HI Reddit, I'm Sondra Currie and I'm here to talk about what it was like making all The Hangover movies and anything else you want to ask! I've had a pretty long career.

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Looking at your credits, you’ve made appearances in some iconic shows - Starsky & Hutch, Knight Rider, Magnum P.I., Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, Cheers.. the list goes on. What was your favorite “one off” appearance and why?

Thank you for doing this and wishing you continued success!

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You're such a Sweetie...I loved doing 3's Company cause of John...and I love doing Golden Girls cause of Betty White. I just want to grow up and be her:)

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I had the luck to meet John Ritter backstage about 35 years ago. He was amazingly nice. Very down to earth.

And now I’m old.

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You're not old!!!!! John was a GREAT guy. I loved him. He was so much fun to work with. Did you ever see the one where I made him take his clothes off in an art class?

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I'm a huge fan of the golden girls. What was it like on set with all 4 of them?

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Yes, I wish they'd make a new version of it. I'd love to play Blanche! Betty White was, as u can imagine, a beautiful and warm lady. Everyone was good, though Rue was not that happy about having a younger woman around. My character was supposed to recur and I just did one. That's happened a couple of times and it's really a huge let down

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They have a new version coming out.

RedstarBeam67 karma

Ohhhhhh nooooo🤣. W/o me? With Marc Cherry? I know there’s been a couple others, but not main stream?

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How is Zach when the cameras are not rolling?

RedstarBeam818 karma

He's terrific...a serious actor...like Bradley...and funny!! Love him>

A1A5KA271 karma

Let's rephrase this: how was your son when the cameras weren't rolling?

RedstarBeam586 karma

Great, well behaved...I'll keep him!

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Great, and he loves to conspire/inspire. He's funny without doing a thing.

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Which of the three hangover movies did you enjoy watching the most?

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The 1st one, cause I hadn't seen the whole thing till we were in the theatre. I laughed so hard, I ruined my makeup!

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Well, the 1st one, of course...gave me goose bumps just reading it.

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How often did the set break out laughing while shooting and as a result ruin a take?

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We broke out laughing a lot, but didn't ruin any takes...I think when Ed shows up with the missing teeth, that probably ruined 1 or 2 and when Ken jumps out of the trunk naked!!! Hysterical

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What is your favourite thing to do on a sunday afternoon?

RedstarBeam763 karma

Talking to you of course

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Could you imagine having Zach as a son for real?

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That's so funny...I wanted to be his Mom in Baskets and he hired a guy...albeit a brilliant one!! Louie Anderson.

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Zach is incredibly funny on screen. How does his real life personality compare to his role in the Hangover films?

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He's a very sweet, cool guy. He lives away from Hollywood and lives a pretty normal life there.

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How’d you get into acting?

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My Mom was an actress Marie Harmon...and we're a show biz family. My sister is Cherie Currie, from The Runaways...

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Someone's big mad in the comments. Downvoting every response. Fucking why?

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Who is the easiest to be with on the set out of all the actors ? And who needs the most takes to get a scene right? Thanks!

RedstarBeam170 karma

Overall? Peter Falk needed the most takes...he had his asst. who would gift him a thumbs up or down. He was still great to play with. Easiest...hmmm...have to think about that...lots of great actors and we're all in it together. I'll think about it and get back to u.

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Thank you!

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Is zach as funny as he seems?

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Yes, he's a riot...hard to keep a straight face!

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OMG you are a national treasure!

In your years working in show business, what's been the most surprising change you've seen impact the industry, for better or for worse?

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EEEEEEkkkkk....that it got so corporate. The "suits" started running things instead of the creatives. There are a few around who can do their own things now ie: Bradley Cooper, George Clooney, +++but not that many

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Which actors were the worst to work with ?

Also from Which movie was your most memorable experience and why ?

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That was on JAG and he shall remain nameless:( Honestly, the 1st one (Rio Lobe) and it was John Wayne. He said in his own inimitable way "Howdya do, I'm John Wayne". Swear!!

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Apart from Acting, what other business ventures have you been busy with ?

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Acting is it...though i love producing too. And I'm involved in a charity for mentally & physically challenged kids called SHARE. U can look it up it's SHARE4children.org. Alan & I were right in the middle of shooting a new documentary for SHARE when the pandemic hit. We have 3 more days to film.

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Btw, my new web series on you tube is hilarious!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFEKeKwiIVY

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I'll see you all soon...I've loved hanging out with you!
Thanxxx Sondra

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When working with Todd Phillips did you ever think he might become a prize winning director?

RedstarBeam145 karma

Absolutely!!!!!!! He really is a brilliant guy...serious and knows how to let u be or to say...not working. Did you see The Joker? I can't wait to work with him again. And he's hot!

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Lol! Who is the hottest director you’ve worked with?

RedstarBeam111 karma

Well, I better say my husband Alan J. Levi!!!! But Todd Phillips is hot too:) And an actress always has a special bond with her director. My Dad used to tell me I always fell for my directors....

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So between two ferns, would ya do it??

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What’s your favorite memory from the set?

RedstarBeam75 karma

On the 3rd...there was a scene with all of us and it was just thrilling to think what had happened since the 1st one.

RawrSean35 karma

What’s your most memorable moment from filming? Bonus points if there’s an accompanying scene that made it though editing!

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Actually, I wasn't even working, but I was on the set of Magnum and my husband Alan J Levi was directing the very last show that Sinatra ever did with Tom. It was a huge scene and I remember being kind of star struck myself and Tom was/is a friend. Sinatra was so charismatic!

CrazedTerrorist35 karma

What is the most memorable thing that occurred while making the films?

RedstarBeam54 karma

The pinch me moments...cause it was a great big cosmic gift. The 1st one was the lightning in the bottle and we felt it!

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Thanks. I think I did that @SondraCurrieOfficial

Flipflops36527 karma

Was the set as crazy as I imagine it to be with that group of characters and the subject matter in the movies?

RedstarBeam54 karma

Well on the 1st one during the wedding scene in the end...none of us knew what the lyrics were until they sang them..OMG, that was crazy.

EllieRae25 karma

Do you have a dream role? And where is your favourite place to be? :)

RedstarBeam51 karma

I have several...I love making people laugh and feel good and inspired. Though I LOVED Meryl in Devil Wears Prada. I could do something like that! My favorite place to be is right where I am...though France is a close 2nd. Alan & I are true Francophiles, those I speak fractured French...always in the present tense.

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Did you get to Mike Tyson? If so what was he like? And what about the tiger?

RedstarBeam38 karma

No, they shot those scenes and I wasn't in them. I heard he was very nice though.

KebusMaximus21 karma

Hi, how'd you find reddit?

RedstarBeam44 karma

My friend, Jamie Marsh, and the creator of the show I'm doing on YouTube Trailerville USA turned me on to it. Fun to meet you!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFEKeKwiIVY Go see it and pass the word around!! xoxo's

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What are your observations about the effect that the virus has had on Hollywood?

RedstarBeam46 karma

Really tough...really, really hard and so many people have been affected. It takes a lot of people to make a tv show or film. This is tru of everyone though, isn't it. We're creeping back slowly. This new show(TrailervilleUSA) is being shot on Iphones and our amazing editor Tony Tedford is knitting it all together.

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My friend wants to become a serious actor. Do you have any advice for him?

RedstarBeam46 karma

Definitely...study, study, study! See lots of films and the old ones too. Pay attention to everything. It's a lot of fun. I'm still studying at the Actors Studio. Bradley Cooper is from the Studio too. Fire your passion. I'm working on Mary Stuart now, at the Studio, very different for me.

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Seeing how you took part in many famous tv series: Was making movies/tv shows a more, how do I say that, 'grounded'/down-to-earth process back 20-30 years ago? Today, at least from an outsider's pov, Hollywood appears extremely overproduced, full of rules about what must/mustn't be said/done and generally more fake-polite. When I watch older shows/movies and their making of's, those involved look more natural, happier.

Sorry, maybe that's a weird question. I wish you best of luck!

RedstarBeam19 karma

Well, your instincts are right on...though everything is difficult right now because of Covid. I do think I'm very lucky to have started when I did and to have gotten to be part of the that system then. I worked at Universal a lot and we were like a family.

Dannyboi9310 karma

How did you get into acting? Did you always dream of being an actor?

RedstarBeam15 karma

My Mom, Marie Harmon, was an actress and I got lucky at a very young age. Then I got addicted! I have 2 sisters, Cherie Currie (The Runaways) and Marie Currie...they're twins. Lots of actors in our family too. My bro-in law is Robert Hays (Airplane)...my nephew Jake Hays is acting now. My ex bro-in law is Steve Lukather (Toto & Ringo's All Star Band)+++tell u more another time

dltl9 karma

If I were to watch one film that you started in that most accurately portrays your personality which would it be and why?

RedstarBeam13 karma

Let me think about it and I promise to answer later...though this character I'm working on now is such fun...go see it and it's not that far of a stretch... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFEKeKwiIVY

MoonSearcher8 karma

Is there a particular role or type of role you would still want to play in your career?

RedstarBeam17 karma

Truthfully I love comedy and I'm working on a web series now called "Trailerville USA". It's soooooooo different for me and we've got some terrific actors including Richard Fancy from Seinfeld (Mr. Lippman), the McRib lady (Libbie Higgins) created by Jamie Marsh...here's the link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFEKeKwiIVY

poopsinpuddles8 karma

Is there still magic in movies for you when you watch them or do you constantly imagine the behind the scenes when you’re watching a movie or tv series?

RedstarBeam28 karma

Oh no, I'm a movie fanatic...I LOVE a good one. And I appreciate the work that I know everyone has had to put in. I'm swept onto a magic carpet ride!

banditx197 karma

Did you start your career in more “Adult” movies? I was looking through your movies and Teenage Seductress and some of the others look pretty wild. What was acting in those movies like?

RedstarBeam18 karma

No...that' makes me laugh...yes the titles do sound like that, but you see the same and more on television now. They were R rated, a lot of them. Policewomen, Jessie's Girls, Mama's Dirty Girls (Gloria Graham was my mother)+++

DandyDani235 karma

What was your favorite moment when you were working in the Hangover movies?

RedstarBeam18 karma

The 1st day!! It was almost like a dream come true...I could just feel a buzz that something terrific was happening.

Mostuu4 karma

Have you met Mike Tyson? If yes, how was he?

RedstarBeam12 karma

No I didn't meet him. I didn't even see him at the last premiere, but everyone said good things about him.

labledcrazy-12 karma

How many pedophiles are there in hollywand?

RedstarBeam37 karma

No clue, do u know? Actually, we work very hard and it's a serious job...no time for that. Maybe in the old days???

labledcrazy-14 karma

Also, why are there so many pedophiles in hollywand?

And why don't you people speak up?

Is it just for the love of money?

What kind of fucked up shit have you seen in hollywand?

RedstarBeam2 karma

There aren't You just hear about the few there are. Actually there are a lot of very hard working peeps with great families.