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I honestly have no good reason why, other than we got our band name from a tune called "Coast of Maine" by Ivory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEXoOvwM8K8 That shit still rips. -John

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Arizona is where the stork dropped the lot of us. -john

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A HUGE thank you to everybody for showing up! Sticky is out everywhere, and we have so many more things in the works to show you VERY soon. And if all goes well, we'll see you when we're looking at you (this year!). XOXO, The Maine.

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A great question. I think we've found over the years that the one thing that has always kept us grounded is the connection we have with our fans. At the end of the day, this is what we do for a living, but that doesn't mean we have to nickel and dime fans all day long. We're music fans too, and we want everybody to feel like they can be involved with what we're doing. Sometimes it's a no-brainer like never charging for a meet and greet. Other times, it's an entirely free tour which involves a great deal of creativity and effort. To answer your question, we've always just been concerned with playing to as many people as we can, and bringing as many of those people that we can into the 8123 fam. We spend a lot of extra time on so many things like merch and making sure our live shows are extra special so that when things do cost, they actually have value. -Jared

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Oh dude, I've got this. The worst is when there's that one guy in that one band you're touring with that you just didn't get a chance to meet on the first day. Then a couple weeks go by and it doesn't happen. And now it's too late to intro yourself. And now it's the last show and everybody is hugging and saying goodbye and you get to have a really bizarre interaction. It's tough! A lot of people on some tours! -Jared