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I know there's quite a bit of questions here and it's quite long but please bare with me for this may be my only chance to ask these questions on a format that has no character limit when replying.

In each album you guys strive for and find success in trying to out do yourselves from past records, in album 8 XOXO, how do you feel you did this? In what ways does that make this record differ from the past 7? Do you find it difficult to find ways to make those attempts of surpassing the album(s) prior easier or harder with each new album you work on, especially as you grow as individuals as people and musicians and as a group that's been around for nearly 15 years and soon will be on album 10?

Also when planning out new albums do you have specific themes in mind that you want to address through that album/song(s) or talk about what to come up with next or do you start completely fresh with an open mind and let the mind wander into what it comes up with as ideas? What are the pros and cons to the different approaches?

Sorry for all the bombarding of questions. See you when I'm looking at you. Love you guys, miss y'all-AJ

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Thank you for writing me back Pat!! Would love to know the opinion/perspective of Jared, John, Garrett, and Kenny's? I really appreciate knowing some insight on how it goes. Sorry that it was a lot. Interesting how you found You Are Ok as dark, I found it very uplifting. But that's the beauty of music that someone can find a totally different meaning behind a song/album/melody that someone else. Reminds me of what Dave Grohl said "That's one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they' ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons." If YAO is dark Pat what does that make Forever Halloween? I'm sure album 10 will come at the time that is right for you all and all of us. I am forever grateful for 8123 for the love and kindness you all put into it and the friends I've made due to it. No other band compares to you all musically x and with the love and kindness you give us all and how you treat and interact with your fans and I can't thank you enough that. Does Jared, John-O, Ken, or Garrett have anything to add? Love you guys so much.- AJ