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Show me your skills. Two Face aka Harvey Dent.

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Hey man, I saw your post on /r/movies yesterday and made sure to come check this out. Good luck with your doc! I wish more celebrity personalities allowed filmmakers to document a portion of their life.

2 questions:

  1. What do you think is the biggest rift between the Ke$ha that we all know and the one you got to know?

  2. Hook me up with a crazy story regarding her party habits? I want to know if I ball equal to or less than Ke$ha.

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If I may ask, do you have anything against Looper? Or are you just noting that both were action sci-fi movies and Dredd happened to bomb (even though it was great, thoroughly enjoyed it)

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Hey gals. Couple of questions!

If every porn fan could do one small thing to make the industry better what would it be?

Cherry, what's your favorite scene youve done with Kink?

Veruca, favorite scene youve done with Burning Angel? Any crazy stories about Joanna?

Thanks, you chicks rock.

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If you could produce any movie you wanted right now with complete control over how it turns out and profits be damned, what movie would you make?