Hey Reddit, I'm Dan Molson a singer/songwriter and comedic actor from Canada. I spent years writing songs from my heart about peace and love. Playing countless bars and yard parties. I finally gave up the music dream after 20 years. Feeling bitter I wrote a song called "If You Don't Like What I'm Doing. After I posted the finished version, I got a bit of flack from friends who thought it was about them, so I decided to delete it from distribution.

A year later, I am watching the events unfold on Wall Street with GME and Robinhood, and I thought man If You Don't Like What I'm Doin' was made for this. I decided to make a video of normal people reacting to the phenomenon and pair that with news reactions. The result has taken me by surprise. In just 24 hours the video has been viewed over 10000 times. And oh ya, my mom hates it because there's swearing in it.

You can watch the video here!

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I have also ventured into the world of Film and Television acting. I've been a "featured" BG in over 30 or so productions in the last year (Damn Covid). Currently, I found an agent who believes in me and I'm auditioning for my first break! A link to my IMDB

Proof - Posted on my official artist channel on YouTube

Proof 2 - A video from my artist channel

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peter-man-hello66 karma

Where do you see yourself creatively over the next few years? Any specific creative endeavours you want to accomplish/create?

danmolson38 karma

I have a bit of a plan. I am currently working on getting some acting roles in TV and Film. I started about a year ago doing BG work...which isn't technically Acting, but a great place to learn what being on set is all about. Muese Productions in Ottawa has decided to represent me, and are working their tails off getting me auditions.

On the music front, I've always had a love/hate relationship. But I think I have been looking in the wrong direction. Sometimes you need to create what is really inside you, and I think for me they are comedic songs. So after feeling a little validated by the response to If You Don't Like What I'm Doing

I'm also rather enjoying writing short comedy sketches and learning about film making. I guess I have a full plate! Thanks for the question.

Orngog8 karma

Learning about filmmaking... Any big ideas? I guess there are appealing roles behind the camera too.

danmolson5 karma

To be honest, being a relatively new actor...in the professional sense...I understand how important it is to keep improving. I thought a great way to start, was to understand the mechanics of a script, what should be in it ect. The first book I read was Save The Cat...then Story. But to digress, I think in todays world everyone has the ability to make their own stories. No one ever got anywhere waiting for Hollywood to pick up the phone and call, so I think it helps to create your own work in between projects.

Not only will this improve your acting skills, but it's helped me understand the creative process and challenges. One day I would love to write and star in my own B-Horror movie. thanks for the comment!

Skeeboe5 karma

You think comedy music is your thing, but you want to make a B horror movie. I wish you success in your career, and many scatterbrains have evolved into creative geniuses. Also, if you do multiple things, maybe one will stick. Now, though, you got a bit of exposure being funny, you have fifteen seconds to keep their attention. Consider some focus. Ask potential fans for song suggestions, ask like-minded people to collaborate with you. You're being honest, though, which is good and I don't have all the answers. This was just a quick observation. Good luck way into the future! Holler at me when you're rich and famous!

danmolson3 karma

You aren't far off. I have trouble focusing for sure. I have two great loves and they are polar opposites...comedy and horror. I just like to create. I'm not interested in fame...make a living doing what I love yes...but fame doesn't equal a pay cheque lol. Writing is writing whether it's a song, poem, script. I doubt any music I make will have the limited success this one has had. But if I'm going to continue to write and record songs, they will be on the lighter side. People have always been receptive to my humor, so I guess I should have focused on that all these years. I am working with someone right now who is keeping me focused and has a plan for my music. This answer is as scattered brained as I am...but thanks for the comment! I hear ya, and appreciate it.

Skeeboe2 karma

You're lucky to have someone who loves you, or to bounce things off of. That's largely what I'm missing, so it hits me. Like The Lonely Island for example, I think having peers in the same page helps! I'm glad you're doing your thing for sure!

danmolson1 karma

Success depends on finding at least one person who believes in what you are doing. But keep faith in yourself. Speaking outside of entertainment, when I look back on my life success came because I made the right decision...even a small one. I'll give you an example. I struggled to find a career in my early 20s, working for temp agencies, working as a security guard...selling vacuums! a hahaha. By my life changed one day. I was working at a factory and they had a big spill (sawdust)...and I was through a temp agency. They came around and asked if anyone wanted to work overtime to clean it up. I was the only one that volunteered. I was shoveling the mess and a fella started asking me what my goals were. I told him most of my family were tradesmen...fitters to be exact...and that I was thinking of getting into the electrical trade. The next day at work, that fella came and got me. He was in charge of electrical maintenance. I've been doing electrical ever since. Even got my master's.

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you leave yourself open, and take every opportunity, one little Yes can change your life. And I am very fortunate to have a wonderful partner. I really wish you all the luck in the world friend. I hope you find the light you need in your life. And I appreciate you taking your time to interact with me.

adamg91 karma

Hi- I'm a long-time seeker of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry who is struggling mightily to deny the ever-more-apparent fact of my mediocrity. I have an older, perhaps slightly less-banal artifact from back when I was trying harder which I think I might be able to spin as nominally topical to current events. Do you think if I present it with a reddit AMA it might revive my rapidly fading hopes of celebrity? Or would that only be prolonging a childish fantasy to stave off my inevitable reconciliation with reality?

danmolson3 karma

Not only are you a keyboard warrior troll...you're a cut and past keyboard warrior troll. I wish you luck on what ever issue you have in life.

lingueenee21 karma

Good day Mr. Molson. Are you related to the concern responsible for peddling reconstituted compost and calling it beer? Thank you.

danmolson8 karma

Hahahahahah Nope. I did however answer that very question earlier with some funny tales I have done using my last name...well at least I think they are interesting and funny.

jhansonxi3 karma

A real beer family, Strohs, managed to blow their entire $9B fortune. Frances Stroh wrote a good book about it and her dysfunctional childhood.

P.S. I liked your song.

danmolson1 karma

Nice play!

Barred-Bard11 karma

Do you have experience investing in the market?

danmolson26 karma

I tried playing the penny stocks years ago. I even bought investing for dummies. But working in construction and raising 4 kids didn't leave much room for investment capital. I sucked at it though. I am definitely not even remotely an investing pro, and the limited experience I did have were failures lol.

My buddy was into investing while he was in college in the early 2000s...2001 to be exact. Even back then he was trying to teach me about options etc. But I guess I didn't let it sink in because of the lack of capital. I should have listened. He has been quite successful....not his full-time job. So after this long-winded speech....the answer is NO lol.

Mr-Tinfoil-Hat16 karma

Ha! I'll have to correct you Dan, I was success for maybe a few years, then got killed when tech stocks crashed. I've gone back into trading again about 5 years ago, much better this time around as I shadow my financial advisor.

danmolson15 karma

Ahhhh it's my old buddy himself! And here I thought you were an expert stocksmith!

The_GGQ8 karma

Tell me. What’s fueling your disdain for Wall Street besides the obvious?

danmolson16 karma

I think it goes back to 2018, when I saw the state of Wall Street, and what I see as "bad" practices. I wouldn't say I have disdain, more of a feeling, which I think is shared by many, that the system is flawed...and it's been revealed in a big way. I do think there are going to be unwanted ramifications from all of this. But, let's face it, these stock manipulations have been happening for years...just between the few.

That being said, I do believe in a free market. And, I am more of an artist watching what is going on right now. This song, to me, is more than just telling the institution that we have had enough, it's also about being tired of shut downs (I understand why we have them) and just the world being an judgy place right now. I made the video, because I believe right now, this is what people are saying. But, it can be applied to anything really. The current movement just seemed like a logical first step in sharing the song with the world.

suzypriceless8 karma

What do you think is the best rock song where the singer yells "GUITAR!"?

danmolson6 karma

Hands down John Cougar Melloncamp's tune Play guitar!

99NamesOfHastur8 karma

Did you get into comedy because of funny Canadian beer commercials?

danmolson4 karma

Even better! As I mentioned I'm an electrician by trade. Back in 2000 I was in trade school. Of course I was Mr. Jokey Jokerton all the time. Well Jim McNally (if you don't know him google him now), one of the greats of Canadian comedy was in my classes. He kind of challenged me to do amateur night...and I did...and it went well. I never continued because to be a real stand-up comedian is hella hard, and at the time I couldn't commit. As far as sketch comedy it really started with a cable 10 show we did in Brockville Ontario called the Chris Walker Show. It was a blast. Probably the most iconic sketch was Captain Brockville and The Tincapkid. You can search that up on the YouTube. Then with those guys, we developed and shot a pilot called Elect Dan Molson. We pitched it...they said no...about a year or so later Dan For Mayor hit the CBC. I was bitter back then, but it was probably just a coincidence. You can actually watch that one to. Elect Dan Molson. You'll have to google it, not sure if it's on YouTube anymore.

NUTIAG6 karma

Who's the biggest dick you ever did a show with?

danmolson4 karma

Ok, I think I need to clarify, I used the title Comedian in the sense of writing funny stuff, music, and sketches. That being said...I have done stand up...and I do have a couple of dick stories. The one that stands out in my mind is I was up first. I was fortunate to kill it that night...to a packed YuK's I might add. When I went to the green room (which was the kitchen in those days) This other performer hated on me because I used "Low Brow" humor. Then, said person, decided to rag that my last name was Molson and that we bought the country through ads...ahahhah it was weird lol.

As far as acting goes, I have yet to really met any buttholes. I find the industry...in Ottawa/Montreal where I'm from to be full of great people. That being said...I'm sure the day will come.

GottiCurse5 karma

Is Dan a fruity Lib?

danmolson5 karma

Quite honestly I try to look at the world in a centered view. There is no right and left to me. Do I believe in some liberal ideas...of course...do I believe in conservative ideas...of course. I'm going to give you an exapample...which may get me crapped on. But I know why some people voted for Trump in the last election. Imagine if you were a coal miner....your whole livelyhood...the livelyhood of your town depends on it. Who would you have voted for? The candidate that was promising to shut down your industry....or the one who wasn't. I think it's that simple...in a nutshell. But today we like to throw around labels. I know I have been forced to vote for certain parties, because it directly would effect the work picture for me. It's imporatant to look at all sides of the coin, but the world isn't running that way. We live in a dangerous time of cancel culture. Sure, some deserve it...but that's not the point. Well, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. And remember I'm a Union electrician....not a politician...shout out to IBEW 115! lol

WeaselWeaz7 karma

But I know why some people voted for Trump in the last election. Imagine if you were a coal miner....your whole livelyhood...the livelyhood of your town depends on it. Who would you have voted for? The candidate that was promising to shut down your industry....or the one who wasn't. I think it's that simple...in a nutshell.

Except it isn't. One candidate is being honest about the world changing and your industry being on its way out, and wants to help those workers find new opportunities. The other is just lying and telling you what you want to hear, then going to leave you without a job or skills to get a new one.

We live in a dangerous time of cancel culture. Sure, some deserve it...but that's not the point.

What is the point? It used to be called voting with your wallet. Hell, the religious right and conservatives used this plenty when they wanted to "cancel" desegregation and anything they felt was too sexual or anti-Christian. Then they complaint about "cancel culture" when it's about treating and respecting people.

danmolson1 karma

No argument here.

thatsroughbuddddy4 karma

I don’t understand how your mom (a grown adult) doesn’t like something you did, and did well, because there’s sWeaRinG in it. Does your moms support usually come with conditions like this, Dan?

danmolson4 karma

hahahaha. My mom is the strongest, most wonderful woman on the planet. She has always been anti-swearing....and yes in the early 80s I ate soap because of it. She's a strong woman that raised two crazy boys alone for 15 years...so I guess she's entitled to her opinion. I really can't say enough about my Ma. She and my father have had a very interesting life...not something to get into here hahha. But they are happily remarried for years and I have wonderful sister because of there reunion.

gg_noob_master4 karma

Are you related to the Molson beer family of Montreal?

danmolson8 karma

Unfortunately no :( I do however lie about it sometimes with hilarious results. One time during my "drinking" days, I had my wife take me to the beer store...as I was fully buzzed and needed to restock. When I went in the store it was empty, so I thought why not. I told the Beer Store clerk (that's where we get our beer in Ontario, Canada...The Beer Store...wonder how much it cost the government to come up with that name hahhaa...anyhow. I'll start a new para

I walked up to the counter and told the customer service rep that I was a representative of the Molson corp and was just checking on our display. She looked skeptical then I showed her my license and she was like...oh wow. Then I proceeded to tell her that I would like a free case of Canadian. She looked bewildered. I told her it's cool, she just has to call this 1-800 number to clear it and the company would reimburse them. She was like..." I've never done that before. Hold On let me ask the manager". Then I dropped the facade. It was funnier if you were there.

Another time I was at a bar in Ottawa. These two slick young men were out having a smoke. I started shooting the shit with them and found out they were freshly graduated, business students. I told them I was part of the Molson family and would like to offer them jobs in sales. I told them we were looking for reps in Barrie. They were skeptical, I pulled out my license and they were like...omg that would be awesome. I gave them my email....they sent me resumes. To be honest I felt a little bad about that one.

Lukas03034 karma

That last one is kind of cruel, nonetheless ingenious

danmolson3 karma

In my defense I was a little tipsy...and I did feel bad the next day!

Returntomonke6662 karma


danmolson1 karma

Well old me definitely found humor in the wrong places at times. I'd like to think I matured since then.

Jay_with-a-G4 karma

How many more tunes ya got?

danmolson3 karma

I currently have an album called Walk This Life Of Mine I released in 2019. It's only on YouTube....as I decided one day...perhaps foolishly...to get off Spotify etc. So sorry if this seems like a shameless plug, but here is the link to my channel where my music is.

Moving forward, I will be focusing mainly on releasing singles every now and again...in the humor genre. I've got one in the wings called It's all my fault the world sucks. It's a good one!

sloggettland4 karma

Hey recovering musician here myself, what was your "if I don't ____ by ____" marker for throwing in the towel? And do you think it's a disservice to the world to deprive it of your voice? Or do you count all art equally?

danmolson3 karma

Man this is a great question. One I think every artist hits a few times on their journey. I think the music business...as in making a decent living is dead and gone. That was one factor. Sure I love writing music...I have tons of songs in a folder...but I guess I got selfish. I had the "ahhh nobody cares about my tunes" attitude. I think at times I hate music...other times I love it. But in the end it wasn't the music, the listeners or the business that failed me. It was me. I was writing music I didn't really feel or believe in, and I think listeners can tell. I wanted to write songs I thought people needed. Songs about hope, freedom, happiness and the lot. Those messages are needed, and are great. But most times I would just be going through the motions. There are two songs that I have written out the very depths of my soul so to speak...and ya they are goofy, but there my truth, and that is what people feel. Let's face it If You Don't Like What I'm Doing is relevant on a wide variety of experiences and attitudes. The song I am polishing up right now is called It's All My Fault, That The World Sucks. I played this live in bars just before the lock down, and most times I'd get yehaaas like I was playing Copperhead Road. Man, I'm sorry if I'm not answering your question. Just went on a feels tour. Yes, I think it's a disservice to the world to keep your talent to yourself...no matter what it is. Be honest with what you are doing, and people will respond. This song is a perfect example. As for the towel throwing....playing out became too much of a job and killed my creative spirit. Make sure...if you're a songwriter...that you are out there for your songs. Of course you need to play covers...but make it feel like you are out there for you...and respect the audience. Oh man....sorry this is so long. I am actually writing a screeen play where a musician hid the song in his heart, and it caused negative consequences in the world. Kind of like it's a Wonderfull Life.

SquidwardWoodward4 karma

Important question here: will you title your greatest hits album "Molson Golden"?

danmolson4 karma

Ah, I am now! ahahhah

gerryhallcomedy4 karma

Worst live show you ever did?

danmolson5 karma

Wow there are lots hahhahaa. Musically I showed up to a bar to play....zero people. I set up and chatted with the bar tender. One person showed up...my daughter...so I played a few songs for her...packed up and left. The worst comedy show (amateur night at Yuks in Ottawa back in 2002). It was September 11 2002...exactly one year after 9/11. There was a modest crowd. The comedian that got up just before me did the worst 9/11 jokes I had ever witnessed...to this day. I shall not repeat them. The audience, I was told, were mostly business travelers from the US. You could have heard a pin drop, and feel the anger. Than it was "Let's welcome to the stage....Dan Molson". Maybe a pro could have salvaged that...but man it was brutal.

danmolson1 karma

I thought of another one. This one's bad. Back when I was in a local band called The Journeymen...all family except for the lead guitar player...we had a two-night gig in the big city of Cornwall. Now keep in mind in those days I played bass and sang a lot of the tunes. Anyhow, I decided the first night it would be a great idea to smoke a bunch of hash for the first time...this is after a bottle of Zambooka and a dozen beers...not bragging but I was pretty good at drinkin'. So I showed up messed up (i wasn't driving). I set up my stuff...well I assume I did...then hit the bar and started doing Dr.Peppers with the bartender. Long story short Bob Dylan himself wouldn't have known what I was singing or saying...other than cuss words. It was so bad people left, the bartender got hammered...and the owner wasn't happy. My uncle Greg, who is probably the kindest and mellowest man I've ever met, said he wanted to smash me in the face with his guitar. I have others....but that was probably worse. Second only to me jumping in the river with all my clothes on and proceeding to moon everybody like a whale in between sets at a Dr's upscale party.

susannabrisk4 karma

You've got a great voice! Do you really believe the 'little guys' (in this case a large group of smart kids following a couple of really smart kids) are going to come out on top with this 'shorting shorts' thing? (I hope they are, but I'm skeptical and don't know enough about the stock market to be sure.)

danmolson4 karma

Like most of us out there, I have no idea. Let's face it, most of them are treading in new waters. As to what happens in the end, I'll have to wait and see like you. I'm not a savvy investor by any means. But I think I can predict that some are going to walk away disappointed. But my personal feeling is it isn't about getting rich for this group, it's about sending a message, and right or wrong, they sent it!

zanadoo344 karma

Hi Dan, love the song and video, are you currently or planning to grab afew stock that are part of the WSB short squeeze?

danmolson3 karma

no..well I think that ship has sailed. Plus my wife would kill me lol. And I'm broke. Sorry for the short crappy answer.

zanadoo344 karma

No worries, I was just curious, I think some of the other ones besides gme are still the price of a case or flat of beer, I get it, I'm fairly tapped myself. Anyways take care and good luck dude.

danmolson4 karma

Thank you very much, I appreciate it. And good luck on your travels!

idontjudgeyourfetish4 karma

Who did you sign up with for background work in Ottawa?

danmolson4 karma

The big background agency in Ottawa is Smyth Casting. They have a Facebook page. Awesome people. Even though they have thousands registered, you never feel like a number. If you're interested in acting Ilona Smyth offers one-on-one coaching for auditions, script interpretation and more. She is awesome, and very supportive. In fact she is probably the biggest reason I have moved into acting.
For Montreal I would recommend Julie Breton. She got me 3 days on a film called Moonfall. By far the coolest movie I've been a part of so far. You can IMDB it....it's going to be epic. I can't say enough great things about the Ottawa film community. If it wasn't for the encouragement they offered me, I would have never gotten on the path I'm on. And I'm talking everyone in production. The agent I'm very fortunate to have is The Meus Productions. She is great to work with, and full of positive energy. I hope this helps! And if you see me on set out there someday, be sure to say hello!

idontjudgeyourfetish2 karma

Thanks for replying!

danmolson2 karma

If you're interested look them up for sure! A little slow right now because of the lock down, but there's a bit going oin.

woodenpudden3 karma

What's your favourite cheese?

danmolson3 karma

I'll have to go with white cheese curds. What's yours?

woodenpudden3 karma

Good choice. Probably cheddar.

danmolson2 karma

also a nice choice!

[deleted]3 karma


danmolson6 karma

Well to be straight, I'm not a financial guy. I'm a songwriter/comedian/actor that just felt that this was the right time to release If You Don't Like What I'm Doin' after shelving it for a year....and to be honest I had to scramble to find it again. I had deleted it off everything...but luckily I found it on an external hard drive. So, unfortunately, I can't really answer your question.

That being said....and take this with a grain of salt...wisdom says will you make enough of the stock to cover the interest on your debt? If not, you're losing. If you have a debt of 30% and your stock has a return of 10% technically you down 20%. So the advice I have received in the past, was to get rid of high-interest debt first, which in itself is a form of investment. Hope that makes sense. And thanks for the question!

blockerpunch12343 karma

What type of recording equipment/software do you use for your music?

danmolson5 karma

I have been a loyal user of FL Studio. I know everyone is really into Pro-tools, but I learned on FL and I love it. I play all the instruments myself, except the keyboard and drums. I don't really have the capability for recording drums properly. I use Toontrack products for Drums (Superior Drummer) and ezkeys for the piano. They are very flexible and you can make your own patterns etc...but I find the drums have more than enough beats for what I need.

I used to use M-Audio USB interface, but because I have been doing some audiobook recording I upgraded to Presonus 24C. For mics I use an APEX 580 (i think that's the number) for vocals, and apex pencil mics in stereo for the guitar. A little later, I'll do a virtual tour of my studio....it's more a bar in my garage lol.

My main guitar is a Fender t-buck acoustic. For electric I'll use my Gretch or fender strat. Thanks for the question!

UpUpDnDnLRLRBA3 karma

Hi- I'm a long-time seeker of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry who is struggling mightily to deny the ever-more-apparent fact of my mediocrity. I have an older, perhaps slightly less-banal artifact from back when I was trying harder which I think I might be able to spin as nominally topical to current events. Do you think if I present it with a reddit AMA it might revive my rapidly fading hopes of celebrity? Or would that only be prolonging a childish fantasy to stave off my inevitable reconciliation with reality?

danmolson0 karma

In know what you did there, but I'm answering anyway. If you're looking for fame and fortune, your in the wrong business. Being in entertainment is really a life of being looked down upon, like we owe YOU something. We don't owe anybody shit. Without entertainers, this world would decent into madness. But hey, I love when I see people mock actors and musicians as unneeded...then a minute later declaring that Netflix is keeping them sane during the pandemic. As far as your other comment, I'm 45 years old. I could give a rat's ass about fame. In the big scheme of things 10000000 views on YouTube and other platforms means jack squat. Why then am I doing this? Because I want to. I have no fading hopes. I know exactly who I am. So thanks for your comment and your down vote. Have a nice evening. What am I doing? Having fun while locked in my damn garage.

Periachi3 karma

What made you want to join the music industry?

danmolson3 karma

I have loved music as far back as I can remember. One of my first memories is listening to Rod Steward's Hot Legs track on vinyl. I started trying to write songs when I was about 9...oddly enough I remember the title...Winter lol.
Then in high school I played in some bands...and loved it. Finally in 1998 my uncle and I formed our first band...and bam that it. Music and bands are a large part of my Molson heritage. My Grandparents had a popular band called The Black Muck Diggers....named after the fields they worked. My grandmother Lilian was a great pianist. So I guess to make a long story short, it was always there. There's no one thing that made me want to work in music. It was just a passion I had. And Thanks for the question!

Periachi3 karma

Dude, that's fucking awesome. I hope to do a similar thing in the future

danmolson3 karma

Start right now! I wish you the best of luck! It can become a love/hate relationship for sure.

itsyabooiii3 karma

What are you hoping to achieve by jumping on this new trend even though it’s completely unrelated to your previous work?

danmolson1 karma

Well this song is exactly in line with my previous work. Almost every song I have ever written deals with society...just in a more poetic way. If you really want to know what my previous work is I suggest you listen to some of it, at the moment it's only on my artist youtube channel. So let's see. I have a song called "Eyes Half Open" which follows a man who finds away to be oblivious to the human misery around him. I have a song called Great Expectations that is about my struggle to be true to myself as a song writer. I have a song called No Way To Prove about the false sense of freedom we have. Don't Like What I'm Doing is the same sentiment...only more in your face. I also have a song I'll be releasing soon called It's all my fuckin' fault, that world fuckin' sucks. Oh and I have another song called Our Lives Are Free, which is a statement to having the ability to love who we want, and dream what we want because we live in a free society.
You call it a trend, and that's what it is, but I think people are relating to the song...well I hope they are. Every artist wants to get their art in front of people...right or wrong. And, unfortunately, the world seems to be in a place where the songs I write are more relevant now than in the past.

PuraVida33 karma

When did you decide to be Canadian?

danmolson2 karma

It wasn't my choice. I was at the beach and a Canadian Goose attacked me, and I was infected with the Canadian virus.

AwkwrdPrtMskrt3 karma

How do Canadians see the Wall Street showdown?

danmolson2 karma

I can't speak for all Canadians, but I get the feeling that most people are seeing this as "getting revenge" on the institutions. We are waiting to see what the fall out of all this is going to be. And, to be honest, is just another indication of the social struggle in the US. There has been much unrest down there.

48volts3 karma

Hey Dan , love your stuff. WHere can we find lightning pipe though ?

danmolson2 karma

Hahahaha. That was my first cameo! I used to have it...but I think it's long gone now. It was brilliant!

48volts2 karma


danmolson1 karma

hahahah It is said to dwell in the deeps of the Lynn Pit!

blindtigercomedy3 karma

What do you use to record with at home or studio?

danmolson2 karma

Part of the joy of making music is mixing and mastering...the mastering part is an art I'm still learning, so I use my own little home studio. In the past that was the dining room lol....but this summer I built a little bar/studio in my garage compete with a sound booth. I posted a video answer giving a quick tour of my set up...be warned I'm still in the moving in phase so it's messy..but I have a very simple set up and use FLStudio for the most part. here's a link to the video https://youtu.be/QHKeILyUZs0

bohemianrhapsody123 karma

Would you like to collaborate on a musical?

danmolson2 karma

I'm not sure musicals are my thing.

bohemianrhapsody122 karma

It doesn't have to be a traditional musical! A comical play with songs for example. Or an opera.

danmolson2 karma

I'm not against it. I just wouldn't even know where to begin. Unless you are talking about me writing the songs, and you write the story. I'd be up for that.

bohemianrhapsody121 karma

I would love to write the story!

danmolson1 karma

Well times a wasting

mycall3 karma

What is a dependent Canadian musician and comedian?

danmolson3 karma

No label. But a dependent one probably still lives in their parents basement

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Hey! I'm a comedic songwriter too. (I'm only 18 though, and so far I just have a few songs on YouTube and I've done several freelancing gigs on fiverr.) I really want to get more serious about it! How were you able to get more recognition for your work? What sort of path would you recommend taking for the future? My dream job would be something like SNL but everyone is telling me to get a "real degree" so I'm not really sure how to pursue this. Any advice would be hugely appreciated!!

danmolson3 karma

Making comedy and music isn't my full-time job. I am an electrician by trade. There is no harm in starting a career that can support your art until you can make a living from it. If I was 18 I would probably take a chance and move to a market where comedy is flourishing. Great clubs, a great community and work my craft there. I think you should pursue a degree if it's an area you are passionate about and can see yourself doing for the rest of your life if need be.

As far as promoting your work, I am horrible at it lol. The only reason this song is getting any traction and love is because a friend of mine Dan Mendlow, who is a promo and PR genius, had faith in it. I had originally just made a short 1-minute clip of the chaos and posted it to my Facebook page. Danny saw it and started to guide me in getting the maximum exposure.

That being said, being ready for the opportunity is what counts. Fate may only come knocking once, and you have to be ready. Write your heart out, get good at performing live, record your music and get it out there. I was ready, but the song wasn't. What I mean by that is I never published it using CD Baby or Distrokid. So when the song was getting the most attention, I couldn't try to sell some units or plays.

The biggest thing is to be ready. The internet has offered infinite possibilities for entertainers...yes at a cost...but it's the only game in town.

CakeBurglar933 karma

What’s something you’re proud of doing but you don’t get to talk about a lot?

danmolson3 karma

That's a great question. I honestly can't think of anything. I'm pretty yappy lol. Well actually there is one thing I don't think I ever told anyone, because you do kind things...not for personal attention. I was a foreman on a solar farm in 2009...I think. We hired a ton of out of town workers. One young lad came from Prince Edward Island...there were a few, but he started later. Well before the week was over they laid off all the new hires, including the lad from PEI. He was devastated because he used all the money he had to get to the job. So I went to the bank took out a hefty sum, went back to the job and gave him a ride to the hotel and gave him the money so he could get back home. Then I called the hall to see if we could get him another job...I think he ended up getting a call to Ottawa, which is close by. So that's a thing I'm proud of, but never talk about. Because that's not why you do things for people. I have a few stories like that one.

Anal_Spunk_Bubble3 karma

Are you Hans Molemans son?

danmolson1 karma

Yes, and I hope I live as long!

Sneaky-Cashew3 karma

You down to collab? I’m a person who likes to work behind talented people, 28 year old female who loves snapping shots and doing video projects! I live for comedy, hit me up if you want some extra support at no cost!

danmolson2 karma

It's like the Beatles said...I get by with a little help from my friends! The reason why I've made it this far is thanks to Danny Mendlow. I released a little 1 minute clip of the song with the TikTok reactions mixed with the news. He messaged me and told me to make a full video...and here we are.

Sneaky-Cashew2 karma

Hahaha I love your song and you have a great voice, your comedy reminds me of kinda will Farrell / Ricky Gervais but different ... You’re low key hilarious hahaha the baaagel clip gave me office vibes which was super funny and cool/still unique... I think you can expand and do so much more! I’d be down to help you expand in comedy because I find you uniquely funny ... idk what you’re down for in the future - skits or even a show/mini series or something?... the world needs it now got me up by messages I’m down to help shine light on solid local talent :) Even if you need help with anything in progress let me know! You’re gold!

danmolson1 karma

wow thanks! Like everyone in entertainment...I never pass down help. It's strange, I spent half my life struggling to get by and raising kids, now I can focus on what I love doing, and even one person that finds my stuff a nice break from the crap...all the work is worth it. It's tough right now creatively speaking due to the lock downs and such. Once we get to the end of this tunnel, I'd be up for anything!

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Do you exclusively drink Molson Ice, and if not, how dare you call your self a Canadian/Molson?

danmolson2 karma

They still make that stuff? I was a big fan of Molson Special Dry back in the 2000s. The it was bubba kegs...if anyone remembers them. Down to straight Canadian...and finally now that I'm old...Coors Light. But I probably only drink a beer every couple of weeks anymore. Right now I'm partial to Cremore Springs....and yes I brewed my own in the garage for a while. I figured maybe the genes for beer making were passed on. Not so much lol..

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What's your song writing process like? How much theory do you use?

danmolson3 karma

I have been writing songs for as long as I can remember. I think most of the process was subconscious from listening to....and copying the music I love. There sure is a proper structure for song writing. Dick Cooper from The Cooper Brothers, a great song writer...and a cool guy...once told me two things. 1 - You have to learn the rules if you want to try to break them. 2- Don't try to invent the wheel. There are a ton of great videos on song writing structure...too big a discussion for here. On to my process. Most times I will think of a melody, then structure the lyrics and music around that melody. My normal structure is folky where there's no prechorus...but on Don't Like What I'm Doing there is one, and it helps usher in the chorus. Lately I've been writing lyrics first...as in the case with the song I mentioned above. I really pay attention to the syllable count for each verse. If they aren't the same....or close....it messes up trying to sing it. A song I wrote called Walk This Life Of Mine I woke up with one morning already in my head. I wrote it out, recorded it like I heard it....hated it because it was too countryish for what I was doing at the time...and now it's one of my favorites. I hope I answered a little bit of your question...damn I'm writing novels!

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You are an independent Canadian musician and comedian? Are there non-independent ones?

danmolson3 karma

Yep. I guess the term independent comes from not having a label. Like I clarified I'm not a comedian in the sense of stand-up...but I make funny stuff...well I think it's funny. lol

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What inspired you to write that song?

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The construction industry lol. I was tired of seeing the back stabbing....people trying to get others to talk shit about others...that sort of thing. And I just was frustrated and angry about a few things. The lyrics really do convey the sentiment of work place politics. There's always people that will make friends with you for the soul purpose of using you for personal gain.

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What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

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I think, like everyone else these days, there's not much to look forward to. But, I'm thankful I have a creative spirit, so I try to create something everyday. Whether it's writing a one minute short, reading a script....anything to keep me moving forward. Because you need to be ready for when opportunity comes along, no matter what you do in life. This may mean more if I was a big star...but hey I'm not...but it's the truth. lol

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wait so you’re Molson, Canadian?

danmolson2 karma

I'm Canadian...my last name is Molson...but without the money :(

danmolson2 karma

Alright so in between chatting I recorded a little tour of my creative space. There was a question in the beginning. Nothing special but here it is Creative studio tour for my Reddit AMA - Jan 29

motu8pre2 karma

You wrote a song then a year later decided it was about a current event unfolding? Ok.

danmolson2 karma

No. I recorded the song a year ago, shelved it, and thought the sentiment of the song was perfect for the message the people were sending to the establishment.

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How do you keep yourself so awesome?

danmolson1 karma

I made a sweet video for the answer...but I'm not sure how to post it haha haha. Basically, it's beer, chicken wings, and unfinished home reno's....and always trying to be better. If i figure out how to do a video response....I'll update ya!

danmolson2 karma

Ok, so there is no way to upload to comments, so here is a link to your answer!

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What is your favourite part of the song!?

danmolson1 karma

I like the music. Especially the melodic acoustic guitar....especially just before the chorus. Lyrically I like the line your a prick on the thorn of life, and I wish I was a pair of sheers

HispanicStifler1 karma

Pretty awful. Both the shameless plugs and the actual song itself lol. My question: why are you holding on to something when everybody around you has made it clear ur no good? .. honest question, and ive been there myself m8

danmolson1 karma

I'm not holding on to anything to be honest. It matters not to me. And each one has their own flavor when it comes to music. There is no such thing as a shameless plug. That's how the world goes round. And if you don't understand that, then you will always fail. Personally, I'm just having a fun ride. I have never been told I sucked from anyone. I've been a giging musician since 2008, so I'm pretty comfortable in my talent, and in myslef. This push wasn't even my idea, it just happened. In the end there's nothing really great about getting a ton of views. I come from a time when I value making a living over fame. But if what I do makes one person happy, then what more can one ask in life. But get over the shameless promotion. That's how the free market and commerce works. Thanks for the comment! And I understand where you're coming from.

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What's you're fav. place in Canada?

danmolson1 karma

So many great places. I enjoy the Kawartha Lakes region. Up around Bob Cajun. Best ice cream Kawartha Dairy!

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Literally who?

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can a who be literal?

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I'd love to reply but I can't speak Spanish:( I tried to translate but it came up strange. I think you are saying it's good that people are making money...but I'm not sure.