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How terrifying is this prospect? http://imgur.com/Hq1Fw3w

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Based one his description of what was in his room, I'm going to go with a healthy dose of both.

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There isn't a court in the land that would convict him of stalking for sending a Christmas card, once a year, to someone who's life he saved.

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Not OP, but I can probably answer most of these.

Drivers usually work for a service who contracts them out to people and provides the cars. It's a lot cheaper and easier for people to just rent a car+driver at any location they need one than it is to transport their own car+driver around.

Once contracted, then yes he essentially works for the person who hired him. The length of time varies, I think OP mentioned at least one week+ long job.

Usually it's a phone call. He'd have a work phone provided by the service who's number they proved to the client, who can then call OP whenever he needs a ride. It'd be up to the client whether or not he'd want him waiting out front or have him drive wherever then come when called.

Most drivers at this price range are contracted by time. Several hours, a day, a week, etc.

He's probably taken several driving classes so he knows how to react if something happens. A kidnapping attempt, assassination, etc. He's also trained to drive many different cars in ways that normal drivers wouldn't, he's also probably got a very good understanding of whatever location he drives in, not only how to navigate but also where he's got room to park, turn around, etc. I'd imagine a lot of it is on the job training stuff, but there is also a decent amount of job training (mostly defensive driving stuff I'd imagine) that ordinary drivers don't have.