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ZingoPlaya16 karma

Hey boys! Been a huge fan since 2017, right after the funeral show is when I discovered you! I have a couple questions, some are music related and some are just history of the band.

  1. What does the typical songwriting process look like?
  2. Will Lovely Little Lonely ever get re-pressed on vinyl?
  3. I know in the past at Sad Summer, some of the bands stuck around their merch tents or walked around, will that still be allowed this year/ whenever it happens? and if it is, will you guys be?
  4. Lastly, will Flowers On The Grave be your closing song for Sad Summer or will it make it to the setlist at all? I missed The Mirror Tour, and would LOVE to hear it live!

Love you guys! Ive played Sticky so many fucking times, its unbelievable! Look forward to seeing yall in Worcester, MA!! WE WILL BE THE BEST CROWD😎

ZingoPlaya11 karma

thanks, Ken! love yall!!❤️