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As a vet, thank you for what you do for those of us who need the VA. 22 vets a day commit suicide and mental health through the VA is very important. #mission22 I’m a retired medic. What is the initial process that begins investigations?

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They have a new version coming out.

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Thank God for them!! Thank you very much for answering my question and once again, thank you for the job you do to protect America’s Veterans. Semper Paratus #mission22

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I’m sorry. It was a one night Zoom charity thing. I was mistaken.

The link

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I was diagnosed with CLL, December 2016. Bloodwork was every three months up until last June. Now I’m every six months for bloodwork. Staying level at Rei Stage 0. I have the 11Q delete marker (don’t know if it’s mutated or unmutated). Best of luck to you.