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First, let me say that Planet Money does excellent reporting. I love the stories you choose to report on, and the interesting angles you have on them. Not to mention your sound design, writing, editing, but I'm gushing here, and I'm supposed to be asking a question...

What do you see as the future funding model for local journalism? Does it need government support?

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These other subs aren't where AMAs will take place. AMAs taking place in r/IamA will simply be automatically crossposted to these other subs. They simply allow people who are interested in a particular topic to boost the prominence and visibility of that type of AMA in their feeds.

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So, there was a massive outcry (at least on the internet) against the removal of net neutrality protections back during the Trump Administration.

What were the actual outcomes? Did we, in fact, see throttling to different websites?

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Good catch, I missed r/IamA_Author, which has now been added in.