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Hello, and thanks for your work and for this AMA.

How have you felt about foreign outlets' coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

How do you balance your efforts to report the facts of the war against the possibility of causing harm by inadvertently or indirectly revealing sensitive information?

Edit: A third question, if you don't mind: What sort of restrictions, if any, has the government of Ukraine put on reporters covering the war?

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First, let me say that Planet Money does excellent reporting. I love the stories you choose to report on, and the interesting angles you have on them. Not to mention your sound design, writing, editing, but I'm gushing here, and I'm supposed to be asking a question...

What do you see as the future funding model for local journalism? Does it need government support?

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I'm unfamiliar with Full Motion Video, could you talk a little bit more about that tech and how your video game fits into the broader industry?

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