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First, let me say that Planet Money does excellent reporting. I love the stories you choose to report on, and the interesting angles you have on them. Not to mention your sound design, writing, editing, but I'm gushing here, and I'm supposed to be asking a question...

What do you see as the future funding model for local journalism? Does it need government support?

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I don’t know what gold standard you’re hoping for in reporting beyond the AP.

In regards to your username, ok - but you are a Chapo poster, and there’s a reason they’re quarantined.

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You have said publicly that you will vote for Joe Biden, and encourage others to do so, an I applaud you for that given your political leanings.

I do have one question though: Will you continue to push the narrative that Joe Biden has "credible" rape allegations against him now that multiple reputable journalistic outlets have done investigations into the claims and found them to be, let's say, less than credible?

Edit: Per /u/gorilla_eater's suggestion, I'd like to substitute their version of the question in place of my own:

How has your assessment of the credibility of the Biden accusation been impacted by recent investigations/reporting by major outlets?

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The difference is that we're talking about the New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Associated Press running stories that severely cast her credibility into doubt. As opposed to Breitbart going after Christine Ford, Mister-or-Madam-has-Stalin-in-their-username.

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