Hello Reddit! We are Nutaku Games, the largest English adult gaming platform in the world.

To give you more context on the title of this IAmA, we recently participated in Fall Guys’ “Battle of the Brands” on twitter, and they yeeted us due to NSFW immediately, yet kept a company’s bid that donned an “ask me about my butthole” t-shirt! What do you think of that?

A bit about Nutaku Games: We currently offer over 450 PC and downloadable titles attracting over 50M registered users. Since we love hentai so much, we recently launched a SFW website, with an art gallery featuring artists from the community. Not just that, you can also learn the history of hentai and its influence in pop culture. Check it out: https://www.celebratehentai.com/

Ask us anything!

Check out check out our brand new site design here: https://beta.nutaku.net/

Proof: https://twitter.com/nutakugames/status/1306331281018564609 https://twitter.com/nutakugames/status/1309145498494947330

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zazabar756 karma

So one of the primary things that has turned me off of Nutaku in the past is the way advertising is handled. A good example of this is on NHentai, a popular manga distribution site. Nutaku ads are loaded when clicking certain links as either pop-under or redirect ads which are designed to bypass adblockers and are indistinguishable from other scammy ads that happen for nameless porn sites. Are there any plans to handle how third parties display your ads or any attempts to clean up that image a bit to make yourselves seem a bit higher class?

TeamNutaku10 karma

Hey this is an excellent question and yes, we are working on several changes to address 3rd party ad display. Redesign the website, offering more intuitive/unobtrusive ways to enjoy our games and other key brand refreshers are also part of our plan. Changes take time but many elements are being worked on behind the curtain. We appreciate the feedback and the attention.

i_hacked_reddit105 karma

How much spyware is integrated into your gaming software? And what data do you sell harvested from your users?

TeamNutaku53 karma

We don't have spyware, and we don't sell any data!


When will you invest those 100k into research to bring Catgirls to reality?

TeamNutaku3 karma

WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT OUR PLANS??? :P Jokes aside, we do have Catgirls fans on the team and we know some of our Nutaku players like them as well. While we can't confirm anything at the moment, we never know what the future holds.

singularfunzone24 karma

what makes you spell it "tiddies" and not "titties"?

TeamNutaku150 karma

Because we like double D's.

GammaBreak3 karma

I'd heard that your site isn't all that friendly towards games with non-consensual themes.

I'm currently working on an adult-visual novel that has some light themes of BDSM and non-consensual behavior; would it be an acceptable game to publish on Nutaku?

TeamNutaku2 karma

Hey! For any questions regarding the publication of games, you can send a note to [email protected] and we'll be happy to discuss this further!

TheCaspica3 karma

How does it feel to cover Steam with shitty games?

TeamNutaku16 karma

We are pretty happy with the games on our platform, maybe you just haven't found one you liked! But those aren't "our" games, the developers put them on whatever platform they like, including Steam.

chosuitcho3 karma

What exactly is the process of getting a game on the nutaku website like? What criteria do you put the games through, and what influence do you have over the development of these games before they get released?

TeamNutaku4 karma

We have a business development team in charge of meeting with devs and learning more about their games and their expectations towards Nutaku. There several elements that need to be taken into consideration when signing an agreement to distribute a game but we have a solid track record ad our 450+ games available speak for it. As a game distribution platform, we have lots of key insights that we believe the developer should consider for their game to be a success and unless the content is really a no-no, we don't ask devs to shy away from their vision. Thanks for your question!

976-Mexican2 karma

How sticky are your keyboards?

TeamNutaku5 karma

Our keyboards are fine and not sticky! Clean space ftw!

kutuup19892 karma

When you say "English", are you based in the UK? I teach game development and I'm looking for companies outside of the ones students (all the students are adults) might think of for potential places to go work. You're on the uh... "spicier" side of things, but I've heard of you.

TeamNutaku1 karma

We are not a game development studio, but we're always looking for new people! We are based in Canada, if your students are willing to cross the puddle!

Sealgair242 karma

I have a couple questions. 1. When will we finally get a mobile version of Crush Crush Lewd.... 2. Can we get Girls on Tanks back? It was an absolute favorite of mine. 3. Why are the tits and or asses on like 85% of the women massive? I feel like anyone like me that love smaller more fit looking women have very few options. Or they move to completely flat. Some beautiful examples of a good size would be sakura, rin totsuka, videlle, the kale, erza, kurisu makise.... etc

TeamNutaku1 karma

Hey! Thanks for your questions!

  1. We hope the developers will make it available at one point.
  2. We loved that game too but it is always on the developer if the game stays on Nutaku or not.
  3. Once again, we don't make the decisions on the art style. Developers do but we understand your inquiry. If there's a game you like that could use some diversity, hit the devs on social! We have a lot of Sakura games though!

Wuterbare2 karma

Are there ever offers on nutaku coins?

TeamNutaku1 karma

We usually host bi-yearly Nutaku Gold Sale events. But currently, since we just launched the website redesign open beta, we have a giveaway contest of 5 packs of 1000 Nutaku Gold. You can enter here: https://gleam.io/isegv/nutaku-redesign-beta-contest . Enjoy!

Kompelc45851 karma

Any plans to bring the games to apple devices in the future, how much support will new games get in comparison to older titles?

TeamNutaku3 karma

We would love to make our games available on Apple devices. We've tried and will continue to push but as you knw, they have their own set of rules. As for supporting new games, the developers get to choose how their game is getting post-launch support. We are just the distribution platform and we help whenever we are needed.

isurvivedrabies1 karma

why do you have tiddies in your games?

TeamNutaku-1 karma

Why wouldn't we? Tiddies rule.

galjoal21 karma

Hi How did Nutaku come about?

TeamNutaku0 karma

It all began with a massive opportunity available in both the adult entertainment and the video game industry. Started by localizing a handful of highly popular games and then we started looking at other interesting avenues, including distribution and game development funding. We also saw that traditional app stores don’t allow much success unless you’re in the 1%. So this gave us extra motivation to give game developers a second shot at success financially through Nutaku. Thanks for your question!

SithLordAxle1 karma

Is magicami ever gunna get a uncencored version?

TeamNutaku1 karma

We'd love to see an uncensored version but that is up to the game developers! Drop them a note via their social media accounts and Discord server. Thanks for your question!

Make-OutValll-ley0 karma

How does it feel knowing you've been the bridge to help build a community of a bunch of loving, caring, and amazing degenerates?

TeamNutaku-6 karma

It honestly feels incredible. We couldn't be happier, you guys are holding this platform together! We are so lucky to have such a beautiful, loving and funny community, it makes our hearts melt.

AGEDN0 karma

Hey I just want to say I love the game you guys publish. The only question that I have is what new games that might be added into the app. Also what PC game might be added to iOS and android devices?

TeamNutaku-5 karma

We're always adding new games to our catalog, whether they're playable on mobile or PC. We released a handful of games just in the last three weeks alone! Thanks for the support!

eddmario0 karma

Favorite Crush Crush girl?

TeamNutaku-1 karma

Bearverly is bae.

TropicalGoth770 karma

I saw a while back you were offering development funding for H-games. How has the response been so far, any promising projects / teams?

TeamNutaku6 karma

Yes, many developers took advantage of that opportunity since the fund was originally announced (Project QT, SF Girls, FAP CEO are all from our funding initiatives).Response was great and it managed to get us in touch with other developers who wanted to published their adult games on a trusted platform. Thanks for your question!

BenmanZXL11-1 karma

Will there be more art of nutaku tan?

TeamNutaku5 karma

Of course! We will NEVER stop putting her out there!

keix0-1 karma

Is it safe to shake your right hand?

TeamNutaku48 karma

It's not safe to shake anyone's hand right now! Stay home (and play Nutaku games)!

HentaiLoversLust69-1 karma

Any plans on an iOS profile so we can have an app as well? Plenty of developers do it and we could really use it as opposed to the website! Please?!

TeamNutaku7 karma

That is a great question, and one that we get very often. It is tricky with iOS because they have very strict policy against adult content (as does google play), but we are definitely not going to stop looking for an opportunity to get on that OS!

JonesyZzZ-2 karma

How did you come up with your mascot?

TeamNutaku12 karma

Nutaku-Tan is the face of Nutaku. She is the creation of our talented design team who worked diligently and meticulously on her appearance, her personality traits and her likes/dislikes so that our players could identify with her and our community could embrace her.

eagleoid-2 karma

What is the work environment at Nutaku HQ like? (before and during the pandemic)

TeamNutaku16 karma

It's the best! The office has an amazing vibe, we all get along great and it was very hard to suddenly be away from everyone. But we found many ways to stay connected, and it's almost like it brought us even closer!

interesseret21 karma

On a scale of 1 to "don't show your mom pictures of your visit", how many hentai posters are there?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Not that much to be honest. Our moms would love our office space!

TheValkian-2 karma

When will nutaku games come out with better gacha game?

Skill Animations

Great Cutscenes (NSFW)

Good storyline. Anti Hero type. For example lv1 Demon Lord taking over the world. you get the idea


Gacha that doesn't have that crappy paid gems only banners. Naturally I think the game will pay for itself with all the degenerates.

But that magical girl game with 3-4 copy is just horrible dont do that.

Just look at Epic Seven but make that 18+

TeamNutaku2 karma

Remember, we are a game distribution platform. We don't make the games. But if you have a specific game in mind that you want to see on Nutaku, let us know!

Ragnakun-2 karma

Any chance for Taimanin RPGX?

TeamNutaku9 karma

We're always communicating with developers to put their games on our ever-growing platform. Battle Arena (https://beta.nutaku.net/games/taimanin-asagi-battle-arena/) is playable on our site so that's a good start if you ask us!

Walker-2233-2 karma

Will there be better graphic design for the upcoming games?

TeamNutaku-3 karma

Have you played MagicAMI recently? https://beta.nutaku.net/games/mgcm-dx/ That one is a visual banger!

kklovber-2 karma

Any plans on dark mode for Nutaku client?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Yes, it will be getting a reskin which matches the aesthetic of the new website. It won't have all the same features as the website at launch, yet, but it will have the dark theme and many improvements.

The-Hades-3 karma

I have been in this place for more than a year and honestly I only have good things to contribute. I would like to know what things are coming in the future and what more plans do you have and if you have any raffles in mind or free coin coupons ???

TeamNutaku1 karma

Well the future is looking pretty bright for Nutaku! We just launched our redesigned website: beta.nutaku.net and we hope to bring in more and more awesome games and just take it to the next level! We will definitely have more raffles and free coupons in the future :)

bfeiden-3 karma

What was the inspiration behind redesigning the website? What are your favourite new features on the new site?

TeamNutaku-3 karma

It's something we have been meaning to do for a while now. As Nutaku grows bigger and bigger, it also changes quite a bit- the website needed to reflect that, as well as getting the modernization it deserved! We've been listening to our players and it seems like the search bar, the dark mode and the favoriting feature are the faves!

Airbus_A321Neo-3 karma

What are y'alls plans in the future?

TeamNutaku5 karma

The future is now but there are so many things being worked on behind the scenes. The redesign (currently in open beta: https://beta.nutaku.net/) is a gigantic step forward for us but innovation won't stop there. Stay tuned for more cool things, and thanks for dropping by! Got more questions? We here answerin'!

Echigo830-3 karma

Any plans for future collaboration events? Such as a site wide one?

TeamNutaku1 karma

We're always looking for new collabs, absolutely. Timing is key though. We'll definitely share more as soon as we got something lined up!

almightycricket-3 karma

I feel like you should delve into more interactive games. Based on what I saw, its a lot of click and see. Are there any plans for animation heavy games or did I just miss something?

TeamNutaku-1 karma

Well, if you want an animation heavy game, then perhaps you should be checking out MagicAMI (https://beta.nutaku.net/games/mgcm-dx/). It's an amazing game that I'm sure you will enjoy. As far as more interactive games, we do have a handful of VR games too. Check them out!

zero9999-4 karma

Why do you limit yourselves to PCs?

TeamNutaku-1 karma

We have a lot of games for android as well! http://bit.ly/nutakuandroid

CraftEssenceEssence-4 karma

Any chance on the localization of Tenioha! 2?

TeamNutaku-3 karma

There's always a chance! That would be awesome :)

CommanderQball-4 karma

Geez why is everything in this AMA getting downvoted? I don’t see a problem with it

TeamNutaku6 karma

Hey, we're here to answer any question people may have, and that covers a LOT of things. Reddit is a free space, that includes downvoting!

Joshep_Del_Piero-4 karma

I want to know if there is an uncensored version of MGCM Magicami?

TeamNutaku-3 karma

Not at the moment, but you should head over to their discord to open up the conversation!

Final_Boss_Grim-4 karma

How do you manage to get pornstars into your games? Such as Asa Akira

TeamNutaku-4 karma

Great question! It's all about finding the right fit. We are super excited to have found enthusiastic models that have a soft spot for hentai! From then on, integrating a new character in a game is part of the developers' magic.

Leevi_Meow-5 karma

how old is nutaku-tan?

TeamNutaku4 karma

You never ask a lady her age ;) But she is in her twenties!

Imperial_Kishin-6 karma

What exactly is Nutaku? Too many people think that you create games and/or have an influence on the game contents. Clearing that up should help with the confusion. That leads to the next question: Who are your top competitors? (If you have any that is.)

TeamNutaku4 karma

Hey! We are a game distribution platform that focuses on adult-oriented video games. We do not make games, but when a game developer comes to us with question on how to leverage the adult game industry so their games succeed, we offer them the proper insights and tools to meet their expectations. We're the biggest adult game platform out there and we do have competition, which is why we focus on improving the Nutaku experience every single day. This is key towards our goal to remain relevant and loved by the fans.

Walker-2233-7 karma

When the stream with start?

TeamNutaku1 karma

Not sure we understand this question. Can you be more precise? Thank you!

sirus50150-7 karma

What other merch are you planing to make? You even have hot sauce now, so I'm curious about any new plans. Also I admire your "add freeness" on the site.

TeamNutaku3 karma

We appreciate the feedback on the add freeness! We believe in offering a non-obtrusive way to enjoy our games and we'll continue to do so. As for the merch, we're always looking to add new merch but with the current situation, it is a bit more difficult than usual. But fear not, we work on bringing new stuff every month.

ZombiGrinder-7 karma

Is Hentai Art?

TeamNutaku3 karma

Yes! We truly believe it is- and we're not alone! You can even head to https://www.celebratehentai.com/ to discover more! We believe it so much we even put it on a mug (https://www.nutakustore.com/collections/collections/products/hentai-is-art-mug?_pos=5&_sid=c31f10143&_ss=r)

AnxiousAnthrax-7 karma

What is the most difficult single aspect of making a hentai game? Animation, voice acting, things like that.

TeamNutaku1 karma

Hey there! Great question. We as a platform do not make any games, so I wouldn't be able to tell you what is the most difficult, but I can tell you a lot of work goes into every aspect, from the art to the gameplay mechanics, and in some cases finding the right voice actor to suit the character! But our developer friends would be better suited to answer that one ;)

MonkishGaming-11 karma

Will Nutaku-Tan ever be implemented into a game as a character to have or play as?

Also huge props for building such an amazing community!!🐉🐉

TeamNutaku16 karma

Nutaku-tan's time to be feature in a game will come eventually and we'll definitely let the community know about it. Thanks for the kind words too. Building a community isn't an easy feat but we're lucky to have an amazing player base. Everything starts from there! :)