I’m Jacob, his son, and ill be relaying the questions to him since he isn’t the most internet-savvy person. Feel free to ask anything about his experience(s)!

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/RaRTRY3

EDIT: Thank you everyone for all your questions! My dad and I really enjoyed this! :)

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thewayfaringflashpac11236 karma

Are you disappointed you didn't get shot out his blowhole like in the cartoons?

bloxiefox13315 karma

That probably would have hurt a lot more.

(Speaking as Jacob, this would have been epic.)

bright_shiny_objects9938 karma

What actor do you want play you in the future Netflix movie?

bloxiefox13111 karma

Matt Damon.

(His wife says Sean Penn.)

splimp9423 karma

Was its tongue smooth like a dogs or scratchy like a cats?

bloxiefox12003 karma

I was in a dry suit, couldn’t really tell. Also, the mouth was filled with water.

HanShotF1rst2269034 karma

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Edit: thanks for the awards everyone! The one day I actually leave the house and shit blows up lol

bloxiefox9599 karma

This. No doubt. Plane crash is in a close second.

TheAnnieDude7702 karma

  1. How did you get out?
  2. Were you able to see anything?
  3. What bad things could have happened inside which didn't happen fortunately?

bloxiefox10335 karma

  1. Eventually the whale managed to dislodge me by moving its head and tounge, I think.

  2. Nope. Completely dark.

  3. I could’ve suffocated, or drowned if I didn’t retrieve my regulator in time.

Wrinklestiltskin3938 karma

So you lost your regulator when it attempted to swallow you?

bloxiefox7953 karma

I lost hold of it for a moment. (Also, speaking as Jacob, it's a common misconception that he was swallowed or attempted to. He is adamant that the whale would not have been able to actually swallow him.)

Flying-Wild7609 karma

What was your ‘last thought’ when you realised you’d been eaten by a whale?

bloxiefox12147 karma

My wife and kids.

stuffZACKlikes7735 karma

Which kid is your favorite?

bloxiefox11846 karma

He laughed when I asked him this.

conmanmurphy6364 karma

Did you see the whale coming and just couldn’t get out of the way or did it sneak up on you?

bloxiefox8042 karma

Not at all. Came up behind from me, felt it close down, then boom.

sharkifyification6061 karma

What's the most interesting thing you've seen while under the surface diving for lobsters?

bloxiefox8374 karma

A dead body.

sharkifyification4185 karma

Damn! Did you have to go through the process of reporting it to authorities or anything like that?

bloxiefox8162 karma

Yep. It was a missing person, an active case. Stumbled upon it and got it found.

MelonMuenster5764 karma

What is the reaction when you get to the hospital to get checked out and the doctors ask you what happened?

bloxiefox12103 karma

I said “I got stuck in a whale’s mouth.” All the nurses and doctors at the hospital came to see me and ask me about it. One nurse came in with a notepad, she asked me for lottery numbers!

420xyolo5309 karma

What were the injuries sustained?

bloxiefox7503 karma

Soft tissue damage, nothing serious. Thankfully.

scottimusprimus2580 karma

What do you think caused the soft tissue damage, and why do you think your legs were hurt?

bloxiefox4938 karma

Blunt force of the whale's mouth, I could feel it clamping down on my legs. Also I got pretty banged up while it was trying to force me out.

RocketSurgeon222167 karma

Did the whale have a gag reflex? Was it making a noise while trying to spit you out?

bloxiefox3848 karma

It didn't SPIT me out, rather I think it forced me out by movement and using its tounge.

epigenie_9861640 karma

I’m super curious about the sounds he heard!

bloxiefox3694 karma

Swishing of water and the rapid movement of the whale. No audible cries of the whale.

clashvalley4948 karma

Did you find any lobsters in there?

bloxiefox4616 karma

Sadly, no.

whereismom4925 karma

Did the whale swim away with you for a bit, or spit you out near your dive site?

bloxiefox6831 karma

I could feel it swimming around, but it spit me out not too far from where my boat was with my mate.

AnotherBirdOnTheWire4409 karma

Jacob, how do you plan to top your father’s story?

bloxiefox19328 karma

Swallowing a whale

sgeep4406 karma

How long were you trapped? Were you concerned at any point that you might die?

bloxiefox7044 karma

Trapped for about 30-40 seconds. Yes, I was almost convinced I was going to die that day.

galacticspace-turtle3887 karma

Jacob do you want to play some smash after you are done helping your dad do the ama?

bloxiefox3240 karma

Only if I get to play Steve.

und883617 karma

Is it true you survived a plane crash in Costa Rica?

bloxiefox3469 karma

Yes. A while back

TinKicker3586 karma

Do you have a name for this whale? Has anyone slapped an awesome nickname on you yet?

bloxiefox6960 karma

No name for the whale yet. But it's pretty obvious that many people are calling me "Jonah". now.

TheExpandingMind3563 karma

To your knowledge, was the whale injured in the process of your escape?

bloxiefox6096 karma

The whale turned out completely ok. Maybe a bit annoyed.

beefsupreme1233522 karma

Did you know immediately that you were in a wales mouth?

bloxiefox5738 karma

At first, I thought maybe a shark. But due to the lack of teeth and the size of it I soon realized that what I was in was a whale.

Titsmacintosh2717 karma

Yo Jacob, tell your dad he's a fox

bloxiefox3747 karma

He already knows.

designer_of_drugs3500 karma

Do you commonly see whales while diving? Is it unusual that they get close to divers?

bloxiefox4493 karma

Very rarely. And yes, usually they like to keep a good distance from us.

rhinosaur-3360 karma

After the whale dislodged you, did you get to see it swim away? Or was it too hectic.

bloxiefox4654 karma

All I saw was whitewater crashing around me, and the tail of it, disappearing into the water.

amypalgreen873359 karma

Did you try to communicate with the whale?

bloxiefox5542 karma

I don't think it would have been in the mood to converse with me at the time.

MurderDoneRight3100 karma

Is this an elaborate your mom joke?

bloxiefox4785 karma

Yo mama sends her regards.

Belzhaba2964 karma

Has it deterred you at all from your job, or is it business as usual for yourself?

bloxiefox4910 karma

(Speaking as Jacob, I don't even need to ask this. I have no doubt in my mind he will do everything he can to keep diving, it's his life and passion.)

ducksmash9991267 karma

Is diving a family thing? do you(jacob) dive with ur dad as well?

bloxiefox2333 karma

(He inspired me to get my scuba certification. I love diving with my dad.)

Daredizzle2721 karma

How long were you in there?

bloxiefox3911 karma

Thirty to forty seconds is my estimate.

GotMyIE2564 karma

Longest 30 seconds of your life I bet

bloxiefox3409 karma


JohnAStark1183 karma

Even the 10s of seconds as that small plane was coming down into the jungle?

bloxiefox2158 karma

In that plane crash, I was flung out of the plane before it even hit the ground. Probably a much shorter timeframe.

JohnAStark1538 karma

How the hell does one survive a plane crash that you are ejected out of the plane before it actually crashes … damn.

bloxiefox2236 karma

(Speaking as Jacob, I'm just as surprised as you are.)

Adamski_G2516 karma

How do you feel about all the attention and news stories?

bloxiefox3972 karma

(He is very overwhelmed. He’s a simple dude.)

Shdwzor743 karma

How did the world come to know? Did you guys reach out to the media or did somebody from the hospital tell them?

bloxiefox1393 karma

No clue. Original article was a small newspaper, cape cod times. Next thing I knew, news stations were in my driveway.

DryKnight2434 karma

Could you feel the pressure change as the whale surfaced?

bloxiefox3276 karma

Felt nothing but my own body crashing against the water. The pressure was the least of my concerns.

roxtoby2201 karma

Jacob - what was your reaction when you were told what happened to your dad? Did you believe them?

bloxiefox4527 karma

I got pulled out of Spanish class and got told there was an accident, whale related. Went the rest of the day without further knowledge. Really nerve wracking.

valuesandnorms2181 karma

Why did it “swallow” you? Was it just looking for krill?

bloxiefox2737 karma

Yes. It likely accidentally ran into me while scouring for krill.

ColdWaterSandwich2090 karma

Have you been invited on the talk shows yet?

bloxiefox2513 karma


s1m0n82027 karma

Would you rather fight a whale-sized lobster or 100 lobster-sized whales?

bloxiefox2316 karma

I could probably take a whale sized lobster.

kazneus869 karma

what advice do you have for anyone on reddit who might have to take a whale sized lobster without your expertise and experience?

bloxiefox1574 karma

Grab em on the back so they can’t snip you

part-time-dog1837 karma

What is the feeling of being ingested most comparable to? Is it like being crushed by a couch or being pummeled on all sides? Were you thinking "oh great I'm the guy who gets eaten today" or is it too tough to process what's happening until it's over?

bloxiefox2979 karma

It was full of water, and I could feel the muscles of its mouth convulsing around me, it was a really strange feeling to be sure. Can't draw a meaningful comparison.

AHoleInTheClouds1809 karma

How did the inside look???

bloxiefox2704 karma

Pitch black, couldn’t see anything at all.

AHoleInTheClouds1220 karma

How did it feel?

bloxiefox2979 karma

Felt the whales mouth and muscles convulsing around me, felt really strange.

Points_To_Prove1753 karma

What happened after you got out? Were you able to swim to safety or did someone need to help you?

bloxiefox2690 karma

My mate pulled me out of the water back onto the boat, thankful he was there.

iwannaruninastream1577 karma

How did you escape?

bloxiefox2145 karma

The whale eventually got me out.

1dabaholic1469 karma

Did you always know you could escape? Did you think you were going to die? What was going through your mind before you realized you could make it out safely, or at all. Did you kill the whale?

bloxiefox2810 karma

  1. At first, I was focused on getting my regulator back in my mouth so I could breathe. Then I thought MAYBE I could get out of this.

  2. Definitely. I thought that was it, I was done.

  3. My head was just spinning, I could feel the whale swimming around and I was just thinking that there was almost no way out of this.

  4. The whale is alive and well.

Gloomy-Blackberry1380 karma

Was being in there warmer than the seawater outside?

bloxiefox1816 karma

Hard to differentiate temperature (I was wearing a dry-suit).

NeonSandwich1312 karma

I was reading in the other thread about a plane crash you were involved in. Would you be willing to delve into that experience and how it impacted you, your life, and worldview? Thanks for doing this!

bloxiefox3134 karma

(I don't usually like to ask my dad about the plane crash very often. What he's told me when I ask him is that he was just astounded to be alive, if he was rescued even a day later he wouldn't be here today. He has a large scar on his back. This all happened before I was born, but I'm sure it shaped him into the brave and passionate man he is today.)

nudestudy1168 karma

Are you related to the Provincetown artist Cynthia Packard?

bloxiefox1499 karma

Yes. And my grandma is Anne Packard.

Interesting_Feature369 karma

She is Jacob‘s grandma, presumably?

bloxiefox548 karma

Yes I am speaking as Jacob right now.

Forced__Perspective1162 karma

It must have been seriously disorientating, how did you manage to keep your mask and breathing apparatus on?

bloxiefox1615 karma

Didn't have any trouble with my mask. Although I did lose my regulator for a second, thankfully got it back quickly.

OrangeElephant881149 karma

What is your second craziest diving story?

I read in the article that you see a lot of white sharks, have you ever had a close encounter with them or do they generally steer clear?

bloxiefox1882 karma

Don't encounter them often. A while back, I encountered the corpse of a missing person while diving, that is definitely up there with the crazy stories.

Shiny_Swamp_Phantom1132 karma

Were you running an open circuit or closed circuit? Most marine life I see stays the hell away from bubbles

bloxiefox1762 karma

Open circuit, I've always dived that way. So my mate on the boat can follow my bubbles and track where I'm going.

EL_Huegdon-19951056 karma

Do you plan on continuing your job or just diving in general? This must of been a traumatic event for you.

bloxiefox1930 karma

I’m getting back in the water as soon as possible. This job is my life, wouldn’t stop for anything.

D_Lo_Key1009 karma

The article talks about you maybe being the last lobster diver in your area. Is that true? Why is that? And my biggest curiosity about the job, does it pay well?

bloxiefox1332 karma

It's a really tough and specialized business, trapping is a lot easier for the average person. It pays alright, but it can depend on the season.

npielawski879 karma

How much freedom of movement did you have inside the whale? Where did you feel the pressure on your body? How strong was the pressure from the jaw? Not sure how to formulate those questions properly haha

bloxiefox1144 karma

  1. Little to none.
  2. Not so much pressure, rather I could feel the whale swimming around trying to dislodge me.
  3. Strong enough to mess up my legs pretty bad.

LittleFalls847 karma

Did anyone see it happen? If so, what did they have to say about it?

bloxiefox1683 karma

My mate and my buddy who's a charter fisher, Joe, and his full charter boat. They said they saw a bunch of commotion in the water, then saw the whale's tail surfacing, and me returning into the water.

HighToadest824 karma

Were you angry while you were inside the whale's mouth? Like, g'damn it the universe is really unfair.

bloxiefox1368 karma

Not anger. More like hopelessness

Gloomy-Blackberry602 karma

What type of whale?

bloxiefox823 karma

Humpback whale.

danielsacosta98581 karma

Is your son Jacob a funny-looking wooden character?

bloxiefox953 karma

Hey. I may be funny looking, but I’m definitely not wooden.

7hrowawaydild0551 karma

How did your dad like the idea of doing an AMA? What do you think of this bonding experience between you guys? (I would love to have done this with Dad)

bloxiefox1067 karma

He had barely any idea what Reddit is. Basically just asked if I could ask him questions for an online message board

KazamaSmokers352 karma

Lobster prices are insane right now. You making good money?

bloxiefox519 karma

Can't complain

beautnight314 karma

Not sure if you're still answering questions. But I'm curious about something. If say, the whale had not pushed you out, or if you had already been unconscious when he did and drowned, what do you think your crewmates would have thought happened to you?

bloxiefox461 karma

That’s a really good question. One that I don’t know the answer to. Maybe I’d be classified as missing?

Master_JBT310 karma

Hey Jacob, how are you?

bloxiefox469 karma


svemagnu242 karma

Where you swallowed feet or head first?

bloxiefox411 karma

Don't even know. Was gulped before I could even tell what happened.

angrychickenarmy205 karma

Are the Jonah jokes as stupid to you as they are to me?

Better to be whale vomit and not whale poop. Welcome back.

bloxiefox139 karma

I can see where people would get Jonah from. Also, agreed. Much prefer being vomit.

toomanypeasants203 karma

I live near you and do lobster diving in the area. Do you think this whale learned it’s lesson or should I also be worried I might be swallowed alive?

bloxiefox253 karma

Don’t be worried. This case is so rare that it’s almost non existent

katherineschlatts76 karma

Saw someone else’s post about your dad yesterday! What are some other interesting/extreme sport hobbies or passions does he love doing? :)

bloxiefox137 karma

Fishing, gardening, cooking, and being outdoors. He's a cool guy

sirmoosebo67 karma

What is it like being a lobster? How are you writing this?

bloxiefox117 karma

Lobster noises

Black_Moons63 karma

Is it water filled and roomy in there or did it clamp down on you?

bloxiefox87 karma

Roomy enough to move my arms around but not much more. My legs were clamped down on, that's what caused my leg injuries

CFA-hole49 karma

Super excited that this came together! I spent last night watching the episode of “I shouldn’t be alive” that you were in. What crazy stories! I have a few questions not related to this whale incident:

  1. How did you get involved in lobster diving?

  2. In an article I read that it’s not uncommon to see white sharks while lobster diving, especially in the waters of Cape Cod (I live nearby). Have you encountered one before? Is there any sort of “protection” you carry or system that helps minimize the risk of shark attack?

  3. In the plane crash episode, it was said you were living in Costa Rica. What brought you there and how’s you end up in Cape Cod?

Thanks in advance, happy to hear you’re doing well!

bloxiefox59 karma

  1. (He's been lobster diving since before I was born. I think he just likes it.)
  2. I've seen a few great whites. There's a shark protection field that minimizes the risk of attack, though.
  3. I used to own a fishing business down there. I moved to Cape Cod with my family a while back.

Dean36446 karma

What do you imagine the whales breath smelled like?

bloxiefox85 karma


viafiasco43 karma

How did it smell?

bloxiefox147 karma

You can't smell anything underwater.

Edit: Probably like fish.

lilmountainbb23 karma

What did you see!? What did you smell?!!

bloxiefox49 karma

I saw absolutely nothing, only felt. Didn't smell anything since the mouth was filled with water, too.