I was in the first scene of the day, and I'm not needed until the last scene of the day.

I've got some time to kill.

Bring it on.


EDIT: I just frontpaged in my pants...

EDIT 2: Guys, this is nuts. But I need to take a quick break for lunch. I'll be back in an hour or so!

EDIT 3: I'm back! Let's rock! Also, thanks for the gold!!

EDIT 4: Well, I've been called to hair and makeup meaning I should be on set soon for the final scene. Thanks so much for all the fun you guys! I hope I made you chuckle!

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bettaproger1123 karma

twonx303 karma

Through your glasses I can see the entire width of your face. Are you really blind?

ElyHenry250 karma

Dude. Super blind.

Svennusmax1056 karma

Do "Charlie" from Charlie's Angels!

magicmuds293 karma

You missed your calling. You should be a comedian or an author.

ElyHenry594 karma

I am a comedian!

A comedian who acts!

sgates92930 karma

Justin Bieber

flying_petunia736 karma

You're the CEO of a major company giving a speech to a large audience unaware he is about to receive a special present from a cheap prostitute hidden in the podium.

eatmealivePLEASE175 karma

i feel like he has seen this, and has decided to ignore, and that makes me very sad.

ElyHenry449 karma

Phlecks612 karma

Just found a spider the size of your palm in your pillow.

Doporkel561 karma

Do "Milhouse"!

ElyHenry1324 karma

manaworkin546 karma


d3adpix3l498 karma


biderz5469 karma

the sort of face you make when you finally bed the girl of your dreams after months of hard work to make it happen, to find out she is a long lost cousin.

cymon_tymplar373 karma


icepigs371 karma

The face you'll make when you get the part in the movie that requires multiple nude sex scenes with Natalie Portman AND Jessica Biel. (Some one-on-ones...some threesomes)

Dark_Souls601 karma

smells armpit

ElyHenry721 karma

Smells bad man.

ItsARealThing329 karma

Oh that Ely Henry

Cause actually... That is from him.

ElyHenry545 karma

Brian, you whore. I told you that in confidence!

thommyjohnny329 karma

Shake an imaginary salt-shaker above your head with an opened mouth.

ElyHenry620 karma


opens photobooth


itoucheditforacookie161 karma

come on... do it for science. We internet promise you that we won't photoshop it

ElyHenry521 karma

Internet promises mean nothing to me!

Nigerian princes ruined that for everyone!

kuoguy306 karma

Rick Astley

kuoguy208 karma

I love you

ElyHenry235 karma

And I you, my friend.

HenryDeTamble127 karma

Should have hyper-linked to a Rick-roll video man.

ElyHenry80 karma

Next time.

sherq296 karma

During an orgasm

Boygen286 karma

I would cast you as Stephen King

rabootcha459 karma

Now do a Stephen Hawking.

mresta245 karma

Just got caught laughing at work, boss demanded to see what it was. It's just been emailed to my coworkers. :D

ElyHenry342 karma

My dreams have all come true.

seanburnsred238 karma


halfbaked04224 karma

Your wife just gave birth to your first child and you realize the child isn't the same race as you when it comes out... face.

dermballs221 karma

Constipated and hearing shocking news in one image.

orsr217 karma

tfsr139 karma

Can we be friends please?

ElyHenry204 karma

You bet!

tfsr88 karma

What set are you on? I checked out your IMDB; you were on Skins? That's awesome.

lovetothefire194 karma

oh my god, you were one of the homeschooled kids on Mean Girls.

America, I have found my hero.

tfsr337 karma

ElyHenry348 karma

This clip haunted me through high school.

MARQUA212 karma

You were wrongfully incarcerated for a crime you didn't commit. Your cell mate seems friendly enough, thank god. You awaken in the middle of the night with what feels like an anus cramp. You realize that your cell mate has his tip in.

WhenWolf211 karma

You've just landed on the moon, but you realize that you've forgotten your glasses!! What is your reaction?

LiteraryBoner208 karma

Show me your skills. Two Face aka Harvey Dent.

Poogiticus1077 karma

ElyHenry411 karma

Teach me!

Poogiticus466 karma

It lives in you!

ElyHenry631 karma


[deleted]201 karma


ElyHenry635 karma

mysterion_184 karma

You are super cute. What face are you going to make when I submit you to r/ladyboners?

ElyHenry462 karma

Insuranceisboring175 karma

Troll Face

ElyHenry567 karma

shagvanman160 karma

what's your "OH!!" face look like?

8armstohugyouwith158 karma

Kim Kardashian.

bl7ow5oml3149 karma

do the classic De Niro face!

poo_pon_shoo135 karma

Having a really nice poop.

goalieca130 karma

Boxer who just got knocked out.

[deleted]129 karma


ElyHenry360 karma

GordonMcFreeman123 karma

Awwwwww Yeahhhhhh Face

ObservingOwl121 karma

My username?

Jorgeen118 karma

You've just been downvoted face.

impurethoughts93 karma

Give us your best Clint Eastwood expression.

Bonus points if you tout a cigar.

ElyHenry254 karma

iDropkicku91 karma

Someone just stole a plate of your favorite food and ate it in front of you. Slowly.

aramz77786 karma

The face you'd make if you went to seaworld to see shamoo, only to have him splash you with his tail, you get mad because you're all wet but then realize it's all in good fun and applaud.

Siderealcat83 karma

Cartoon villain when he's just caught the protagonist.

siouxsie_sioux75 karma

Your face when you saw "a shit taking a shit"

Sneakert72 karma

Having an itch in your invisible beard.

daleus71 karma


Nefertiitii64 karma

A redditor who is downvoting everything.

monsieurkiwi53 karma

Can you do "Stepping on a pointy Lego brick in the dark at night." ? :)

Elbardo49 karma



Vlayden25 karma

Start shaking your head back and forth as fast as possible and take a picture.

max2grand18 karma

Ok, first of all you're a sanitation engineer in the year 2100. You don't know it, but you're a prince from the as yet envisioned nation of canamerixco. You were lost as a child during the third war between the states and were raised by humble field workers. Your wife just caught you cheating and shot you in the junk. And your face would be like....