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In Billy Madison, the lunchroom scene where the lunch lady brings you guys sloppy joes seems so random and unconnected to anything else in the movie, but it's hilarious. Was that scene set up by or connected to any other scenes that got scripted or shot but maybe cut from the final film? Any other explanation you can remember for the lunch lady scene?

Also, do you have any more gum?

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Yeah, they literally changed it RIGHT AFTER I needed it. It's better now but those of us who went to school before 2006 are just screwed.

I had the worst timing--went to an expensive (top 5) law school right before they uncapped student loans, AND just after they made student loans (even private ones) non-dischargeable in bankruptcy, PLUS I entered the legal profession just as the economy cratered so the huge law firm bonuses I was relying on to pay off those loans never materialized. I'm part of a lost generation.

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And a lot of that graduate debt is likely from private student loans, not government-backed loans, so they're saddled with it until it's paid back and it's not subject to the moratoriums or potential forgiveness being discussed here.

When I went to law school, the maximum for government loans barely put a dent in my tuition, so like 70% of my student debt was incurred through private loans. I've since paid off my government loans but still have six figures of private loan debt that's basically like a mortgage payment I'll have for decades.