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Or turn on TV and watch a single commercial break, only to notice half the commercials are for various drugs 'you should ask your doctor' about.

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hahahahah the husband gave birth. I think you both need to go down there in person. Should they still insist your husband gave birth to your kid I would recommend having him drop his pants and ask them to find someone who took 3 years of medical school (Or highschool sex ed) to double check on that, because they are either morons or need to write paper on that ASAP.

And they charged you for holding him! I can't even describe how stupid and money grubbing something like that is... just trying to invent charges outta nowhere for you.

Do I dare ask how much they charge you for holding your own baby?

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Except you'd think such things as 'someone paying attention so the kid does not die' would have been under the multi thousand dollar a day base hospital fee.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

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Yep and immediately they would have 60% less expenses to have to recoop. (edited 90% to 60% to reflect real world data better)

Its not like your doctor is going to go "It sucks that you are dying painfully, but I have not seen a single ad on TV or had any drug reps recommend me a drug that would treat your illness.

If only we had some sort of way to find medications that treat things without watching TV ads or having drug reps tell us individually about each one. Oh well."