Hello. To all the DC Comics fans out there, thought this could be fun! Miguel Ferrer, David Ogden Stiers (Mash) and John Kassir (The Crypt Keeper) were all in this TV pilot. Warner Bros had high hopes for this planned series. They pitched it as NBC's "Friends" meets The Justice League ...It never aired but was bootlegged all over the world. https://youtu.be/ptc1y0z9XPw



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UncleDan20171101 karma

I've always wondered, at what point do you know it's going to be terrible? When you read the script? When you first speak to the director? After you see footage? When the final product is released?

There are so many talented, first rate actors who have performed in so many utter bombs, I've always wondered what was the first clue it was going to tank?

Kenny_J_Stone1629 karma

My first clue on our production is when they fired the director after we were halfway done with filming. But sometimes you can't really tell when you are shooting because a lot of times the production is going smooth and people are happy with the filming, then you see an early version of it, in our case with special effects. At that point we could kind of tell that it was either going to be a campy hit, or a bomb

HansBlixJr13 karma

who was better with the actors between Felix Alcala and Lewis Teague?

do you have nice memories of working with Miguel Ferrer and David Ogden Stiers?

Kenny_J_Stone12 karma

I think Felix Arcola was really good with the Actors. I really liked working with him, he was great

Dreamonsir887 karma

Did you ever talk to other actors/crew to have a “this is a bad show... right?” conversation?

Kenny_J_Stone1394 karma

Not really. Because we were all having a blast and had no idea how the special effects would look, so we had thought we were making something at least decent

ThreeWheeledBicycle775 karma

what was your reaction when you saw the pilot for the first time?

Kenny_J_Stone1032 karma

My first impression was that it was a bit cheesy or "campy". At that point we knew it probably wasn't going to get picked up.

TheNerdpodcaster701 karma

What research did you do for the role?

Kenny_J_Stone1027 karma

Hello. I researched the History of The Flash and Barry Allen. There were different versions of Allen and the flash dating all the way back to the Mid-50's. I also watched the early 90's show 'The Flash" to see how he was portrayed

fusion_beaver371 karma

Tbh, "Friends, but it's the Justice League" is a great idea.. in theory.

Thanks for coming on Kenny. Big or small, what is the thing you're most proud of in your career?

Kenny_J_Stone357 karma

Thanks for asking. I would say a TV show called "Grapevine" on CBS. My episode was called "Joey and Fran" I really liked that show and my character. And I just completed a song/music video I wrote and staring in called "Isolators Paradise" . It took me 6 months to make, and very proud of it https://youtu.be/vi2OffKn9GM

albinorhino215248 karma

Did they invite you to the crisis on infinite earths crossover?

Kenny_J_Stone333 karma

No they didn't consider having me as The Flash on infinite. Being our show never really officially aired

Paranoidexboyfriend151 karma

It didn't air....in this dimension. In some other timeline, your show is a huge hit man. Congratulations.

Kenny_J_Stone86 karma


Inspector-34172 karma

How do you look back on the experience? Do the actors marvel at being sort of “the worst pilot ever”?

Kenny_J_Stone273 karma

Nice marvel reference ;) It definitely gave us something to bond over and good laughs in jest. Like in the pilot, The Atom does a the limbo dance under a Cats tail with music and everything

Ccracked146 karma

It's cool you're doing this and I don't really have any questions for you. But you should know the American adaptation of Red Dwarf is the worst pilot made.

But anywho, how ya been? What's your favorite pie?

Kenny_J_Stone113 karma

Ha thanks for letting me know. I will have to try and see that pilot. My favorite pie is a kick ass chocolate cream! Yours?

I have been good thanks. Actually just released funny Cover parody music video I made. Guaranteed to give ya a chuckle


Ccracked33 karma

Cool beans. I'm a pastry creme and ganache fan. This weekend I made cranberry curd with bread pudding top pies.

That's pretty good, dude!

Kenny_J_Stone17 karma

WOw. Love bread pudding

Flame_Effigy114 karma

Do you ever dress up as The Flash for halloween, or maybe just for fun?

Kenny_J_Stone208 karma

I used to. They let me keep some of the costume like the boots and gloves

davidsblaze100 karma

Is the Flash faster than Superman?

Kenny_J_Stone159 karma

Running for sure!! And yes faster then superman (Faster then a speeding bullet) for sure! They should have them race in one of the movies

DrunkenHoneyBadger74 karma

I think they did at the end of justice league

Kenny_J_Stone82 karma

Who won?

TrumpsBoneSpur474 karma

Not the movie viewers...

Kenny_J_Stone131 karma


DrunkenHoneyBadger34 karma

It was just a tease sadly, they never showed the victor

Kenny_J_Stone22 karma


Kenny_J_Stone16 karma

makes sense, they never resolve things like that

bulldozeprime96 karma

If you got another shot to do the role all over would you change anything about your portrayal?

Kenny_J_Stone262 karma

I would have made him a little less like Joey form "Friends", but thats how it was directed.

Admiral_Donuts9 karma

Please take it as a compliment that it was obvious that's what they were going for.

Kenny_J_Stone8 karma

Thanks! Yes I agree

Tumahab92 karma

Any insight as to why, since the Justice League of America pilot premiered in 1997, they used Barry Allen instead of the then current Flash Wally West?

Kenny_J_Stone113 karma

Yes they wanted to keep it traditional in that sense

loccyh68 karma

Has the failure of the pilot directly affected chances with any future roles for you?

Kenny_J_Stone131 karma

Not really. Because not many people in or out of the business saw it. So if anything it lends to a fun conversation piece

Lovat6954 karma

What do you think of the show on the CW?

Kenny_J_Stone98 karma

I like it! Haven't watch many episodes but it has a simplicity to it and good actors.

666AB43 karma

As someone who didn’t see the pilot, what made this the worst pilot ever? What would you have changed if you could?

Kenny_J_Stone126 karma

If I was a producer, I would have not tried to cash in on the current huge success of NBC's "Friends". They tried to make us superheroes seem like close friends that deal with everyday problems like getting evicted and relationship problems, etc.

Poprhetor23 karma


Kenny_J_Stone37 karma

exactly. I think the direction of the actors was thin and cheep effects

Twincher8743 karma

If you had the chance to play any other hero, who would it be?

Kenny_J_Stone117 karma

I would have to say "The Silver Surfer". The coolest

the_reiven39 karma

Hi Mr Johnston, would you ever consider reprising your role as one of many Flashes in a multi-universe event (if there was one)?

Kenny_J_Stone49 karma

Absolutely. Even the Flash gets older with time

mofugginrob33 karma

If you got sent back in time and had a second chance; would you do the pilot again because of the stories you can tell from it, or do you feel like your time would have been spent better looking for other work?

Kenny_J_Stone59 karma

Definitely would do it agin. We actually had a blast doing it

redditisnowtwitter30 karma

Kenny this is really cool. I didn't know about it at all! I was actually an extra in a TV movie with Mr Ferrer in Minnesota a couple years prior. I remember being really starstruck as he was basically Hollywood royalty. Plus robocop, obviously. I also remember him chain smoking between takes.

My question is did you see anyone try to get him to quit? Were you as alarmed as I was?

I'd have been fired from set but I wish I'd approached him and begged him to stop.

Kenny_J_Stone28 karma

Hello. Thats cool, yes he was royalty. I didn't have many scenes with him so we worked on different days so I didn't really see him smoking so much. But very sad that it probably killed him

linsage25 karma

How’s it going now?

Kenny_J_Stone71 karma

Its going well, thanks for asking. I do a fair amount of commercials. Was on Modern Family a couple years ago. and just premiered a funny music video parody I wrote and star in called "Isolators Paradise" that people are digging


modestthoughts25 karma

How does it feel to be the second best Flash to Grant Gustin?

JK - have you two met?

Kenny_J_Stone43 karma

I loved his Flash. Yes we met in the early 90's, or seen him around at auditions, don't know if I actually met him

ohmytodd24 karma

We’re you upset you were not contacted to be a part of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” on the newest incarnation of The Flash in the Arrowverse?

Kenny_J_Stone36 karma

No not really. Being that our production never officially aired

jostler5717 karma

Thanks for posting this! Couple questions:

First - have you checked out /r/acting? Loads of us newer actors could benefit from tips and advice you could impart!

You have a huge amount of 1 episode guest star/day player roles. What kind of pay can one get from those roles?

Do you support yourself 100% from acting, or do you have other means of income? I see you also write and produce - how do those factor into your livelihood?

I’m trying to understand what it takes to be a regular, working actor in Hollywood. My future goal is to be able to support myself on acting work, alone, but perhaps also with writing to fill the gaps.

I’ve only done about a dozen student films, one recurring character role, some stage plays, and one independent feature length. What tips do you have for people like me?

Kenny_J_Stone20 karma

I will check that Sub out for sure. Guest arts pay pretty good, depending if it's half hour or hour and if you work 1 day or the whole week. Day rate id around $1000 and the week is around $3900 I believe. You can negotiate more if you are a celebrity of course. I think immersing yourself in acting, watch classic movie especially Brando films and keep getting better. And do everything in your power to find the roles you would be best suited for and get an agent that has the same vision and persist!

razorbitz12 karma

Would you say that before the filming of this you were at all into comics at the time? And if so, did this experience, despite it's problems, make you more/less into the superhero genre itself and comics in general?

Thanks for doing this by the way, I love weird cultural footnotes like this and insight into them is always appreciated!

Kenny_J_Stone17 karma

Thanks! I was very into the Superman hero and Silver Surfer actually , but not a die hard. But when I was auditioning I really got into the Barry Allen/Flash character

bttrflyr12 karma

How did they expect to do a successful "Justice League" show without Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman?

Kenny_J_Stone17 karma

Exactly! They did spend the money to license any of those and it hurt them obviously

pbnjmofo8 karma

How does something like this get funding, and go through so many channels to be developed so poorly?

Was everyone involved in the management of this production just "yes men"?

Did no one really see it was going badly?

Kenny_J_Stone15 karma

They really wanted it to have a "friends" feel to it and the studio entrusted the executives that thought it was coming off good, but they couldn't have anticipated the campy SFX

hubertsnuffleypants8 karma

Do you have any memories of David Ogden Stiers you’d care to share?

My wife is a big mash fan, (along with beauty and the beast, Pocahontas, Spirited Away...)

Kenny_J_Stone11 karma

He was a lovely man, said hello to everybody before getting in the make up chair for hours for the Martian

MD_Wolfe8 karma

Whats a good chicken and rice recipe?

Kenny_J_Stone19 karma

KFC?? Nah

249ba36000029bbe97497 karma

So, how does it work in the industry when a project is unsuccessful? How much stigma gets attached to the people associated with a flop? I assume the studio/producer/director shoulder more blame than the performers?

Kenny_J_Stone22 karma

Yes you are correct. The director takes the biggest blow. They are mainly responsible for directing a bomb. The performers, unless very bas performance, go unscathed

TheAdlerian7 karma


So, we can all see that well done superhero films can be wildly successful and make insane amounts of money, while thrilling fans.

I have wondered WHY films like, Fantastic Four and your movie, weren't made well. The movie was made in 1997, which was a time where high production values and writing was happening, so what went wrong?

Why don't filmmakers want to, or can't, make something that will be a massive success?

Secondary question: I saw you made a film with Sean Young. I have had a massive thing for her, and I never care about celebs like that, since the 80s. What was she like?

Kenny_J_Stone8 karma

Thanks. I think Producers/filmmakers try to put new spins on popular genres like superhero films and some work and some don't. Ours didn't I guess.

Sean Young was very much a pro and supportive of the process. She is as hot off screen as she was on

sonofkratos6 karma

Do you ever feel like this could have all been part of some larger prophecy where live action Justice League features tend to have director issues?

Kenny_J_Stone6 karma

I thought about that issue with Directorial issues live action wise

vox355 karma

Wow! Hard to believe this was only a few years before the excellent animated Justice League series.

My question: If you could have a superpower in real life, what would it be?

Kenny_J_Stone9 karma

Good question. I think Hate Eradicator Man. Because people are gonna hate even after you save a city from disaster

stepstoner5 karma

Did you sense where the tone of the show was? More serious or comical?

Kenny_J_Stone15 karma

The tones of the show was supposed to be like "Friends" kinda light and funny

orangeblackteal4 karma

If you knew it would turned out as badly as it did would you still have done it, for the simple matter of having bills to pay?

Kenny_J_Stone12 karma

Yes I probably would do it again at that point

NixonCarmichael4 karma

Was this one of those things that were shot up in Van, BC?

Kenny_J_Stone18 karma

No, filmed at the WB's ranch lot in Burbank. Down the street form the main lot. It was right before the big Van, BC exodus

_0xB16B00B52 karma

4 answers in an hour?!?

Kenny_J_Stone21 karma

Barry Allen very slow thinker

boopbaboop2 karma

What do you think of the MCU (since it also has comedy and "relatability" in a superhero universe, as opposed to the current grimdark DC tone)?

Kenny_J_Stone2 karma

Haven't really checked out MCU

Bradyofthebest2 karma

Did you have any superheroes in mind that you wanted to portray, or was Flash the first time you had thought about playing a superhero?

Kenny_J_Stone2 karma

Never thought about it until that role as "The Flash" came up. I was a big Superman fan but that was about it

JoesterTheToaster1232 karma

How are you doing?

Kenny_J_Stone7 karma

Doing good, thanks for asking. How are you?

I just released a funny Cover parody music video called "Isolators Paradise" people are digging if you are interested, https://youtu.be/vi2OffKn9GM


cvdixon292 karma

If you could go back and do it again, Would you?

Kenny_J_Stone3 karma

In a heart beat

TheHippyDragon2 karma

  1. What do you think of your predecessor, John Wesley Shipp, and the two current Flash actors, Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller?
  2. Are you willing to appear in The Flash show (or any other DC show) or DC films?

Kenny_J_Stone5 karma

I like Grant the best, but I think they are both good. And yes I would be willing if they reprised for sure

Broken-squeaky-toy2 karma

Did you have fun filming it?

Kenny_J_Stone4 karma

A blast!! Good crew and WB's paid well

arteitle1 karma

Have you ever met or talked shop with Adrianne Palicki, star of the failed 2011 Wonder Woman pilot?

Kenny_J_Stone2 karma

No never talked to her but knew of her at the time