Hey all. Let me get this one out of the way... no, I did not actually pee myself in the movie (I recall it being a mix of water and baby oil?).

All questions welcome. I have some great memories of shooting Billy Madison, happy to share them with you.


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tenbatsu1252 karma

Hi, Jared! Thanks a lot for doing this. You are a legend in our house, alongside such greats as Miles Davis and the Revolting Blob. Question: In your opinion, what was the best scene that got cut from Billy Madison?

JC4161979 karma

Wow. That is a good question. I can’t think of a particular scene. But Farley had so many amazing takes and lines when he slammed the school bus door and said “no yelling on the bus”. I remember there being some takes when he used a few expletives, which obviously couldn’t be used, Lol.

papajim221058 karma

How long did it take to learn and shoot the big song and dance number after Billy hits rock bottom? And did the clown ever get that hemorrhage in his head checked out?

JC4161226 karma

That was probably the most challenging scene for me. There was a lot of choreography (for me). I remember the director, Tamera Davis, had to spend a lot of time with me to get it right.

landoshot1st998 karma

Did you know this movie was going to be popular while it was in production? How did the popularity affect the rest of your childhood?

JC4161715 karma

The fact it’s over 20 years later and people still care is insane to me. I had no idea of course. But I feel really lucky to have had this experience.

Wrath_Of_Aguirre724 karma

Have you ever had someone unaware of your involvement quote the movie to or around you? To this day I still hear people quote that movie, especially the "If peeing your pants is cool..." line.

JC4161758 karma

Ok. One time I was in a room and someone was saying how their friend knows the kid who peed his pants in Billy Madison. I didn’t say a word. They looked me up and finally put together that I had the same name as the kid. It was really awkward and funny.

cironclad584 karma

How was Chris Farley on set?

JC4161139 karma

It was only a day or two. But he was the guy I looked forward to meeting the most. He was hilarious.

DaveLearnedSomething563 karma

Hey mate.

How many takes did Adam and Chris need to nail that bus door scene ("that Veronica Vaughn...)?

Even in the final shot used, Adam appears on the verge of laughter.

JC4161021 karma

That scene was a show. The Farley show.

There was a lot of improv going on. Nobody knew what he was going to do or say next. I think I was laughing while walking in the bus.

bibbleskit526 karma

I JUST watched this movie again with friends two days ago.

How ya doing man??

Do you ever feel remorse for blowing it for Billy?

What's your favorite moment/quote from the movie?

JC416622 karma

I always loved the Triscuit cracker line.

Adamnk513 karma

Did you go to a sailing camp at Harborfront in Toronto?!

JC416465 karma

I did!

callyourcomputerguy461 karma

Did you get get to meet Norm MacDonald?

JC416705 karma

I did. There is a pic! He was incredibly kind and friendly with me.

UltraVires33390 karma

In Billy Madison, the lunchroom scene where the lunch lady brings you guys sloppy joes seems so random and unconnected to anything else in the movie, but it's hilarious. Was that scene set up by or connected to any other scenes that got scripted or shot but maybe cut from the final film? Any other explanation you can remember for the lunch lady scene?

Also, do you have any more gum?

JC416565 karma

I don’t have any explanation. BUT I will say this. That was the hardest scene to keep it all together. I couldn’t stop laughing. Imagine what it was like sitting right in front of these people. It was nuts.

thenewestboom388 karma

What was the audition like? How do you get the position over the other kids on set?

JC416844 karma

I remember going into the callback very nervous. This was the biggest gig I had ever auditioned for and I loved Adam Sandler.

I walk in and see Sandler sitting there with a Yankees cap. I had no idea he would be there. I was probably visibly trembling. I guess it worked in my favour.

TJ902257 karma

I just want to say that this movie really means a lot to me, it was one of the first movies my best friend and I watched when we were kids, and would watch it every so often. He unfortunately passed away in 2016 so it’s something I remember him by and watch when I’m missing him.

I even went around and checked out a bunch of the filming locations when I lived in Toronto, the mansion, the schools, the pioneer village, the burger joint which is now a mr sub I believe. Felt really surreal and almost like I was in the movie. Anyways, you really played that part super well and I can’t imagine anyone else in that role.

I guess I don’t really have a question, but if you have a cool story or a funny memory I’d love to hear it. Either from filming or maybe something that happened when the film was released.

Did you guys all get to go to the premier? Can you tell us a little about that?

Thanks so much for doing this, I know you’re getting flooded. All the best

JC416347 karma

I actually went to the premier in New York. I don’t remember much from that.

But we did a premier party in Toronto with all my friends. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t watch.

tenbatsu252 karma

Were you on set during the dodgeball scene, and if so, was it as brutal as it looked? I know the Sandman had a few things to say about it.

JC416220 karma

Thankfully. I was not.

Lets_be_stoned228 karma

Billy Madison was one of Adam Sandler’s first actual movies. When you worked with him how professional did he seem at that point? Was he serious or joking around a lot? Just curious.

JC416599 karma

He was the best!

I remember when we shot all the stuff on the bus. It was in between takes and he picked his nose and showed me this disgusting booger on his finger. In that moment I knew this guy was the coolest.

All honesty. He was great to be around and very generous and cool with us kids.

behrytov226 karma

What do you do today? Do you regret child acting at all?

JC416612 karma

No regrets. It was awesome.

I now have a wonderful wife and two kids and my own business.

To this day, Billy Madison is still a huge part of my life.

jaymdee207 karma

Where did that role fall in your career? What led up to you landing it and how did you feel about it at the time?

JC416429 karma

It was certainly the peak of my career. I had done some commercials and TV shows up to that point. I was only acting for about 2 years in total.

KimOnAWhim169 karma

Hey Jared! Did you do much acting after Billy Madison? Is it something you’ve still got on the cards?

JC416456 karma

I actually didn’t do any more acting after Billy Madison. It really wasn’t something I was very good at.

I was in 5th grade and I was missing time to hang out with my friends to go to auditions every day. I didn’t love that.

TheClayroo166 karma

Did you get to keep any memorabilia from the movie?

JC416412 karma

I did! I have a baseball hat but my dog chewed it up. RIP Barkley. I think I might have some of the clothes. Fun fact, the Cons I wore in the movie were my real shoes, so were the glasses.

SuperPussyFan149 karma

What is your favorite Adam Sandler movie (other than Billy Madison if that’s your answer)?

JC416447 karma

Wedding Singer was always my favourite.

LowBatteryPower149 karma

What is your favorite memory about Chris Farley? On set, but not filming, of course!

Edit: Now I’m going back to watch Billy Madison, and “IT’S NUDEY MAGAZINE DAY!!”

JC416525 karma

We woke him up from a nap to take this pic.


LowBatteryPower75 karma

Was he upset you woke him from a glorious nap?

insultant_80 karma

He sure looks like it. Lol

JC416234 karma

He definitely was.

stelth69121 karma


Were you local to the filming area the time?

I used to live near Parkwood (Oshawa) in the 90s and remember when they filmed it. The movie holds a bit of a different reverence for me since it was “local”. (Also coz it’s an awesome movie).

Also, please confirm you were present when Jim Downey (high school principal) gave his incredible “Mr. Madison, what you just said…” speech. My brother and I use that line all the time on each other.

JC416213 karma

Downey was hilarious.

At the time, I didn’t really get that humor. But if I watch it now, I love his scenes.

For those crowd shots during the Academic Decathlon. I really let loose, lol. I remember thinking “if I go really crazy I might get a shot in the movie”. It worked!

kaffeofikaelika116 karma

If they made Billy Madison 2, would you be up for peeing your pants on screen again?

JC416232 karma


DrNikVanHelsing85 karma

Yesterday, I watched my original Billy Madison tape that I had as a kid. I held on to it for so long as it was one of my favorite movies back then and it actually made me friends reciting lines from it.

Come to find out, we're very close on age! I want to thank you for being relatable to young me, in a movie with comedy power houses that I still appreciate to this day.

My question is, every time Billy graduated a grade, were the parties as fun as they looked in the movie?? Any behind the scene stories you can throw out there? Did you get to ride the jetskii in the fountain?

Thank you for being as cool as Miles Davis. YOU BLEW IT!

JC416234 karma

I remember seeing everything and hoping I’d get to do something fun. They put me on the teatherball pole (not my first choice). But it was still a lot of fun.

Something that stood out to me from that day. They had one of the extras dress up as me and stand in and I remember the kid saying “aw I don’t want to be the nerd”. I wanted to say, “hey, I’m not a nerd!”

monitormonkey64 karma

Hi Jared. What was your favorite thing about the whole experience?

JC416332 karma

Well. I got to take off the last month of school and spend my summer hanging out with Adam Sandler and most of the SNL cast. That was pretty awesome.

FunctionBuilt60 karma

Did you get made fun of in school for this part?

JC416153 karma

Not really. It might have helped if anything.

taco_whisperer51 karma


JC416141 karma

Mortal Kombat obv

Dark1sh38 karma

Are you aware of the article on barstool sports that says you were murdered in Mexico by the cartel?

JC41688 karma

I am aware. I guess they have some creative writers.

TransmutativeAlchemy29 karma

Do you recall any specific details of the McLaughlin house in Oshawa Canada where it was filmed?

JC41639 karma

It was really hot that day.

berrattack19 karma

Dude are those overalls in the pic or a printed shirt?

JC41641 karma

Printed lol

rizdiz11 karma

You vegan btw?

JC41620 karma

I am!

MrchntMariner861 karma

Jared, how have you been?

What have you been up to?

What are some current passions/hobbies/binges?

What your preferred (appropriate to share with us) vice?

Do you prefer Whiskey, Rum, Gin, or Vodka?

JC4163 karma

I’m a big Raptors fan. We The North!

imapikachu1 karma

Are you currently working on anything at the moment?!

JC4168 karma

I’m working hard. But not on any films.

OhioDuran-1 karma

What do you think of that Nirvana Nevermind cover baby suing everyone now? Do you have any similar regrets being put into acting at such a young age?

JC41611 karma

Not at all. That’s one of my favourite albums of all time, FYI.