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slams head on table

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John Q was my first taste of D-Wash

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Thats what Night Rhett and Night Link do, though

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Hey love your work!

  1. Who's cooler in person, Peta Jensen, Riley Reed, or Keisha Grey?

2 How to you like people to pronounce Asa?

  1. Is it hard maintaining a relationship in your line of work?

  2. What should I do with my life?

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Hey Matt thanks for stopping by! A few questions:

  1. I LOVE the movie Dogma. Any funny/cool stories behind the scenes?

  2. How do you think Ben is as Batman, and what superhero do you want to play?

  3. How's everything between you and Kevin Smith? Any chance of a Clerks 3 cameo?

  4. What's for lunch?

  5. My family was CONVINCED there was going to be a Dragon Ball Z movie where you depict Goku. Anything you can say about this?

Thanks for the possibility of answers!