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If you think polite dialogue is always the way to go with idiots and brutal barbarians, you've got to get out more.

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Meanwhile, you rant insults like a crazy person because you can't think of what else to say.

Maturity is hard to come by it seems.

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Actually, I'm a psychotherapist that has been working most of my life with criminals and drug addicts.

I currently work in very high crime areas of Philadelphia and know what I'm talking about. You probably do not.

If you live in a war zone you have to watch out where you go, who are your friends, etc. If you play the drug game, it tends not to end well.

As I've said, had she reported the boyfriend to the cops, she would be alive.

Personally, I know many people who use drugs and I now refuse to make friends with new people that do. That's because I have known many people who overdosed and died. One particular person died and it really hurt my feelings for various reasons, thus drug addicts are dangerous people for me to know. So, now I do not want to know them in my personal life.

This just makes sense.

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Please list my justifications.

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That's silly.

This woman was involved in a criminal conspiracy. She was fine with it and with that dealer for some amount of time which was enough to implicate her in an drug dealing ring.

You know that and what you wrote means nothing.