We have just released the first single "Sticky" off of our 8th studio album XOXO: From Love And Anxiety In Real Time which is coming out on July 9, 2021. We're happily going back on the road with the Sad Summer Festival starting on our album's release day with All Time Low, The Story So Far, Movements, and Grayscale.

We are an independent rock band with seven previous full-length albums - the last five of which were released through our own label 8123. We've been touring and making music for 14 years now and we're so excited to take the next step in our musical careers with our new album.

Ask us anything!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/15q69ilb4mo61.jpg

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5enti3nt194 karma

why aren't you from Maine?

thenetkraken292 karma

Follow-up, Why aren't you called The Arizona?

themainemusic84 karma

I honestly have no good reason why, other than we got our band name from a tune called "Coast of Maine" by Ivory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEXoOvwM8K8 That shit still rips. -John

themainemusic82 karma

Arizona is where the stork dropped the lot of us. -john

themainemusic69 karma

A HUGE thank you to everybody for showing up! Sticky is out everywhere, and we have so many more things in the works to show you VERY soon. And if all goes well, we'll see you when we're looking at you (this year!). XOXO, The Maine.

cricketclover40 karma

What's the best '90s song and why is it "Slide"?

themainemusic33 karma

Great choice. It's Creep for me. -Jared

HereForPuppies24 karma

How do ya’ll decide which colors/themes to match the current album/era?

themainemusic33 karma

It's kinda funny, that's a big discussion. It falls in line with how we approach the art direction for an era. We've had tons and tons of talks just on that alone for XOXO. But it goes all the way back to the matching vests and gold splatter. We like to feel like one unit. Anything to tie it all together. Often, that's been a color. -Jared

Thenamesmames23 karma

How have you been able to do so many free events? Do you guys get a good ROI on them or is the main return there more people being able to see you guys?

themainemusic68 karma

A great question. I think we've found over the years that the one thing that has always kept us grounded is the connection we have with our fans. At the end of the day, this is what we do for a living, but that doesn't mean we have to nickel and dime fans all day long. We're music fans too, and we want everybody to feel like they can be involved with what we're doing. Sometimes it's a no-brainer like never charging for a meet and greet. Other times, it's an entirely free tour which involves a great deal of creativity and effort. To answer your question, we've always just been concerned with playing to as many people as we can, and bringing as many of those people that we can into the 8123 fam. We spend a lot of extra time on so many things like merch and making sure our live shows are extra special so that when things do cost, they actually have value. -Jared

ctrllaur21 karma

When you say you remember your fans, are you being honest or just being nice? 👀

themainemusic49 karma

I'm not great with names, but I can recognize faces all day. And for some reason, twitter and instagram handles haha. If you're pretty active online there's a good chance I'm gonna remember your username. -Jared

themainemusic33 karma

I'm being honest when I say so, and usually also am honest enough to admit that remembering names isn't my strong suit. I remember the important things like the who and the why. I have so many great memories of so many different interactions -Kennedy

ce541n20 karma

I struggle with chronic depression, and You Are Ok helped get me out of bed and motivated me to actively work on my mental health. “Everything is temporary. Even the sorry that you carry.” This has become almost a mantra to me, I repeat it often, and I’m so happy to say that I’m in a much better place while I’m still working on my health every day. That being said- I feel that you all are very strong mental health advocates. Does this come from personal experience? If not, do you all simply understand the importance of destigmatising and having conversations about mental health? Thank you, for everything. Xoxo

themainemusic17 karma

Its very personal for me. My own experiences definitely shape why I fully stand behind the lyrics that John creates and propel that message. While I'm not very outspoken on it, it does mean a whole lot to me. I find that my time to shine is generally one on one with people who open up to me. That's when I feel the most comfortable getting into the weeds. Over the years its been a symbiotic relationship in 8123. I get just as much out of it as someone gets from me. I've been held up and helped mentally and I rather enjoy getting to spread that positivity to those that need it too. -Kennedy

MFerrari812319 karma

Yo Yo! Good morning, fellas. I can't express how ready I am to see you guys live again, so I was wondering if there are tour plans in the works, or is it still too early?

themainemusic26 karma

Morning dude! Sad Summer is the plan. We also have more plans after that but just waiting to see where the world is at in a few months from now. -Pat

blueneonsky16 karma

What’s your #1 anxiety when it comes to touring?

themainemusic65 karma

Oh dude, I've got this. The worst is when there's that one guy in that one band you're touring with that you just didn't get a chance to meet on the first day. Then a couple weeks go by and it doesn't happen. And now it's too late to intro yourself. And now it's the last show and everybody is hugging and saying goodbye and you get to have a really bizarre interaction. It's tough! A lot of people on some tours! -Jared

themainemusic30 karma

the bus driving. don't sleep much while the bus is moving. -G

crossroam14 karma

Hey guys! I’ve been a fan for over half of my lifetime, which is unreal to think about. Something I really admire about you all and part of what’s kept me around for so long is just how prolific your relationship is with the 8123 community, so thanks for doing what ya do! ❤️

With the XOXO era on the rise, I’m curious to know how it compares to the release of your previous albums and what those eras must have felt like on your side. Does every album drop produce the same emotions in you as the previous ones, or does each era come with it’s own vibe? Have you ever been apprehensive to approach a new era?

Love y’all so much, and can’t wait for this new music! :)

themainemusic24 karma

Hey! Thank you so much! I think as an artist we've gone through all the emotions around releases. Pioneer and Forever Halloween come to mind as a couple albums that were such a big risk for our band. A lot of uncertainty around both of those. Luckily the 8123 fam always shows up. Eternally grateful for that. XOXO is not one of those uncertain albums for us. Incredibly proud of what's to come. Hope people enjoy it as much as we do. -Jared

steffan6613 karma

Biggest musical influences on XOXO?

themainemusic19 karma

I think everyone has a different answer for this but I was jamming a lot of The Cure. Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me vibe -G

themainemusic17 karma

Nothing really stands out as a glaring point of reference, but we tossed around INXS, Tears for Fears, The Cure, though I'm not sure any of those will be able to be heard in the finished product. I think we shied less away from the pop elements our band enjoys and tried to lean into them a bit stronger this time around. Hope all is well! Thanks for the question! -John

aleesasah12 karma

I remember John said before that These Four Words is, for him personally, the most heartbreaking song he's ever written. Has it been dethroned yet? (pls correct me if that was just a rumor lol)

themainemusic26 karma

I can't speak for John but Face Towards The Sun fucks me up everytime I hear it -G

doubleflusher10 karma

Living or dead, what artists would you love to have a jam session with?

themainemusic20 karma

Jacob Collier but it's not a jam it's just me watching him because he is an actual genius. -Jared

santi_canizales8 karma

Did you sign with Photo Finish Records?

themainemusic13 karma

We did a partnership with them and 8123 to help us out a little bit on a few things we can't handle in house with 8123!

lilmeggerz6 karma

Happy Hump Day! I have 2 questions for you guys: 1. What were all of your first jobs? 2. Do you guys get nervous at all about performing these days? Or is it 2nd nature at this point?

Ps your interactions with your fans are so badass. 8123 family forever 💙

themainemusic18 karma

It is WEDNESDAY my dudes!! My first job in highschool was as a purple panther mascot called Makutu at an indoor kids adventure park called Makutus Island. So many great stories from that place.

I get nerves if it's been a while since we've played a show, but for the most part nothing like it used to be. It's just fun now. -Jared

ZingoPlaya16 karma

Hey boys! Been a huge fan since 2017, right after the funeral show is when I discovered you! I have a couple questions, some are music related and some are just history of the band.

  1. What does the typical songwriting process look like?
  2. Will Lovely Little Lonely ever get re-pressed on vinyl?
  3. I know in the past at Sad Summer, some of the bands stuck around their merch tents or walked around, will that still be allowed this year/ whenever it happens? and if it is, will you guys be?
  4. Lastly, will Flowers On The Grave be your closing song for Sad Summer or will it make it to the setlist at all? I missed The Mirror Tour, and would LOVE to hear it live!

Love you guys! Ive played Sticky so many fucking times, its unbelievable! Look forward to seeing yall in Worcester, MA!! WE WILL BE THE BEST CROWD😎

themainemusic16 karma

The typical songwriting process begins with John, but it can be different each time around on how much we begin with. The initial filter process is us each listening to some little clips he has provided. We kind of venn diagram that stuff and have a lot of contender ideas and some that only feel semi useable. Sometimes its a lyric that catches my attention, sometimes just a melody that ill have on repeat from those initial ideas that makes me push for one song or another to make the cut. Eventually we get into a room and start to really put structure to a piece. over the years its been different each time. Sometimes something comes out from jamming together onstage, sometimes we discuss our way into a song by just talking about it, almost willing it into existence. 2) I'm sure we will be doing just that. All in good time. 3) If it is safe and logical to do so, I will be happy to be back mingling and can't wait for that! 4)I don't think we have thought that far in advance for the setlist. Given the limited time onstage, it will be a judgement call to see what we play. With longer songs such as that one the decision gets difficult because its either that or fit in two other songs during that same timeframe Thanks for the Questions! -Kennedy

helpmeplease122357875 karma

What gave you guys the idea/inspiration to do the “eras” in your music releases?

Also, any tour plans in the works? I saw you at Old National Center before the world shut down in 2019 and I’m itching to see another live show!

Thanks for seeing me through my darkest and happiest moments, I’ve been a fan since the very beginning


themainemusic7 karma

I know how important it is for me to have something to tether the artists I love to specific time periods. I think it's also pretty awesome to come back as a different version of our band every couple of years. And yeah, Sad Summer is on deck!! Keeping fingers crossed! -Jared

jawboned5 karma

can you tell us which tracks you're most excited for people to hear off of XOXO? (besides sticky of course 🔥)

themainemusic23 karma

I can't wait for you all to hear Anxiety In Real Time and April 7th! -Pat

themainemusic22 karma

Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful. Don't sleep on that one. -Jared

themainemusic18 karma

HIGH FOREVER. It's probably the most wild production we've put on a song. Some of the most out there sounds, HEAVY HEAVY synths and blown out drums. love it

themainemusic16 karma

I am super excited about all of these songs and my answer will probably be different each time its asked but for now Anxiety In Real Time, and High Forever for me - Kennedy

Dusty4life5 karma

Do you have any British Rock influence in your style? If so.. Who and why?

themainemusic11 karma

I mean for me personally, Radiohead has been a huge influence. not just musically but their career choices as well. They managed to always be ahead of themselves, and change at just the right times. Musically they always find some interesting instrument or sound that evolves the sound further. I try to remember that and keep an open mind when we approach new music and styles.


themainemusic9 karma

BLUR! 13 is insane


themainemusic4 karma

Stones. Zep. Going with the obvious ones here but Keith and Jimmy are my heroes. I wonder if anybody else knows about them. -Jared

LasagnaFarts925 karma

Waffles or pancakes?

themainemusic10 karma

Waffles -G

themainemusic15 karma

Same. Butter pockets all day -Jared


Hey guys!! I'm so happy with the song Sticky, and more happy cause I'm a fan for 11 years (that's crazy and scary hahaha) <3 How long it took to finish the song??

themainemusic9 karma

This song came together so fast. John wrote it in only a few hours and it didn't change much at all since then. We recorded it about two weeks later. It just felt right. -Pat

Stuckinaballpit4 karma

okay, two incredibly important questions

1: do you ever temporarily lose the motivation to make music? what do you do when this happens? i’m a music student which means i’m constantly surrounded by other musicians, and especially since covid started it’s been very hard for us all to find inspiration, and there’s just been this general feeling of demotivation that no one really knows how to escape from. you guys have done this for over a decade, so it’d be cool to see how you guys deal with this (if you’ve even experienced it)!

2: (here comes the important question) what’s your favorite cereal??

themainemusic17 karma

  1. Absolutely. At least for me. I get overwhelmed sometimes. And that causes the gears to grind a bit. Luckily, there are 4 other guys to lean on. I felt a bit lost when we started thinking about XOXO. Then John showed up with Sticky. It was like he unfolded an entire road map.

  2. It WAS Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But with the whole shrimp debacle, I'm gonna have to rethink this one. -Jared

TechnicalFuel24 karma

What are each member's favorite films of all time, and can we see any references to these in your music?

themainemusic10 karma

That Thing You Do! is one of my all time favorites. And certainly a huge influence for me getting into music. -Kennedy

mistercaroline4 karma

What’s your favorite post-concert food??

themainemusic9 karma



hystericnyoung4 karma

if you could describe XOXO in one food, which food would that be?

themainemusic15 karma

Flaming hot cheetos. -Jared

hystericnyoung2 karma

that is an interesting choice...

themainemusic11 karma

Honestly, he nailed that one - Kennedy

ThenMaybe3 karma

Ok dudes, most obscure thing you own?

themainemusic15 karma

A fan painted our logo on a river rock and I use it as a doorstop all the time. Love that little rock. -Jared

bluffyrace3 karma

Do you miss playing in Manila?

themainemusic6 karma

So much!!! Can't wait to be back. -Pat

ThenMaybe3 karma

Jared and Kennedy, what are your guys’ favorite pedal?

themainemusic7 karma

First songs I ever learned were Metallica songs, and I thought the wah pedal was thought of as cheesy. And then I heard Third Eye Blind and immediately reversed my thoughts. -Jared

themainemusic4 karma

Mxr Carbon Copy, i think ive owned 3 of them. fried one and wore out the other one. most used pedal for sure. best delay in the business - Kennedy

rthomas943 karma

Not so much a question than a request, but it’s my birthday tomorrow (my second in lockdown) could I get a happy birthday? You guys are my absolute favourites 🧡

themainemusic6 karma

Happy Birthday! -G

Dismal-Baker-56243 karma

is xoxo going to have an interactive element like you guys did for the mirror tour??

themainemusic12 karma

I think that we scratched that itch for a while. It was awesome to have but this record feels like more of a throwback vibe. all the amps on stage, lots of cables everywhere, synths and pianos and guitars all up there. I guess we will see though -G

AJX81232 karma

I know there's quite a bit of questions here and it's quite long but please bare with me for this may be my only chance to ask these questions on a format that has no character limit when replying.

In each album you guys strive for and find success in trying to out do yourselves from past records, in album 8 XOXO, how do you feel you did this? In what ways does that make this record differ from the past 7? Do you find it difficult to find ways to make those attempts of surpassing the album(s) prior easier or harder with each new album you work on, especially as you grow as individuals as people and musicians and as a group that's been around for nearly 15 years and soon will be on album 10?

Also when planning out new albums do you have specific themes in mind that you want to address through that album/song(s) or talk about what to come up with next or do you start completely fresh with an open mind and let the mind wander into what it comes up with as ideas? What are the pros and cons to the different approaches?

Sorry for all the bombarding of questions. See you when I'm looking at you. Love you guys, miss y'all-AJ

themainemusic12 karma

Lot's here so I will do my best! We are always trying to outdo what we did in the past in hopes that we have learned and can improve upon what we did before. Each album has a different goal though and sonically we generally have a pretty clear idea of what we want to explore next. Most of it comes from what feels exciting at the time, there is also the factor of almost doing the opposite of what you had just done what feels exciting for us. You Are Ok was a little darker and more of a rock album, XOXO is a little happier in tone and more fun.

Not sure how soon we will get to album 10 but now that we have a home base of 8123 studios I don't think the music will stop coming. We even have some more music finished that is not on XOXO.


Agitated-Ad50982 karma

Hola, was a massive fan around 2010, 2011 and had the chance to saw you guys at The Rave, Milwaukee.

Will always appreciate that John dedicated we all roll along to "his friend from Nicaragua" after chatting for a bit before the show.

What is the main difference when putting out a new record-song than 10 years ago? Altpress, absolutepunk, buzzfeed was a good way to deliver content. How is it now?

Good luck with this new album! Always supporting from Nicaragua.


themainemusic14 karma

My Nicaraguan friend! There are plenty of differences when it comes to the rollout of a song or album compared to 10 years ago, but the constant still remains on our end; we're trying to make authentic, complete thoughts when writing and recording our music. We were fully immersed and committed to every piece of music we've put out, no matter how cringey some of it feels now (Def Leppard cover wtf was I thinking), and that gives me a sense of pride that can't be taken away. The way people digest music has changed tremendously since our band started and is clearly changing daily, so the one thing that we can do is continue to try to make things we believe in. And then TikTok until we can't TikTok anymore.

All the best to you!! -John

justdoin_mybest2 karma

What kind of sacrifice do I have to make to get you guys to do a show at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe?

themainemusic6 karma

thats all I want. I've been to Meow Wolf many times. its the greatest place on earth. Went to the Jenny Lewis show there a couple years ago. loveeeeeeeed it. -G

najing_ftw2 karma

Any connections to the Gin Blossoms?

themainemusic4 karma

I like their music and we live in the same state. thats about it. -G

mistercaroline2 karma

Also how gross was washing the honey out of your hair for the sticky mv?

themainemusic10 karma

it sucked. I thought I was gonna have to shave my head. -G

jiezuu2 karma

Dogs or cats??

themainemusic7 karma

both?? -G