I am John Correia, owner of Active Self Protection, and since we just hit 2 million subscribers on our YT channel which is all about good people protecting themselves from criminal violence, I figured it was time for an AMA!

I own the Active Self Protection YouTube channel and teach good, sane, sober, moral people from all walks of life to protect themselves and their families from criminal violence.

My background is here: https://activeselfprotection.com/our-owner-and-founder-john-correia/

Happy to answer questions about, well, anything! :) But I kind of figured people might want to know about self-defense, about firearms, about training in applied pro-social violence, or about running two YouTube channels for a living.

Proof: https://www.youtube.com/post/UgzVWzhvTvK0FeiVXol4AaABCQ

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Classy_Hick42 karma

In what percentage of your videos are you wearing pants?

ActiveSelfProtection28 karma

Frickin' Ross... ;)

strausd25723 karma

What are the most common misconceptions about using a firearm for self defense?

ActiveSelfProtection57 karma


I think for hardcore training junkies, the biggest misconception is that it'll be an easy day and they'll sleep like a baby afterwards. That's pretty dang rare.

For the average Joe Concealed Carrier, the biggest misconception is that their gunfight is going to go like they've planned it out in their head.

ooowren21 karma

What is the single most versatile firearm I can own for home defense, personal defense, and hunting small game in a survival situation?

ActiveSelfProtection46 karma

A 12 gauge shotgun.

werferofflammen20 karma

What’s your full opinion on the Kyle rittenhouse situation? Now that more details have more come out.

ActiveSelfProtection36 karma

This is part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA2jImxmdGU

Part 2 posts Friday.

15dynafxdb18 karma

I carry appendix including while I drive. When driving I keep my shirt tucked behind my Glock so that it is easily accessible (but also visible). I can’t bring myself to lock it up or put it in a compartment because of all the carjack videos I’ve seen on your channel. First off... how do you carry while driving? And also... if pulled over for a routine speeding ticket what should I do to ensure that I am safe and not appear as a threat while I have a Glock 19 essentially on my lap?

ActiveSelfProtection36 karma

I keep my gun concealed, but pull my cover shirt OVER my seatbelt so that it's clear of the belt if I have to draw. Then, if I need to, I draw my firearm from AIWB like normal.

I would encourage you to do the same if you have a CCW and can do so in your state, just to keep the gun out of sight. Also know your state laws to know whether you MUST inform the officer upon contact that you're carrying. If I am in my home state (Arizona) I don't bring it up unless the officer asks, and if they do, I answer honestly.

Popular_Public17 karma

What firearm do you recommend for one handed shooting? I don’t have a left hand (just my arm up to the wrist) and was curious how that will affect things.

ActiveSelfProtection30 karma

Interestingly enough we had a student this weekend at the ASP National Conference that had the same issue! I think it's less about the gun than proper technique in learning to shoot effectively.

If you're an iron sight shooter I would recommend a gun with a good rear sight ledge to use to cycle the gun as needed. Or a red dot. :)

WarCollegeWarmonger15 karma

What are your views on open carry? I know you've done videos on the dangers of it without a retention holster, and I wouldn't advise it either, but do you think it can be an effective form of self defence or do you think people should always conceal?

ActiveSelfProtection69 karma

I think that open carry should be 100% legal in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. I think it should be protected under strict scrutiny of 2a.

I also don't recommend it.

Aramiil15 karma

What is the single best, in your opinion, martial arts/self defense style of hand to hand combat skills for a small female in law enforcement to learn and gain proficiency in?

ActiveSelfProtection38 karma

For a LE professional, grappling arts have to be first because of their mission of apprehending criminals and taking them into custody. So, though I don't generally get art specific for private citizens, for public servants I believe the best place to start is Jiu Jitsu.

Aramiil13 karma

Thanks for your reply. Keep that channel going strong, always appreciate you keeping yourself as neutral as I think you can with your videos and narrations. Be safe out there.

ActiveSelfProtection10 karma

Thanks, you too!

Bothellguy862 karma

You should also consider krav maga. It's developed in Israel for women (they are a bit smaller than the average american woman) to be as effective in a physical confrontation as men. Lots of crotch shots just so you know ahead of time.

ActiveSelfProtection10 karma

This whole thread and mUh aRt iS tHe bEsT is why I don't get art specific for most people, because the tribal virtue signaling is too much.

Jacobraker58813 karma

Long time fan of yours John!

I understand training is important, but much of the influencers in the firearms community don't seem to understand the rest of us have full time, non-firearm-related jobs and families.

I love your content because you seem to approach these topics from a more practical standpoint, and give real, applicable advice.

What are some other resources (influencers/books/etc) you'd recommend (besides finding training when you can) for your "average-joe" man/woman who wants to be more proactive in defending themselves and their families?

ActiveSelfProtection13 karma

I mean, I put content on the ASPX YT channel 7 days a week to help busy people improve. :)

Truly, the dry fire Monday and Suck Less Saturday videos are designed to help people gain and maintain proficiency when they can't get to classes or even the range often.

First "other influencer" that comes to mind is Mickey Schuch at Carry Trainer. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP09pijua2ypZguXBA7FnQA The Lucky Gunner channel is awesome too. https://www.youtube.com/user/luckygunnervideo

mjd47513 karma

What’s your beverage of choice and why is it bourbon?

ActiveSelfProtection26 karma

I do love a good bourbon, though I am not drinking alcohol right now for personal reasons.

I recently finished a bottle of Blanton's and enjoyed that, though my go to is Booker's.

PapaBearDownSouth11 karma


Home invasion self defense aftermath. Call police, check on loved ones...

Whats the next step and most important thing to know?

ActiveSelfProtection25 karma

Check on loved ones first. Call police. Call your attorney.

wiscorrupted10 karma

why do you put Paul Harrell down all the time? I love both of your channels and I think you both have something usefull to offer

ActiveSelfProtection12 karma

I don't mind Paul personally. I don't like the grocery target and think that some of his fans look at it as educational when it is not. Literally every single ballistics expert I have asked about it agrees. It's a big internet and he can do anything he wants, but the grocery target is pseudoscience and I don't like the outcomes in student opinions it seems to generate.

As a rule in general, I am wary of people without a public CV of their qualifications to teach in any arena and would love to see more firearms instructors be more transparent about that issue. Having been in the military myself I can tell you that a lot of people misunderstand what military service does in terms of preparing someone to teach firearms, for instance. That's not about Paul at all, just in general.

UnfriskyDingo9 karma

What do you think is the next big thing in the ccw world? Obviously the p365 and hellcat gave revolutionized the carry market. Perhaps integrated red dots?

ActiveSelfProtection23 karma

You can currently get a Hellcat with a dot on it. I think, like phones, the shrinking carry gun will come back to a slightly bigger model preference for shootability.

daneats9 karma

Can you please tell us about the most threatening situation you've been in and how you dealt with the threat?

ActiveSelfProtection30 karma

Had a couple. Used OC spray on highly aggressive dogs 3 times successfully. (I love OC spray...very useful tool)

I've had to use my grappling skills to control a drunk, angry, aggressive person for about 15 minutes while they passed out.

I've had to take a knife away from a person trying to hurt me with it once. That was tricky because it was someone I love who was having a psychotic episode and thought I was dangerous to them, so I had to do it without hurting them. Thankfully they were not big or strong or skilled.

I have had a gun out and pointed at someone one time. Didn't have to press the trigger, fortunately, and I wish I had used low ready rather than pointed at them. Had hand on gun one other time. That's as much as I would like to share of those incidents. :)

shomer878 karma

I love your work John! I've always wondered how many video submissions you get each week and if you go through them all yourself?

ActiveSelfProtection11 karma

We get hundreds of messages a DAY. Probably 10-15 unique video suggestions daily. I go through some, my amazing staff goes through some and forwards me what they think might have merit.

CH1CK3NW1N958 karma

I know that simply buying a gun and not doing anything more with it doesn't really do anything, so what advice would you give to someone (like me) who knows absolutely naught about guns, but wants to learn how to be an actual responsible gun owner?

My end goal is to be knowledgeable enough to know the laws in my state (Maine) around carrying a gun in public to do it legally and safely, and to actually be able to use it effectively if I ever had to actually defend myself. As someone more knowledgeable about guns and their use than I, what are some things you'd recomend I do to start off on the right track toward learning those things?

Thanka for doing this AMA, my friend, I had never heard of your channel before now but I'm totally going to go give you a watch after this :D

Firearmjoe6 karma

Hey John. Been following you for a long while. Do you carry at home around the house? In your pjs/ sweats. If so how.

ActiveSelfProtection15 karma

I usually have pocketed shorts on, and like a pocket gun for that in a holster. An alternative is to stage quick access safes in rooms you frequent.

whywee6 karma

Did you know if you turn your logo upside down it looks like daffy duck?

ActiveSelfProtection28 karma

Did you know if you turn Daffy Duck upside down he looks like the ASP logo?

PapaBearDownSouth6 karma

In your experience, would you recommend being a member of the USCCA or any other groups that claim to help firearm owners after self defense scenarios occur?

ActiveSelfProtection9 karma

I am a member of Firearms Legal Protection and recommend them. Having a defensive services membership in case of use of force is wise IMO.

maximaldingus6 karma

Did your time in the Navy influence your interest in firearms and self-defense at all? If so, do you ever wish you would have chosen a more combat-oriented specialty during your service?

ActiveSelfProtection26 karma

No, I was a nuke in the Navy and that has zip diddly to do with self-defense. I am proud of my time in the service and glad to be a private citizen today, and my training as a reactor operator prepared me in many ways to be a good learner and therefore teacher.

CharmingIsopod53146 karma

I want to get my concealed carry license at 21 after watching your channel so much. What type of hand gun do you recommend that is fairly cheap, but can also be dependable in a firefight?

ActiveSelfProtection15 karma

You'd have to define "fairly cheap." Basically if you can get to $500 the world is your oyster.

CharmingIsopod53146 karma

I could do 500 but not too much more

ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

Right now in the pandemic it would be tough, but once things get back to normal that's a healthy budget. Save your pennies now to your birthday!

sk8rdude976 karma

Hey John! I watch a lot of your videos on YT. Thanks for doing this ama!

What would you recommend in terms of training for us broke guys out there who can’t always afford to visit the range and shoot a lot of ammo?

PapaBearDownSouth6 karma

Hey John, what are your thoughts on the best approaches to secure home entryways and windows?

ActiveSelfProtection13 karma

3" case hardened screws on all hinges. Good locks and shatter film on windows.

corezerocom6 karma

Hello John how does the green laser on my EDC compare to a red dot in both day and night situations?

ActiveSelfProtection10 karma

Karl Rehn from KR Training in Texas did a pretty good study on dots vs lasers, and for those with little training the laser can be helpful out to about 10 yards.

For those who train a bit more, the red dot is more useful out to longer distances.

Pyrotastick5 karma

How do you practice dry firing?

breggen5 karma

More people are buying guns now than ever before including many minorities and people who are politically on the left.

Do you have any thoughts?

ActiveSelfProtection19 karma

Good for them! If political conservatives believe that an armed society is a polite society, then that sword cuts both ways!

And all people have the right of self-defense.

gutterandstars5 karma

what's the most BS self defense technique you've come across?

ActiveSelfProtection24 karma

Oof, that's a big can of worms and you're asking me to step on toes.


In empty-handed skills it has to be no touch knockout woo bullshit. The Systema woo is like some incredible horse dung.

In the firearms world it seems that people have taken the word "Israeli" to mean "incredibly marketable" and attached stuff to it that the friends I have in actual Israeli special forces shake their head at and walk away. Like the goofy chamber empty haka and tactical tap dance sold as "Israeli" that isn't anything but some doofus who happens to be from Israel teaching.

I also think that the Center Axis Relock stuff that John Wick made popular is goofy. The BJJ in the movie is good. Most of the rest of the gun technique in the movie is good. But that is not and people love it because JW does it. But it doesn't do anything that more vetted technique doesn't also do, and the costs are high.

_EllieLOL_5 karma

What would you say is the best state to live in regarding gun rights and personal freedoms?

ActiveSelfProtection11 karma

Gun rights is easy, Arizona. Best gun laws in the nation, hands down.

Personal freedoms? That's a bit more nuanced. I would think you'd look at Arizona, but also New Hampshire ("Live Free or Die" means something to them!) and Alaska.

44dadgumm5 karma

Hello from Texas, I remember watching the older videos with a cloth sheet as a background and now you have such a crisp and nice setup, so glad to see you come up and establish your name in the gun community I take alot of what you say and try to incorporate it into my daily carry and lifestyle.Why no shooting breakdown of the Kyle/ Kenosha shooting ? How hard is it to get very recent incidents? Do you search the web and social media. Was really surprised you had the DFW church shooting up so quickly and how much information you already knew.

ActiveSelfProtection6 karma

I have inside baseball on churches for reasons.

I have done an ASPX video on the Rittenhouse shootings. Too many unknowns to do it justice honestly.

vilsor5 karma

What do you think of the current crop of ultra-compact 'bag-rifles' people seem interested in these days? Sig Rattler, Maxim PDX, etc.

ActiveSelfProtection23 karma

I have never seen someone deploy a bag rifle in an actual private citizen defensive encounter of any kind.

ozzies_35_cats5 karma

What is your argument to get someone with a CCW who carries, but isn’t comfortable carrying with a round chambered, to start carrying chambered?

BurnMuscleBuildFat5 karma

What is a firearm you would recommend for a beginner for edc?

ActiveSelfProtection19 karma

Kind of depends on what state you live in. For Californians, their roster makes this list different. Also, right now, supplies are low for all firearms.

I encourage folks to take at least a basic pistol class BEFORE buying a firearm, and then visiting a range that rents guns and testing a few. Look for one that fits your hand and that you can grip adequately, which is dependent on hand size and grip strength.

Some brands I recommend are Heckler and Koch (full disclosure, I am HK's brand ambassador, though I carried HK before that), Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson, CZ, FN, Walther, and Beretta.

mill49875 karma

What do you think is the biggest mistake a person can make in a self-defense scenario?

ActiveSelfProtection7 karma

That's pretty broad. First and biggest I see is not paying attention so they don't know what's going on until it's way too late.

jeriel054 karma

Being a Christian how can you show someone who believes differently than we do that it is OK to carry a firearm using Bible scripture?

ActiveSelfProtection19 karma

I usually allow people to live their own lives and follow Jesus as He leads them when it comes to self-defense. It's a Romans 14 issue IMO.

I go to Exodus 22:2, Nehemiah 4, Luke 11:21, and Matthew 10:16 to talk about a biblical ethic of self-defense.

super-sanic4 karma

I'm a new gun owner, not because of the virus, but I became the legal age in my state. Recently got a ccl. I can hit targets alright up to like 10yd, but I've probably shot less than 1000 rounds altogether, and can barely find any ammo to practice with since everything is gone. Do you have any tips on trying to get the most out of only ~200 rounds per month, if that? I don't think it's even worth carrying for a while.

ActiveSelfProtection5 karma

http://youtube.com/activeselfprotectionextra is a great place to start. Every Monday we post dry fire videos that will help you IMMENSELY. Look on the channel for Neil doing his FBI challenge and do that work for 6 weeks. Zero live fire and you'll be MUCH better prepared!

AbjectPuddle4 karma

What are your thoughts on red dots on carry pistols?

ActiveSelfProtection17 karma

I use a red dot on my carry pistol and think they're the bees knees!

questionable7624 karma

Favorite Gatorade color?

ActiveSelfProtection9 karma

I do the Keto thing, so no sugar for me. :)

KarmaMcPoster4 karma

Have you pooped today?

ActiveSelfProtection6 karma


FinickyPenance4 karma

If gun rights were a complete non-issue in American politics, where would you place yourself politically?

I’ve already made up my mind on this election in particular, but I feel constantly torn between protecting my gun rights and voting for all the other values that are important to me. Do you think that the 2a community is conservative and support for gun rights flows from that, or do you think the 2a community supports gun rights and conservatism flows from that?

ActiveSelfProtection17 karma

I am not a conservative politically. I am more live and let live lowercase l libertarian, personally. So my 2a stance does not come from Republicanism.

If 2a were completely secure it would not change my politics on other issues.

DublinSports14 karma

What's the worst mistake you made with a gun?.

ActiveSelfProtection6 karma

I had a gun blow up in my hand in Panama.

txmoto573 karma

Hey John, Wallace Dunn here if you don't recognize the login name.

Do you have numbers on how many people have contacted you and said they were involved in a gunfight and used information or tactics learned from you channel?

We both KNOW that number is only going to grow. I think it would make for a fascinating show or series. Do an interview with them as you break down the lessons learned from their gunfight.


ActiveSelfProtection5 karma

Oh man, it's in the hundreds for sure. Don't have that number off the top of my head, though.

imaginationreform3 karma

Hi John

Big fan, watch most of your vids, appreciate the work you do.

I'm from the UK where there is no carrying guns or spray. I keep a close eye on my surroundings, especially at night or when I'm isolated etc. I know I need to learn some skills but what what else can I do? I think about plausible dual use objects... Things that are legal to possess but are also weapons (walking stick is a good example). Any thoughts?

I always wanted to come to one of the US ASP annual events (before coronavirus). Do you think there is value in someone from a no-firearm country coming? What can I expect? Is it a friendly environment?


ActiveSelfProtection5 karma

  1. Very friendly environment.
  2. Yes, still plenty of value in all the classroom classes at the ASP National Conference!
  3. I am the weapon, all else are just tools. A good walking stick, a good flashlight.

Ojisan_st3 karma

You interviewed the McClosky’s but I haven’t seen any follow up. What’s your current view of the event now that there is additional evidence and history available on the matter?

ActiveSelfProtection7 karma

I did not interview the McClosky's. I interviewed the Wuestenbergs from Detroit. Different case. :) They are still facing charges.

Ojisan_st3 karma

I’m sorry wrong couple, same question.

ActiveSelfProtection9 karma

I cannot comment further on the Wuestenberg case as I have been retained as an expert witness in that case.

In the McCloskey case, I don't have enough info to say more than I have honestly. I think that they were unwise to wave guns around on the front lawn. Whether that was criminal or not is another issue.

atomicbob13 karma

Have you really preached with a rifle strapped on you? I heard a rumor, and that's pretty awesome.

ActiveSelfProtection9 karma

No, I have not. Thought about it once when in Ephesians 6, but decided against it.

Redweird3 karma

What is your recommended home security/firearm for Home Defense in a California single family home, and how should it be set up? Thank you!!!

ActiveSelfProtection10 karma

In a place where social optics matter, something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MH4XLpJUMZY

My setup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vel8pdz_io

In a place like CA getting a shotgun set up is far easier than a rifle.

techstyles3 karma

Hey John love your channel!

What's your views on taking firearms to protests? Not a political question - I mean protests of any kind.

ActiveSelfProtection7 karma

In some states it's illegal. Always check local laws.

I don't mind people being armed at protests for their personal protection. The 2nd Amendment is as important to me as the first.

However, those who exercise their rights must always remember that the right comes with a concomitant responsibility! And in this case, that responsibility is to be safe and proficient.

Soulreaver243 karma

Mr. Correia, thank you so much for your videos, they really do give the best lessons. There's no disputing them because you use real life examples. That being said, have you ever testified in court as an expert on defensive encounters? If so, what was your experience like?

ActiveSelfProtection6 karma

I was recently hired for the first time as an expert witness, and have consulted one other time. Haven't yet been to court.

BluesCollars3 karma

I appreciate your videos. Do you see a trend of individuals investing heavily in their gear, and then looking for an excuse to use it in the United States? If this trend is not something you desire, what would you do to curb it?

ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

I don't see a trend that way, honestly. There is a small vocal minority who are looking for a fight, and the way to curb that is to help people see the consequences of their actions.

falconvision3 karma

What is the video/incident that you flipped on the most between initial reporting and after additional details emerged? There seems to be so much anger generated by the news cycle but it mostly seems to be unjustified once the details are fleshed out.

Big fan of the channel, love what you do.

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

Hmmm...you know, I can't recall one that I have completely flipped. Maybe nuanced is a better word.

inframeWS3 karma

What's your EDC?

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

Like EDC gun? Heckler and Koch P30 but highly customized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71qp_2Zqcqo

ABCDragonBoosted3 karma

What is your opinion on a full size AR15 for home defense? I assume in a real situation I would likely only have the time to grab my handgun but I’m not sure on your stance.

Bothellguy863 karma

I'm curious if you have any studies showing the average about of bullets fired in a home defense situation? The only thing I can find on this is a 5 year study from the late 90's (2 bullets on average) so it's WAY out of date. Any suggestions to this study or similar studies showing the average shots fired in a given scenario?

ActiveSelfProtection16 karma

I think averages don't work well in gunfighting. I like what Chuck Haggard says, if you have one foot in an ice bath and the other in a fire, your average is just fine but you don't really want to live that kind of life. :)

What we see caught on video is between 0 and 15ish.

ardesofmiche3 karma

Hey John, what are your thoughts on securing an older set of French doors? I’ve worked my way through the house with 3” case hardened screws and wooden dowels to jam windows closed, how do you secure two opening French doors?

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

Case hardened screws. One door should lock to the frame. Second door can be deadbolted to the frame too.

KrinsicFluid3 karma

What can someone behind enemy lines, like in a country where carrying firearms, and even knives for self defence is illegal, do? Pepper spray and anything used as a weapon is illegal. The most I can carry is a flashlight, and a multi tool. I carry a streamlight pro tac 2L-X. Asides from using the bezel as a defensive tool, I am limited.

ActiveSelfProtection7 karma

Empty handed skills are life! And a big flashlight too.

greyservitor3 karma

Hi John. Thank you and Steph and the rest of the crew for getting MAG DFI together. Looking forward to seeing you at Gabe White's round 3 coming up soon. I finally went dotty thanks to Ernest's Beretta magic so it'll be my first class running them.

What will you be focusing on for training and perhaps hosting for 2020?

ActiveSelfProtection7 karma

Ernest's Pasta Blasters are the best!

Gabe in October. Chuck Pressburg No Fail Pistol in November. CDR in December if enough students register!

TheScribe863 karma

What kind of changes do you think there will be in self defense and concealed carry laws in the next 10 years?

ActiveSelfProtection18 karma

Tough to say, but I think that we should see May Issue laws finally done away with, and once we have Shall Issue across the country we should get National Reciprocity.

BartVonShtupp3 karma

How do you feel about the recent organized proliferation of aggressive goats among the anti-police movement? And what are your thoughts on the police tactic of using conducted energy weapons against them?

ActiveSelfProtection11 karma

Shit, I didn't get this until a secret squirrel reminded me of the username.

Listen, any LE who can't out-wrestle a goat should find a new line of work! POLICE NEED MORE TRAINING!

Jonatello183 karma

Hi John,

For grappling skills for civilians particularly, do you see an advantage for judo over jiu jitsu? Just from reading, judo seems more standing focused and keeps the defender off the ground, but also is more infected by sport rules. What’s your take?

ActiveSelfProtection2 karma

Both have a place. Judo tends to focus more on the throws, BJJ on the grounded fighting. I personally like BJJ if it has some standing starts.

-seabass3 karma

Do you think you'll face prejudice in this AMA given that reddit, especially in the default subreddits, is so liberal? Given that you talk a lot about firearms.

Love your channel, it's a wealth of useful knowledge.

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

That hasn't happened, so no. :)

codifier3 karma

Hey John, lately you've been doing a lot of 1301 work on the Extra channel. Maybe I didn't catch it if you did cover it, but what is your response to the "carbines do everything better" crowd? Lots of folks point to the shotgun's arguable weaknesses such as capacity, range, slow reload, and considerably higher recoil as reasons to choose a 556/762 carbine instead. Exempting political reasons, is there a good argument for those critics who say the shotgun is obsolete?

dasguy403 karma

Your analysis of the Ryan Whittaker execution was pretty controversial judging by the comments. Do you think your relationship with Phoenix PD skewed your perception?

ActiveSelfProtection6 karma

No, I don't. I have relationships all over the US and the world, honestly, and the reality is that I just call balls and strikes on the videos. I get it that it was controversial because people see something and think that the officers see what they saw on the video, but that's not true. Actually understanding human performance makes things a bit different.

I said it was bad. It was bad. But it wasn't criminal.

546875674c6966650d0a3 karma

Love the channel and watch your vids almost every time the notification comes up right away. My question though is that given everything you've seen, broken down, and even experienced in your life personally... is there ANY time or place where you feel like you don't need your tools to be at the ready? Is there any time or place left where/when you feel at ease?

ActiveSelfProtection7 karma

I am not a paranoid person. I live my life with joy and curiosity, not fear. I travel the world with my wife and kids, and when I can't take tools I take what I can and do what I can.

546875674c6966650d0a3 karma

What are some other YT channels/stars you would love to work with, or co-create with, or even just meet up and hang out with? Who's channels do you think your content and style meshes nice with, and who do you think would just be cool to bump into at a BBQ?

ActiveSelfProtection6 karma

I love watching Matt Carricker. He has fun and I would love to do a collab with him. (he's Demolition Ranch, Vet Ranch, and Off the Ranch)

I like Stav at She Equips Herself quite a bit. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwZFzjzYS6hVhvF68kiReBA might see if she wants to do some collaboration.

Who wouldn't want to shoot on Greg Kinman's range?

I know Mickey Schuch from Carry Trainer and Chris Baker from Lucky Gunner.

I know several others YouTubers and content creators, but those came off the top of my head in the gun world.

seranikas2 karma

an old buddy of mine said that having an authoritative posture helps to not be seen as a potential victim, as well as keeps you ready in case something starts. The posture he recommended was standing with your back straight and arms to your side, and minimal slouching. Almost police/military posture.

In your opinion does posture help prevent tge "bad guy" from attempting to fight?

ActiveSelfProtection6 karma

I don't think that the kind of posture you mentioned is required, but being confident and healthy and paying attention to your world goes a long way.

Knndysk2 karma

I always hear from different people on YouTube about getting proper training, not just your conceal carry permit class, as a former MP, and an armed security guard I have carried a gun for work for about 19 years, and carried for self defense for probably 12 yrs, I never have any problems qualifying and I think in terms of natural skill I have a little, in that I don’t have to practice throughout the year to qualify, it’s not difficult for me; what would be a good class for someone that’s not new to guns but isn’t advanced? Does ASP have any intermediate classes like that?

Also do you have a negligent discharge story?

ActiveSelfProtection2 karma

The ASP Evidence-Based Pistol Skills class is valuable for people of all skill levels. If you come take it and don't improve your skills, or feel it wasn't valuable, I will refund your money.

No stories, sorry.

Jonatello182 karma

Hi John,

I learned from your ASP Extra channel that longer barrels are more comfortable with appendix carry. That said, is there an ideal length for average healthy men given there are options ranging from 3 inch barrels all the way to 5 inch barrels? Not very easy to go simply try them on unfortunately in a gun store not carrying custom holsters.

ActiveSelfProtection4 karma

If you already own a short gun, sometimes just getting a longer HOLSTER that will still fit the short gun works wonders. For example, if you're rockin' a G26 a G17 holster might do it for you.

p0lyhuman2 karma

I just took a rifle/pistol course from Bob Keller, an individual with a LOT of experience using those in an aggressor role (special forces, etc.). The course focused on the fundamental skills that, in his experience, helped him stay alive. However, he has no experience gunfighting as a civilian.

What are your thoughts about the fact that the majority of people teaching self-defense firearm skills to civilians have never been in a gunfight?

By the way I love your channel, the maturity and intelligence, you bring to the community at large, and I would love to train with you some day!

ActiveSelfProtection6 karma

I don't think that being in a gunfight is an instructor certification. Being frank, George Zimmerman has been in two gunfights but I don't want to learn gunfighting from him. :) Also, even those who HAVE been in a gunfight cannot tell you that their gunfight was representative or even normative.

Literally no one has extensive gunfighting experience as a private citizen other than Lance Thomas, and he's such an anomaly that he's nationally famous. So take instruction from those who actually have instructor credentials and experience, and know the actual problem that needs to be solved. In 2020 we have enough video evidence of real life private citizen gunfights that we know what skills are critical.

YonTheDon_2 karma

Hey John, how did you originally amass such a large following & do you believe your YouTube success/public popularity has increased the risk of you being targeted?

How did you manage training while being fat (no disrespect intended) & any specific way you lost/kept all the weight off?

For a person living in New York City, is there a specific hot sauce you'd recommend that I can legally hold?

Thanks for everything, ASP is no longer Anxiety Shit-filled Pants for me anymore!

ActiveSelfProtection5 karma

I think the content I create is compelling, and I post regularly and engage relentlessly.

Fat. Not fat. Just go train. I used Keto and fasting to lose 60 pounds. Got 20 back in the Rona and working it off again.

In NYC you cannot BUY OC spray, but you can POSSESS it. So go out of the city and buy POM OC. They're sponsors of ASP, make a very very hot sauce.

MikeVita42 karma

Would you carry a .45 or 9mm for EDC?

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

I carry a 9mm. But .45 is fine too.

RockHound862 karma

Over the last several months we’ve seen several situations of defensive gun uses that—to those in our community—generally seem to be considered justified, but are deemed unjustified or at least unethical by the greater public. I’m talking specifically about the likes of Steven Baca, Jake Gardner and Kyle Rittenhouse.

What advice would you give to people to help them avoid being caught in a situation where they might be involved in a “gray area” (for lack of better term) shooting where they become the draw of public ire? If one does end up in that situation, what advice would you give about navigating the aftermath?

Thank you for your time!

ActiveSelfProtection17 karma

I think there are differences between LEGAL, MORAL, and WISE. I would encourage everyone who is a self-defender to work on all three and become as wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove. (I read that somewhere in a book one time...seems good advice)

Also, I get asked a lot about when CAN a defender shoot someone. I always encourage people to ask about when MUST I shoot a defender. If you stay to MUST, your chance of having problems goes down. (not to zero)

Slayton1012 karma

What is your opinion on bulletproof backpacks? Should parents be spending $200+ on a backpack for the extra protection?

ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

The chances of a child needing it are incredibly remote.

kittensfurdays2 karma

What is you go-to EDC loadout?

ActiveSelfProtection20 karma

This is a bit older, but not far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFOmW3EN0EM

I now carry a POM OC spray rather than Sabre (better dispenser), a P30 LEM because it's awesome, and a couple of changes to my med kit.

AlaskaWilliams3 karma

Any particular reason you went with the LEM for the P30?

ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

It has the benefits of a hammer and runs like a striker. And with the action tuned by Bruce Gray at Grayguns or Rick Holm at Lazy Wolf, it's buttah to shoot.

alfredo_roberts1 karma

Can you speak to your med kit changes?

ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

Nothing major. I use the Hy Fin compact chest seals now, and two pairs of gloves. :)

always_an_eagle2 karma

What are your reccomendations for how much ammo one should have on hand and for the new gun owners out there, what are your reccomendations on sourcing ammunition in the great 2020 ammo shortage?

ActiveSelfProtection4 karma

The internet is the place to buy ammo if possible, though it's scarce right now. Just keep trying.

As for amounts, that depends on budget and storage space.

joeydeath5382 karma

Thoughts on upcoming political violence being sowed in the election?

ActiveSelfProtection7 karma

De-escalate, escape, and evade wherever possible. Be the adult and calm is a super power.

The-Nigersaurus2 karma

Hi john!

Other than a gun, what’s the best self defense weapon to have on you outside the house?

ActiveSelfProtection4 karma

I mean, your brain is always first. Software beats hardware.

I carry a good OC spray everywhere and consider it essential.

IamNabil2 karma

Any relation to Larry Correia?

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

Not beyond the broad possibility. I know Larry, but am not related.

CuteKastelle2 karma

Hi John just wondering where you get your cat ear headgear? Wearing that on the range must have people giving you looks.

Thanks ! Love your channel!!

EnergizedPhoenix2 karma

Can you be a Self-defender without carrying a firearm but have pepper spray and empty-handed skills?

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

Sure. You are the true weapon. Tools are secondary.

brick_fist2 karma

Is there a good way to practice discreet aiwb draw strokes and ‘waiting your turn’ in dry fire?

ActiveSelfProtection4 karma

Waiting your turn is more about mental practice and watching for the go signals. Discreet draw is not timed draw.

brick_fist3 karma

Thank you. So the mechanics of the draw don’t really change?

ActiveSelfProtection5 karma

Not really. But a good reminder to maybe make a video for ASPX on a surreptitious draw.

GuessImNotLurking2 karma

John I'm a fan and a subscriber. My wife and I watch a lot of your content and just seeing real life scenarios has pushed her to carry on body and with one in the chamber. Thank you!

Have you ever had responses back from people whose performance you broke down? For example cops with bad habits caught on badge cam - do they ever reach out and explain or get mad at you?

ActiveSelfProtection2 karma

Yes, I hear from people on the channel pretty regularly honestly. I haven't had anyone upset at me, though a couple offered additional information that helped give context for actions.

Tonycivic2 karma

Hi John, I love the content you put out!

My question refers to the Springfield Hellcat pistol. I've heard thing like 'No punisher skulls' or putting other seemingly menacing logos on your firearms/equipment, but should someone use a hellcat pistol for a DGU, do you think there is an increased risk for an unfavorable outcome just based on the name of the firearm?

ActiveSelfProtection7 karma

Probably not. That's a decision of the marketer, not the shooter. If you put a skull on the gun, then the prosecutor might be able to say you had mens rea. But the name of the gun should be defensible in court if it is admitted.

txman912 karma

Love your videos, thanks for putting them out. Not really a serious question, but is everybody in Brazil either an off-duty cop or would be stickup man?

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

It sure feels that way! ;)

One-Son-Of-Liberty2 karma

Hey John,

Big fan of your channel. Aside from not being aware of their surroundings, what do you think is a common mistake that people make that makes them a target for violence?


ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

Flashing valuables. Having their iPhone in hand for long periods, Coach purse, stuff like that.

DK4212 karma

Hi John,

In your profession it seems "right" is often determined by the consensus of the top trainers. How do you deal with other instructors (especially famous ones) that are teaching something you have found to be pseudoscience or poor training? How should we approach this if we take a class with such an instructor?

Thank you.

ActiveSelfProtection4 karma

I personally think we can pressure test almost anything, even in firearms use. The timer doesn't lie! The score doesn't lie! :)

Usually the consensus is earned by testing. When someone is way outside the norm, I ask them for the evidence and logic and reason. If they can't defend it, then I don't follow it.

Also, in class, I try hard not to be "that guy" and become the guest instructor. :)

the_Legi0n2 karma

What do you recommend for those who are poor but need immediate defensive tools, until they can save up for something better?

Especially right now prices are high and could be that way for a while.

ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

Yeah, a SD9VE is not a terribad choice.

A police trade in Glock ain't bad either. Most cops don't shoot much so it'll be dusty and gunky but not all shot up.

travisdeahl7241 karma

Have you met any famous people?

ActiveSelfProtection2 karma

Yeah, a number. I was a big football fan as a kid and met several of my heroes at different events. Joe Montana. Dwight Clark when he ran his restaurant. Jerry Rice. Deion Sanders. Guys like that.

Drumdrumdrum661 karma

What's your opinion on a FNX 40 s&w as an edc for defense and home security?

ActiveSelfProtection2 karma

I am not a big fan of 10mm special for self-defense, but it'll do the job. :)

Drumdrumdrum661 karma

Do you feel it wouldnt be a good investment. Or just personal preference. I was looking at the FN tactical and sig's p229 as well, or should I go a completely different route

ActiveSelfProtection1 karma

Which handgun to carry is a very personal decision. Both FN and Sig Sauer make fine guns and both are generally good choices. I prefer HK. ;)

noblekd1 karma

You do great work man.
That's all. I don't really have any questions.
Well, maybe one. Nipple sized dick or dick sized nipples. Which one would you choose and why?

ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

That question has me all kinds of messed up...

moneyman741 karma

How did the Youtube channel get started?

inframeWS1 karma

Hey John! Big fan! What are some necessary things to know while traveling in places like the middle east, south America, and Mexico?

ActiveSelfProtection8 karma

The definitive book on the topic: https://amzn.to/30heb9Z

CrassostreaVirginica2 karma

I approved this comment, but just for future reference Reddit removes link shorteners.

ActiveSelfProtection5 karma

Roger that.

breggen1 karma

Our gun sub r/ActualLiberalGunOwner takes the broad positions that:

  1. The right to keep and bear arms is an individual right and not just a collective one

  2. Some amount of regulatory laws on gun ownership to some degree is constitutional.

These broad positions are in line with rulings by the courts as well as the opinions of most constitutional and legal scholars, as well as the positions of almost every gun rights/2A group.

A lot of discussion in our sub is centered around which gun laws are or aren’t constitutional and why.

The majority of large gun subs on Reddit decidedly lean conservative and/or libertarian and in every one of those subs the prevailing viewpoint is that all gun laws are unconstitutional.

Anyone who even suggests that not every law about guns is necessarily unconstitutional is quickly shouted down and has a litany of abusive comments directed towards them.

The prevelance of this extremist position among conservative gun owners online worries me.

Do you have any thoughts?

ActiveSelfProtection3 karma

I take Scalia's approach. There are SOME limits for sure. I would guess that the intent of militia is to be an average infantry soldier and therefore think that limits beyond what a modern infantry soldier routinely carries would pass muster IMO.

tresser1 karma

Hey Mr. Correia, congrats on hitting 2M subscribers on YT.

Do you have a goto video of yours that you use as a kind of "see, it's good they were carrying and were trained" if/when you get into a discussion as to why it's important to have the ability to self protect?

ActiveSelfProtection12 karma

Yeah, pretty much the entire channel. :)

bryanthebryan1 karma

For a growing number of people, racial diversity has become an important issue within the 2A community. Some people of color have been met a welcome inclusion, some have been met with hostility. Feel free to not answer this, but for the record, do you condemn white supremacy?

ActiveSelfProtection9 karma

I condemn white supremacy in all forms.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I believe our Founding Fathers were perhaps short-sighted in the application of these words to people of color and women, but we see more clearly now that of course they DO apply to all people.

I condemn any attempt by any group to claim supremacy or superiority by their genetic code or physical characteristics of any kind.

There are only two things I hate. People who are intolerant of other people's culture and the Dutch.

JStone_7140 karma

I know some of your videos are sponsored by firearms legal protection. Can you tell me why you prefer them over USCCA or CCW Safe? I live in Michigan.

ActiveSelfProtection5 karma

Well, first of all, because I know that in Michigan that you'll be represented by Terry Johnson from FLP and he's the bestest. :)

Both CCW Safe and USCCA are staffed with good people who I believe want to help their clients, just as FLP is. I think that the people of FLP are top notch and are heartfelt, value-added folks who have recently committed to helping EVERY member get the education and training they need to morally and legally defend themselves through our monthly online seminars, and that means a lot I think.