face Eating Cannibal" high on bath salts.