Obligatory proof: https://twitter.com/#!/EvanMathis69/status/170633507989757952

Most of you probably don't know who the hell I am, but at least a few guys on /eagles and /nfl have requested this so I shall oblige. I've been in the NFL since 2005, a redditor since circa 2007, and slightly relevant since a few months ago when I finally got a starting gig.

If you're a reporter or a blogger please don't quote anything I say in here so I can try to be as much myself as possible. Politically correct gets old. I'm always open to interviews if you'd like one outside of here.

Since I didn't really schedule this I'll do my best to answer all the questions over the next day or two. And you should love me more than Louis CK because he didn't even know what the fuck reddit was.

Edit: I said I would try to answer as many as I could. I would now like to know the record for most responses by an OP in an AMA. Someone figure it out because if there's anybody that responded more than I just did, they deserve a trophy. Ever been late to a reddit front page party and known your comment would get buried? I know your pain. That's why I dug and responded to pretty much everything.

I'm still a Twitter slut, so follow me:


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EvanMathisThrowaway2578 karma

Evan, HUGE FAN. Who's your favorite player?

EvanMathisThrowaway2563 karma

Evan Mathis is my favorite player. He is awesome.

Wet_Walrus128 karma

I apologize ahead of time for snaking this response but I need to know how you did this and how long it took you.

I've been lifting for 10+ year and I feel like I've hit a plateau with regards to strength and size, any tips?

EvanMathisThrowaway294 karma

Snake away. It was 8 weeks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezaAMcCy3u4

Change your routine up every three weeks. Make sure to keep stretching and maintain flexibility. Research a carb cycling diet and give it a try.

paddykegs1132 karma

I read the title as I am NFL Original Gangster and redditor Evan Mathis

EvanMathisThrowaway1570 karma

And that's the way I wrote it. Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

funfungiguy726 karma

What's the biggest dinosaur you think you cold kill with primitive weapons? Traps aren't allowed; it's like a fight in a football stadium. You don't have to name any specific dinosaurs, just give a size.

EvanMathisThrowaway1996 karma

Okay, so I'm in a football stadium but there's a 20 foot tall tree on the 50 yard line. I am in said tree with a two foot sharpened rock blade. A Tyrannosaurus makes his way to the tree. He gets within a few feet and I jump off onto the top of his head. I stab his head as hard as I can but nothing happens. He starts to move his head around and I struggle for balance. He is trying to grab me but isn't coming close. I gather myself, rear back, and impale his eye with the blade. He lets out a loud, painful roar. I reach in his eye socket, grab his brain, and rip it out like Kano would a heart. He falls to the ground. I run with his brain to the end zone and fulfill a lifelong dream by scoring the first touchdown of my entire career.


The fuck did I just read?

Another question. Who is your best friend(s) on the eagles?

EvanMathisThrowaway614 karma

All the guys on the OL are a pretty tight knit group.


Who's your best non-OL friend? Vick? Jenkins? Cole? Someone who doesn't start like Landri?

EvanMathisThrowaway453 karma


A_K1TTEN441 karma

This should be a movie. Evan Mathis should play you, though.. He seems bad ass enough to pull off something like that...

EvanMathisThrowaway878 karma

If we could convince him to. I'm sure he gets requests like that every day.

brndon667 karma

Hey Evan! I KNOW YOU! We were friends in kindergarten and I went to your house to hang out literally every week. I'll give you three guesses as to my identity but I doubt you'll need that.

Even though we haven't seen each other in over 20 years, I still geek out when I see you on tv.

Glad to see that you are on Reddit and are still awesome.

+1 Twitter follower.

EvanMathisThrowaway817 karma

Brandon Morgado. We spent many days playing Nintendo, eating McDonald's, going to birthday parties, and watching the Rock-afire Explosion perform at Showbiz Pizza place. I'll never forget. +1 Twitter follower.

EvanMathisThrowaway552 karma

I'm going to take a break for a couple hours. Please upvote the questions you would like answered and I will answer them by rank. Since I'm on a throwaway and can't be a karma whore this thread, please allow me to be a Twitter whore and give me a follow, I won't let you down. www.twitter.com/EvanMathis69

AndyRooney391 karma

Tell me about your prom.

EvanMathisThrowaway1411 karma

My prom was boring. But one time I went to some prom after party in LA dressed up like Woody Harrelson and met this chick named Roseanne. Sweetest girl ever. Everything was a fairytale until I lost her damn number. :(

AndyRooney133 karma

Everything was a fairytale until I lost her damn number. :(

She's pissed, bro.

EvanMathisThrowaway369 karma

She's Asian? Man I was wasted.

Software_Engineer374 karma

There is a rumor that Offensive linemen are among the most intelligent players in the league, while the Defensive linemen are among the least intelligent. Can you say anything about this?

EvanMathisThrowaway1000 karma

It's true.

RonFrankMD353 karma


EvanMathisThrowaway914 karma

Well sir, you need to update your roster. I'm a 77 and not even on a team on Madden 2012. Update your roster and I'm a 91, yayyyyy. In college, David Pollack grabbed my balls a few times during a game.

samadam172 karma

I've always wondered how much pro athletes follow their video game stats. Do most of your team mates know how they fare in Madden?

Also: if you play, do you prefer to play as yourself?

EvanMathisThrowaway543 karma

Growing up playing the games I follow what goes on with them. I can't really play as myself on there because who the hell wants to be an O linemen on Madden? I will be the Eagles though.

EvanMathisThrowaway493 karma

I remember that. I want to write in about my throwing rating. I think they have it as like a 15 when it should -6.

slap_bet317 karma

Hey Evan! thanks for doing this AMA. I know /r/eagles is gonna be psyched. A few questions

1) People talk about you as the prototype for someone who benefits from Howard Mudds scheme. Can you give us a better idea of some specific things he preaches that are vastly different? Most of the conventional wisdom doesn't go any farther than "he likes smallish guys".

2) How important is chemistry between you and your neighbors?

3) How much of a beast is Jason Peters?

EvanMathisThrowaway391 karma

  1. He doesn't like smaller guys, he likes athletes. More often than not it's just guys that aren't 340 who are the athletes. Take 40 pounds off of 340 player and I'll guarantee you he can move better. Howard's techniques are aggressive. It's not sitting back, it's attacking. A primitive caveman like myself thrives when I can attack somebody on every single play.
  2. Very. Communication is critical to offensive line success.
  3. If there's anybody you could consider a natural tackle in the NFL its Jason Peters. Extremely athletic for his size and willing to work to refine his techniques. He's the best in the game right now.

slap_bet102 karma

Cool. Great stuff. Seems like a lot of pass protection is sitting back, does mudd not do that? Or am I wrong here?

One last question, how many of the players drink? It seems like so many don't. What's up with that?

Take care big guy, looking forward to seeing you again next year.

EvanMathisThrowaway167 karma

Mudd teaches us to initiate contact whereas most coaches teach guys to set back. There's some that do, some that don't, some that do too much. Just like in most work environments I'm sure.

Gargarbinks300 karma

I've always wondered, what's it like being a pro football player socially? I knew a guy who played big-time college football in the 70s and he said they'd just walk into a bar and girls would leave they boyfriends on the spot? I assume the NFL is like that, times a million? On the other hand, do you have to mind your manners in public, so you don't end up on TMZ?

EvanMathisThrowaway1214 karma

I am socially awkward penguin not Vinny Chase.

Saveyoself295 karma

Another Redditor got BenJarvus Green-Ellis to answer this, so to continue the tradition - Who was your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Also I'm a Seahawks fan, and the Eagles had a prime time game in Seattle this year. How loud was the 12th man?

EvanMathisThrowaway452 karma

Michelangelo was always my favorite. My brother was a Donatello fan.

12th man always does their part in Seattle. Kudos to you and yours for having an impact on the game.

slumslum242 karma

Thanks a bunch for doing this AMA. The guys over ar r/eagles really appreciate it. Here are my questions. 

What are your Offseason plans?

How likely is it that you will return to the Eagles next season?

Describe Howard Mudd in one word?

EvanMathisThrowaway997 karma

  1. Train my ass off. Have a baby in April. Train my ass off.
  2. I've never really been through this whole free agent thing while being worth a damn so I'm not completely sure how it all works. There'$ a few thing$ I'll have to con$ider when weighing my option$.
  3. Man.

Johnny_Hooker477 karma

In regards to #1, please explain the physical difficulties you have encountered while attempting to carry a child to term while maintaining the physique of a professional athlete.

Do you want to take a hands on approach to your free agency, or do you view it more as a transaction between your agent and a team? What level of involvement do you foresee yourself having in such a process?

EvanMathisThrowaway566 karma

  1. It's tough, I keep craving ice cream. The second question is a very good one and tough to answer. Deep down I want to have a hands on approach but I'm not the one getting paid a shitload of money to handle it. I'd probably end up screwing it up so I'll just let my agent do it with as much feedback from me as possible.

rotaderp125 karma

What is /r/eagles gonna need to do make sure you re-sign in Philly?

EvanMathisThrowaway374 karma

Troll Howie Roseman.

firstsacker5227 karma

Wanna go for a few beers?

EvanMathisThrowaway755 karma

If by a few you mean 30.

slumslum114 karma

That makes me wonder. Favorite beer?

EvanMathisThrowaway480 karma

I don't usually drink beer... Okay I wasn't going there with it, but seriously I don't usually drink beer. Get the Dos Equis guy out of your head. Guinness, when I drink beer I drink Guinness.

atrollsatan212 karma

Evan, Giants fan here. Could you get traded to some team that I don't hate so that we can have an unbiased AMA? ;)

All jokes aside, here are my questions:

1) The NFC East is filled with prolific pass rushers (Justin Tuck, JPP, Osi Umenyiora, Demarcus Ware, Brian Orakpo, Ryan Kerrigan, Trent Cole, Jason Babin) who are some of the best in the NFL. Having played in AFC East, NFC South, and AFC North, do you find that the NFC Beast is the most difficult division in terms of pass protection?

2) You made the switch from protecting a classic pocket QB (Palmer) to a very mobile one (Vick/Young). Was there a huge adjustment in terms of making the switch?

3) How awesome did it feel to win the division title over New England in 2008? Is Chad Pennington as nice as he looks?

4) Did you have fun last year with TO and Ochocinco?

5) Who has more lumberjack potential, you or Jason Kelce? Remember, Jason Kelce is fast like tiger and strong like bull.

6) You play division rivals often. Are you friends with Giants, Redskins or Cowboys players, especially linemen

Thanks for doing this AMA. Now go back to the Bengals so I don't have to hate you.

EvanMathisThrowaway223 karma

  1. Absolutely it is the most difficult based on the amount of pass rushing talent.
  2. The main difference was being ready to take off and block on the run in case Vick/Young started scrambling. Carson wasn't quite as mobile...
  3. I was cut by Carolina after camp in 08 so you're talking about my partial season with Miami, I was cut after week 11 or so there. Then I was picked up by Cincinnati. 2008 sucked!
  4. Yes, they are cool, interesting guys. And nowhere near the distractions they are made out to be.
  5. Jason Kelce wishes he was as fast and strong as me. He has time to get there, I've been trying to teach him. If you put the flannel shirt on both of us I think he looks like Al Borland and I look like the Brawny man.
  6. I've only been in the NFC East for one season. I'm sure I'll make plenty of "friends" on opposing d-lines if I stay here. Thanks for your questions. I love you.

PurpleMan201 karma

Given the recent focus on concussions, are you at all concerned for your long-term health? As a lineman who is constantly running head first into a brick wall from 12 inches away, are you more or less concerned then if you were a WR who would get hit much less often, but in a more violent style?

EvanMathisThrowaway573 karma

Linemen are constantly banging their heads. Each of those sub-concussive impacts may be having some negative effect on the brain. I really don't know how long I expect to live but it's been a great 30 years.

ToenailFucker184 karma

Is it true that Howard Mudd can lift 400 pounds with one crutch?

EvanMathisThrowaway324 karma

Yeah, I thought this was common knowledge.

flippityfloppityfloo180 karma

Get out of town! You're a freaking Redditor?! Though I wish you had scheduled this with us, I am absolutely thrilled you decided to take the time in your offseason to do this for our community!

You were rated as the best left guard in the NFL last season - who would you rate as the best guards to ever play the game?

Is there any past player you have modeled your play after?

What are three things about the Eagles you would change for next season to improve your chances at the playoffs?

If you could guard for any quarterback in history, who would it be and why?

What are some of the worst parts of being an NFL player?

And lastly, when you come to DC, would you ever be interested in grabbing a beer with the group from /r/washingtondc?


EvanMathisThrowaway302 karma

  1. I'm sorry I didn't schedule. I didn't really know if anybody would really care that I was doing this.

  2. Best guards to ever play the game? I can't accurately answer that question without watching more film first. One name I could throw out there would be Larry Allen. He was extremely dominant in his prime.

  3. Not really, I want guys to model their play after me when it's all said and done.

  4. There's not much to change, just add a few more beasts to the roster in the draft and free agency.

  5. If I could block for anybody in history I'd probably choose someone like Randall Cunningham.

  6. Some of the bad things of NFL life: destroying your body, hard to have a family Christmas, I can't think of anything else. I love doing what I do.

  7. Yeah wouldn't mind it at all.

Thanks for the questions.

BlameLasers235 karma

You're pretty famous, successful, know how an AMA works, aren't promoting anything, and are actually answering questions... and you didn't think anyone would care? Are you SURE you're a redditor!?

EvanMathisThrowaway134 karma

I have an agenda. Mathis2016.

[deleted]180 karma

Holy shit! Huge Bengals fan here, and loved when you were with them. Was the Carson/Ochocinco/ T.O. thing really as bad as it seemed?


EvanMathisThrowaway238 karma

No it wasn't as bad as it seems. TO and Chad catch a lot more negative publicity then they are due. I would actually like to see TO get one more chance. Sign the dude to a minimum contract and let him prove himself.

I left the Bengals because they didn't play me. My contract was up and I wanted to go somewhere where I had a chance to compete for a starting job. Miss you. <3

BallBandit168 karma

Do you still collect Beanie Babies and Furbies?

EvanMathisThrowaway758 karma

In high school, a friend and I used to buy them at the toy store in the mall and sell them to a second hand vendor at a kiosk elsewhere in the mall for double and triple what we just purchased them for. There were also girls at school who had $100 Beanie Babies and didn't know it, I would offer them $20 for their Beanies and flip them on eBay. I was a real gangsta ass Beanie Baby hustla. The Furbies were just a waste of money, I had like 4 of them and their novelty wore off very quickly. I think I still have about 100 Beanie Babies in storage somewhere. They are worthless now.

BallBandit102 karma

Follow up. Tell me about the most special/tender moment that you shared with Dennis Franchione.

EvanMathisThrowaway452 karma

When he abruptly left Bama to take the job at Texas A&M the only way a 22 year old Evan Mathis knew how to express himself was by walking into his office and taking this... http://i.imgur.com/KyRDW.jpg

rpd9803165 karma

Evan 1. Gamer? Video or otherwise

  1. Do you, like everyone else, secretly live in NJ during the season?

  2. Who would win in a chili dog eating contest, Andy or God?

  3. Can you please make sure this year the Eagles pro shop carries Evan Mathis jerseys? I had to settle for a Maclin when I went to the Cards game.

Yes, that also means you need to re-sign right this instant, buddy, we need you.

EvanMathisThrowaway446 karma

Yes I'm a gamer. Was addicted to WoW in 2005. Was a level 41 Halo 3 player. 100% completed GTA IV. Currently playing Twisted Metal awaiting the arrival of GTA V.

  1. I lived less than a mile from Novacare last season.
  2. I would demolish both of them.
  3. That's a great idea. Let's start writing letters.

razpotim163 karma

How do you guys feel about Vick?

Is he fine or do you still think about what he did?

EvanMathisThrowaway625 karma

We love Mike. I've forgiven him for the dog situation. I let him hold my chihuahua, Thor, and his eyes lit up with joy. I believe the terms of his sentence won't allow him to own a dog for a certain amount of time. But when he does own one again he'll be a great daddy to it. I understand people hating him for what he did but he served his time and it's not going to come close to happening again.

Benmonkey763 karma

We must get a picture of your dog!

KeepSwinging132 karma

ProFootballFocus has been singing your praises for a while now. While their readers and Eagles fans recognize your very high level of play, you don't get a lot of national attention (you were robbed to not be voted to the Pro Bowl this year). Does that type of thing frustrate you or do you just keep a "haters gonna hate" attitude and keep on dominating?

EvanMathisThrowaway506 karma

To be recognized as the best guard in the NFL, you have to be the best guard in the NFL for more than one season. Give me time.

tommykay127 karma

Most hated NFL opponent?

Most challenging NFL opponent?

How many sexual jokes have you heard about your number 69?

EvanMathisThrowaway268 karma

Not sure if you mean team or players. Teams change so I'll answer it with players. Don't really hate anybody or hate playing them. Some of the most challenging defenders I've played against are Justin Smith, James Harrison, and Haloti Ngata. I get a 69 joke every three days on average.

lookitssupergus121 karma

How would you describe the feeling of going from team to team, to seemingly having a home in Philadelphia?

Also, can I make a request? Please ask Mike Kafka to grow his hair out. It was awesome before he went bald.

I had saved this for about two months, what's the deal?

EvanMathisThrowaway213 karma

Bouncing around was annoying. I always thought I deserved to play more than I did so my confidence was never impacted. I had to fight and stay relentless to get where I am. Look at 2011 as my rookie year. I have very limited mileage on my body and I take care of myself. I have a lot left in the tank. As far as Kafka goes, I don't think he is bald by choice. And that damn penalty... I was just trying to get tacklers off of Harbor. The whistle hadn't blown yet and I think the official only threw the flag because of how badly mangled the LB fell to the ground. You know it's the wrong call when you don't get a FedEx envelope the following week with a fat fine in it.

sterlingarcher0069117 karma

If you weren't playing football as a career, what would you be doing?

EvanMathisThrowaway270 karma

I'd be a psychologist or a writer. Perhaps both.

knetzy113 karma

Big Eagles fan here, awesome year last year man.

1) Who was the toughest guy to block this past season? 2) If you had to pick one teammate to go out and have a beer with who would it be?

EvanMathisThrowaway231 karma

  1. Justin Smith from the 49ers.
  2. Jamaal Jackson

Pit_of_Death72 karma

Obligatory "I'm a big Niners fan" post here....I feel like Justin Smith got robbed of the Defensive Player of the Year award in 2011. Agree or disagree?

EvanMathisThrowaway103 karma

100% agree.

fronkensteen112 karma

Cowboys fan here. How do you feel about your NFC East rivals? In particular, a response for each team would be fantastic.

Congrats on becoming a starter!

EvanMathisThrowaway243 karma

It's the type of division that always has the potential for powerful teams. In 2011, the Cowboys were a team with a lot of talent that struggled similarly to us. It actually seemed like the entire division was that way. If you're looking for me to say something about how I hate my NFC rivals I'm not going to say it. My goal is to kick everyone's ass, don't really care if their division opponents or not.

_iamgeorge110 karma

The burning question that all Eagles fans have going into the 2012 season - what style of facial hair will you be sporting next season?

Additionally, would it be possible for Howard Mudd to adopt me as his grandson?

EvanMathisThrowaway408 karma

If I make the Pro Bowl this coming season I've been considering a Kenny Powers look, with either the curls or the cornrows.

If Howard won't I will.

jaybitalls96 karma

What's wrong with Vince's throwing motion, is there a squirrel in his jersey?

EvanMathisThrowaway338 karma

I'm in front of him when he throws so I don't know. Poor squirrel.

Reien93 karma

How did you and your teammates react when Vincent claimed you guys as the dream team?

EvanMathisThrowaway390 karma

I believe he said that before I signed with Philly. I signed on July 31 and Vince had signed a few days before that if I'm not mistaken. Either way it was something we, including Vince, were obviously trying to shake. The 1992 US Men's Olympic Basketball Team is the only Dream Team I know.

SI5288 karma

Lifetime Eagles fan here - it's cool to know you reddit. Any other Eagle?NFL Redditors?

Also, I feel obligated to let you know that the "tough" Philly media approves of you and your play, which isn't always the easiest thing to accomplish. So well done on that.

Another question: How has Howard Mudd affected your play on the O-line?

EvanMathisThrowaway465 karma

I don't know of anyone else who is on reddit. I usually don't tell anybody about it because it's such a prestigious and obscure community of only 20 million+ people. Howard Mudd has greatly affected my play. He made it easy for me. He taught me how to do things in a very efficient way. It's about damn time I figured this shit out!

ethman73 karma

So back in week 5 or 6 I think it was, some jackass "fans" put a sign up outside the Linc saying "fire Reid" or some bullshit like that. Apparently and from what I recall reading, you and Watkins(?) went out and confronted them about it. I seem to remember them saying stuff to the media like you had threatened them. Instantly became a fan of yours after that and finding out you were a redditor as well kinda sealed it. Any light you could shed on this encounter/your side of the story?

EvanMathisThrowaway51 karma

Disclaimer: I am a meathead. Jason Kelce and I were leaving the facility on a Monday after a few losses in a row. A group of guys hung a sign that read, "ANDY THE TIMES.... TO GO." They were referencing a line Coach Reid uses in press conferences, "The time's yours." Anyway, I didn't want to see that in the team's front yard, public property or not. I told them to take the sign down or I'd take it down for them. They took it down, got mad, and went to the media. It caught national attention. Some people whined about freedom of speech, I whined back about freedom of speech. I made up with the guys as we all were just bitter about the state of the Eagles at the time. The returned with signs that had a more motivational appeal. If I had to do it over again I would have confronted them in a nicer way. But like I said, I'm a meathead.

asad1670 karma

what's your training regime look like?

EvanMathisThrowaway401 karma

Looks like a piece of paper that tells me what to do.

aahmed368870 karma

Are you mad that your throwaway is going to have more karma than your real account?

EvanMathisThrowaway164 karma

Yes. I actually am.

xajii68 karma

Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Are there any rules in the NFL that you think need to be amended or removed entirely?

As a player on the line, how often do you think offensive linemen get called for false starts when a defensive player was offsides first, and vice versa?

EvanMathisThrowaway412 karma

Each team should possess the ball in overtime.

If the defensive player's movement is the reason the offensive player jumped then it's supposed to be called on the defense. I don't really give a damn though. I pay attention to the quarterback in the ball. I had zero false starts last year. Sorry, had to brag a little.

scalzo1966 karma

Favorite teammate ever? Worst/funniest trash talk you've heard? Best and worst part about playing in the NFL?

EvanMathisThrowaway186 karma

Jordan Gross.

When I played for the Panthers we were playing the Eagles and Keyshawn Johnson was saying the weirdest things to Juqua. I forget exactly what it was but it was something about comparing bank account size and private jet use.

Best part: Living my lifelong dream. Worst part: Taking years off of my life.

taffystolemyteeth66 karma

Do you think Vick got more comfortable calling his protection schemes with you guys more towards the end of the season? Do you plan on working on that more this offseason or would you go back to one of the Oline (probably Kelce, right?) doing it?

Did you get to ride in Watkins' fire truck yet?

EvanMathisThrowaway112 karma

A full offseason will be greatly beneficial to the Eagles. As far as calling protections, it's a combination of the line and QB making the calls and all boils down to communication. I haven't ridden in Danny's firetruck yet. I can't wait.

fila42964 karma

How often do you guys make fun of Jason Babin for his stance? I mean...the guy has his face dug into the grass.

EvanMathisThrowaway64 karma

His stance is fine. He dresses up as a Jersey Shore cast member way too often though.

cakebullets56 karma

At what point in your life did you realize you had a realistic shot to make it to the pros?

EvanMathisThrowaway166 karma

I wrote a journal in 9th grade that specifically stated it as my plan. I was absolutely horrendous at football until 12th grade but have been relentlessly dedicated to living my dream. I truly have used every year to improve and will continue to do that.

silver-mac54 karma

First off, does the picture on the wiki page most accurately describe your position? NFL Guard

Second, how do you feel about the new way they are starting to treat concussions in the NFL? I hate seeing some of my old heroes turn into mush. I imagine there is pressure from coaches teammates to stay in and tough it out, but how do we fight that when there's 100 guys gunnin for your job every spring?

EvanMathisThrowaway91 karma

  1. ewwwwww
  2. Hopefully technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and the negative impacts of concussions can be further limited over time. We live in a time where we really don't know exactly what's going on in the brain. Personally, if I think I have a concussion I would only take a break if it was effecting my play. If I was still executing I'd try to roll with it.

[deleted]51 karma

Hi Evan, you'll be the next jersey I buy for doing something this cool. Can I ask how the team is feeling behind the coaches and so on? In your experience does it seem like the team is starting to mesh with one another, particularly the defense?

Also the team ended on a hot streak, is the attitude in the locker room confident?

And finally one final question. Desean Jackson, you think he'll remain in philly?

Please fell free to answer only what you feel comfortable with. Thanks

EvanMathisThrowaway68 karma

The coaches and players meshed more and more as the season progressed. The team did end on a nice streak. If we parlay that energy and effort into next season, great things can happen. I don't know how the Desean's contract will play out, I'm not educated enough on the salary cap.

Edmuresay49 karma

Hey, just wanted to say that I have a ton of respect for any NFL offensive lineman. You guys do the heavy lifting and don't get nearly enough recognition for doing what you do.

Questions, then...

1) You play LG. What's it like going against NFL defensive tackles? Holy shit that must be insane.

2) Do linemen have stats they keep among themselves? Skill guys have the Yards and TDs, so do you guys get anything other than the random "pancake block"?

Thanks in advance.

-offensive lineman fan.

EvanMathisThrowaway169 karma

  1. It was overwhelming at times to a young Evan but now I like kicking their ass.
  2. The only stat I've ever kept myself is sacks allowed and penalties. Focusing on that allowed me to have no sacks and no false starts last season.

Yooklid44 karma

Evan, if you could have one guy from each team on yours who would it be?

EvanMathisThrowaway265 karma

Bo Jackson.

PurpleMan43 karma

What would you say is the reason for your success last year? Is it scheme/teammates, or did it just take you a few years to really master your position?

EvanMathisThrowaway97 karma

It was a combination of things. I trained 28 straight weeks at my gym in Arizona that I could shamelessly plug here. I got in the best shape of my life. It feels so cliché after typing that but it's the truth. That and learning all the techniques that OL coach Howard Mudd had to teach. It wasn't really about scheme, Howard's methods could work anywhere. I've worked every year to improve and will continue to do that, but I really lucked out with the opportunities that presented themselves to me this year.

DashDingo40 karma

Most physically imposing player you've seen?

EvanMathisThrowaway113 karma

I feel like I keep mentioning the same players. James Harrison and Justin Smith are genetic mutants.

AhhhBROTHERS39 karma

This is awesome! Best stadium to play in not in Philly? Most challenging DT/DE/LB to block or pick up in blitz protection? Genuine 'nicest guy' in the NFL?

Last thing I want to know is how dirty things get in the bottom of scrums when five dudes all try and jump on a fumble? Is there really gouging or finger torquing or shit like that going on?

EvanMathisThrowaway95 karma

I've played everywhere except San Francisco. I played in Dallas for the first time this year and that plays is very nice except they didn't have automatic flushers on the visiting bathroom toilets.

Nicest guy goes to Jordan Gross.

Not as much as you would think. I've never had it done to me nor would I do that to anybody else.

TastyBurger2338 karma

Do you prefer run plays over pass plays as far as blocking goes? And, if running, do you prefer to be pulling, down-blocking, or just straight-up man-to-man blocking?

EvanMathisThrowaway47 karma

I prefer run plays. My favorite is when the ball is coming my way and it's me versus the DT. That's when I salivate like a rabid chihuahua. I still have don't mind every other play, I've just become very very comfortable run blocking.

Cormacr31 karma

How much shit-talking goes on in the trenches? Is it like every play, or is it rare? And has someone ever said something that made you laugh during a game?

Unrelated: is there anyone in the NFL who doesn't work hard? By that I mean is there anyone you've seen make it in the league who got by solely on natural ability but was lazy in the weight/film room, or does everyone at that level work their ass off?

EvanMathisThrowaway138 karma

There really isn't that much trash talking. When there is, it usually just comes out sounding ridiculous. During the Patriots game last year, Gerard Warren told me he was going to eat my pussy.

Yes, there's a lot of people who blow their chances at perfectly good careers by not working hard. It's quite sad seeing that kind of thing happen.

Fiatlux400426 karma

What's the most important thing about football that the average fan doesn't recognize/appreciate?

EvanMathisThrowaway66 karma

It's an intricate game of many moving parts. My only advice is watch as much as you can before jumping to conclusions or being lazy and using announcers' opinions as your own.

renegade3626 karma

Do you guys pull any pranks on eachother in the locker rooms/ meetings? If so, what are some of the best ones? I know we used to have a blast back in high school messing with people.

EvanMathisThrowaway93 karma

Last April Fool's Day I sent spoof texts to multiple teammates phone's from Marvin Lewis' number informing them they had been cut.

Internet_Exploring25 karma

When you score your first NFL touchdown, how are you going to celebrate? Do you have any dance or antics in mind? Personally, I'd like to see you act like you were riding that T-rex you talked about earlier, take out its brain, and spike it. Just an idea.

EvanMathisThrowaway130 karma

I think I'll just walk through the tunnel and leave the game.

rasherdk24 karma

Okay, so I don't expect you to answer all of these, so if you find any of these worth answering, do leave the rest out:

  1. What's it like having played for so many teams (okay, so 4 isn't exactly a record, but it's some amount more than 1)? Do you think it affects how you approach your job, and the team, compared to guys who have been with the same team since they entered the NFL?
  2. Favourite sport that is not football - to play or watch/follow?
  3. Has Andy Reid ever tried to eat you?
  4. Do you get a lot of creepy/obnoxious fans?
  5. Any good stories of weird stuff that has fallen in your lap because you are an NFL player?
  6. If you're ever in Denmark, I'll buy you a beer. That's not a question.

EvanMathisThrowaway47 karma

  1. My first 6 years didn't go how I wanted them. The last 9 will.
  2. UFC on occasion. I'm sad that Brock Lesnar retired because I wanted to pummel him.
  3. Just once.
  4. No, the Philly fanbase are all angels.
  5. Not yet.
  6. Thanks.