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Hi Ken, thanks for hosting an AMA.

Question: Are there ever times when you're in public and people try to call you out for a duel of random knowledge? Do you carry your own buzzer in case of such an event?

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when did you realize that your most violent use of the digital medium would be the end of humanity?

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Also, how did you come to work with Steve Earle in both Treme and The Wire?

there was also nods to Earle in Homicide:LotS.

I've been trying to find out how to get these hats for some time now:



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Hey Mr. Correia, congrats on hitting 2M subscribers on YT.

Do you have a goto video of yours that you use as a kind of "see, it's good they were carrying and were trained" if/when you get into a discussion as to why it's important to have the ability to self protect?

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Thanks for doing an AMA.

Was there anything or anyone in particular that helped see you through your times battling cancer?